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Mrs. Concha, a Spanish with gorgeous buttocks

This mature had never experimented pelvic muscle contractions... until one day...
This story I’m about to tell you happened 6 years ago as I was attending college. I’m 25 years old now. I used to share a flat with my roommate at the time,  I reckon 3 or 4 years elder. The fact this boy wasn’t a student at all, just somebody who worked, an employee in a business  in this  city,  obliged him to travel to his home town on weekends to visit  his girlfriend. Thus I was on myself, alone in the apartment, starting from Friday night until Sunday in the evenings when my roommate was supposed to return.

I’ve been attracted to mature women since my childhood, always stared at their ass, and my chances for approaching to any of them were useless, ashamed and scared if it came up with a scandal, I’d be a bad example. 

Our neighbors were elders, to the point they would treat us with consideration, like grandsons. They were condescend people and wouldn’t bother in complaining if I organized noisy parties in the building one or another Saturday, so we were thankful and would assist them whenever our “grandparents” needed some help. The next door apartment was occupied by Mrs. Concha, a Spanish in her 50s while her husband was a lot elder. Her couple probably was far beyond 65, a retired old grandpa. Despite of her age, Mrs, Concha always kept her vitality and energy, a happy and smiling woman when talking to you with her standing up ass. I always was curious and would ask questions myself trying to find an answer, like:  What is more the essence of sex than a woman’s vagina? The source of her pleasure, home of the clitoris, center of her sexual universe? Nothing, in my opinion.  I think all roads lead to the vagina, do they not? Look at  this lovely mature, Mrs. Concha,  on the street, in the mall, at work – anywhere and  her abundant hair, alluring eyes, soft full lips. I always followed down the curve of her neck, the swell of her breasts, the strength of her stomach and when I hit the center of her body, right between her beautiful legs, I thought I’ve hit the center of her being. Besides, she still preserved an attractiveness to match any beautiful woman in town: standing ass, I repeat, gorgeous hips and breasts; you could guess she had been cute as young.  She had caught my attention since the beginning, especially when wearing that lounging robe to show her thighs and low neck partly.

Mrs. Concha was a member in the community staff, so she would be in charge of some tasks, a diligent and assiduous person to visit us and inform about all issues here, like to collect money for the building maintenance and the like. I was on the alert as realizing this mature would come only to my place if my roommate was gone,  either on weekends, or while he was at work.  The sight of the wonderful low neck, had made me become a licentious guy, a vicious staring at her tits while smiling wickedly, silently though. Perhaps she had been planning something -an love affair- and reciprocated. It seemed strange to me why she should knock on my door for such stupid stuff, like: “Do you have running water?” but I had to repress myself and never make any advances to court her.

One day, I was returning from college she caught sight of me while driving and stopped to offer me a ride. I climbed on the car, and while riding in the passenger seat, was delighted, totally stunned by her firm legs, too gorgeous, and perceived through a skirt unusually raised.  We had small chat during the trip, but my gluttonous eyes were always focused in her luscious thighs which she noticed at once, smiling wickedly, never feeling aggravated. As an excuse to spread her legs as if wishing to have a snatch touched, she continuously shifted gears while my dick was about to explode.

We finally arrived, still having difficulties to conceal my hard on, until finally got to the portal. I carelessly stumbled into her buttocks -she was leading- she said:

“Oh, I’ve felt your hard on, but… you can have this problem just by looking at my legs, dude?”

I replied:

“Oh, Mrs. Concha, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to… you know. I… I…

”She said: “Take it easy, man. It’s good to know a mature woman still can attract a dick. I’m too old, but I think you just wanted to cop a feel just by stumbling into me.”

I was now a honest guy by replying:

“Ok, Mrs. Concha, you’re good looking, attractive. Your husband is a blessed guy but this poor man is but wasted. See you tomorrow, Mrs. Concha.”

I hurriedly headed for the bath room to brush the helmet, a glorious jerk off!! Oh, still remember that big cum spurt!!

Days go by until it was Saturday, on October, and building administrators were already working on the heating system. I was cooking dinner as suddenly realized there wasn’t any salt in the cabinets, so it would be a great idea to ask Mrs. Concha for some salt (still held the hope anything new would come up with this mature). As I knocked on the door, she opened for me. She said:

“Come in, Marcos, may I help you? Mario is running some errands downtown and will come back this evening.”

Again, I began to stare at the usual robe she was wearing: unbuttoned as it was, it would show a gorgeous low neck along with firm thighs. Mrs. Concha returned from the kitchen walking gracefully, and as handing in the salt to me, I noticed two buttons more had been unbuttoned off her robe, so if walking, her stunning legs would be displayed more for me. I was enraptured and she again noticed this, smiling. I had lacked courage to reach and rub that appetizing ass.

I was so turned on that day that had to brush the helmet again, but came up with a wonderful idea:  played a fuck film to get more aroused. In this porn movie, a naked white woman was straddling a black man who was pumping a rather large cock into her pussy. As this was going on, she sucked on another large cock, this one white. I was having now a real hard on.  Suddenly a third man moved up behind the woman and put his cock into her ass. She now had three cocks buried in her body. 

I moved closer to the screen to get a better look. The action on the TV was hot. These three men were pounding the shit out of this petite white woman. The man getting sucked started howling and pumped a thick load into the woman’s mouth. She swallowed most of it, however, some of it dripped on the sofa. After she had licked him clean, she scooped up the drops on the leather sofa with her fingers and licked them clean.

The third man was now showing signs of climax as he furiously pumped the girl’s ass. She was groaning loudly, now that her mouth was free of cock. This didn’t last long as man number three yanked out of her ass and walked over to her face. Without hesitation, she swallowed the soiled cock in time to take another load of goo. She finished by licking him clean.

I had never seen a display like that. Sucking on a cock that had been buried in her ass, it seemed gross to me. Finally, the first stud grunted and thrust his cock deep into the woman and unloaded. She looked as though she were receiving an electrical shock. After a few minutes, her orgasm subsided. She slid off the thick black shaft now spent of its load. It plopped out of her and fell on the man’s belly followed by globs of sperm. The liquid leaked out of the woman for a few moments and pooled on the man’s stomach. She got off the sofa and knelt down next to the man. She proceeded to lick his cock clean and finished by lapping the substantial pool of cum off his stomach. She smiled into the camera and said, “Cum tastes so good.”

Suddenly, somebody was knocking on the door. I turned off the DVD and put away the movie, then to see who it was. To my surprise, it was Mrs. Concha.    She said:

“Shall you need any assistance to purge your radiator in the heating system, I can give you a hand here, or is it working fine?

“This is my chance” I thought, and said: “figure out this help will be so necessary here, Mrs. Concha!!”

I smiled at her saying. “Come in.”

Same robe, still more open, now part of her breast showed off. I’d have to take up this problem soon or hell! I’m tired of jerking off, it’s killing me!!  She had ducked in order to reach at the valve and start pumping for a radiator purge, so I could see tits and thighs exposed, even the beginning of a pussy. This was a sticky wicket, but she had left open the possibility. I had a hard on as blue steel.

Enough! Mrs. Concha tightened me up saying this was wrong as I put my hand on her right thigh and started rubbing there in her squatting position. She said:

“What’s the matter with you, Marcos? This is no good!!”  getting on her feet.

I was upset by this and replied:

“Let me touch you, Mrs. Concha, leave me alone.”

She tried to get away, but I said:

“You started this and always unbutton your robe purposely for me to see. Means you wanna fuck!! I’m too turned on now and you want this.”

Pointing at the big bulge in my thighs I continued:

“Your ass is in deep shit, come on, let’s get to business, you bitch. You’re built like a brick shithouse ma’am!!”

I stood up and drew her towards me, grabbed her asscheeks and clutched my dick against her cunt. It’s now as the woman seems to give in, not objecting anymore, listening to her moans as she gripped my ass. Rubbing her snatch, I French kissed her. She moaned:

“Oh, oh, oh yesssss. A long time since I didn’t feel a hard dick!”

I led her to my bed room where I began to take off her robe, kissing her and rubbing her body. Fuck!! This well built body had driven me crazy. I hadn’t realized she was the owner of such bubble ass.  A white thong sneaked in her ass crack.

Not giving it a second thought, I penetrated her pussy with a single stroke after I hurriedly slid down her panties to show her massive thighs; hurled her on my bed and spread her legs wide to show a bib bush.


I stripped off my pants and my rod went to the deep end into her pussy. So many years for not fucking made her cum immediately, after a few strokes. I noticed her exaggerated loud moans, while she kept crying:“Ouch, ah, oh, oooo!!”

I kept banging her like a lunatic, happy to see the effects of a cock slamming her pussy: a woman moaning aloud:

“Ay, ay, ay, papito.” She cried in Spanish.

She cummed again, like mad. I turned her around and put her on her four, fucking doggy. In this position I was behind her, in a kneeling position. I made her kneel on her hands. She said:

“No, not that way, it hurts”, but enjoyed moving her head out of control full of ecstasy.

I played with her anus, and she was cool with it. It worked fine as my tongue danced on her clit, rubbed some of her juices around her little hole. This double stimulation perhaps had been very arousing to her, and she got concentrated on my tongue so much that my finger didn’t matter, she just felt it good.

As she got closer to climax, I continued to rub around the asshole until she was breathing heavily…getting very close. It was the moment for me to stick my finger in the little hole just a bit, as far as the first digit, no more.

In my experience, this would be a very good chance to set her orgasm off like a time bomb, and it rewarded, for she began to buck her hips like if were on fire. Yes, the feeling of my finger in her ass had made her cum finally, much harder.

Tired of this doggy position, I changed to missionary again, and saw her closed eyes trying to match my shoves. I finally cummed. She got to her right mind, saying: Oh, Marcos this is morally wrong.”

She dressed up and left quickly. I was now lying down on my bed, motionless like a dead body and began to have a recollection of all the facts: my dick was now hard as blue steel again, so I jerked off.

We never talked to each other after this engagement.  One day we talked  it out and she had accepted her fault:  she had excited, roused me. During our chat she also said had experienced a full orgasm, feeling rhythmic contractions in her uterus, vagina, and anus for the first time:

She said:

“Oh, Marcos I found these contractions very pleasurable, thanks again.”                                  

                                                                  THE END


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