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My Best Friend Mom Ch.3

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Tommy and Laura, Alex's Mom continue their affair

  Hi it's Tommy again. I have a crazy life right now. It all has to do with my best friend, Alex. You see I have been fucking his Mom for quite awhile now. She is insatiable and I am her little sex slave. We have done it in my truck, her car, her house, my house and just about any other place we can come up with. She calls me when she can get away and I run. I can't say no.

Her big tits and ass are amazing. She really has a fairly tight body and her pussy is the tightest I have ever been in. It's late summer and Alex and I have graduated from High School and are going off to College. We have decided to room together. Maybe when I get away from Laura things can get back to normal. I love the sex I just can take the pressure of possibly getting caught with my best friends Mom.

It's Sunday afternoon and Alex and his Dad have made a quick trip down to school to make final arrangements. They will be back late afternoon. Laura has called me and wants me to come over for a swim. I know exactly what she has in mind.

I arrive at their house and park in the driveway. If Alex and his Dad come home They won't think twice about me being over for a swim. That is if I am not caught with my cock in Laura's tight pussy. I go through the back gate to where the pool is. Laura is laying out getting a tan. An all over tan because she is nude. Her big breasts glisten in the sun from the oil she has rubbed on them. Her nipples are at full rock hard attention. I am always taken by the size of them. A few months ago she took to completely shaving her pussy. It is glistening too, but I am not sure if the oil or her arousal.

I pour some oil in my hands and start to rub her belly and up to her breasts. I knead the huge mounds as I spread the oil. She moans and says hi. I move down and rub some oil into her thighs and she spreads her legs more. She is giving me easier access to the wonderful pussy of hers. I love the coconut smell her skin is giving off and I detect a hint of muskiness mixed in it. I use my oily hands to massage her pussy lips causing her to moan even more. I stick a couple of fingers inside her and use my thumb on her clit. When I do this she starts to squirm and she starts pulling on her own nipples. They are as big as my thumb and stick out very far. I am rubbing on her G-spot and soon she convulses in her orgasm and soaks the towel she is laying on. She comes down from it and finally opens her eyes and smiles at me.

As I stand over her she opens her arms and her legs and beckons me to fuck her. I shed my t-shirt and trunks and my erect cock stick straight out. She always tells me how big it is and how much she loves it in her pussy. I move on top of her and aim it at her entrance. As my cockhead splits her big lips apart and starts to enter she pulls me to her and kisses me. The oil helps entry, because she is so tight and sometimes it takes awhile to get in. It's like liquid fire as I slid smoothly all the way in. The oil that was on her is now all over me. She wraps her legs around me as I pump her.

I never use a rubber with her because she told me not to worry about her getting pregnant. I am sitting up now and have her by the hips. I look down and see her big breasts rippling like the ocean as I fuck her. The sight of my cock going in and out of her shaved oiled up pussy is so cool. She is whimpering now begging me to come in her. We are outside in broad daylight and I am about to unload my spunk in one sexy older woman. I'm really going to miss this as my load rises up and goes off deep inside her. I keep pumping and coming and I know she is too. Her pussy is so tight around my cock that I know my sperm is being pushed up into her womb. I sure am glad she can't get pregnant.

I finish and lean back breathing hard. My cock is still in her as she sits up and hugs me. She whispers in my ear to come on and get in the pool. I stand up and as I do my cock pops out of her. We walk to the pool and jump in naked. The water feels cool and refreshing after that workout. There is a big float in the middle of the pool and we swim over to it. It is big enough for 2 people so I climb up on it first the help Laura to get up on it. We lay next to each other as the big float drifts around the pool. It is very relaxing and I must had drifted off. I wake up because someone is sucking my cock. I'm a little disoriented and realize it's Laura. I notice the sun has gotten much lower in the sky and I suspect Alex and his Dad will be home soon. As Laura is sucking me to full erection I mention this fact to her. She says not to worry that we have time.

She stops sucking and sits up and looks at her handiwork. She slides me to the middle of the float we are still on and climbs on top of me straddling my hips. The float is a little wobbly but she manages to get my cock lined up with her pussy entrance and starts to shove it in. She lowers herself inch by inch until I hit bottom. To get leverage she places her hands on my chest and starts to go up and down on my cock. The float we are on starts to undulate in the water which aids in the stroking. I think we might even be churning up a few waves in the pool from her attack on my cock. All I am doing is laying back and watching this beautiful voluptuous woman fuck the hell out of me. She leans forward some and takes one of her large tits in her hand and lifts it up so I can suck on it. As I flick my tongue on the erect nipple I take the breast in both hands and suck on it like I was nursing.

She is biting her lips and saying a few cuss words which only tells me she is really into it. She has had a few orgasms because I can easily feel her pussy spasms because of the tight fit. I can feel my own approaching. I bite her nipple hard but not too hard and she cries out and starts her biggest orgasm of the day. The intense squeezing of my cock sets mine off too. I dump another load of teenage sperm into her mature pussy once again. My cock is going off like a volcano deep inside her. She collapses on top of my as my last few spurts shoot off. We lay like that on the pool float both knowing that this might end soon.

I am rubbing her back with my cock still lodged in her when we hear a car door slam. It must be Alex and his Dad arriving home. We both roll off the float still attached together. Luckily it had drifted to the shallow end. She starts for the steps as my cock finally comes out of her. This causes me to slip back into the water. She reaches the lounge that we were on and tosses me my trunks. She grabs a big towel and wraps it around her and heads into the house. I struggle and get my trunks on under water just as Alex and his Dad walk outside from the kitchen. I smile at them and say that I just came over for a last swim before we left for school. Alex said his Mom was in the kitchen and wanted to know if I wanted to stay for dinner. I said sure no problem.

Alex and I left for school the next week. There were tearful goodbyes from our parents, even though we would be coming home in a couple of months. We settled in to college life and I hoped things could get normal for me. I met a few girls but not the special one. At night I would dream about Laura and all the hot sex we had. I wasn't sure how our next meeting would turn out.

Alex and I decided to go home at Thanksgiving. We had a few days off for that holiday. It was nice to see my Mom and Dad. I was told that Alex's family had invited my family over for Thanksgiving dinner. As we drove over there I was getting really nervous about seeing Laura and acting normal. We walked to the front door and knocked. Alex opened the door and everyone exchanged holiday greetings. Laura was in the kitchen preparing things and I took the covered dish in there to set it down. It had been about 4 months since I had seen her and when she turned around I nearly dropped the dish. It was very obvious that she was pregnant. My parents congratulated her on the little surprise. Alex's Dad smiled and said that things happen for a reason and that this new addition would keep him young.

Laura came over to hug me and she whispered in my ear. She said the baby was mine and not to worry that her husband thinks it is his after she had sex with him right after we left for college. She had stopped taking the pill at the beginning of the summer and had hope I would impregnate her. She wanted a new baby because she would miss me and Alex. We all sat down for dinner and gave thanks. I was thankful that we hadn't been caught and maybe now with a baby on the way Laura would let me move on. I wonder?

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