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Mrs Robinson

Jean Robinson was the first contact I ever had on a Dateline computer date.  Her name and phone number was on a list of six names I was sent and I phoned up and had a chat.. We made a date and a few days later I picked her up outside her house in Norwich and we went in my car to a nearby pub for a drink and a chat.   Jean was a dark haired lady in her late 30's, slim about 5 ft 6 ins tall, of average looks, dressed in a white blouse and black pleated skirt.  We spent a couple of hours in quite pleasant chit chat at the pub discussing nothing in particular and then I took her home.
I parked the car outside her house under the light of a street lamp,  and I put my arm around her and pulled her to me and kissed her.  I had already decided that this was not going to be a long term relationship so, What the Hell!, I quickly put my hand over her left breast and started fondling it,  undoing her blouse without delay and exposing her tits in a grey silk half cup brassiere.  Jean seemed to enjoy this as the ardour of her kisses grew,  so I thought "nothing ventured nothing gained" and I slipped my hand up her pleated skirt.   Jean offered absolutely no resistance, in fact she slipped down in the seat and slightly opened her legs.  I was surprised to find my hand slipping over stocking tops and on to naked thighs and then my fingers were on to her naked pussy as I found that  she was wearing wide legged French knickers which offered no impediment to my gropings.
As soon as I touched her cunt her legs opened wide and she gave a sigh of contentment followed by some satisfied moans as I  frigged on her clit and dipped two fingers deep into her wet slit.   I lifted up her skirt and by the light of the street lamp could see that she was wearing grey silk matching French knickers and suspenders.  All this had taken less than 5 minutes. A further 5 minutes and she was laying back in the front seat, which I had lowered, with her skirt up round her waist, the knickers round one ankle, her blouse open to the waist and her bra up round her neck, and I had by now three fingers buried deep in her eager cunt and my lips round the nearest tittie.  
We were outside her house, the street light was shining into the car and her hand was round my erect prick which I had quickly produced.      She said: "Are you going to fuck me?" and my immediate thought was "I wonder if all Dateline contacts will be like this??"  but I answered  "I would love to"     She said her house was full of her kids and I said the car was too small so she told me that her next door neighbours were away on holiday so we could go into their garden.   We climbed out of the car with her not even bothering to cover her tits and of course the knickers were left on the car floor.   Around the back of her neighbour's house we went and I quickly had her pressed up against the wall with my cock rubbing against her belly.      She suggested we lay on the grass of the lawn but I thought "Fuck that" as I was wearing a new pair of trousers so I turned her round and doubled her over and slipped my cock into her, by now, sopping wet cunt.   For about ten minutes I shagged her rotten holding on to her tits and kneading and pulling them as I shoved my cock to the limit up her pussy.   She had said nothing about precautions so eventually I spurted up her cunt to the great satisfaction of both of us.
We went back and sat in the car afterwards and she told me how she had seduced one of her son's teenage friends and how much she had needed fucking on this evening.  Whilst we sat there she got my cock out and proceeded to wank and suck me to a further erection and to a second ejaculation which she happily took in her mouth.

Shortly after she went inside leaving her knickers behind and because I had a number of other dates on my Dateline list I never got round to seeing her again.    Needless to say, not all Dateline dates resulted in such an eager partner but at least 50% resulted in eventual sexual intercourse of greatly differing excitement and satisfaction.

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