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My Best Friends Dad Part 2

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What a slut I was, fucking a 47 year old man in a hotel and away from home for the first time



My Best Friends Dad


Part 2


It was a Sunday afternoon and I was just coming in from running around with mother, we were looking at some things for me to wear to a dress up thing she was going to and my dad was going to be out of town I was to go as her guest … a work thing. As we come in I see dad at the phone and he hung it up and gave me a stern look. ‘Oh shit what have I done, god someone told him I’m been screwing around, oh fuck I’m grounded.’


He than looked at my mother; “Honey we need to talk!” mother had that look like she had been caught, oh fuck that would be bad. Without saying a word, I just went to my room. I sat my shopping bag down and sat on the bed. I said a little prayer: ‘please god, help me, don’t let dad know I did it with, ah    … oh shit what if he found out I screwed Wilson, or Larson, ah, my god Mr. Hicks, oh I’m so in trouble, will I’ll just have to let him know I’m a grown woman and I can screw who I want to, ah, better say have sex with, maybe sleep with sounds better.’


Just than I heard my father coming down the hall, he walked like a bull, heavy steps, ‘oh please god help me, and I’ll be a good girl if you just help me.’ He knocked on the door. “Marca your mother and I want to see you in the kitchen right now.”


Oh fuck I’m so grounded; I’m never going to have a date for the rest of my life. “Yes sir, be right there.”


I can’t hide in here forever, I’m to big to spank, hey maybe if I let him spank me   I can still date, just guys I go to school with, yap, that is what I’ll counter with just go out with boys my age no more old guys his age.


I go down the hall to the kitchen and mother was at the stove and dad was taking a chair at the table. “Set down girl we got something to talk about!”


“Yes sir.”


“I just got off the phone with Bert Hill, Deena’s father.”


Oh shit, who told dad about Mr. Hill and me, oh I’m so fucked. Play it cool girl, act dumb, not hard to do, so they tell me. “Dad is something wrong with Deena, something happen to her?”


“No, no she is at her mothers home, no nothing like that. But Bert and I had a long conversation about you.”


Jesus Christ that fucking Bert Hill called dad and told him about us screwing at his place 2 weeks ago, that dumb mother fucker, I’ll cut his balls off after I’m not grounded.


“Dad you said about me, ah, what about?”


“Seems like Bert has seen you at the mall modeling a couple of times on the week ends you were working there. He has a job for you that will be about 4 days work, but he wanted to check with me first.”


“Dad I never worked in an office, what can I do for him?”


“Marca honey its not office work, his company has a trade show in Houston in two weeks and they always use 2 girls to help man the booth for the company and one of the girls had to drop out and Bert was told to replace her. So he wanted to check with me before he asked you to work the trade show for his company.”


I almost fell out of my chair. Oh thank you god, oh thank you, shit he came through for me again. “In Houston, dad you said in Houston ?”


“I would say no to this, but I know Bert Hill, he is a good man, got a daughter, your best friend, so I know he will take good care of you, not let anything happen to you, in fact he said he was going to see that you had a room next to his, I know your mother and I will sleep better knowing he is right there with you.”


I looked at mother; she was standing behind dad in the kitchen. She had that look; she had it written all over her face. ‘You smart ass, you little bitch, and you done fucked Bert Hill.’


“Bert said for you to come down to his place and he will go into details on what all you got to do. Oh and what do they pay you at the mall to model?”


“I get 10 bucks an hour, I been making about a 100 a week, why?”


“Bert said they pay 50 an hour pulse your travel, hotel, meals and he saw no reason you could not come home with less than 400 bucks.”


“Wow, 400 dollars, Jesus.”


“Marca I’m telling you right up front, you can take this job, but young lady half of that 400 is going in the bank for college, you understand?”


I look at dad, fuck who cares, put it all in there; I’m going to be on a 5 day party, oh me. “Yes sir, I understand.”




Two weeks later the afternoon before I was to fly with Mr. Hill to Houston , mother got me off to the side when dad was out of the house. “Marca your father is still in a different world from the real one when it comes to you, you are still his little girl, don’t fuck up and break his heart!”




“Don’t mother me, Hill would not have called and ask for you to go off with him for a week if you had not screwed the bastard, he gets pussy from the girls he hires for these gigs, don’t you know that?”


“Yes we did it once, just once that was all. You mean I’m not working on that trade show floor like he told me?”


“Oh honey you will be on display all day on your feet, smiling getting horny old men rubbing up on you and trying to talk you into going out with them for dinner that night. You can bet you will be on your back in some guys bed after dinner, just be damn careful!”


I looked off in a day dream gaze. “So he just asked me to do this because we screwed that one time, you think?”


“Marca if your going to screw some old fart and believe me they are all going to be as old as your father if not older, get paid for it, not less than 400 a night, but don’t tell your father I told you all that.”


The next day Mr. Hill and I took a Southwest flight to Houston and checked in at the Downtown Houston Hyatt. He was in 606 and I was in 604, we had a door that opened up to each of our rooms. No sooner had we checked in than he knocked on the door between our rooms.


I open the door and in came Bert with a glass of wine for me. “Here sweet heart to a great week, god Marca I had a hard on for you the last 3 days, I been holding off until I got you down here, come on baby lets make up for lost time.”


I didn’t say a word, I just got on the bed as he lowered his pants and I eased Bert's huge cock deeper into my mouth as I felt my pussy start to contract and expand, my climax flooding over me as I started to cum. The more I sucked on his lovely cock, the more I came. Then I felt him as he held his cock so tight to my suckling mouth I felt his cock swell, knowing he was ready to give me that sweet cream as I sucked harder on his beautiful cock. He began to erupt as his hot cum filled my hungry mouth, it shooting into and down my throat as I greedily sucked his juice from that lovely cock.


As it filled my mouth and dripped down my chin, I looked up at him again to see him looking down at me with that shit eating grin on his face, big cock guys know when they have you under their spell.  Then we got off my bed as I took a hand towel and cleaned his cum from my face and tits as it had dripped onto them. I told him to sit in the chair by the desk so I could sit in his lap. I wanted to feel his cock against my pussy lips again and this was the best way. Then with me on his lap as his huge, cock went between my wide spread thighs and found my dripping clit as I started to rub it. 


I looked down to see his big cock head rubbing along my puffy slit as I rode his hard cock with my slit. I was working just my swollen lips along his cock now as he held me with my back to him, playing with my large tits. My ass was moving back and forth as I rode his cock, the big head touching my clit every once in a while. I was ready for his big cock as I told him. 


"I need it in me! I need your big cock fucking me! Let's get on the bed so you can fuck me."


I said to him as we got up and went back to my big bed. "Marca's ready for your big dick in her now! Let me get on top of you." 


I slid over the top of his hard cock as he took it as I spread my swollen lips apart for his man sized cock. I was dripping wet as he placed that cock to my pussy as I pushed downwards, impaling my pussy on his massive cock. The feel of him going in me took my breath as my pussy craved his hard cock. He gripped my hips and helped me work my pussy further down onto his manhood as I began to fuck him with my hot cunt.  Bert reached up and took my breast as he put his lips around my nipple, sucking on it as I began to wiggle my hot, pussy side to side I took all of his hard, old man cock into me.


His big cock had me filled so full I could barely breathe as I slowly worked my cunt back and forth, enjoying his precious cock with every move I made. There I was, sitting on top of my girl friends dad, our neighbor, my dad's best friend's big cock, giving him my plump pussy as we fucked. What a slut I was, fucking a 47 year old man in a hotel and away from home for the first time and with my fathers blessing.! 


"Oh, Baby! That feels so good! You have me so full of your big dick!" I whispered to him as he sucked on my tits, thrusting his huge cock to me. "Your cock is so hot to me! I have never had one feel so good! Fuck me, baby! Fuck Marca's pussy with your big dick! That's it! That's it! Yes! Oh, YES!" 


I felt that beautiful cock as it entered my womb, touching places that most of the high school boys cock’ s had ever touched before as I started to cum! I could feel his big cock head as it pressed so deep in me as my juices started to flow. My body was trembling and my pussy was convulsing as my climax just kept going on and on as he fucked me hard and deep. Bert was holding his big cock all the way inside me as he thrust so deep and just held me to his massive cock. I felt him as his cock throbbed deep within my cock hungry pussy. He was ready to cum too as I threw my pussy back to his cock. 


"Cum with me, Baby! I want your cum, fill me! Fill my pussy with your hot sweet cum!"


I hollered as my pussy quivered over his hard cock as he started to cum in me, that hot cum spurting as it filled my womb. "Fuck me harder! Ram that cock to my hot pussy! Shoot me full of that hot cum! Oh, Baby! That's it! Give me that hot cum! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, yes! Fuck my cunt!"  And fuck me he did as he shot me so full of his hot cum. I took his love juices, as I continued to cum, over and over as he slammed his big, old cock to me. Up until this time I had never had a cock like his and never came like this as he fucked me that afternoon and later that night.

  To be continued….  



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