Ms Marca / Mr. Wilson Can't Say No

By MsMarca

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In short, I'm pretty much the town tramp.



Ms Marca     Mr. Wilson Can’t Say No.




I'm Marca and I like sex. I like sex anywhere, anytime with anyone. In short, I'm pretty much the town tramp. Despite this, I'm a really nice girl, with a killer figure but really pretty eyes in a cute, ever-smiling face. So why is it when you're feeling a bit horny you can't find a man? It was after school one day and I just got home knowing my folks would be home late and so it was I was sitting on the couch watching TV when I get a phone call.




"Marca, hi is your dad home?"


"Hi Mr. Wilson, no he mother had dinner plans out tonight."


"They didn’t take you?"


"No! Just went off with out me and here I’ am with nothing to do, kind of boring, know it will be a long evening, just here by myself, is Mrs. Wilson home?"


"NO, she went to see the grand kids, not coming home until this weekend!"


"Oh so your all alone also?"


" Yap , just me and the dog and he is no fun."


"Oh I know what it's like to be home alone and have no fun! How come your not out tonight Mr. Wilson looking for some fun?"


He chuckled and said. "I had a big week at work and hadn't felt up to going out! I can't see you staying home honey, you can't get a date?"


"Mr. Wilson I can get a date any night I need one, but high school boys don't always do the things that I need, if you know what I mean!"


"Damn Marca you make an old man get excited! Tell me girl you still wear that short little red and white skirt to school?"


I wore it yesterday, the boys and most of the male teachers like it, so I been told."


"You got it on now?"


"NO just my panties and bra!"


"OH ME, you got on panties and a bra?"


"Mr. Wilson you act as if you haven't seen me in them before. Good heavens you seen me in nothing but my birthday suit! Mr. Wilson, can I ask you something?"


"Yes, sure thing!"


"You got a hard on?"


"Damn you girl, your nothing but a tease!"


"Oh so you do! You want me to come over and help you out?"


"Oh shit girl don't talk like that, I been trying to stay away from you!"


"I'll be right over Mr. Wilson." I hung up the phone.


Ten minutes later I was in his den with just a short robe on and spooned into him on the couch. He ran a hand up under my robe and started playing with my nipples while he kissed my neck. After two minutes of this we bolted to the bedroom.

Now normally I'd spend ages on foreplay, but I had very little time before my folks got home. So we pretty much got straight into it once we had our clothes off. He mounted me, rubbed the tip of his hard cock up and down my slit a few times and eased it into my wet slit.

"So how many guys you fuck last week?" He asked once we had a bit of a rhythm going.

"Four. Harder! Oh yea ….   … Harder!" I smiled just as he leant down to kiss my rock hard nipple.

"Four? You must be a filthy slut." He picked up the pace a little.

"Oh Mr. Wilson I am. I just love cock."

"Do you love my cock, you dirty little whore?" He didn't often talk dirty to me, the few times we did it, but he was really getting off on it this time.

"Oh yes," I said. "Fuck me with your big beautiful cock. Fuck your teenage neighbor!"


"The teenage street whore, you mean."


"Am I Mr. Wilson?"

"You're such a good fuck," he told me. "Your tight little whore pussy is so wet!" He folded my legs up and leant his weight against them as leverage, fucking me real deep, really opening me up. "Shit, you’re worth getting my ass caught, while I fuck you!"

"Ungh!" I grunted, unused both to the position and the level of penetration. "So deep. My pussy feels so full. God that's good. Oh yeah, keep going like that."

We fucked like this for a while; I was folded like a paperclip while he pounded into my shaven little pussy, the smell of sex heavy in the air. My legs started getting sore, so I pushed him away.


"Get on all fours, you dirty little bitch. I'm going to fuck you from behind. I seen how some of those high school studs get you to bend over the hood of their cars and fuck you from behind!"

"Ooh yeah," I said, doing as I was told. "Fuck your little slut from behind." I looked back at him smiled. "Does Mrs. Wilson like it doggie?"

"Fuck she hasn't even had any of my cock in years!" He moved in behind me and slid his cock back deep into my pussy.

"Do you like being fucked from behind, you nasty little whore? Do you like being fucked doggy style?"

"Oh yeah," I groaned. "Fuck your bitch. Fuck me like a dog."

I looked back to see him lick his thumb and ran it down my butt crack and over my asshole. I shivered.

"Mr. Wilson your not thinking of butt fucking me are you? No! Please your cock is to thick for my little butt hole. I said, sounding a bit worried. "Don't play with my ass. I've never been fucked in my ass by one as big as you."

"Don't panic," he told me, stilling rubbing his thumb over my asshole, pressing against it. "I'm just going to play with it. I'm not going to fuck it - this time."

After he said that I started to really work myself back onto his cock as he played with my ass more and more. Every so often he leant forward and gave my nipples a sharp pinch for good measure. My asshole got softer and relaxed more and more, and then as he pushed his thumb against it once more it finally gave and his thumb popped in to the first joint.

"Aaah fuck!" I cried out. "I'm coming!"

I felt my pussy contract around his cock, I was shivering, and he let my orgasm subside then pulled out.

"Lie on your back." he told me. I did and he straddled my chest and started stroking his cock.

"Oh yeah," I said. "Come all over my face and tits like a dirty little slut you want me to be. Come as hard as you can. See if you can shoot some in my mouth." I opened my mouth and poked my tongue out. Then before I realized what I was doing, I slipped a finger up his ass.

"Oh shit!" he said, as he started to come. He sprayed his load all over my face, in my hair, and dribbled the last little bit over my big teenage tits. I rubbed it in then sucked my fingers clean.

"Mmmm," I purred. "That was great. So if Mrs. Wilson is at the grand babies; what are you doing tomorrow night Mr. Wilson?"

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