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Mr. Collins

A hard way to start your love

I barely could stand one more class. I was too anxious. Tonight will be my night. The night when I will finally lose my virginity. Sadly it won’t be with my boyfriend as I don’t have one but with a complete stranger. It sucks a bit, to lose it cheaply like a whore but I decided to do it. I’ve waited too long and I really I’m becoming desperate.

“Hi.” Said Laura as she sat down next to me.

“Finally! It’s almost the end of the day.”

“Sorry. I was…busy.”



She was acting a bit strange lately. Being more quiet than usual but anyway, is her life I didn’t care as I had bigger plans.

“So, are you going with me?”

“Where? Oh…that.”

“Yes! Are you?”

“No. I don’t want.”


“No. I’m not like that.”

“Liar. I know you like it.”

“No. I don’t.”

“My dear friend, we had too many lesbian experiences in the last months to fool me. I know how much you enjoy it.”

“That was different.”

“Not really. We had dildos and a strap-on. I fucked you little ass so much I could park a car there.”

“I won’t go with you, please don’t insist.”

“Ok. Just as a point, you have more chances there. You have big tits, a big round ass and a pretty face. The guys will fight for you!”


Our discussion ended there as the class started. The best class. Mr. Collins was here.

I should explain that I have a big crush on Samuel Collins since the 9 th grade. He was our mathematics teacher and he was amazing. Both mind and body. He was simply a genius and with a manly figure that made me wet. He was over in his 50’s, with a long gray beard and a bear belly. Not really hot for some people but I’m one of those attracted to elder guys.

I arrived home. I had few hours until the meeting so I entered my room to undress and took few minutes to admire myself in the mirror as I stood naked.

My only worry was my body. I wasn’t confident in myself. Maybe I wasn’t hot enough for the guys from there? I have a fit body at about 5ft 6” with a nice ass and some cute C cup tits. I was ok with myself and I will lie if I said that I don’t envy Laura’s huge tits. I wanted huge tits but I have to work with what I have.

The building didn’t look very promising. It was an old warehouse but the guard at the entrance and the large number of people that were going in, pretty much confirmed that this was the right place.

“ID please.” The guard said to me and I showed him, proving that I was 18.

“Your first time here?”


“You must stop on the right and sign your papers.”

“What papers?”

“You membership and that you understand the risks.” He said then let me go inside.

On the right I saw sort of a reception desk where an old lady welcomed me with a big smile on her face.

“What can I do for you, sweetie?” she asked me as I was looking at her, speechless. She was naked, her saggy tits where over her belly and she had a real rain forest down there.

“The guard said I should sign some papers?”

“A new member! Marvelous! Just a minute, dear.”

As the old lady searched for my paper I took a minute to inspect the place. All over the walls were posters with naked people, huge pictures of hard cocks, men and women with cummed faces and so on. Everybody was going to the next room through a big red door. I guess in there was the fun.

“Right! This is your papers, your membership and your contract. Take a moment to read it before you sign it, you can’t go back after.”

After writing down my name and details on my membership I started reading the contract. It was a bit shocking. If I sign it I was accepting that I won’t blame any abuse, pregnancy or any sexual diseases that will occur during these meetings on any of the members and I accept the group policy on not using any condoms during the meetings.

“Pretty shocking?” the old lady said to me after probably seeing my face.


“It might be but for a nymphomaniac this is a paradise. We go back to a natural state of intercourse, we are pretty much animals that seek the pleasure of sex.”

“I understand.”

“You won’t be here if you didn’t like sex. Believe me, in there, you can find true pleasure, depends on who is your partner.”

“How do I choose a partner?”

“You don’t. The males choose their females, you can’t say no. It’s about the mutual fun.”

“Ok.” And I signed it.

“Good. Welcome to our group! Your membership expires in a month, after that you will make full year membership when you will have to pay a small fee.”


“I’m Mama, by the way. My son runs this thing but I’m usually here to take care of it. You?”


“So, Diana, you will have to go and leave your clothes and valuables in the lockers behind you or you could undress inside but you may not find them again. Your choice!”

“Ok, thanks!”

That was it. I’ve done it! Now I will have some fun although the risks scared me a bit and all of it seems a bit extreme.

I was naked in front of the red door. I took one last breath before I entered that erotic paradise.

Inside was what you would expect, naked people. A lot of them. Mostly men and women over their 40’s and probably I was the only young thing there. I didn’t have a chance to explore more because he approached me.

“This is not a place for a young girl like you.”

“Mr. Collins!” I exclaimed with surprise as my math teacher looked me completely naked.

“Go home when you still have the chance.”

“Mr. Collins, what are you doing here?”

“Doesn’t matter, you must leave. Now!”

“No! I want to stay.”

“This is not a place for you. You don’t know how is it in here. Leave!”


“You are young, you have a future. Come back when you are a lonely old lady but not now.”

“I want to stay, is my decision!”

“Off…you will regret it.”

“Maybe, maybe not.”

Then a guy tried to approach me but Mr. Collins yelled at him “This is mine, fuck off!”

“Thanks. So, are we going to do it?”

“No. You are my student, I can’t do it. I’m only trying to protect you from the freaks around here.”

“I don’t mind and no one will find out.” I said and took gently his impressive thick dick in my hand. He didn’t back off and so his dick grew in my hand, more and more.

“It’s wrong.”

“But you want it.”

“I’m an old pervert, don’t trust my dick. It’s still wrong.”

“C’mon, fuck me, take my flower and I will leave you alone.”

“You are even a virgin?! And you came here? Damn it.”

“We both want to do it, why don’t we?”

“Because…” he stopped from his phrase as I start sucking his dick and playing with his balls. He clearly enjoy it and just stood there, moaning. Meanwhile my pussy got wet as I sucked my love’s dick. It was thick, full of veins and pretty long. I knew this was the dick I want to take my virginity and I needed to go all the way with him.

After few minutes he stopped me.

“Let’s go.”

“Why, we…”

“We will go to my place. If you really want this, at least your first time will not be in this dump.”

We didn’t say a word until we were at his place and he ordered me to undress, he threw me on the bed an started to suck my nipples while his hard dick has gently touching my pussy. Then we start kissing, passionately for a good time. I was in heaven.

Being everything but gentle, he penetrated me with force, going right up my pussy and taking every sign of virginity that was left. The pain was there as he was pounding me, moaning like a beast of pleasure, showing that he is the male and he owns me.

I started crying as all of this was too much for a virgin. It was amazing but really too much for me at the time considering that he done that for me for a good 15 to 20 minutes then he finally stopped.

A loud roar made me understand that he cummed inside me and it was all over. He left me on the bed, alone and sweating as he gone for the bathroom. I managed to take a look at my pussy to watch the cum that was coming out of it. It was late and I was tired so I felt asleep before he came back.

The next morning I woke up in his arms.

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