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Ms. Jean, My French Tutor

Older kinky couple take advantage of a dirty horny school girl
I was extremely late for my French tutoring at Ms. Jean’s house. My boyfriend, Rob, had caught me right after soccer practice. I had intended to shower off my sweaty body before heading over to Ms. Jean’s house but Rob was horny and he pulled me into the mat room in the gym.

Rob was all over me right away. My body responded to his fondling hands and my pussy juices began to mix with my sweat. Being that both of us were sixteen year olds, we really didn't have any self-control. I tried to push him off and keep my hormones in check but smelling his musk and feeling his hard cock through his thin shorts made it impossible to resist. We kissed and I murmured that we needed to be quick. He frowned as I told him we didn’t have time for him to lick and suck my wet pussy.

I didn’t even bother to pull off my soccer jersey and sports bra as I turned and bent over a high pile of wrestling mats. Rob tugged my shorts and panties down exposing my creamy white ass cheeks and my wet hairy pussy below. Rob broke his promise as he knelt and buried his face in my spread ass. I grunted and swatted back at him to stop fucking around. I told my horny sexy boyfriend to impale my dirty pussy as I held my ass cheeks apart.

I whimpered as Rob stood and brushed his cock head along my wet hairy slit. My pussy lips parted around his thick girth as he pushed his shaft inside me. I bit my lip as his dick scratched that sexy itch I was feeling. I let go of my ass and held the pile of mats as Rob held my sweaty hips and vigorously fucked me. I could smell my own scent which only drove me over the edge. My young pussy began quivering as my orgasm washed over my body.

Rob was not being very quiet as his climax was building. I kept cumming as his young hard cock sawed in and out of my pussy. I slipped a hand down my stomach and I began rubbing my swollen clitoris as his cock deeply fucked me. I kept rubbing my hairy wet pussy through one more orgasm making my pussy squeeze Rob’s throbbing shaft. I grunted out as Rob stabbed my pussy deep, holding his cock all the way inside me. We both whimpered as his cock began to squirt his cream seed inside me. My eyes shut tight as the feeling of Rob’s second and third streams of cum splashed inside me.

I was wobbly but managed to recover myself and pull up my panties and shorts. Rob watched me scramble as I righted myself. There was definitely not time for me to shower so I kissed Rob, squeezed his cock and took off for my car.

I was twenty minutes late for my lesson with Ms. Jean and I profusely apologized for my lateness and also for my attire. I was still a bit sweaty from rushing about before and after my quickie with Rob. Ms. Jean understood despite seeming irritated at my tardiness. Then I began to worry as I could smell my own sex. Rob’s cum was trickling from my pink slit and collecting in my panties as I walked in front of Ms. Jean. My eyes widened as Mr. Rick, her husband, was sitting in the living room. Normally it was just Ms. Jean and I for my lessons. Mr. Rick’s eyes lingered on my body. My soccer shorts were quite short and my jersey was form fitting. That in addition to my boyfriend’s cum leaking from my pussy, I felt very dirty and vulnerable. My pussy never stopped gathering moisture.

Ms. Jean and I headed to the kitchen table were we sat and began the lesson. I tried hard to concentrate as my pussy continued to tingle and leak Rob’s cum into my panties. I looked to Ms. Jean as she was explaining some of my grammar errors. I began to notice how sexy she was. For a woman about fifty, she had a fit petite body and she always wore bras and shirts to accent her C cup breasts. Her blouse was buttoned half way up and I could see her tanned tits dotted with freckles. As we sat close her perfume mixed with the smell of my dirty body adding to my arousal. Ms. Jean snapped me out of my daze when she placed a hand on my bare thigh.

Ms. Jean asked me if I liked what I saw, referring to my gaze upon her exposed upper breasts. I stammered feeling embarrassed and trying to play it off. Ms. Jean then whispered that she could smell me and she ran her hand up my inner thigh. Her fingers brushed the crotch of my soccer shorts and she felt the small moist spot my panties failed to retain. I let out a whimper as she ran her nose along my exposed neck. Ms. Jean then licked my salty skin as she ran a hand up to hold my pony tail. She gave it a gentle pull bringing my head back as her licking turned into kissing. Her mouth on my neck was exquisite and I moaned feeling her lips on me. Ms. Jean murmured that she had long wanted to kiss me as she let go of my hair.

I locked eyes with Ms. Jean as our mouths neared each other’s. I trembled as her soft smooth lips touched mine and as her tongue darted out to touch mine. Her hand on the crotch of my shorts began to rub harder pushing my messy panties up against my hairy mound. I sat with my legs spread giving myself to Ms. Jean. Her finger quickly hooked in through the leg hole of my shorts and I felt them brush the wet cotton crotch of my panties. Feeling her fondle me as we kissed made me melt into her will. My hand went to Ms. Jean’s blouse and for the first time I felt another woman’s tits.

Panic hit me as I remembered Ms. Jean’s husband was in the next room. I pushed her hand from my pussy and broke the kiss making Ms. Jean groan. As I moved my head from Ms. Jean my mouth hung open in shock as Mr. Rick was standing at the kitchen door. His eyes were filled with lust as he stroked his exposed cock. Ms. Jean pushed my chair back with me in it before returning her hand down my shorts. Her lips brushed my neck again as she told me everything was fine and to enjoy myself.

My chair screeched as Ms. Jean pushed me back. I looked down at her as she knelt between my smooth creamy legs. She opened her blouse and unhooked her bra as she looked up at me. Ms. Jean’s tits hung and dragged against my legs as she hooked her fingers into my shorts and panties. Mr. Rick began to remove all his clothes as his wife pulled off my soccer flats followed by my wet shorts and panties. Ms. Jean took my dirty panties and she licked the creamy discharge from the crotch. She smiled and told me how good I tasted. She asked me who’s cum was leaking from my pussy as she rubbed my panties on her hard nipples. I whimpered that my boyfriend, Rob, had fucked me just before I came to their house. She sucked her messy fingers and told me how good my boyfriend tasted.

Ms. Jean then held my thighs apart as she ran her nose through my dark hairy mound. I groaned as I felt her tongue dart out between my pink wet lips. Her husband stood at my side and I looked up at his sexy naked body.

Like Ms. Jean, Mr. Rick was quite fit for his age. His broad chest and flat stomach were tanned and I lusted for him as he held his eight inch cock inches from my young mouth. His hands moved to my soccer jersey. My arms went up as he pulled it off along with my sports bra. I sighed as Mr. Rick leaned down and sucked my perky, sweaty, B Cum tits.

Ms. Jean worked her tongue over my clitoris as her fingers probed my cum leaking pussy as her husband sucked each of my nipples. Mr. Rick’s mouth moved across my chest as he tasted my salty flesh. His nose traced up from one of my tits along my arm pit and up my neck. He was inhaling my body odor as he stroked his throbbing hard cock as his wife made me cum in her sucking mouth. I was moaning and writhing in that chair as Mr. Rick held my pony tail and rubbed his cock along my cheek and lips.

Ms. Jean looked up from my pussy and told me to suck her husband’s cock. I gapped my mouth wide open as his hot hard shaft plunged between my lips. I groaned as I tasted Mr. Rick’s cock. His musky sexy scent filled my nose as he gently fucked my wet hungry mouth. His breath was quick and his body was tense as I fondled his balls and swirled my tongue around his shaft. Another orgasm washed over my body as one of Ms. Jean’s wet fingers slide up into my asshole.

Her mouth drank my flowing cum as my butt wiggled on her finger. I squeezed my ass tight as I felt her knuckle touch my ass cheeks. Her entire finger pressed up into my ass and as she began to finger-fuck my back door as I felt her husband’s cock swell in my mouth. I let out a long groan as the first jet of Mr. Rick’s seed splashed inside my mouth. I came simultaneously as my pussy quivered and my ass tensed around Ms. Jean’s finger.

The second and third streams of Mr. Rick’s cum shot out across my face and tits as he had pulled his throbbing cock from my mouth. Ms. Jean pulled herself off my dirty pussy and ass. Her body slide up against mine as she began sucking her husband’s cum off my swollen perky tits. I felt so incredibly dirty as he rubbed his leaking cock on my cheeks. I sucked his cock head as it passed over my lips and Ms. Jean cleaned the cummy mess off my tits. Ms. Jean was purring as she moved up and shared a cum and sweat flavored kiss with me. We made out passionately as Mr. Rick kept rubbing his cock between our kissing lips.

My pussy began to tingle again as my weak sweaty body was guided up to the bedroom. I knew I was in for several more hours of fun as Mr. Rick’s cock never lost its incredible hardness.

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