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My adventures with an older lady

A much older woman wanted to give me a wank
After I'd retired from the army I was employed by a company that did property maintenance. We had a major contract to look after a number of retirement villages in the south east, and the main part of my job was assessing what repairs needed doing. One such repair was at a small one bedroomed bungalow lived in by a lady in her late 70's. She was partially disabled and her problem was that the path leading to her front door was becoming uneven. She invited me inside and made a cup of tea for us and then we sat down in the lounge and discussed what needed doing. She was a lovely person to talk to and it was apparent that she didn't get many visitors because she was reluctant to let me go! She made me promise that next time I was in the area I should call on her for another cup of tea.

About a week later I did just that and she was thrilled to see me. I spent an hour or so talking to her and looking at her family albums. She explained that her husband had long since passed on, and that her two daughters now lived miles away and she rarely saw anyone. My visits became quite regular. During one visit she confided in me that the one thing she missed was cuddling, so it then became the norm that when I left we would cuddle in the hallway - all perfectly innocent!

One long and very hot summer I took to wearing shorts, and when I visited her she commented on how nice and brown my legs were! When I was leaving she rubbed her hand up and down my back whilst we hugged. She'd never done that before and it took me a bit by surprise. She held me close to her for longer than normal and then whispered how she wished she was 20 years younger - I said something about age not really mattering, and laughingly asked her what she would do now if she was 20 years younger.

She pulled slightly away from me and looked me in the eye and said "You know exactly what I'd do don't you" and she then pulled me to her again and hugged me for what seemed like ages. I was totally stunned because I'd never ever considered sex in any form with her, and here she was suggesting that if she were younger then she would want to make to love! Whilst we were hugging she somehow thrust herself more towards my body than usual, and I could feel my dick starting to take an interest in the proceedings - this was embarrassing to say the least! I figured that she could feel it poking her tummy through the thin material of my shorts. She looked up at me with a wicked smile and slid her hand down between us and her fingers lingered on my dick and she said something about "tent-poles" and that she would take care of it if I wanted. This was a major game change in our relationship and I remember worrying about where it was all leading to - she was old and a bit overweight and simply not really sexually attractive. Even whether she was capable of intimacy was in question.

I asked her what she had in mind and she said that she'd simply give me a hand-job if that's what I wanted! I mean, she actually said "hand-job"! This was mind blowing and naturally I said I'd love it if she did. She then told me to go into her bedroom and completely strip and lie on the bed. She moved a stool to close by the bed and sat on it and gave me the most wonderful wank I’d had in years. She stroked my legs, thighs and tummy for a short while and then she moved her hand up to my nipples and played with them. All the while my cock was rock hard with anticipation and she totally ignored it! She stroked my arms and her fingers gently stroked my inner thigh and all the time she completely ignored my cock as if it didn't exist.

I was desperate for relief when she cupped my balls with her hand and very gently massaged them for what seemed like an eternity. She then moved her hand up to my shaft and proceeded to give me the slowest, most sensual, wank I ever had. Needless to say I didn't last long and came in spurts all over my tummy and her hand. It was pure bliss. She then gently spread the cum all over the front of my body like suncream! She let me get a shower before getting dressed and then, when I came out of the bathroom she had another cup of tea waiting for me, and we then sat and chatted as if nothing had happened!

I visited her at least once or twice a month for some considerable time afterwards. The first time after the "wank" was about a fortnight later, and she invited me in for the usual cup of tea and chat in her living room. She sat in her armchair and I sat, as usual, on the settee. We drank tea and chatted about everything under the sun until it came time for me to leave. We stood up and she walked with me to the front door where we hugged. She held on to me for a bit longer than usual and asked if I'd enjoyed my last visit? Of course I said I enjoyed it immensely and she then asked if I'd like to do it again.

It was very much the same as last time. Me lying naked on the bed with a raging hard on, and she stroking my body everywhere except my cock! Again she eventually let her fingers drift on to my balls and gently smoothed them, and then she took hold of my shaft and proceeded to give me another very slow sensual wank. I lasted much longer this time I'm pleased to say and when I came it went all over the place. She giggled and again spread it all over my body.

The next time I visited we did something different. Instead of her making the tea she asked me to do it, but to strip off first so she can sit at the kitchen table and admire my body! A bit bizarre I must admit, but she'd seen me naked before so it wasn't too embarrassing. Because I was concentrating on making a brew I only had a bit of lob on rather than a full blown erection. She told me to come and stand in front of her which I did. She then took my tool in her hand and started gently stroking and pulling it until it got much harder and then she instructed me to finish making the tea. Yes "instructed" not "asked" which was something I wasn't used to, but it was mildly exciting being told what to do! She said she loved watching me walk around naked and in future when I visited would I mind being naked all the time for her? Naturally I said it would be fine. I was worried that someone might walk in the front door so she made sure the security chain was always connected.

We played lots of different games after that, and her favourite was tying my hands to the headboard and leaving me on the bed naked whilst she pottered around the bedroom and occasionally tweaking my cock. She was a bit of a dom in the past I think. On one occasion whilst I was tied up the doorbell rang and she went to answer it. Luckily for me she closed the bedroom door because I was in a complete state of panic. My erection had completely disappeared! It turned out it was only a neighbour asking to borrow something and she was soon back in the bedroom giving me my usual slow wank.

Another time I was tied up as usual and she was sat on the bed next to me chatting on the phone to a friend of hers. At the same time she was casually stroking my cock as if it was the most natural thing in the world. She was 78 years old and I was 45. Another time she sat in her armchair and got me to put my cock close to her mouth so she could kiss it - which she did. I thought I'd get a blow job but it wasn't to be on that occasion. Just another fantastic slow wank.

Things picked up a pace on another visit when I was again tied naked to the bed. The doorbell rang and she went to answer it, again closing the door behind her. This time it was another lady (neighbour) and she invited her in for a coffee! She sat the lady down in the kitchen and then came in to the bedroom and looked at me and grinned and put her finger to her lips as a sign to me to keep quiet, and then went out and left the door slightly ajar! Major panic! Luckily the neighbour didn't see me, but it was too close for comfort. After the neighbour had gone she came back in the bedroom and she talked about how funny it would have been if her friend had seen me! Again, another very slow wank but this time my cock seemed 10 times harder than usual.

I've already related how our relationship grew, and how she loved me to be totally naked every time I was in her home. I was fairly comfortable with that and my cock certainly enjoyed all the attention it was getting from her hands. At that time I wasn't really getting any sex at home so this was a welcome outlet for me.

I contrived to visit her at least once a fortnight (work permitting because I covered quite a large area but my work time wasn't regulated so I could always fit in a few hours here and there). She was always delighted to see me, even when I arrived unannounced. It was now normal for us to hug in the hallway and then for me to undress in her bedroom whilst she was in the kitchen putting the kettle on. I'd then join her in the kitchen and she would invariably stroke my cock to make it a bit harder before we sat down and talked about our week.

We would then move to the bedroom where she would give me a nice slow sensuous wank. She loved it when I came and the sperm flew all up my tummy and over her hands. After a few months she started telling me about her younger days, both before and after she was married. It was a bit weird lying there having an old lady play with your cock when she's telling you about a crush she had on a boy when she was 17!

Jen was a very strong minded person and once we got to know each other she made it very clear that she was the one in charge. Indeed it was her idea that I be naked all the time. It was her idea to tie my hands to the headboard (and I'm not talking about wussy bits of thread I'm talking cord with proper knots so I was pretty helpless).

She was always very gentle with her hands - she used to play with my balls but never too roughly because she knew how delicate and sensitive they are. It was a magical feeling just lying there totally helpless whilst having someone give you so much pleasure. She slowly progressed from simply caressing my cock with her hand, to bending over me and kissing the shaft every now and then. Sometimes she'd lick some of my spunk off her fingers, and other times she scoop it all up in her hand and rub it in my hair! One afternoon we were in the kitchen and she was sitting on a chair and she told me to stand in front of her. She grabbed my cock and gave it a few strokes and then pulled me closer and wrapped her lips around it. She was no expert but she was certainly enthusiastic for the few short minutes she was doing it. She confided in me that she'd never done that before to anyone.

A few days later I phoned her and said I was coming past the following afternoon and was it ok to visit. I usually phoned ahead out of courtesy just in case she had family down to visit or something. She said that'd be fine and what time would I be there? Not like her to ask that but I thought nothing of it at the time. I arrived at about 2 p.m. as I said I would and we hugged as usual and she then took me into the lounge. There waiting for us was her friend and neighbour, Jean. I'd met Jean at her home a few times because we'd had issues with replacement double glazing that had been installed incorrectly. I remember her particularly because she had gorgeous hair and a very nice figure. She was in her mid 60's and filled out her jeans beautifully. In fact it's fair to say that Jean in jeans was a sight to behold.

We chatted for a while about nothing in particular and after the tea was finished Jean got up and said she had to go because she had things to do. After she'd gone Jen put the security chain on the door and said I should go into the bedroom and get ready for some fun. We did the usual routine with me lying on the bed, hands ties and legs open and Jen caressing my body before moving onto my cock and balls to give me some much needed relief. Just as she started giving me one of her special slow wanks she told me that Jean knew what we were doing! Seems Jen had told her just about everything and at first the knowledge that someone else knew frightened the life out of me. Jen continued giving me a wank and eventually after I'd thought about it for a few minutes my cock became absolutely rock hard. A cat couldn't scratch it as they say. Jen noticed this and grinned, and then mischievously suggested that maybe she could invite Jean to join us next time. And then she leant over me and took my cock completely inside her mouth and gave me one of the best blow jobs I'd ever had. I told her I was cummng but she just continued bobbing her head up and down on my dick, and when I exploded it completely filled her mouth. She lifted her head up and cum was dripping all down her chin. What an amazing afternoon.

When I left I walked down the path to my car and glanced over at Jean's apartment and there she was on her hands and knees weeding the border outside her front door. She looked over and waved. I waved back and sheepishly made my way over to my car.

The next visit was a few weeks later and to say it was awkward would be an understatement. I really felt embarrassed that someone else knew about my sexploits, and I really didn't want to walk past Jeans house in case she saw me. Unfortunately there was no other option so I had to risk it.

Luckily there was no sign of her, and Jen, who had been watching for me, let me in straight away, and we cuddled in the hallway as usual. We exchanged the usual pleasantries and I went into the bedroom to undress, and she went into the kitchen where I eventually joined her. My cock was flaccid due to my embarrassment over Jean. Jen sat on her kitchen chair and motioned me to stand in front of her and she then took hold of my cock and proceeded to give me another magical blow-job. I lasted only a few minutes and I exploded in her mouth and she actually swallowed it all.

We had tea in the kitchen and talked about everything under the sun except the burning issue of her friend Jean. Jen noticed that my cock was still soft (it takes a while to get it interested again) and told me to go and lie on the bed and wait for her. She came in a few minutes later and again tied my hands to the headboard and told me to spread my legs. She then produced a bottle of baby oil and started massaging my body with it. Only this time she went straight to my balls and still limp cock. She played with my cock for a minute or two and then said something like "I'm going to have to work hard to get your cock hard aren't I?" She actually said "cock”, this was something new because she had never sworn in front of me before. This was turning into a day of "firsts" for us.

Jen was in her late 70's and had the usual infirmities that go with age - arthritis which makes walking and bending difficult (though she usually managed to bend over me to suck my cock!), and lots of wrinkles on her face. She had a bit of a tummy and a big bum and what appeared to be small breasts

She carried on playing with it and slowly it started to get hard and she said it was about time because her wrist was starting to hurt! I was simply pleased that I was able to get hard again (twice in an hour was a bit of a record for me). She then started to suck it again and played with my balls with her fingers. My cock got really hard again and she then gave it one final lick and stood back as if to admire her handy work. She then turned towards the door and said she'd be back in a minute or two, and she left me lying there with my hands tied and my cock standing up like a flag pole. Thoughts flashed across my mind that she'd got Jean hidden away somewhere and they would both come walking in on me any minute! I must say I did panic for a while and then thought what the hell, if it happens it happens.

It didn't happen though, Jen walked back in and said she was pleased that my cock was still so hard. She again sat down and started to give me her usual fantastic but slow wank. I realised that there was something different about her and it took me a moment or two to notice. I could actually see her nipples through the material of her blouse - she wasn't wearing a bra!! She noticed me staring and smiled. She said that if she untied me would I like to touch her bosoms (that's what she called them). No prizes for guessing what my response was. She untied both hands and sat down again and I stroked her left tit with my right hand. Her nipple was very noticeably erect and Jen moaned softly when I tweaked it through the thin material of her blouse. This was becoming quite an awesome day.

I tried to undo the top buttons of her blouse but couldn't quite manage it, so she stopped playing with me and undid them herself. I was then able to open her blouse and expose her tits. They were quite small and thus were fairly pert for her age. I cupped her left breast and it was deliciously soft. I asked her if I could suck them but she said no - not yet, just be gentle with them! A few moments later I was spurting cum all over the bed and sadly our little session had ended. She quickly buttoned up her blouse but I was still able to cop a feel when we hugged in the hallway as I was leaving.

Outside I was suddenly struck with the thought that Jean would see me, but to be honest I didn't really care. I'd cum twice and got to feel a lovely pair of tits - what a result!

I really looked forward to my trips to Canterbury because to be honest my cock had never had such devoted attention as it gets off Jen. And now it seems I was slowly getting access to parts of her body I'd never had before. 

My next visit was a week or so later. I arrived just after lunch as usual and she let me in, secured the door and then we hugged. It was immediately apparent that she didn't have a bra on, and so naturally I took advantage of that and copped a bit of a feel! I'm pleased to say her nipples stood out magnificently. She took me straight into the bedroom and this time she started to undo the buttons of my shirt, and once that was done she undid my belt and zipper and tugged my trousers down. My cock was now straining at the leash and when she pulled my underpants down it sprang out at her! She looked up at me and grinned, and I undid her blouse and exposed her exquisitely small tits with their large hard nipples.

She wouldn't let me take her blouse off - probably embarrassed by her body (78 years old with all the attendant problems - wrinkles and fat etc), but she did let me take full advantage of her tits. They were small but the nipples were immense - it was a fantastic feeling just sucking on them as she reached down and played with my cock.

She took control of the situation though and made me lie on the bed whilst she sat beside it and gave me a wank. The way she was sitting I couldn't quite reach her tits to play with them which was a disappointment. I simply laid back and enjoyed the sensation and pleasure her hand was providing! I gradually became aware that something was different about the way she was sitting and moving, and suddenly it dawned on me that she'd pulled her skirt up and was fingering herself!

From where I was lying I couldn't actually see anything, but her right hand was giving me a seeing to, and her left hand was taking care of her pussy! I asked her if it felt good and did she want me give her hand in that department, and she replied in the negative, leaving me in no doubt that neither my hand nor my cock was going to get anywhere near it! Which was a shame? She laughed when she said it though and hoped I wasn't too embarrassed by what she was doing to herself. Of course I wasn’t and I told her that I wasn't actually in a position to chastise her about it considering the fact that my cock and balls were at her mercy! She thought that was very amusing and playfully cupped my balls and gave them a gentle squeeze, and then resumed giving me a glorious wank. Suddenly she let go of my cock and started frigging herself with her right hand and totally ignored me. I watched her, fascinated by the expressions on her face as she obviously neared her climax, and I took hold of my cock and started to wank myself. I very quickly came, shooting great strings of sperm all over the place. Seconds later Jen gave a massive shudder and deep sigh (more like a groan) as she obviously came. She sat there for a short while, shuddering every few seconds or so as she continued frigging herself with her fingers. I rolled over and caught a glimpse of her white thighs before she pulled her skirt back down.

I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, and Jen went into the kitchen to make a brew. Once I was sorted I went into the kitchen naked as usual and sat down on one of the chairs. Jen seemed pre-occupied and it became apparent she was slightly embarrassed by what had happened. Seems it was OK for me to get gratification out of our encounters, but that it wasn't so good for her to do so! I could never understand women. Jen made the tea and sat down on the opposite side of the table. She told me she'd had a wonderful time over the last few months but that unfortunately it had to end. Today was to be the last time. I was pretty shocked and asked if it was anything to do with me. She laughed and said no it wasn’t and that if she had any say in the matter I could come again and again (not sure if she intended that as a pun). The fact was that she was moving up to South Shields where her daughter lived and that was way off my patch.

It was the end of an era, but I did get a nice feel of her delicious little tits as I was leaving, and she reached down and tweaked my cock!

As I walked away from her bungalow I caught a glimpse of her friend Jean working in her garden. Jean didn't see me which was a bit of a relief.

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