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My Education Gets Advanced

Moving up my education
Suzie opened the bottle of champagne and poured three glasses. She passed one to each of us, held hers towards us and said, "Cheers, here is to a fun evening."

We sipped the champagne and made small talk. It all felt a little surreal. There I was standing buck naked with a hard on, Diane was naked apart from her heels and stockings and Suzie was wearing a silk dressing gown.

Seeing me looking, Suzie just shrugged her shoulders and slid the gown off. The silk just flowed off her body like water and there she was, as naked as us. She had a toned, slim body, it was smooth and looked like satin. Her boobs were smaller than Diane's but sat on her chest like firm jelly's, her nipples pointed upwards and were already hard. The thing I noticed most however, was her pussy was completely shaved, this was in the days before it was fashionable. Her pussy was as bald as the day she was born and I could not take my eyes off it.

Suzie just watched me and smiled. She turned to Diane and said, " you're right, he is a horny young devil and I swear that cock of his has got harder since I got naked."

"I know Suzie, the damn thing just won't go down," laughed Diane.

I was feeling quite proud about this and looked down at my cock. There it was standing hard and proud. I thought that what ever they had in mind I was sure I could manage.

Suzie put her glass down and slid her hands over her body. She was teasing her own nipples, pulling on them, teasing them and pinching them. Her nipples started to respond and stiffen. Although her boobs were smaller than Diana's, her nipples were longer and were so sexy. Watching her pleasure her own body was just so erotic and the atmosphere was so hot you could smell the sex in the air.

Diane decided to take things a step further and moved over to Suzie. She put an arm around Suzie and kissed her deep on the mouth. Suzie continued to move her hands over her own body and began to play with her pussy. She parted her pussy lips when her hand was joined by Diane's. I saw Diane slide her fingers over Suzie's lips and slip a finger into her.

Suzie was grinding on Diane's hand, while Diane finger fucked her. I just decided to sit on the only chair in the room and watch the show. The two of them stumbled onto the bed and the show continued. Diane got on top of Suzie and started to kiss and lick her way down her body.

Suzie was wriggling and moaning as Diane continued to worked on her body. Slowly Diane approached Suzie's pussy. They had arranged themselves into a classic 69. Diane was facing down the bed so I could see Suzie lapping at her pussy. I could not see what Diane was doing to Suzie, but I could see the results. Suzie was losing concentration on what she was doing because of what Diane was doing. Suzie just put her head back and just enjoyed having her pussy licked and fingered.

Suzie opened her eyes and saw me watching. My cock was pointing at the ceiling by now and a wicked grin formed on her lips. She beckoned me over, I stood up and approached. Suzie took hold of my cock and pulled it to her mouth. Her lips wrapped round my cock and I started to fuck her mouth. She took my whole length into her mouth and down her throat.

She was deep throating me and I was loving it. However, she pulled me out, as what ever Diane was doing to her was driving her mad. She held my cock and moved it up to Diane's pussy. She guided me to the entrance of Diane's swollen soaked pussy and with one firm thrust I was in, all the way in. I was slowly sliding in and out, her pussy was so hot and tight.
"That's not fair, I'm getting sore there and he has already fucked me stupid," hissed Diane.

Suzie just laughed and went back to licking Diane's pussy and suching on her clit. So there I was, fucking Diane's pussy with an added sensation. Suzie was alternating licking Diane's pussy while licking and sucking on my balls. Diane was starting to sob and moan and I felt a familiar feeling, Diane's pussy muscles gripped my cock and she came again and again, her whole body shuddering.

"No more. Please no more. My pussy can't take it," moaned Diane.

"That's ok sweetie, I'm sure we can move on with his education," said Suzie.

With that she eased my still hard cock out of Diane's pussy. I thought she was going to suck it, but no. Suzie put the tip of my cock against Diane's anus. Diane started to wriggle and she tried to move out of the way, but Suzie held her firm and nodded at me.

"No! don't you dare you bastards," said Diane, but Suzie held her cheeks apart and assured me it was okay.

Before I pushed forward I said to Diane, "Are you sure?"

Diane nodded and said, "Yes but please go easy".

I pushed my cock against her anus and slowly entered her bum, it stretched wide and took my whole length.

"Oh god, it's been years since I was butt fucked, it feels so naughty but so good," wailed Diane.

I took it slowly, getting her used to my cock in her ass and also getting used to the feeling myself. Suzie had wriggled out from under Diane and had gone around behind me. I was slowly fucking Diane when I felt my arse cheeks parted and then a brand new sensation. Suzie was licking my anus. I could hold off no longer and came deep in Diane's ass.

My cock finally softened slipped out with a pop and I collapsed on the bed feeling exhausted.

Suzie sent me to have a shower and helped Diane sort herself out. I had a hot, then cold shower. When I came out Diane was fast asleep on the bed with her head on Suzie's lap.

I went and sat on Suzie's side, and she kissed me.

"Lets get some rest and continue later," she said.

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