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My Best Friend Mom Ch.2

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Tommy's affair with Alex's Mom continues with a risky get together.

  My name is Tommy and I have a confession. I had sex with my best friend Alex's Mom and I liked it. I am sure she did too because we did it 4 times the night I stayed over there when Alex and his Dad were camping. It's Friday night and we are getting ready for our football game. It's been a week since Laura and I had sex and she is all I can think about. I still can't believe how tight her pussy was. She is a voluptuous woman with very large breasts and a full backside. I think she is sexy as hell and as we are getting dressed in the lockeroom I look over at Alex and wonder what he would do if he found out.

The speech by the coach gets my head back into the game at hand. As the game unfolds it is a tough one against our biggest rival. We are behind at halftime but fight back and are tied with less the 2 minutes to play. I am playing running back and getting pounded at the line. We are driving the ball closer and with less the 30 seconds to go Alex, who is quarterback, fakes a handoff to me and I drift off into the flat. He throws me the ball and I catch it on the run and score. The crowd goes crazy as time runs out and we win.

As we come off the field many of the parents are there to congratulate us. Alex's Mom Laura is one of them and gives us both a big hug. As she holds me close she whispers in my ear how much she has missed me. All the players go into the lockeroom and shower and change. The usual activity is to go to someone's house for a post game party and tonight is no different.

When I arrive alone the party is swinging and the beer is flowing. I get a lot of high fives and slaps on the back for scoring the winning touchdown. Alex is there and I see him in the corner with one of the cheerleaders. I can tell where his night will end by the way she is rubbing up against him. Even though there are a lot of interesting girls there I find myself not really into them. I had been there about an hour or so and my phone signalled I had a text message.

It was from Laura, Alex's Mom. She had to see me an wanted me to drive over to her house and pick her up. I looked around the party and wondered if anyone would notice me leaving. Alex was making out with the cheerleader so he was occupied. I finished my beer and without saying a word to anyone I slipped out of the house and got into my truck. As I drove over to Alex's my heart was pounding. My cock was growing too. I pulled into their driveway and noticed all the lights were out. I saw a figure come out around from the back and quickly approach my passenger door. It was Laura.

She opened the door and climbed up into truck. She said we needed to be quiet and to leave without the truck lights on. I backed out of the driveway and started off down the street. I looked over and smiled at her and she was breathing hard with excitement. She said her husband was asleep and she knew Alex was at the party. She knew it was risky but she took the chance and snuck out just to be with me. She moved across the bench seat up next to me and put her head on my shoulder. To anyone who saw us it looked like two teenagers cruising around.

I had my arm around her and as I drove she put her hand on my growing cock. As she stroked it through my jeans she asked if there was someplace secluded we could go? I had a few favorite parking spots and decided to go to the most private one I knew. It was a street that ended in a cul de sac and there were no houses built there yet. It was dark with no street lights. Mine was the only vehicle. I parked and turned the motor off. It was November and there was a chill in the air. I had been running the heater and the truck cab was warm.

As soon as I turned to Laura she kissed me long and deeply. We continued to kiss as she shed her coat. She had a t-shirt on and as she broke our kiss she pulled it over her head revealing her huge tits. She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were at full attention in the moonlight. As I started to get out of my clothes she peeled off her jeans and I saw she wasn't wearing any panties either. Man, she wasn't wasting any time. As soon as we were both naked she went for my cock. She sucked and licked it to full hardness. As she did this I played with her large erect nipples, pulling and pinching them. She moaned with my cock in her mouth.

She came up off my cock and leaned back against the passenger door. I moved close to suck on her breasts. Her rock hard nipples were amazing. As I sucked as much of a breast into my mouth as I could I stroked her pussy lips and found them to be swollen and very wet. Her big clit was poking out and when I shoved two fingers in her I found her pussy to be just as tight as it was before. I continued to suck on her big nipples and she was moaning and hunching my hand.

I let go of her boob and sat up. Even though the cab of my truck was big, it is not made for 2 horny naked people trying to have sex. She pushed me back so I laid down on the seat with my head near the steering wheel. She straddled me and positioned my cockhead at her entrance. As she pressed down it resisted at first. She was very wet though and after a little change of angle I started to go in. She slowly lowered herself until I was buried in her hot tight pussy. She started to ride me as I looked up at 2 of the biggest tits I had ever seen. I grabbed them and kneaded them as she moved up and down on my stiff cock.

She would grind her clit at the base of my cock and finally gave into her orgasm. Her pussy clamped down on my cock and she soaked me and my truck seat. The added tightness sent me over the edge and I exploded into her. I was shooting my load once again into Alex's Mom. Her spasming pussy milked my cock dry and she collapsed forward on me. As I stroked her back I noticed that all my windows were fogged up. I was about to turn the truck on to run the defroster when I heard another vehicle drive by and then stop and grow quiet. I knew they could see inside my fogged up windows but I was a little concerned.

Laura in the meantime was recovered and started to kiss me. She started to grind again on my cock, which was still inside her, bringing it back life. When it was fully erect again we changed positions. I sat up in the passenger seat and she spun around. She was sitting on my cock with her back to me and I grabbed her ass and moved her up and down on it. Even though it was starting to get cold in the truck we were still sweating. As she moved up and down on my cock we were making squishing sound and her ass would slap down on my lap. The load I had deposited in her was leaking out past the tight seal of my cock and her pussy. Of course I would soon replace it with another.

I held on to her hips as I rammed into her. She was squeezing and rubbing her tits as she bounced. I was able to reach around and found her clit and rubbed it vigorously. This set her off and she cried out as she came. I continued to pound until my seed rose up and spewed into her hungry pussy once again. As my cock finished unloading her pussy twitched and squeezed me. Finally spent she leaned back against me and I nuzzled her neck. Alex's Mom was the hottest fuck I had ever had and I didn't know how I would be able to keep from fucking her more.

She finially rose up off me and my cock came out with a pop. I scooted over and holding her we kissed. She said it was late and we had to go even though she didn't want to. I started the truck to defog things as we got dressed in the cramped space. We were dressed and the windows were almost clear when I was able to make out the other vehicle near us. It was Alex's car. Laura's son was parked not 10 feet from us. She recognized it as well and froze. As I put my truck in drive and went past it I could see that the windows were fogged up. He must be getting lucky with that cheerleader.

Laura sat close to me as we drove home. I think we were both a little worried that we might have been caught. I pulled into their driveway with my lights off and killed the engine. She gave me a long deep kiss and said how much she enjoyed our time together. She opened the door quietly and went around to the back of the still darkened house. As I drove home I thought about what was going on here. I wanted to keep doing this but it was very risky. I wasn't even sure if she was on birth control. Surely she was, I mean I couldn't get her pregnant could I? I would have to ask her that.

The next day Alex called me. He said that yes he had gotten lucky with that cheerleader last night, but apparently he wasn't the only one. I held my breath for a moment. He said he had seen my truck at the parking spot and saw that the windows were all fogged up and it was rocking. He said he almost banged on the window but after he heard the chick I was with crying out while I fucked her he decided to leave us alone. I let out a sigh of relief and said yes it was an amazing night.

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