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It wasn't going to be just another Sunday

I had just turned 20 the day before but it wasn’t exactly a rocking party or anything except that I woke with a huge hard on and I was wondering where the hell that came from because last night was just a quiet evening with my brother Matt and his family.

“Hey you, you up?" it was Matt, who was going on a week long business/vacation tour with his wife Ellen and the two kids. I was staying back as I had a job interview during the week.
I rubbed my eyes and drifted downstairs

"Ok buddy. We’re all set", said Matt. "There’s some food in the refrig and some beer too. Oh hell! I almost forgot, listen Tessa will be here for her money so just hand it over to her, it’s on the kitchen table." My sleep suddenly vanished on hearing her name.

“Ok bro, you drive easy now. Bye Ellen”, I said as I walked over and hugged her and the kids.

Later that day, as I had the house all to myself, it got boring. I lay my head back on the couch and then I remembered Tessa was coming by.

Oh yeah Tessa! She was the babysitter to my nephews. I had been here for about six months and had seen her almost everyday and damn was she hot. She was from Mexico and was almost 40 years but her body was like a college grad. She always was stylish and knew how to look good. She had dark skin but it was clear and smooth to the eyes. Her hair was straight and touched her shoulders and curled upwards. Her smile was really sweet and her voice was sweeter.

You couldn’t believe she was that 40. She was about my shoulder height. Her breasts were just right and full and she always wore tight short tops that would allow us to see a bit of her flat dark skinned stomach and hips. Many a time I was treated to the view of her full breasted cleavage when she bent down and hugged the kids which did wonders for my cock. She wore those push-up bras and sure enough made her breasts look even fuller and juicier.
I would love to just run my hands across those firm, mature breasts of hers all day, all night.

I was jolted by the sound of the door bell and it was also then I realized that I had a rock solid hard on. "Oh shit, shit, shit! That must be Tessa". I said to myself.
How the fuck was I going to open the door like this. I pulled out my shirt from my pants and tried my best to cover up my hard on.
I reached for the door as the bell sounded again," Hi, Tessa", I managed a smile somehow.
"Hi Jake, how’re you today? Have Ellen and the kids gone?" she asked.

She looked like a Goddess!! She looked like she had just taken a shower and her hair was all shiny and smelt so nice and she was just oozing sex.
Her juicy breasts were just full and round and I could see her black bra under her t-shirt and her nipples were pressing against it. She was wearing a pair of shorts that clung to her butt and her hips like glue. Her t-shirt was just above her belly button and I could see her shorts falling so smoothly between her legs and thighs into that oh so perfectly shaped pussy.
The perfume she had on wafted across and it my cock was jumping at her from inside my pants. Her lips, her breasts her body seemed to be just asking me to reach out and rip her clothes off and fuck her in the doorway. I couldn’t take my eyes off her body.

She must have noticed me staring, "Jake?” she called out with a slight grin.
"What? Oh yeah, yeah, they just left", I managed to answer." C’mon in Tessa, it’s pretty hot outside"
"Thanks", she smiled and came in.
As she turned to close the door I glanced at her perfect butt and almost crashed into the dining table. The guy who was fucking her was one lucky fucker.
"I’ll be right back Tessa. Have a seat .Can I get you something to drink?"
"Some cold water would be nice." 'Ellen said to come by and pick up my money today. I was wondering if you had any idea about it”.

  I came back with the money and the water to see her on a chair with her head tilted back and eyes closed. I just wanted to run over and kiss her lips and take her breasts out of that shirt and lick it.
"Here you go Tessa”, I said as I  handed over the money and the water.
She lifted her head slowly, stood up and came to me, took the money and said,” So you're all alone here? Must be pretty boring", she said as she drank the water.
"Yeah, I wish I had some company ", I was getting a bit bold and my cock was still code red.

Her breasts were just near my hands now and I could almost feel the heat from them, I was going crazy. She had a look in her eyes and I just wasn’t sure what they meant.
I didn’t want to throw away my brothers reputation by doing anything stupid but my cock was ruling now.
"Ok, then”, she said softly.
 As she turned away to leave I noticed a piece of paper stuck to her t-shirt.
"Wait", I said. This was my chance to get closer.
She had reached the door and turned around '"What’s wrong?”
"There’s something stuck on your t-shirt" I said and she turned around.” Hang on, let me take it out"
As I said that she lifted her t-shirt up to see what it was and in doing so exposed her stomach. I came really close to her and I could smell her perfume even better and I reached out to take the paper. My hands touched her skin and I let it linger there pretending to take out the paper. I heard her gasp as I touched her and I knew I was in!
I was almost out of control I took the paper out and showed it to her. My hands again brushing her stomach purposely.
I saw her close her eyes at that moment and I knew she wouldn’t resist.

”Oh sweet Tessa”, I said. I gently pinned her to the door and took both her hands above her head. I placed my mouth on her neck and started kissing her there. My tongue ran across her neck, her chin her ears her face and all around her mouth.
Her breathing was deep now and I knew she liked it. I continued by running my tongue all over her neck and finally stopped on her lips. I kissed her gently at first and saw that her eyes were closed and she slowly opened her lips. I started kissing her by sucking her lips and she was grabbing at my lips with her tongue.

I kept on kissing her lips and at the same time reached under her T-Shirt. She sensed it and her kissing got faster. I let my hand roam under her t-shirt and caressed her stomach and got to her firm, juicy breasts. I unhooked her bra and reached her left breast and ran my fingers around it and caressed her nipple which was erect. I softly pinched her nipples and ran my fingers gently along her breast. My tongue was going crazy kissing and sucking her lips. She was leaning against the door and eyes closed and pushing her tongue into my mouth.

I let go of her hands and helped her remove her T-Shirt and bra. As I watched I saw her firm, full breasts appear and I gasped mentally. It was even bigger than I had imagined. Her dark breasts were perfectly shaped and had dark brown nipples which were looking so ripe.
I greedily took both her breasts in my hands and softly squeezed them and touched her erect nipples. They felt so soft and full. The dark circle seemed like ripples in a lake as I put my tongue on one of her nipples and started caressing the other breast with my hand. I started licking the nipple and ran circles around it with my tongue. It was wet with my saliva and I didn’t stop. She started to moan softly and I changed to her other nipple and did the same with it. I licked the space between her breasts and let my tongue linger on both her nipples alternately. I again kissed her lips and ran my tongue in her mouth as my hand went below and touched her cunt over her shorts. Her legs parted and I ran my hand over her slit all the way down to her thighs. I pressed her butt cheeks and she pressed against me with her breasts.

I knew she was hot and led her to the dining table as I didn’t have the patience to take her upstairs to my room. I lay her down on the table, her breasts jiggled and I leaned over and fondled them and kissed her stomach which was wet with my saliva.
I slowly unbuttoned her shorts and took it all the way down her legs .She was wearing black panties and I easily took that out too. Her legs were propped up as I was taking her panties off and when I looked up she had slowly spread her legs.

Sweet fucking Hell!!! What a sight it was!! Her cunt was shaved clean and smooth. Her cunt was so damn dripping wet and moist that there was a streak of her moistness running along her right thigh. Her thick pussy lips were slightly open and I could clearly see the redness within. I had never imagined it would be such a fantastic sight!

I came closer to her cunt and just then the musky smell hit me and I took it in. I wiped away the streak along her thighs and let my tongue run up and down the crack of her cunt. She was on her back and moaning, I again ran my tongue up and down her pussy and spread her legs even more. It was as wet as a rainy day and there was no sign of it stopping. I got my tongue in and licked up and towards her clit. I licked her cunt all the way down to her crack. I spread her outer lips and let my tongue on top of her clit. It had a bitter taste but I let my tongue do the talking. I didn’t want to hurt her clit so I gently started jabbing at it with my tongue. I then put my mouth on it and started licking up and down the cunt lips; taking the cunt lips in my mouth and sucking them. It was so wet now that my saliva was also mixed with her juices. I put a finger into her hole and it went in so smoothly and soon she was releasing more of her orgasmic juices.

I took off my clothes and pulled her towards me I again started to kiss her mouth and nearly ravaged her lips. My cock was so hot and throbbing but I was happy to be pleasuring her like this. She reached down and held my throbbing cock in her hands and started jerking it. I let her do that for a while.

“Let aunt Tessa suck on li’l Jakey’s cock, please.” she said

I lay down on the carpeted floor and she got in between my spread legs. I too was shaved and my cock was just throbbing. She grabbed my balls with one hand and started playing with them. There was some pre-cum in my cock hole and she flicked her tongue on that and lapped it up.”Mmmmmmm…mmmmm…that’s like a good boy”, she was soon running her tongue up and own my cock shaft and the balls and then suddenly she covered my cock with her mouth. I knew she had done this before and she knew exactly what to do. She was now running her mouth up and down my cock and getting faster. Her saliva now covered my cock entirely. She was also playing with my balls at the same time. I was so damn hot and excited I didn’t want to explode in her.

She must have read my mind because she stopped what she was doing and looked at me. She was an expert alright; she had sensed it but didn’t say anything. She stood and looked at her cunt which was still dripping wet.

“Now look what naughty Jake has done. He made aunty Tessa so horny and wet. Aunt Tessa wants to put naughty Jake’s cock in her hole, ok?” She was talking to me like one of her kids.

She spread my legs and again sucked my whole cock in one swift motion. She got up and turned around and slowly placed her dripping cunt over my cock. She then slowly got down and let my cock enter her moist, dripping cunt. It went in without any complaints and pretty soon I couldn’t see my cock. It was all in her cunt. She let it remain for about a second and then lifted her hips up and down and again. I could feel the cunt cum all over my cock shaft and I was in heaven. She was doing a great job and kept hammering my cock with her pussy.

“Don’t put your cum in Aunt Tessa’s cunt, ok? I want it in my mouth you dirty boy”, she was enjoying it and it showed.

My cock was like a rock with her pumping and in between she would slow down and let her cunt just slide all the way down on my cock. She would also play with her clit now and then. Her breasts were swaying from side to side and I could see them glistening. I was pretty sure I would cum soon so I caught her hips and pressed down on. She slowly fell back on me with my cock still in her super wet cunt.

I kissed her lips and her mouth and her face as she turned to me sideways and my hands were rubbing her breasts in a circular motion."Fuck me Tessa, just fuck me” Let me cum in your mouth baby”, I was screaming. She removed my shining cock from her cunt and sucked on it real hard. I thought she would let me cum in her mouth but she was far from done.

She lay down on her back and propped a cushion under her hips and raised her cunt upwards.

“Lick my cunt again you bad boy”, she said. I got in between her legs and started to again lick all around her pussy and its lips and even inside, up and down all over and it was covered in my saliva.She kept my head pressed there for a few moments.

“Fuck me now, now”, she screamed. I pushed her legs towards her chest and got my cock in between her cunt and started riding her pussy real hard. As she felt my cock go in she was moaning and holding her thighs tightly. I was now pumping real hard and I could feel the cum boil down inside. She was still so wet that my cock was working in her cunt so smoothly and to the full. I was feeling the cum rise in my shaft and I pulled out and she sat up and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking on it real hard and full.

“Here I cum baby, here I cum …aaaah…aahhhh”, I was screaming

She didn’t stop and kept sucking me as I got the best orgasm of my life and I shot my sperm into her mouth. She opened up and let it all in and swallowed it. She then licked my cock so clean and drank it all in. Again she milked my cock for the last drops and sucked it again. I was totally spent and my cock felt like it had been run over.

“Did you like that baby?” she asked. I answered by kissing her on her lips and licking her lips and her face and her nipples.

As we lay there on the floor totally drained I was sure this would be the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship.

--------------------------------------THE END-----------------------------------------------

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