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My Best Friend, My Wife, and I

How my wife took care of our sexual needs!
Quite a few years ago my wife had a affair with a guy and we moved away to begin a new life.

We were in California at the time and moved back to the northwest where I was from. We had bought a travel trailer in California so had our own home. When we got up to the northwest, a friend of mine told us we could park it in his back yard as we had been staying in a trailer park. This way it wouldn't cost us any money.

This was great as we liked drinking in those days and it gave me more money for beer. Almost every night we drank. He told us we could use one of the bedrooms in his house, as he and his wife had split up. She was gone so it was just him and a teenage son who was gone all the time. He agreed to pay my wife to fix dinners and clean the house and it included us living in the house.

One night when my wife and I was making love she said, "I'd like to fuck Kenny."

"Oh..." I said. "Why's that?"

She said, "You enjoyed me telling you about fucking these other guys, I thought you'd probably like to watch me fuck."

She was after me for several days to set it up and finally one night I said to him, "Would you like to fuck my wife?She wants to fuck you and I would like you to fuck her."

He got a hard on right away and said, "Yeah!"

She was taking a shower at the time and she knew I was going to ask him so on her way to the bedroom she told him to get a shower. He broke his ass almost getting in to take a shower.

I went into the bedroom and she was on the bed with a sexy nightie on and she said, "What do I do?"

I took her panties off and told her, "Lets make it easy for Ken." I told her not to worry as Kenny would show her what to do.

He came in bare ass and when he saw her pussy he went down on it with his mouth as fast as he could.

"Oh!" she said and grabbed his cock and started sucking him.

When she finishing sucking him off, I climbed on and put my hard as a rock cock into her wet pussy and gave her a good fucking as my friend sat there drinking a beer and watching us fuck. When I was finished he climbed between her legs and put his hard cock into her honey hole and they had some great sex. I don't know how many times we had sex that night but it was a good number of times.

The next morning Ken came in and woke her up. She only had her nightie on so he had no trouble sticking his hard cock into her hot cunt. They woke me up with all their moaning and lustful talk as he was kissing her and pinching her nipples. When he finished with her I quickly rolled over and took his place between her legs and she moved up so she could suck his cum off his cock. We stayed in bed most of the day while they explored one another, as they hadn't fucked before.

It was then when I first noticed what a nice cock Ken had. It was only about five inches long but was a really a great cock for my wife's mouth as she could take all of it in, and she was really enjoying sucking his cock. She had sucked my cock many times but it was a lot bigger and she could not get it all the way in like Ken's.

She gave a nice blow job, though. She was the first gal to ever suck me off and swallow all my cum. She really liked the taste of it. She was always ready for a hard cock and for which ever one of us who wanted to fuck her.

We spent the summer with Ken, and he was fucking my wife almost every night, so she was getting plenty of fucking between the two of us. I loved watching them fuck and suck. We had a great time that summer.

One night I was fucking her as she was sucking Ken's cock and I was so hot I couldn't stand it much longer and I started kissing her. While she was trying to kiss me, Ken's cock came out of her mouth and I put it in my mouth and started sucking him. Boy, I couldn't believe how good his cock tasted to me and all I wanted was for him to blow a load in my mouth. My wife put a stop to that and cried, "That is MY cock!" and put it back in her mouth and continued to give him a head job, which he was enjoying very much.

Ken told me the next day that, "That was one of the best blow jobs I have ever had!"

There was several times when we were in bed that my wife would go to sleep, and I would reach over and put my hand on Ken's cock and play with it and pretty soon he would reach over and pull my head down on his cock and I would suck him off. He told me that he loved it having his cock sucked more then anything and he didn't care who did it just as long as it was in somebody's mouth.

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