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Moving On A Grade

The next morning
Some time later I felt as if I was dreaming. I was rock hard and my cock felt wet. When I opened my eyes the ladies were snogging each other, but my cock was between both of their lips. I was getting a blow job from both of them at the same time. I glanced at the clock and noticed we had only had a couple of hours sleep. Mature women are insatiable I thought and I was the lucky recipient.

I laid back down and let them have their fun. Suzie was the first to notice I was awake.

She said, "Diane, the horny sod is awake again and seems to be ready for some more fun."

"So he is, what are we going to do with him now?" said Diane.

Diane slid up my body, kissing and biting me until she got to my ear, she whispered to me "I want you to fuck Suzie's arse, after all she held me down while you did mine."

Diane worked her mouth and tongue down Suzie's body, kissing every inch until she was kissing her buttocks. She parted Suzie's legs and began to finger her pussy and tease her clit. I could hear her fingers pushing in and out. Suzie was beginning to lose concentration on my cock, because of what Diane was doing to her. Diane beckoned me over and with Suzie lying on her stomach, we both went to work on her pussy. Suzie arched her back and pushed her bum out, so we had more access. Diane and I both had fingers in Suzie's pussy, pushing in and out at a different pace. We were sliding in and out our fingers linking together in her pussy. Her juices were flowing out and actually dripping on the sheets she was getting so wet. 

I parted Suzie's arse cheeks, so Diane could stick her tongue into Suzie's brown puckered anus. She rimmed Suzie with her hot wet tongue, until suddenly and with a squirt Suzie came hard. Diane took Suzie's cum and rubbed it all over her anus working it into her bum hole and over my cock. Diane was getting Suzie and me all wet and slippery.

Suzie realized what was going to happen and said, "Oh, no you don't, you know I don't enjoy a butt fuck!"

Diane replied, "You got him to fuck me in my arse, it's only fair he does the same to you."

This argument went back and forth between them, until Suzie relented and agreed. On the one condition that, I would cum in her arse and Diane would lick her clean.

I got between Suzie legs, while Diane held her cheeks apart. I put the tip of my cock against her brown eye and pushed. However, even with all the lube and fingers she was still very tight. I finally got the tip of my cock in and heard Suzie give a yelp of pain so I stopped.

"Don't stop, push that cock all the way in and make her scream," said Diane.

I continued pushing hard and inch by slow inch. I was all the way in, when I heard Suzie say, "fuck that's sore and I will make you pay for that you bitch."

Diane just laughed and said to me, "She loves it really, she just thinks it's wrong and dirty. Prove her wrong and fuck that cum of your's into her arse."

I pulled out, but at Diane's insistence slammed back in. Suzie cried out, wailed and called me all sorts of names, but I continued to fuck her arse hard. Suzie's complaints started to slow because while I was fucking her, Diane was fingering her pussy and pulling on her clit. The wailing slowly turned to moaning as the pain turned to pleaasure. Just as Suzie was getting really worked up, Diane left her pussy alone and moved to face her. They looked into each others eyes and started snogging. Not just with pure lust, but with slow sensuous kissing like the lovers they were. It was so hot watching two women in love make out.

I was so hard, but decided to ease up on the hard fucking and make love instead to her bum. I slowed down the pace and energy. I gently eased in and out, feeling her all the way along my cock. We had all moved from fucking to love making and it was ecstasy. However, all this was having an effect on me and with a grunt and a thrust I came deep in Suzie's arse.

Suzie looked at Diane and said, "A promise is a promise."

Diane laid on the bed and Suzie squatted over her face. Diane stuck her tongue out and licked Suzie's arse. I could see my cum leaking out while Diane just lapped it up, swallowing it all. This was too much for me and I wanked myself over Diane's stomach.

Suzie just smiled, lent forward and licked my cum off Diane's tummy. We continued to fuck and suck for the rest of the morning until Diane announced she had to go home. The affair between the three of us went on for some months.

I learned so much from those two wonderful ladies and thought it all had come to an abrupt end one day, when I got a call from Diane.

"It's me, my husband Michael has found out whats been going on and wants to meet you!" She told me over the phone.

"Shit, is he mad? Am I going to get the shit beaten out of me? Is he angry? What does he want to meet me for?" I asked.

"It's okay, Michael and I have had a long discussion. You should come to dinner and don't worry you are safe. Anyway you are bigger than him in so many ways," she said.

What else could I do, but agree? Anything else would have been cowardly and I loved this lady.

"Okay, if your sure; when and where?" I asked.

"This Friday, our house 7:30 p.m. and don't be late," she said and hung up.

Friday came around and, with some trepidation, I went to their home. What happened that night led to more adventures.

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