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Mrs. Fergusson - Ch 1

Tommy Gets Lucky

“Tommy! Time for bed!” mom called out.


I registered hearing her, but pretended not to.   I was listening to the latest and greatest Steppenwolf album. I’d just bought it and it was so cool.   I was up in my room with the headphones on, so she couldn’t know that I’d heard her, anyway.


“Tommy. Bed! NOW”!   Mom had walked in about ten minutes later and gave me a rap on the head.


  “Aw Fuck! Goddammit”!   I said, pulling the headphones off.   I said it before even thinking about it.   I was entranced with reading the lyrics published in the album and following along with the music.   In my mind, I was thinking it was my middle brother Brad.


“Thomas Gilbert Bradshaw!” mom said, using her most authoritarian tone. I knew I was up shit creek when she used all three of my names being used.


“I’m sorry mom, you scared me and it just slipped out “I didn’t mean it, honest.”


“Young man, I don’t care how it just slipped out.   Your language is unacceptable.   I will NOT have you growing up and becoming the gutter mouth your brother was.   Go upstairs and on the way, get the bar of soap from the bathroom.”  


“Mom, please…   I won’t say anything like that again.   I promise.”    I was feeling desperate and ashamed.


  “Don’t you ‘Mom please’ me, or I will have your father deal with you.” she said, pointing her finger down to the kitchen where dad was fixing a snack.


I got up and lifted the armature up and into its resting position on the turntable.   As I carefully slid the record back into the album sleeve, I was furious.   Didn’t mom realize I was 18 now?   I was going to be a senior in high school next year, for crissakes.   I so hated being the youngest in the family.   Here I was, 18 nearly a grown man and mom still treated me like I was 10.   Hell, I was eligible for the draft as soon as I graduated.   But, I knew there was no fighting mom.   It only made me more pissed off, though.


I went downstairs to the bathroom and got the soap.   My room was the converted attic my oldest brother left to me when he went to be a soldier in Vietnam .   At least I didn’t have to share with Brad anymore.   He was 19, just graduated from high school, and trying to figure out how to dodge the draft.   He and I were the only 2 left at home and for some reason, he made no objection to me taking the attic – totally NOT Brad.   Anyway, I liked it up there and was left alone.   I could masturbate without being worried someone would barge in, and there were some sneaky cubby holes to hide my Playboy magazines in – my oldest brother Sam had shown me them before he left.


I sat on my bed holding the soap and waiting for mom.   She liked to make me sweat…   Finally she came in and told me to get up and put the soap in my mouth.


  “Tommy, you are going to get one bare assed swat for each letter in the word you said.   Now pull down your pants and bend over.   Put the bar of soap in your mouth”    I complied, knowing it was useless to object.


Unfortunately mom had learned from my oldest brother not to believe we hadn’t stuffed something in our pants to soften the blows - dammit.   In truth, it didn’t really hurt that much when mom did the spanking - except for the one time I laughed at her while she was doing it. That time she took out ‘The Belt’. I don’t laugh during spankings any more.


I did as told, and bent over, pants around my ankles and my hands against the wall.   Slap. Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, and slap.   My butt did feel warm and stung a little, but mom had spread out the blows across both ass cheeks.   It wasn’t so much the spanking as it was the humiliation.   I wasn’t a kid anymore.


  “OK Tommy.   Now, go clean your mouth out, brush and your teeth. I don’t want to hear a peep from up here after 5 minutes” she said and then left me pulling my pants up with anger and hurt written on my face.


Then, I realized my window had been wide open the whole time I was getting my bare ass whacked.   It had just starting to get into the heat of summer and it got hot up here, but I should have closed it and pulled the shade.   I prayed no one had seen me in that humiliating position.   But of course, I looked out the window, and there was Mrs. Fergusson - our next door neighbor, looking across at me.   I guess her bedroom was like mine on the second floor, and I’m sure she heard the whacks.   I know I was beat red.   I knew she must’ve had a perfect view of my red ass, and had probably seen the bar of soap in my mouth, too.   She’d probably seen my dick flopping back and forth when my mom’s hand was whacking on my ass, as well.   I ran from the window and back down to the bathroom.   There’s only so much humiliation a guy can stand.


When I was done in the bathroom, I made sure to turn the lights out before I went back to the window.   Damn, she was still there.   But, she wasn’t looking at me anymore.   She was running her hands over her body and slowly letting the straps of her nightgown slide off her shoulders.   OH MY GOD! I was entranced.   The nightgown fell down to the floor, and she was naked underneath!    The only other female I had ever seen naked was my mom once, when I accidentally walked into the bathroom while she was in the bath tub.


Damn.   I had my pants down in a second and I started stroking my boner.   Not fast and heavy.   I wanted this to last as long as possible.   But, I was torn.   I wanted a better close-up view.   I totally didn’t want to leave the window, but I had to go get the Boy Scout binoculars my folks had got me when I made First Class.   OK… Think.   Where’d you put ‘em…   Damn.   Get the pants and shorts off.   Dash to the closet.   On the shelf – far left. Oh shit, hurry.   I don’t want to miss a second of this…


Thankfully, Mrs. Fergusson seemed oblivious to anything but herself. Her hands were all over her body.   Of course, one of my hands was on my dick while the other one held the binoculars up to my face.   I used the slippery liquid oozing out of my pee hole to lubricate my foreskin while I focused in with the binoculars.   I focused in on her black bush which matched with her shoulder length black hair.   A hand was between her legs stroking up and down.   I could see a little or the pink flesh peaking out from her bush, as she ran her fingers over her slit. Her other hand was on a boob, rubbing it and pinching the largest nipple I had ever seen!   Oh shit!   I imagined her nipple in my mouth.   It was like a first grader’s eraser.  


Mrs. Fergusson’s boobs weren’t all that large – like my mom’s are, but she had really big and dark circles around those monster nipples.   All I could think of was what a target her boobs were.   And yeah, I know she was an old lady – I think my mom said once she was something like 46, but for me - right then and there, she was the best looking woman of any age I had ever seem.   Her straight black hair fell down to the middle of her back.   Her boobs, though not large, were well formed, and well with her petite frame.   She had a slender waist that spread into wider hips.   The best part of her was her long, slender legs.   I could see that her ass drooped just a little and jiggled a bit as she sat down in a chair, still facing out the window, with her feet propped up on the sill.   OMG! She was giving me a beaver shot and a half!  


I thought I was going to cum right then and there.   I’d never seen a beaver crotch shot before.   The playboys I never showed the gals pussy, and my mom’s had been covered in bubbles when she was in the bath that time.   Last year, some of the upper classmen had been talking about some porn they’d seen that had open crotch shots and even fucking, but I never got to see them.   They said there were pictures of guys licking and kissing the woman’s pussy too, but I didn’t believe them about that. It sounded too gross.   I didn’t figure gals would put your dick in their mouth like they said they’d seen, either.   Anyways, I had to let go of my pecker and think of my dad for a moment, or I was sure I was going to pop.   Fortunately, I caught the boiling feeling that had started in my balls just in time.


When I looked back, Mrs. Fergusson was seated with her legs spread wide, her ass hanging over the edge of the chair, and with the chair rocked back onto its two back legs.   Her fingers were working in and out of her cunt and every now and then, she would flick the little nubbin at the top of her now glistening pussy lips.   Her other hand was still massaging her boobs.   I focused in on her pussy.   I could see that her fingers were wet from her juices, too.   But then, so was I.   I was spewing pre-cum so much that it was all I needed to totally lubricate my hand.   I made a fist around my dick, and began stroking up and down its length once again.


Now, her hands slid down the outside of her thighs and she gripped and spread her ass cheeks.   I could even see her little rosebud asshole before her fingers wrapped inward and pulled her pussy lips wide apart.   Her fingertips slid up and down the outside flesh of her pussy hole.   Her pussy hole was an incredible pink color in contrast to her black bush.   I could see her enlarged clit sticking out like a little bump, and the wetness of her pussy walls were apparent, as she slid both of her hands up and into that hole as far as she could reach.


At this point she stopped touching herself and let her feet fall to the floor as she got up out of the chair.   She moved out of sight and I thought the show was over.   But the lights didn’t go out and I could see her shadow, so I knew she was still in her room somewhere.   Hope springs eternal, so I stayed at the window and I waited.   Mrs. Fergusson returned to the chair in a short eternity carrying a bottle of what looked like baby oil.   She repositioned herself back in the chair and poured the oil onto the palm of her hand.


After rubbing bother her hands together, she began rubbing the oil onto her thighs and ass.   She poured some more oil and I watched in disbelief as she rubbed it all around the ring of her asshole and then stuck a finger in.   Her other hand was back, ribbing her little nubbin clit.   She slid her finger in and out of her asshole while her other hand rubbed back and forth across her clitty.   She slid another finger into her asshole beside the first, and increased the flicking pace across her clit.   Speaking of increased pace, I was whacking up and down so fast that the pre-cum was drying up on my palm faster than my pee-hole was producing more.   I spit on my hand and that did the trick.


It was such an awesome sight.   Now Mrs. Fergusson had two fingers sliding in and out of her ass, while four fingers were diving into her pussy.   She was arching her back off the seat, while the back of the chair was being held steady by the side of her bed.   Her ass was wiggling up and down like a bucking bronco.   This was just too much.   I felt my balls shrinking up and that electric feeling running down my shaft from the foreskin to the balls, and I knew I was past the point of no return.


  I spewed my spunk all over the wall beside the window.   Then as much as I wanted to keep watching, my knees got too weak, and I had to sit down for a second.   I slumped against the wall and my back got wet from my spunk.   My heart was pounding.   Since I was there, I grabbed my shorts and did my best to clean up my back and the wall where I had cum.   Anyways, by the time I got back to the window, Mrs. Fergusson’s lights were off, and the show was over – not that I didn’t keep looking and hoping for most of the rest of the night.   I couldn’t sleep for most of the night and ended up beating off two more times, with the images of Mrs. Fergusson planted deep in my brain.   My Playboys were entirely forgotten about.


And so that became my routine.   Mom didn’t once have to tell me it was time for bed.   I was upstairs by 10:30 and lights off, waiting by my window by 11:00 .   Sometimes, I would get a show, and sometimes I wouldn’t.   But, I always went to sleep jacking off to Mrs. Fergusson.   At least, that’s the way it went for the next couple of weeks….


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