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Mom's Best Friend

Mature lady is all class
This is one very old story that I passed through in 1985.

I was visiting Alexandria, and my mom wanted me to pick a friend of hers, Maurine, to come with me in the car getting back to Cairo by the weekend. She had planned to have her friend stay with her for a few days visiting Cairo. Mom rang me up & gave me her friend’s phone number. On the same day I called Maurine, and she invited me for a cup-a-tea that same evening. It was that kind of a visit to socialize with her. She looked very mature a lady, with a good amount of beauty & a light petite body shape. I thought I was going to meet one of those old women who would be just satisfied with what life has already given her. But, on the contrary, I found a mature woman with all its meanings. She was somewhere in her 40s. She was very energetic and her eyes seemed to invite me to stare at her. It was hard not to, I didn’t want to come off like a freak and I had to make myself look away every now and then.

Anyway, she was coming to spend a week with my mom. She expressed that she was very lonely since the death of her husband. We chatted about her leisure time & how she spent it. She also asked me why I was there in Alexandria & how I spent my time there. I told her that I had no friends there & that it was merely simple business visits. She promised to let me meet some friends of hers who I could socialize with. And we agreed that I visit her again the next day, & she will be arranging for some good company for dinner.

The next day I showed up on time with a bottle of red wine. Knocking her door I heard her yelling from inside “coming”. A few seconds later, she opened the door. She thanked me as I handed her the wine bottle, obviously she had something in her mind that I didn’t know at that moment. Getting inside there was no one at all. I said , “so I am the first to arrive!” She said YES & invited me for a glass of wine. She asked me to open the bottle I got, while she went into the kitchen to get some hors-d’oevres to eat with the wine. I could smell some nice cooking as well coming out of the kitchen. I poured her a glass of wine & went towards the kitchen to give it to her. On my way there I passed by the dining room and, to my surprise, she had the table arranged for 2 people only.

I immediately understood her plan. Going into the kitchen she wasn’t there. I called on her & she answered from deep inside the apartment. I followed where the voice came from, it was the bedroom. Walking into the room, I found her standing there waiting for me fully nude.

I was 25 years old then & could hardly stand the excitement. The last time I had sex was with my girlfriend from the university about a month ago. Maurine wasn’t what I was used to, my girlfriend made me use a rubber so it was not much of fun. I was dreaming of that day when I could meet someone who would allow me bare into her pussy. So here is a gift today, this mature classy lady standing just there fully welcoming me. Not only that, but also in her bedroom. That was going to be a full fledge red night about to start its glamour.

I almost immediately got one big hard-on very fast. She fell back on the bed on her back & spread wide her thighs exposing her entire pussy for my delight. She had a very dark & heavily haired bush. With her fingers, she further spread wide her labia exposing her red hot pussy flesh, pointed at my crotch and then pointed back at her pussy. I couldn’t believe myself, at last, a woman will let me go inside her without any rubber condom. I was thrilled. I managed to keep my composure & decided to let her ask for every action in full pleading. So I approached her and started caressing her thighs then slowly down to her feet. Caressing the back of her knees had a superb impact on her. She sighed to it.

Then I went up to her shoulders & slowly down to her neck, then further to her belly button, without touching her beautiful breasts. She got into a very high state of “desire”. She tried with her hands to reach for my crotch, but I only allowed her to untie my pants. I resisted her attacks as I wanted her to plead for my cock.

We got deep into one big kiss, with our tongues mingling continually in one another’s mouths. She had a very warm body. Actually we were both getting very hot & starting to sweat. I was enjoying the heat radiating out of her. She was wearing a very radiant perfume which added to my excitation. I licked her body from top to bottom. When I reached her breasts, I sucked a lot on her nipples which were by then about an inch long. My sucking was like spending sometime in heaven, she sighed a lot to that and with every hard suck she contracted her abdomen in pulses. Reaching down to her crotch, I was surprised to find her extremely wet. As my tongue got into the area, she spread her legs widely apart. I spread up her labia & started licking her wetness. She tasted great. I speared my tongue as deep as I could, with one hand caressing her clit which was hidden under her big bush, and with the other hand I was tickling her left nipple.

I kept doing this till her sighs converted to moans then screams & all of a sudden a gush of her love fluids started flowing over my tongue. I sucked her till she was almost dry & her orgasm subsided a bit.

Eating her pussy & swallowing her secretions drove me crazy. She felt me very well & helped me get rid of all my clothes. My dick was then in it’s hardest, and was asking for immediate attention by nothing less than a soft pussy. I got deep into her mature pussy, which was by then having fully inflated labia surrounding her love hole. My cock slid down into her love canal. She was still in her convulsions from the previous orgasm, so my dick was met by saluting vaginal walls that pressed hard. The amount of heat & lubrication gave me the feeling that I was opening the doors to heaven. As soon as my 7th inch got in, her motions froze. She was enjoying my entry with all her feelings. He vagina was incredibly smooth & over-lubed. I let her feel it all well before stroking. When I felt she got all of it, I started pushing harder & deeper. Out + In. A few minutes & I speeded up. My balls slammed against her asshole with every time I landed deep in her. Her labia hugged my penis in their full inflation & added more to my feelings. After about 10 minutes of continuous strokes with her moaning for a while then screaming most of the time, she started her flight high up to the sky. Her pussy muscles went on pulsating around my cock, in fact, her entire body convulsed pulsating with extreme pleasure. It was a few more strokes & she reached the top of her climax. Her orgasm was unbelievable, she spent about 5 minutes climaxing in full screams, her pulses induced in me my super pleasure moments. It was some more moments & I pumped her with my cum. When my moments came I tried to pull out of her pussy, but she held me tighter with her feet around my back preventing me from pulling out. Cumming inside a woman’s pussy was a great fantasy to me, which was coming true now. She enjoyed very much the feeling of my warm cum flowing deep into her pussy.

This woman was great. I wanted to thank my mom for the acquaintance, but couldn’t, of course.

As my penis remained in its full erection after I missioned her, she took me in her mouth for another 20 minutes till I was about to cum again. Then she turned giving me her back & asked me to fuck her in the doggy position. I rammed her from behind like a bulldozer, till she flew up once again into an overwhelming orgasm that shook all her body.

She milked me to dryness, and it was all in her pussy. Wow, that woman wanted my cum all the time in her pussy. For a change from those 3 girlfriends I knew during my university years, they were all escaping the cum. Maurine was a gift from my mom. At last, I am getting into the enjoyment of intercourse in its full pleasure. Really cumming inside a woman’s pussy was something I missed a lot for 6-7 years.

I spent the whole night with Maurine fucking & fucking till we were both fuckingly tired. We did it in all positions we knew. Now I see the advantage of fucking an experienced mature classy lady.
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