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This story is made up of three posts I had posted on another site. I will post them as one on here....

Ok, so my lady's mom is a single, horny, chubby lady. She probably has her fair share of dick, but not by a young in shape guy, like myself. When she is around I always wear really thin running shorts that make the outline of my dick very easy to see. If we are sitting around where I can lay on the couch I will wear loose gym short with no underwear and give her a clear shot up my shorts. I don't know for sure, but one night when I know she caught several very long glimpses of my cock, she went to our guest bedroom. I walked by and heard, what sounded to me, like her moaning. That is my take, I have never had the balls to try and do anything with her. I just let her have a little show. I have also had convienient bruises on my inner thighs, where I had to pull up my shorts to show her , I do lots of little things like this to get her excited.

2nd post....Events from this weekend...posted 3 weeks after above post.
So my MIL is spent the weekend with us. So yesterday we all went swimming. I made it a point to wear my swim trunks with no built in underwear. I also made it a point when she was in the pool for me to sit on the edge and open my leg so my cock would be eye level with her. She obviously liked it a lot. Anytime I would sit on the edge she would float her raft to my end and make conversation. I would help the view out by spreading my legs wide. Knowing she was looking made me incredible hard. I am totally positive she was enjoying the view. I am not so sure, but I think it's possible, that she was trying to give me a show to by spreading her legs wide on the raft. Her show was not as good as mine, but it makes me wonder. Her and the wife went to get a movie and I was trying to decide my next move to get her horny. I thought about leaving a porn in the guest bedroom and listening to see if I could hear anything. I really couldn't come up with anyway for her to see anything more on me, yet be subtle and not let my wife see anything. Please give me any suggestions I could use for next time. It has to be very subtle and very sexy.

A few weeks later......

If you have read my earlier post you know that I have given my MIL "accidental" glimpses of my dick in the past. Well this past weekend the next level finally happened. My MIL was coming to stay with my wife for the weekend. My wife had been away on a trip with friends the previous week. My wife's plane was scheduled to return Friday evening. My wife missed her plane on Friday and had to wait for a return flight Saturday morning. My MIL had already began driving to our house for the weekend when she found out wife wouldn't be in that evening. We all agreed MIL should continue on to the house (me especially).

When MIL arrived we grabbed a quick dinner and agreed to go back to the house and watch a movie together. We both showered and I put on a pair of very loose fitting gym shorts with no underwear. She sat on one couch and I sat in a recliner. We left the lights on during the movie (I planned this so she could get a good glimpse). I pulled my knees up on the recliner so that my shorts would open for her. Throughout the movie I would catch her looking. During this time wife called. After my conversation with wife, MIL and I were discussing the call and she finally said, "You are hanging out a little bit." At that time I played dumb, closed my legs and apologized. To this she said, "It's ok, it didn't bother me. It was just distracting." I apologized again and told her it wouldn't happen again.To this she said, "It really didn't bother me" and I replied, "Well I'm sure it's not something you want to see all the time". The next thing she said changed everything. She said, "You would be suprised." I laughed and said, "Want to see it closer." She said, "Of course".

I walked over to where she was sitting and pulled my shorts down. By this time her face was bright red and I was rock hard. I pulled it out and held it in front of her. She looked out it for a while and said, "This stays between us". At that point she grabbed my dick and began lightly stroking it. I bend over and kissed her she moaned like I have never heard a woman before. I then stood her up, took off her shirt. She was chubby and had a light colored bra on.I turned her around and took her bra off. She asked me, "What are you going to do to me?" I said, "What do you want?" She said, "Fuck me".

Those two words set me off. I instantly pulled down her sweat pants and panties and turned around to see her, rather surprisingly, totally shaved pussy. I kissed her more and stuck my finger into her steaming super wet pussy. I had always imagined I would have to use lube if I ever fucked her because of her age (50), but she was ready to go. I turned her around, bent her over the couch and began fucking her with everything I have. The rest of the story is rather cliche, but I ended up fucking her and we slept together that night. The next morning we fucked again.

When my wife arrived we both acted like nothing happened and MIL and I haven't mentioned it since. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.
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