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Meeting for the First Time

On line friends meet for the first time
We had been chatting on line for a few weeks now, and the conversations which had started as getting to know each other had begun to turn sexual.

Annie was married with children but unhappy and knew life was meant to be better than this, and I was the same. Both of us were nervous but we decided to meet for a drink to see if we hit it off.

Annie arrived in the pub we chose wearing a button up shirt, jeans and shoes. She was about five feet seven tall with short hair. We chatted for a while over drinks but the attraction was there and we both knew it. Annie asked what I was doing for the rest of the day. I had nothing planned so she asked if I wanted to follow her to her house for coffee.

I agreed, and five minutes later was in the car behind her following her home. We arrived and she invited me in. No sooner was I in the front room than Annie walked over to me and kissed me deeply. Our tongues danced with each other, tasting her for the first time. Her arms were around my waist and mine were on her shoulders. She broke from the kiss and asked if I wanted to follow her to her bedroom.

We walked up the stairs, anticipation rising, and went into her bedroom. A lovely king sized bed awaited us. She turned to kiss me again; she had a sexy tongue, pointed and soft. I was in awe of her and the way she kissed me. My hands wandered to her neck and I gently stroked around her hairline. She uttered small gasps as I did this and our kissing grew more intense.

My hands wandered to her breasts which were small but sensitive. My fingers brushed her nipples through the material of her shirt and she gasped. I now firmly took her left breast in my hand, caressing it as she moaned. Her hand now eased to the front of my jeans, feeling for my cock.

I slowly unbuttoned her shirt, looking into her eyes as I did. The shirt fell to the floor and was quickly followed by her bra. My hands felt her breasts, now skin to skin. Her nipples were hard, the skin soft and warm. She pulled my t-shirt over my head and stroked my chest.

She sat on the bed and pulled me towards her so I was standing in front of her. My hands teased her breasts as my fingers tweaked her nipples. She slowly undid my belt and popped the button, allowing the zip to be free. She eased the zip down and my jeans fell to the floor. She next eased my boxers down and my cock sprung out.

Looking at me her hand touched me for the first time, her fingers easing round my shaft and her thumb teasing the head. I groaned gently as she moved her hand slowly up and down my shaft, soft fingers and palm against my skin. It felt so good.

She leant forward. Her lips parted as she prepared to taste me for the first time, her breath warm against the head of my cock. I watched as her mouth sink over my cock, her tongue flicking the head as she did. Warmth and wetness surrounded my cock and she started to ease my cock in and out of her mouth.

I knew I would not last long this way so I gently eased my cock out of her mouth and pushed her back on the bed. I undid the buttons on her jeans and slipped her shoes off followed by her jeans. I took her foot in my hand and kissed her toes one by one, taking the big toe into my mouth and sucking gently in it.

She groaned as I kissed my way up her calves and thighs, and gently licked the front of her panties; she was wet and very warm. I could smell her juices, and I slowly eased her panties aside to reveal her shaved pussy. It glistened and I playfully let my finger trace her shape.

I found her clit with my thumb and pressed gently. She moaned louder. My middle finger eased between her lips and slowly entered her. I was very careful not to rush as I felt my finger getting wet from her. I quickly removed her panties and then my tongue started to work on her pussy. My tongue running up and down each lip before entering her, I tasting her for the first time.

I worked her pussy with my finger as my tongue played with her clit. My finger found her G Spot and she really groaned now as my finger rubbed on her spot and my tongue played with her clit. She was pushing against my face in time to my finger rubbing her. I could tell she was close.

She somehow managed to pull away, and looking into my eyes she asked me to make love to her. She lay back, legs apart and I eased on top of her. My cock found her entrance and I pushed in gently. The warmth surrounded my cock and I started to slowly ease in and out of her; she was pushing her hips to meet my downstroke.

I was getting close and our movements became frantic. "Fuck me," she said, "please fuck me."

I was now pushing long and deep into her and I could feel my orgasm building. She was close too. We rocked together as I felt my hot cum shoot up my shaft and explode into her just as she came, her thighs clenching together we came as one.

I slowed down and allowed my cock to rest inside her as we relaxed together kissing gently. What a wonderful first meet with this truly sexy lady.

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