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This story needs to be read after the first chapter, London Lovers.

Leaving dressing room six, we handed the two sets of lingerie not required to the usher. She took them without returning a look of any kind. Polly and I looked at each other, then at the black set I am about to buy for her birthday.

We are both the wrong side of fifty, but the smiles on our faces could belong to a couple of nineteen year olds, who have gotten away with adventurous sex in their parents bedroom. We've just had an incredible session in the stores changing room. Albeit a private, we both feel exceptionally daring.

After I leave the cash desk, I hurry Polly along. I just have to ask a few things and I don't want to be overheard. Within moments we are in a quiet area, but before I can speak, Polly asks "do you think that the usher knew what just happened, wow, I feel so naughty William, that was incredible!"

Polly has taken the words right out of my mouth, " I hope so" I reply. I want her to go home tonight and talk about the noisy couple fucking for over an hour. Plus I hope she realizes I came twice and tells all her friends. I quite like being the mysterious old man stud. I could not have been happier if I had just won Wimbledon and hit the winning run in cricket. The smile on my face was clear to see.

Polly just laughed, "steady there old man'' remember I did all the work. If that girl talks to her friends, it needs to be about the hot Aussie, who screams when she comes. We hug, kiss and laugh, and move on as a little woman in jeans needs to get past us. That is just so funny. We walk on holding hands, and a Harrods bag containing hours of fun and beauty for both our bodies and eyes.

"Come on, next appointment is at 1:00, in the Georgian tea room". You look at me as if I plan another licking and fucking session. A look of surprise, disbelief and total respect, could this Englishman really be ready again? I interpret your look perfectly and laugh. This is not only an erotic day to be filled with as much touching and fucking as we can fit in, but also a day of laughter and naughtiness. "Alas no, my sweet, we have to eat as well, and you'll love the tea room." You now show a face of mock disappointment. I tell you, "don't worry, I'm not finished yet."

Our lunch of tea, cakes, sandwiches and scones is exceptionally English, but each mouthful was not. Whatever either of us chose to eat, we found a way of making it erotic. Each time we took a sip of tea, we looked at one another and lapped it up a little, as if it were my tongue on your pussy, or your tongue on the end of my cock.

We both managed to lick the cream out of the pastries in the same way. What was amazing was how we didn't end up rolling on the floor laughing. Luckily our table was near a large plinth with an even larger vase of flowers on it, so unless someone actually walked past our table, we are able to touch each other pretty much anywhere we wanted.

You seem impressed that I can eat most of my food with one hand while permanently cupping your pussy beneath the table with the other. Thankfully the large table cloth overhangs enough for you to have taken my cock out from my trousers. Although you have to use your left hand, the numerous times you are able, you grab and wank my cock, ensuring for over an hour, I am rock solid, but not allowing me to cum until you are able to fully savor me.

When we have had enough to eat and drink, I still need to sit for a while. We know no one here knows us, and this is a day of sexual adventures, but I still need to be able to tuck my cock in, and walk.
I decide that the smiles and laughter my predicament draws from you, are the happiest you've been. I've had my cock in your pussy, in your mouth, and up your ass until you've screamed with pleasure, but my inability to stand and walk, seems to have made your day.

When I can finally get up with a modicum of dignity, I spot a small block of toilets to the left of the lifts, and more importantly, there is a sign depicting they include a disabled cubicle. As we walk across the room, again I take your hand and guide us to my destination. With a slight look of surprise, you follow me into the vacant room intended for disabled customers only. I turn back and lock the door. "If my hard cock is a source of amusement, we best satisfy its needs" I tell her. 

Without saying a word, you simply turn and lift your skirt revealing your naked ass and bend over while holding onto the little sink.
I unzip my trousers, it has been thirty seconds since we left our table, three seconds since I locked the door, and my cock is once again rigid and ready to fuck.

This time, I don't waste a moment. I ram my cock right into your wet pussy. Whatever you expected of the day, that sweet cunt of yours has always been ready to receive me. For the past hour you have been gripping and wanking me, just short of exploding my load. Now I take my chance, in 4,5,6 sharp thrusts, I shoot my load right up inside you. I pull my cock out, wipe it along your ass crack, and take a handful of tissue and wipe your pussy dry.

I straighten your skirt and motion you to stand fully. You turn, and have still not said a word. I lean in and kiss you. "You my darling" I say, " have just been fucked, and I'll be fucking you again soon, will you be ready ?" You smile, nod, and kiss me. "Thank you William, I'll be ready."

I unlock the door and we leave, there's an hour of shopping still to do before my last surprise, due at 4:00pm. 
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