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Mrs. Sparks Vehicle

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Robert is now a senior in high school with an affair lasting over a year ...
I was a junior the first time I had sex. The most incredible sex of my life, with Mrs. Sparks. I was a senior now and it was my last semester before I graduated. I didn’t have any classes with Mrs. Sparks this year but that didn’t stop us from communicating. I always stopped by after school when I could and we would kiss, but Mrs. Sparks was against us being a couple.

She told me she still loved her husband and it would never work but I loved her and I wasn’t going to give up, and she knew it. It was different with Mrs. Sparks; I had never felt so alive with her. I could separate the lust of my fantasies with what I was feeling so I knew it was love. I would never give up.

It was after school and a Friday afternoon, I had just left my seventh hour, which was downstairs, and put my books in my locker. I then walked upstairs to Mrs. Sparks’ classroom. Before I entered her room, I peeked in the side window to see if the room was empty before entering. Lucky for me, she was alone.

I entered her class with a smile, “Hey Mrs. Sparks.” I said with enthusiasm

“Oh, Hey Rob!” She said, returning a smile

I walked over to her desk, leaned over her desk, and gave her a kiss before sitting at the desk across from her desk.

“So what are your plans for today?” I asked, hoping she wasn’t busy

“Well, actually, I got a shit load of papers to grade tonight Robert, I’m sorry.”

“No, that’s cool; maybe you won’t be busy tomorrow?”

“Actually, I’m going out of town with my husband tomorrow, but we will get back Sunday evening around 1 o’clock. Maybe we can meet sometime Sunday night?” She said with a smile, “I can tell my husband that I’m going out with some girlfriends and he won’t expect me back for hours…”

“Yea, that sounds great!” I said, glad that she was open, “Maybe we can get some lunch or something, before … anything?” I half-asked.

“We would have to be discrete if we go out, I don’t want other people who know us to be suspicious.”

“Well, I will let you pick where you want to go. If you want, we can get something to go and eat somewhere private…”

She perked up at the comment, “Oh, I like that idea Rob,” She said reaching over her desk and putting her hand on my arm, which instantly made me smile, “Well great, it’s set in stone. We will go order out from wherever you want to go!”

“Great, so did you wanna stick around, because I won’t mind, even though I’m gonna be super busy with these papers all day and probably late tonight…”

“I can see that your busy so I guess I will just talk to you later, Call me tonight if you can.” I said as I walked over to her desk with a smile, “Can I get a kiss before I leave?”

“Of course,” She said standing up, “How can I resist those lips?” She said before kissing me hard.

We started kissing and didn’t stop for a couple minutes, only coming up for air before starting over again.

“Was that a good enough good-bye?” she asked with a wide grin

“Mrs. Sparks,” I said laughing, “That was perfect.”

With those last words, I left the classroom and walked out of the building to my car. As I drove away, I kept thinking about how much I loved Mrs. Sparks. I’m the luckiest basturd in the world, I thought to myself, I can’t believe my life recently. I didn’t have a girlfriend right now because I had always kept in contact with Mrs. Sparks. We had something special, something nobody else could have, at least, that’s what I believed. I knew that we were never going to be an “Official Couple” or anything, but I knew this relationship would last for a long time.

I’m in love, I told myself, Mrs. Sparks is the love of my life! I couldn’t keep her out of my thoughts the whole drive home, I didn’t know what I was going to do this weekend, and all I could think about was Mrs. Sparks. Her eyes were so seductive, that was my favorite thing about her. When she looked at you, you could tell her exact disposition. Maybe it was just me; it felt like we had, not only a sexual connection, but a physic connection, to each other. I knew when she needed a gentle kiss and hug or just a passionate kiss.

I turned 18 in November of last year, so for my 18 th birthday, she took me out to an empty parking lot outside of town around 11pm and we had sex until about 5:30am the next morning. It was the best gift she could ever give me; we slept in the car all night, her naked body sweating on top of me. That was the night I fell in love with Mrs. Sparks. It was no longer a fling, it was real. I saw it as a footstep in the right direction of love.

Sure, we have had sex almost every week since the first time, excluding the weeks we had finals. She wanted my mind to be clear, as if that was possible. I saw her point though, she cared about me, wanted me to do my best, and we both knew I had to do good if I wanted into a good college. So I didn’t have sex with her that whole week, though I slipped into her room during lunch and we made out.

I got home before I knew it and went to my room with my bag from school. I was glad finals were coming up in the following weeks, only a few months and I will graduate. Of course, I was going to college soon after, but I was going to college close to Mrs. Sparks so we could still see each other. It was fine with me, colleges close to home were cheaper, and I was all for saving money, though I hated living with my parents.

I walked in the house and went to my room; I closed the door and turned on my computer. When it booted up, I plugged in a flash drive I kept in my bag, in a hidden pocket. I opened a folder called, Sparks, and opened a video Mrs. Sparks made for me of her stripping and going solo on her bed at her house. I had never been in her house but her bed had a king size mattress and her legs spread in front of a camera made it better.

I closed the blinds, took off my pants, and began to rub my growing erection. Mrs. Sparks was taking off a pink bath robe in the video, revealing her red bra and underwear, the same thing she wore our first time. She took off her underwear and picked up a vibrating dildo. She then began to stick it in and out of her warm pussy, making my erection grow so hard it hurt.

I had seen this video hundreds of times since she gave me the flash drive. I had also seen all the pictures she put on there as well, but this one video was better than all the other content she put on the flash drive for me. I think it’s because this is the only video where she is wearing the red underwear and bra. I can remember when we did it for the first time; she looked so good in that outfit, made her features really pop out. Her ass was huge, the perfect shape for squeezing, licking, kissing, and fucking. When she had her bra on, for however brief a time that was, her cleavage was incredible!

I remember when her bra hit the ground and her voluptuous body was fully in front of me. She walked over to me … I was caught in the lust of my first time. All those jokes I laughed about referencing sex were nothing compared to the real thing. Actually sticking my cock into a warm, wet pussy felt so great, feeling your juices unload into her mouth, watching her swallow like a pro; it made me ejaculate too soon.

I closed the video and put the flash drive back in my pocket. After that, I got up and reached in the left drawer under the computer and pulled out a roll of toilet paper. I usually took a shower after I masturbated but after I started fucking Mrs. Sparks, I tried to last as long as I could during a masturbation.

After I was done watching the video and had my clothes back on, I went downstairs to find something to eat. I spend the rest of the day watching TV; pointless crap that didn’t even matter. The following day was almost identical. Thanks to my parents being out of town, I had the entire house to myself. I wore a grey button-up shirt and blue jeans that day, knowing what I might expect later on in the evening. I thought about calling Mrs. Sparks on Sunday, but opted out of it, I knew she would call when she was ready, plus I didn’t want to risk her husband answering the phone.

Lucky for me, she called a few hours later, asking if I was ready for our get-together later on that evening. She told me to pick up some sandwiches from anywhere and meet her at the local park around 3 o’clock. I knew she was calling from her cell phone because I had memorized the number. She was probably going to put on something kinky and get ready right now, since 3 o’clock is in a few hours.

I go in the car an hour later and picked ordered some sandwiches to go before driving to the park. I arrived at 10 till and saw that Mrs. Sparks was sitting in her car at the end of the parking lot. I drove over to her car and parked next to it, careful to make sure it didn’t look obvious that I knew her to those hanging out at the park.

I picked up my cell phone and called Mrs. Sparks. Oh my God, I can’t believe it’s today, I thought to myself, today will be fucking awesome!

“Hello Robert.” Said Mrs. Sparks on the phone in a seductive voice, filled with passion.

“Hello Mrs. Sparks, how are—“

“Robert, how many times have I told you…” Said Mrs. Sparks, cutting me off, “Call me Linda, I know you make it sound sexy, but it only makes me horny.”

“Oh, sorry about that Linda.”

“Just remember Robert.” She said before pausing, leaving a few seconds of silence before she continued, “So do you have the sandwiches?”

“Right here,” I said, picking the bag up and showing it through my car window, “Where do you want to eat?”

“Let’s eat in my car Robert, and then we can discuss other activities.” She said with a slight giggle at the end.”

“Ok, talk to you in a few seconds.” I heard a click on the other end and put my phone in my pocket.

I climbed out of my car and quickly climbed into the passenger side seat of Linda’s car. She locked the doors and told me to hop in the back seat. As I climbed in the back seat, she gave my ass a quick slap. She then followed me into the back seat and sat next to me. She reached in the front seat and grabbed the bag with the sandwiches and set them in between us.

“Oh Robert, I’ve missed you.” She said with a warm smile

“Mrs. Spa—Linda, I’ve missed you too.” I said, returning the smile

She leaned over and began to kiss me passionately. As we kissed I reached up and squeezed her right breast, then reached up her shirt and pulled down her bra, grabbing her full breast in my hand. She then placed one hand on my crouch and one hand on my shirt, slowly unbuttoning my shirt, one button at a time.

“Should we do this in the car, will we get caught?” I asked through my low gasps as she squeezed the hard-on through my jeans.

“Don’t worry,” She said, “The windows are tinted in the back.”

I had slightly noticed that as I got in the car and from previous adventures we’d had. “Ok, as long as we don’t get caught.” I said, pushing her shirt up with both hands.

She raised her arms in the air and took off her light green blouse, revealing her voluptuous breasts. I had seen them multiple times before, including the yellow bra she was wearing, but I still managed to let out a low gasp as I saw them again, probably because it had been over 32 hours since the last time we had sex.

I helped with the rest of my buttons and slid my shirt off, tossing it into the floor. Linda leaned over and began to kiss my chest, each kiss lower than the last, until she reached my jeans; she then began to unbutton and zip my pants, and slide them off. As she did that, I released the hooks on her bra and watched them slide down her arms, freeing the breast to hand down, tempting me as they gently swung in each direction.

When she slid my pants off, I helped slide them off my ankles and let them fall into the floor, my underwear inside the jeans. I reached over Linda with my arms and pulled down the zipper to Mrs. Sparks’s skirt, and she knew exactly what I wanted. She leaned back and pulled down her skirt, along with her lacy red underwear, probably a new pair since I had never seen them before.

When we were both fully nude, she climbed top of me in the seat and bounced on my cock, she had not placed in inside her yet, but as my cock laid stiff in my lap, she bounced on it, making it harder with each bounce, making me wanna stuff in inside of her. She then stopped and began kissing me again, over and over, each kiss more passionate then the last.

Eventually, she climbed off of me, “Robert, climb in the back of the car,” She said, as she reached over and pulled the seat next to her down, “Here, follow me.” She climbed into the back and I followed, staring at her ass the whole time. Her ass was perfectly round, made me hornier the longer I stared at it.

“Lay down here,” She said, causing me to look away from her ass, “C’mon Robert, you can eat my pussy soon, I promise.” She said, making it known that she knew what I was looking at.

I laid down on the floor of the car and she swung her leg around me and sat on my face, she then leaned forward and stuck my stiff hard-on into her mouth, shoving as far into her mouth as she could before coming back up and repeating the process, every second making my cock tingle with excitement. As she gave me one of the greats blows of my life, I put my hands on both sides of her ass and shoved it into my mouth.

I began to roughly lick her pussy like a Popsicle in July, each lick faster than the last. I quickly stuck my tongue into her pussy and began to swirl it around in a fast circle, quickly getting the reaction I wanted, Linda stopped blowing me and let out moans of deep passion, unable to concentrate on anything else but the feeling of lusty passion in her pussy.

“Are you ready for a mind blowing fuck?” She asked, eventually, through moans.

“Hell yea, ride me like a wild stallion!” I replied with enthusiasm, watching her let out a giggle.

She then swung around until she was on me cowgirl style and lifted herself into the air, grabbing my cock, and positioning it perfectly. Finally, she shoved it into her glory hole and began to bounce on it, slowly, but increasing in speed the longer she stayed on. I placed my hands on her thighs and watched as her breasts bounced up and down the longer she rode me.

She then surprised me by falling over and getting on her hands and knees, spreading her legs wide. I hopped up and gently placed my cock into her wet pussy, then began to fuck her slowly with gentle thrusts evolving into hardcore banging. She let out all kinds of moans, occasionally screaming with pleasure the harder I fucked her. I began to sweat the longer I fucked her and I knew she must be doing the same, after all the bouncing, she had to be.

Too soon, I felt my cock telling me it was time to climax, I didn’t wanna cum yet, it was too soon, but I couldn’t help it, “I’m gonna cum Linda, where do you want me to cum?” I asked.

“Cum in my mouth Robert, she said swinging onto her back

I spread my legs and climbed on top of her until my legs were on both sides of her stomach and my cock was point blank from her mouth, I began to rub my cock as hard and fast as I could, feeling the juices inside of me stirring. Finally, with a loud moan, I leaned my head back, closed my eyes, and felt a load of cum shoot out of my cock like an unstoppable train with no destination. I opened my eyes when I felt Mrs. Sparks blowing me again, making sure there was no cum left behind, and waiting for the rest of my cum to leak out.

“Oh Robert, that was incredible!” She said with a broad smile as she climbed onto her knees and kissed me.

“Thank you Linda, I’m glad we did this.” I replied, also carrying a smile on my face.

“Perhaps one day, we can finally go to my place and fuck on my bed ...” She said teasingly

“I can’t wait until that day!” I said with enthusiasm.

Mrs. Sparks climbed on my lap and began kissing me again, over and over. We didn’t want to stop after I had cummed and she knew that I would be limp soon, so she just kissed me, until we couldn’t anymore, and had to breathe. I don’t know if I’m exact, but I swear I heard Mrs. Sparks whisper, I love you, while we were kissing repeatedly.

Eventually, we got our clothes back on and climbed into the back seat, and ate our sandwiches. We were at the park until past 11 o’clock that night, talking about almost every subject imaginable. Though we spend most of the night kissing, which is why I’m glad Linda thinks I’m a good kisser. Which probably makes it more enjoyable for both of us….

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