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Ms. Jean, My FrenchTutor, Chapter 2

Ms. Jean and her husband move the tutoring session to their bedroom
Ms. Jean grabbed her dildo and sat in a chair with her legs spread as Mr. Rick laid me on the bed. I looked to my left watching Ms. Jean as she worked her flesh colored toy into her smooth shaved pussy. Mr. Rick’s mouth was kissing down my belly to my wet hairy mound making my pussy quiver. I was still in a bit of disbelief that a 50 year old man was licking my 16 year old pussy while his wife watched on as she masturbated.

I whimpered as Mr. Rick’s tongue circled my swollen clitoris. I felt him inhale my scent and heard him grunt out in approval. His nose then brushed through my hairy mound as his tongue snaked between my pink silky pussy lips. Mr. Rick was amazing and I climaxed again under his expert oral talents. Ms. Jean purred to her husband that she wanted to see him fuck me. I chimed in with Ms. Jean as I pleaded to feel his thick cock inside me.

I looked up at Mr. Rick as he took my supple thighs and rested my legs upon his shoulders. Ms. Jean had abandoned her chair to join us on the bed. My bottom was exposed to Mr. Rick’s hard throbbing cock and I could feel his soft yet hard shaft brush my smooth ass. Ms. Jean took his cock and steadied it as Mr. Rick pushed forward. She moaned as she watched his girth splay open my hairy pussy. I locked eyes with that sexy older man as I felt every inch of his seasoned cock as it impaled my young supple body.

Ms. Jean’s fingers traced up to my swollen clitoris as her husband’s cock rested fully inside my womb. At first my pussy ached from Mr. Rick’s girth, but slowly the sensation became amazing. Ms. Jean fondled my pussy as he began rocking his pelvis back and forth. I couldn’t stop moaning and whimpering as Mr. Rick slowly fucked me. I came around his shaft as Ms. Jean continued to rub my pussy. Her other hand fondled my small perky tits.

I let out a lustful sigh as Mr. Rick pulled his wet cock out of my quivering pussy. His shaft rubbed on my swollen clit as Ms. Jean leaned down and sucked my juices off his cock. I watched Mr. Rick close his eyes and groan as he put his cock back into my pussy. Ms. Jean turned and kissed me sharing my own juices with me. I kissed her back and swirled my tongue around hers.

Ms. Jean’s touch on my body was so delicate and sensual. I almost told her I loved her as she kissed my neck and fondled my jiggling tits. My hands fondled Ms. Jean’s tits as they pressed against my young smooth skin. She moved her body and let her tits swing down across my face. I licked and sucked them as swung along my mouth. I absolutely loved the feeling of her mature sensual body as it glided over my sweaty dirty body. I felt like they owned me at that point as they assaulted my body with such exquisite pleasure.

Ms. Jean must have known I wanted to taste her flooded pussy as she knelt over my face. Her pink swollen lips dripped her essence onto my lips before she ground her pussy down onto my open mouth. Mr. Rick held my thighs tighter and his hips pounded against my pussy faster and harder. I did my best to lick Ms. Jean’s dirty pussy as another orgasm washed over my tiny body. At that point Ms. Jean began rubbing her hot wet pussy along my outstretched tongue. I could hear her moaning in a high sweet pitch. She was close.

Mr. Rick was also close to orgasm as he was roughly ramming his throbbing cock into my young body. Ms. Jean’s hips held her swollen clit on my tongue as she began to flood her juices into my mouth. I moaned up into her quivering pussy as I felt the first jet of Mr. Rick’s seed jet into my womb. My pussy tightened around his squirting cock and I continued to cum and whimper up into his wife’s pussy. Each stream of his creamy load splashed against the walls of my pussy. My sweaty body coursed with electricity and I lay limp after my orgasm faded.

Ms. Jean collapsed next to me as her husband slowly pulled his cock from my well fucked pussy. I was still panting as Mr. Rick lay on my other side. I loved the feel of Mr. Rick’s wet cock touching my one thigh while his wife’s wet dirty pussy touched my other thigh. The three of us kissed before we laid in total silence. I had drifted off to sleep for a few minutes before I was awoken by Ms. Jean climbing back into bed.

Mr. Rick’s amazing cock was hard again as Ms. Jean got onto her hands and knees on the edge of the bed. She told me she had called my mother and told her I would be staying for dinner and that I would be home later. I sat up in shock that she had called my mom but I was pleasantly surprised as I watched Mr. Rick take his wife’s backside as he slid his cock along Ms. Jean’s asshole.

I watched Mr. Rick rub his cock against his wife’s puckered smooth asshole. I sighed as I watched her anal ring open and take his shaft in one steady slide. My hand slipped to my tingling pussy as I heard Ms. Jean’s low grunts. I was wide eyed as I watched Mr. Rick use his cock in Ms. Jean’s ass to make her cum. As I fingered my pussy, I scooped Mr. Rick’s cum and I began to smear it around my virgin asshole. Globs of white pearly cum stuck to the wispy dark hairs around my asshole.

Ms. Jean watched me as I pushed and pulled my cum covered finger in and out of my tight asshole. I gazed into her eyes just as my finger in my ass began to make me cum. I wanted it; I wanted Mr. Rick’s hard dirty cock in my ass. I wanted to feel his shaft take my anal cherry. Again, Ms. Jean knew what I wanted as she slid off her husband’s ever hard shaft. Ms. Jean turned and brought me to her horny dirty husband. I was putty in her hand as she held the base of Mr. Rick’s cock and my pony tail.

After all the dirty things that couple did to me, it just seemed natural to wrap my lips around that dirty cock in front of me. Ms. Jean cooed as I tasted the mixture of cum, sweat, and her ass off her husband’s cock. My inner dirty was in total bliss as Ms. Jean pulled the cock from my mouth and rubbed it along my cheeks. I love the erotic scent and the feel of that man’s dirty cock on my smooth face.

Ms. Jean told me it was time as she stood me at the end of the bed. She placed two pillows on the edge and gently bent me over. Ms. Jean kissed me and told me she would take care of me. I moaned as she spread my young smooth round ass cheeks. I could feel the cool air against my wet exposed asshole and my dripping pussy that hung below. Mr. Rick rubbed my lower back as he stroked lube along his hard thick shaft. Ms. Jean’s face planted between my ass cheeks and her tongue slipped around my asshole. I clinched a handful of sheets in my hand as her tongue shot into my ass. She took pleasure in eating my taboo hole and working her fingers into me.

I began to feel nervous as Mr. Rick moved his wife aside. I held my breath as I felt his cock head kiss my anal ring. My ass opened right up to swallow Mr. Rick’s cock head. My body began to glisten with sweat as the first inch of cock sunk into me. The pain was quite intense making me whimper. Ms. Jean caressed my body keeping me calm. The pain subsided and Mr. Rick continued his anal advance slowly yet deliberately. My bottom began to tingle as it stretched around his invading cock. My legs felt weak and I rested on the pillows below me.

I let out a low long groan as I felt like I was being split in half. Mr. Rick’s balls nestled along my wet pussy lips and I knew his shaft was fully buried inside my dirty back door. There was no turning back as I was fully impaled on that older man’s hard dirty cock. My body tingled and I found myself pushing back against his smooth groin making my ass cheeks smash on his hot flesh. Ms. Jean slipped a hand down to my pussy and she began to gently rub me as her husband began to slowly fuck my ass.

He took my anal cherry and I was whimpering as his thick shaft was pushing me into another orgasm. The pain was completely gone as Mr. Rick held my hips and pulled his shaft out leaving the tip inside. I yelped out as he drove back into me. The sensation sent me over the edge as I gushed onto his wife’s fingers. Mr. Rick’s fucking began to pick up speed. My little tits shook and his hips sent ripples up my ass cheeks as he slammed his shaft in me.

Ms. Jean had since slipped down and worked her face up to my pussy. Her mouth licked my cumming pussy as her husband ravaged my young ass. My body heaved and tossed with Mr. Rick’s powerful thrusts. I cried out as I felt his hot seed begin to shoot into my bowels. I came with him as several strong ropes of cum vibrated deep in my ass. Ms. Jean had helped her husband cum soo hard as she had plunged a lubed finger up into his asshole. Her probing finger hit his special spot making him fill my tight little ass with his creamy seed.

I couldn’t move as Mr. Rick pulled his throbbing cock from my cum filled ass. Ms. Jean was there right below and she took her husband’s cock into her mouth. I lay still as I recovered from one of the biggest climaxes I had had up to that point. From there on was a blur, Ms. Jean helped me to their bathroom were she ran me a warm bath. I remember feeling how lucky I was when I decided to stop and fuck my boyfriend making myself late for my French tutoring lessons.

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