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Ms Marca ... Mother and I ... Part 6

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Mother and I    part 6




I woke just as he was going out the door to his conference; it was 8:30 AM , I have to get up and get back to my hotel. He smiled handed me a fist full of green backs and told me to get a sexy dress for dinner tonight and feel free to call room service for whatever I needed.   Damn he had give me 8 one hundreds and 8 fifty’s!   Just for letting him eat me and look at me, this was too easy.

I called the hotel and found out where mother was, she had called and left a number and l called as soon as I had my shower and shaved my pussy clean, making sure to get all the way back and around the puckered hole of my ass. I wanted to be slick enough to have him lick me. I called mom and we both agreed to meet back at the hotel and bring each other up to date on what had happen last night. It seems mother just let Dr. Grossman think we were escorts and he paid her $500 for the night. I told her how much I had made; she almost fell off the chair, her baby was doing better than her and I had not even fucked the guy.

We had a message from the captain asking one of us to give him a call he had a request for us. I returned the call as mother took a shower, she was going to go with Dr. Grossman to the conference luncheon   The captain invited one of us or both to go out on the boat with him today (noon) if we had no plans. I had no plans and I would enjoy the sun and the sea, why not. I left a note for Daniel telling him to leave me his home or office phone number so that I could get in touch with him when I got back to the states. I was sorry to back out on him, but something came up and I would call him in a few weeks. I had big plans for my boy.

Less than an hour later I was on the boat. That was when the captain pulled a big one on me and I don’t mean his cock. It seems he had a new fishing party for the day/afternoon and they wanted some hot action rather than fish. It seems that this was one of the captain’s big clients who had come down to do some big time partying and could care less about the fish. They told the captain they were looking for some hot party girls. He told me if I helped him out, he (the captain) would pay for a week back to the Caymans whenever I wanted.

My God was I looked at as a party girl, I guess that is better than being a whore, but whatever I was; I guess I was a good one.   It turned out that he would pay me 300 for the afternoon and I told the captain I wanted money for the return trip not a promise. I got a wise mother who had given me some good pointers this week was still teaching me new thing ever minute of the day.   Just as I had made my deal with the captain his clients showed up.

They were three of the ugliest old bastards I had ever seen, they had to be 60 pulse my god what had I got myself into. I turned to the captain and told him if I had to be nice to them I was going to get drunk. “I’m going to go make a drink, a double!” I went to the bar and began to fix a gin and tonic, more gin than tonic.   I still had on my nice slacks and top that just gave a hint of what was under my attire. The men came aboard and we were introduced to each other. Each guy gave me the long once over as I stood and smiled as the captain told them my name. One old guy had his eye on me already. “Oh I am so pleased to meet you, and may I say you are absolutely stunning.”

I blushed, never knowing exactly how to respond to compliments. “Thank you, kind sir. I am glad you think so.”

They all had drinks as the boat made its way out of the harbor, and headed for the open sea.    I stepped back into the lounge and slipped off my slacks and top and was left standing in my 4” pump sandals and G-string bikinis with matching small tops. A top that covered just my nipples; “Marca baby it show time, have one more drink, I sure as hell need one more!”

It was hot and sunny, and seeing how I was the only girl on board with five guys. I felt all eyes on me, and soon, all hands would be. I went back out on deck and went over to where the men were setting as they watched the island disappear behind us.   You could see by the expression on their face they liked what they saw when looking me over. The shortest of the three locked on to me real fast and was giving me the evil eye real quick. A man in his late 60’s, stood about 5’ 5” with a pot belly that covered by his over sized Hawaiian shirt.   He carried a drink and had a big cigar in one side of his mouth. God he was gross! He just kept looking at me as if I were something to eat. I towered over him in my 4” pumps and all I could do was smile when I looked at him.

“How are you doing, can I get you a fresh drink?” I asked in a friendly way.  

“I’m good, how are you?” he said.

“Great, great,” I replied!

“Baby, you can show me where the bar is!”   As we walked into the lounge he came back with, “how about you getting us one more and than you can show me the boat’s cabins.” Damn this guy is not letting any grass grow under his feet as my father would say. I smiled gave him a new drink, I had my second double and turned and he followed me down to a door which I opened and he closed behind us. It was one of the small bedroom with a bathroom comprised the cabin.   He said he was surprised at its size and the huge bed in the middle of the bedroom.

“Honey is this bed made for action?”   I giggled as I sat down in the only chair in the room, crossing my legs while he took a seat on the bed.

“You got a great body, but I guess you been told that before?” He patted the bed and gave me a shit eating grin “Come over here and help me check out this bed, lets see if it is built for some action!”

I was getting high from the drinks, thank God! I was getting drunk is more the truth and I stumbled a little as I made my way to the bed. I sat down on the bed just as the boat bounced profusely, knocking me on my back onto the bed.   We must have hit a swell for the boat was in a rolling type action and the bed just shook more as the boat made splashing sounds. I laughed as I tried to get my balance and he fell over on me causing his drink to spill on my belly. I saw the fat old bastard lick his fat lips as he was inches from my nipples that were slipping out from my top.

“You’re really hot,” He told me, touching my upper legs. I laughed and spread my legs a little. His hand traveled up to my thigh. He climbed higher up onto the bed. It swayed a lot that time, sending me tumbling onto my stomach. I felt two hands around my waist as he tried to hold on to me. I tried to sit up but drunkenness and the boat movements prevented that. I was on my stomach propping myself up on my elbows. I tried to raise my legs but I could just get on my knees. His hands traveled all over me while I struggled to maintain my balance, laughing and giggling as we rolled on the bed and he felt me off. He pulled off my top and started rubbing my tits and pinching my nipples. I squealed.

“Oh you bad boy, you’re making my nipples get hard, you’re bad, so bad!”

He began to suck and kiss on my big knocker’s, as I sat up on my elbows and watched him slowly get me turned on. I guess this is what a party girl does when she is entertaining clients. The old goat had taken his cigar out of his mouth but had held it between his fingers as he worked on my breast. God I hope he doesn’t try and kiss me!

Than he rolled me over and hooked his thumbs under my G-string waste band and pulled them off in one quick motion. I looked behind me and noticed that he was slipping his shorts down, he was getting undressed. Shit I got to fuck this!

“Oh no, this was not part of the deal, I’m only here to serve drinks and be pretty for you guys to look at, just be a party girl for this party!”

By this time, he had his shorts off and he was naked and erect; if you can call it that, this guy had only a nub under that potbelly and he had not missed a meal in years. His cock was straining to get out in front; he was just one hand full. He grabbed my legs flipped me over took my hips and pulled me back and lifted my hips up. I looked back.

”You fucking right you’re just a party girl and this is a fucking party, what you think you are here for?” he slapped my ass hard and let me have three good whacks on my butt cheeks.   “You can make this hard are make it easy, which is it?” Shit I knew that answer.

“Hold it we got to put a condom on that big thing, we need to have safe sex” I had put some in my purse; I got one for the old slim ball. I rolled it on about a third of it was all I needed and got back in position, I for sure didn’t want to look at him if I didn’t have to.

He jammed his little cock up next to my pussy and started fucking me. I screamed because I wasn’t expecting it and hell this would make him feel like he was a big guy on campus. I managed to maintain my balance because he held me steadily on all fours while he pounded in from behind. He was the kind of guy who liked to pull his dick all the way out and then ram it all the way back in. I loved it that way if I got a guy who knows how to screw and has something to screw with, he didn’t have either.

I could imagine his cock going in and out of my dripping hole as he firmly held my ass and hips. He was fucking me hard and he started to meet my thrusts.   I know it would have felt so good to have a cock in my pussy, but this guy was just past the fold, but he was having a good time. I started to get loud and wildly, moaning, telling him how good it was how I wanted it deeper (that was true) and for him to go faster, that was fucking true. He lasted all of five minutes and started going off, and he pulled out shooting about a teaspoon of cream into the condom.

I spun around and saw him lying flat on the bed, his dick in the air. The little thing was going south real fast and I got up slipped off the used condom and went to get a wet wash cloth to clean his little big thing. He opened his eyes and looked up at me as I wiped his Pee-Pee off and smiled down at him.   “Damn girl that was one of the better fuck’s I’ve had in a long time, you’re just like the captain said, ONE GOD DAMN GOOD FUCK!”   That made me feel special, sure it did.

“Will I do enjoy making a man happy, a man who knows when he has a good thing and I think you liked what I got?”

He got dressed as I wiped my self clean and just as he was going out the door he handed me 300,”Don’t let them know that I gave you anything, ok baby!” I smiled and than I went to take a quick shower and freshen up my make up.

I came out of the bath with just a towel around me looking for my bikini when the door open and in walked one of the other guys. I looked him over as he began to undress, a man of few words. “I guess I’m next!” As he dropped his shorts I saw his semi limp cock trying to come to life he was bigger than the first old fart but had a belly that was just as big. “I want you to fuck me with you on top, ride me!” he said in a harsh tone; as he pulled me toward the bed.

He got on the bed and laid on his back while he stroked his cock to a firm stiffness. I moved close and kneeled over him and slipped on the condom and than swung one leg over his big gut, my knees on each side of his belly roll. I slowly pushed myself onto him, sliding his cock head into me first, and then sitting all the way down until he was buried inside of my pussy, my hips meeting his couch. He reached forward and rubbed my tits. Damn he was getting bigger as I humped on him. Oh this is not bad I told myself as I closed my eyes.

“Oh yes, God yes, oh give it to me!” I moaned and started to ride him. His cock was growing to a good size, this old guy was getting it up; it was becoming a huge pole that I couldn’t believe it but he managed to fit inside of me, filling me so full that I started moaning for real, this was good,   damn for sure.   Over and over again, moaning and sighing. I was as wet as I had been since last night; he let a finger slip inside of my ass hole. I was on fire and I screamed as I could feel an orgasm coming on. He began to talk to me as I rode his cock and finger in my ass.

“All the guys enjoy looking at your big tits top side, the captain said he had a big tits picked out for us; you enjoy showing them off for us?”

I just grunted and pushed harder as he said, “everybody has been hoping to see your big nipples, and you know that don’t you?”

Another grunt from me and I was getting it on giving him more thrusting action from my pelvis this time. I didn’t want this old fart, but he was giving me a good fuck, I was in need of this I wanted his big tool.

“You like showing off your tits don’t you?” “Yes.”

“You enjoyed men looking at your tits didn’t you? I bet you would like for a room full to look at you and your hot body”


“You are a dirty whore aren’t you?”

“No, No, I just like to party.”

“You know they all wanted to fuck you don’t you?”

“Yes,” I moan.

“I am going to give you a really good fuck now for showing off,” and he start to thrust up into me vigorously. “You turned me on so much out there and all the guys around us!”   Oh this was making me want more of his baby maker he was good he knew what to do and how to use his cock. “Would you have liked to fuck us top side so we can watch you fuck someone up there?”

“Oh yes, just don’t stop, oh yes I’ll fuck you where ever you want me to. I love to fuck! I’ll fuck anyone up on deck, oh yes, yes fuck me, everybody can watch me fuck.   I WANT EVERYBODY TO FUCK ME!”

This really excited me and I was groaning with every thrust.

“You are going to be my whore? Are you a dirty whore fucker and you know that and you like it don’t you?”

“Oh please no, don’t say that” I cry out.

“I’ll stop fucking you if you don’t tell me what you are?”

“Oh no don’t stop, I’m your dirty whore!”

I fell forward onto his face as he sucked my nipples and bite them causing me to have one hell of a climax “Oh my god oh yes, yes oh yes!”

I felt his cock tense up and he grunted. He came deep inside of me. I could feel his cock expand as he filled the condom full as his hands and finger rubbed my nipples and his cock trusted hard into me. When he was done, I got off of him and collapsed on the bed, halfway passed out not just from his wild fuck, but I had too many gin and tonics.

I don’t know how long I was asleep but when I woke I had a very sick feeling, I was sea sick the boat was in rough seas and when your down below it just makes it seem ten times worse than it is. Something about the inter ear can’t balance with your body or some fuck thing like that, I was not feeling good. I got up took a cold shower and looked for my bikini and when I could not find it I wrapped a towel around me and went top side.

As I got on deck the fresh air seem to clear my head and I was coming around to getting my sea legs as they call it. I had made my way to the center of the deck when I lost my towel and it went flying over board with a gust of wine and the roll of the boat. I reach down with one hand to cover my bald pussy and tried to hold on to the rail on the side of the boat so I would not fall overboard. The only one that I had not fucked of the three was setting in the chair as if waiting for a fish to strike and he spoke up.

“Hey sweet thing I was told you had a body, but damn girl it is a grade AAA as for as I can see.” He held out his hand for me to take it and I looked at the others to see what they were doing, all I got from them was a smile and a wink. “Come over her big tits and set on daddy’s lap.” I took his hand and he had me on his lap before I knew what had happen and the other two were moving in to get a better look at the merchandise as if they had not already had a sample.

The sun light was killing me and I tried to shade my eyes to see what was going on, the next think I knew one of the guys handed me my sunglasses and after I got them on I saw   the captain slip into the lounge. The deck hand was at the wheel and I was left with the three old farts. “Baby you got some fine basketballs on your chest!” As he leaned over and kissed and sucked one of my nipples; at the same time he had one hand rubbing my ass cheeks and his other hand going for my sweet spot.   My God this was all going to fast I was still trying to clear my head and here I was being mauled one more time by a guy old enough to be my grandfather, hell they all were.

I looked around as if I was worried that someone might see us. “Please not out here in the open!” He swung one of my legs around so that I was facing him and had my big brown nipples at his face. “Sweet thing I’ll get sick if we go below so you got to give me some up here.” His laugh was sinister as he slowly licked and sucked on my nipples and down the center of my body, lightly flicking his finger against my ass hole. My nipples immediately betrayed me by becoming erect. Seeing this made him laugh even more. To my utter shame, I could feel the swelling beginning between my legs, the thickening of my labia, and the throb in my clitoris, the fluid trickling down on his leg and around my buttocks. I squeezed my eyes tightly when I felt his middle finger slip inside my womanly folds.

“My, my, my looks like somebody is enjoying this”, he leaned close to my ear;

“You’re enjoying this! Look at how you’re squirming. You’re getting off on this aren’t you, you fucking pussy bitch. You’re a fucking slut just as my friends said you were. Aren’t you?” He squeezed my breast hard, twisting my nipple. My muffled screams must have seemed like musical to his ears. His hands left my sore breasts and moved on to other areas to torment. The lucky recipient was my pussy. He had me lift up and he pulled down his shorts that produced a firm and a nice size cock to mount and rock on. As I saw the shorts hit the deck I looked at him and gave out a moan and a smile that was ear to ear.   I moved to squat over his hard shaft when he informed me, “Honey I don’t fuck whores, all you got to do is suck this thing off.”

“I’m not a whore!” He pushed my head down to his cock to my mouth. “Have it your way, just suck this thing sweet thing!” I tried to say something but found hic old cock slipping in to my mouth. My normal reflex took over and I ran my tongue the length of his thick shaft. Down one side and up the other I tasted his manhood. It was salty from sweat and there was pre-cum at its head, which I slurped into my mouth with my tongue.

“Oh,” I sighed as my mouth covered his thick head.

I ran my tongue in and out of his urethra opening. His hands went to my head and held it tight. He lightly pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. Its breadth filled me and I could barely get my breath. I pulled back and placed my hands on his legs to get my control. He lightened his hold on my head and let me take the lead.

I drew back and sucked only the thick head. The pre-cum was salty on my tongue. I pulled off of him as he looked down at me, our eyes made contact and I opened my mouth and took him back in. I licked the thick shaft and sucked in as much of him as my mouth would allow. He took it real slow as he pumped his hips toward my face fucking my mouth. His hold was light as he pulled in and out of my wet orifice.

As the pressure built in his cock his fingers wrapped themselves in my long jet black hair. He became tangled in my curls and as he tried to free himself.   The more excited he became the more he pulled on my locks. Finally, his salty cream burst from his fat cock and filled my mouth to overflowing. I gulped as much as I didn’t want to lose any of the warm cream. The thick white substance fell from my lips and covered my breasts. I fell back on the deck and found myself sitting spread eagle. As the last little rope like shots of his cream hit my face and hair.

I sat there with cream dripping down over my face on to my breast and I felt like the whore slut that they had been calling me. I wanted to find a place to just be alone till we docked. “Baby you sure do your job with perfection, the captain was right when he said he had a party girl for us. Honey I don’t know what he is paying you to entertainer us, but it was worth the grand we paid him.”

I looked up at each of them, trying to work over in my mind what he had said to me when he told me I was to be a party girl this afternoon. “Will I don’t get that much so a tip would be nice!” short cock had already given me a 300 and the other two slipped me a hand full of 20’s and I saw a 50 in the wad of bills.   I had no place to put the money since I was naked and a long ways from my purse. I got to my feet and went down to the cabin where my clothes were and put the money away and hide my purse. I took a quick shower and washed my hair of the sperm and freshened up my make up. Slipped on my bikini bottoms and sandals and headed back up top side.

Everyone was in the lounge having more drinks and I begged off, taking only a glass of ice water. The old farts wanted my phone number so they could call me to see if I might entertain some of their big clients for them sometime. I told them give me your numbers I’ll call you in a few weeks, which they did.   They all were equal owners of a machine tool company in St. Louis and did a lot of entertaining for big dollar accounts. The short fat one (Mr. Tower) found out from the captain that I was a model and he asked if I would like to be one of the girls on their companies calendar for the coming year; that they had made up for their customers. He went on to tell me that they used 3 girls for 4 different pictures (one for each quarter) to pose with their products and around their plant.

Mr. Tower gave me his card and said if I wanted to work a trade show for them they had one in the spring and they always had 3 or 4 girls helping them out for the week that the show ran. “We pay top dollar for our girls and you know how to make a guy feel special, I’ll see to it you get taken care of, if you want the job.” I told him I would think about it and call him. We docked about an hour later and I just had time to slip on my top. The guys left the boat and the captain and I had to settle up.

“You didn’t say a damn thing about me having to fuck them; I want more money than 300 hundred!”

He just smiled and told me what a good job I had done today as his party girl and that I could be his new deck/party girl anytime I wanted to be. “I’m not going to do that again for any 100 per man, not what all I did today!” He looked at me and told me in no uncertain terms, I may have the body of a grown woman, but I was dumb teenager.

“Marca you should have asked what you had to do for the 300! I think you learned something today; here is the air fare and your fee.   Honey 800 is not bad; you made more than I did today!”

The captain made me a deal, I did one more party for him that week and he did me right on the next two guys.   I asked him not to say anything to my mother about our little business transaction; I guess I was a business woman. I was in the oldest business known to man, but I still told myself I was a model who was, will just call me a party girl.

Mother spent all her time with the doctor, as she put it, I fucked his brains out. On the way home we talked about the week and the different men, I did come clean and told her about my day trips with the captain and how I had been his party girl. I told her I wanted to look into the calendar thing with the men from St. Louis and might even try the trade show.

Mother knew I was just months away from leading my life the way I wanted and little she could do to stop me from doing whatever I wanted in life. Just before we landed mother let me know she wanted in on the action, that she could be my ticket out of town for a long weekend if she got to go with me. The first thing my father said when he saw us was, “It looks like Marca was out in the sun, Dawn you didn’t get any sun at all!” Mother did spend a lot of time down below are on her backs in a hotel room.

It did not take me long to get back into my daily routine of keeping a few men happy and I was fast learning that they had to pay for my happiness, in some form or fashion. I was meeting more college men and going out with them than I was with boys my age from school. The college man always had some place to park my ass besides the back seat of some clunker. My evenings were getting longer and no more having to check in with mother and dad on the weekend as to what time I made it home but they were big on the booze and drug thing. School night was a different story.


I’m on to a bigger and better life, I think?


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