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My first night in london

As I continue my search for a more mature man. I stumbled across a website, seemingly very interesting. So I signed up, with the hopes that that I would find me a sexy mature "papa", for mine and his sexual pleasure.. So as time progressed I kissed a few frogs"literally". After months of being on the site and very close to the point of closing my account. I stumbled across his profile, and the header reader" Mature guy, seeks young companion". Instantly my mind started to create fantasies based on the very small picture that I saw of his big, thick cock.

So I immediately sent him a message, knowing that he would respond. An my message read as followed:-


I saw your profile as I was just about to close my account, how ironic? I had the pleasure of going over your profile, an you interest me very much. Hence my reason for messaging you. I am tall 5ft. 8", athletic figure, 42dd boobs, african descent, an a very wet pussy, if you are interested off course?

Yours wetly, Ygirl"

After sending my message I patiently waited for a response, finally after 2 days I got a mail back saying,

"Hi, Thank you very much for your mail Ygirl. It was indeed a pleasure to read that very descriptive, description of yourself. I must start of by telling you that I am married. However that dosen´t mean I cant have FUN!! I am in my late 60´s and very fit. Salt an pepper here with a little dash of grey, also you can tell that I have had a couple beers to many by belly. So if you are interested in an old geezer like me. Send me your email address, as I hardly ever come on this site often."

Immediately I replied with my email address and within seconds I got an IM request from a Mr. Paul, in doubt, I accepted the request. To my very Great surprise it was my fantasy guy from the website. Immediately we started chatting and exchanging common information about myself. I told him that I was way younger than him, and am not sure how young he meant by "young companion". The Conversation went as follows:

Paul: How young exactly do you mean? Ygirl: 20 Paul: I must admit, that I didn't think you were that young Ygirl: is my age a problem? Paul: No it isn´t if you have a tight pussy, an its as wet as you say it is? Ygirl: I can personally assure you that, it´s very much wet at this moment, and its as tight as me asshole!! Paul: before we go any further, where are you from? Ygirl: am from Tobago Paul: ah damn it!! am from the uk, so there goes my chances of sucking that wet pussy dry Ygirl: Oh yeah, I thought you were a bit closer to the island Paul: well dont worry...... do u have a cam? Ygirl:nope Paul:pics? Ygirl:nope Paul:phone # Ygirl:yes Ygirl: don´t you think we are going a bit to fast Paul: NO!! I know what I have been looking for, an I think that you are exactly what I need to bring some Fun back into my life Ygirl: ok.... Paul:Do you like girls as well? Ygirl: maybe... Paul: you see, me and me wife are planning to go on vacation Ygirl:an? Paul:well maybe we can come to you instead, or you can come to us? Ygirl: are you serious? Paul: as serious as I can be Ygirl: sure I can come to the uk Ygirl:are you a serial killer? Paul: The only thing I intend on killing you with is LUST!!

After several days of similar conversations between Paul and i, an after speaking to his wife tammy, we settled on the choice of me going to that uk. All expenses paid by the freaky couple. So we chatted and chatted and exchanged some more info!! Eventually w decided on a date, when they should buy my ticket for!!

I boarded my flight at the local airport and prepared my self for the 8 hour journey ahead. After dinner on the plane. I settled myself for a nap, as I was excited, and wanted to look my best for my KINKY FRIENDS!! I awoke to the sound in the cabin, by the pilot, preparing the flight attendants for landing. I smiled to self, as I knew that this was the dawn of an exciting,steamy,sex filled, weekend. After clearing with immigration officers, I headed out the arrivals gate, funny enough, I saw a sign that read "YGIRL" Trying my best to manage my suitcase and still look Sexy I slowly walked towards the sign, after several glances they realized that I was ygirl and they rushed over to help with the bags. For a brief moment I was in a dream, for they both looked so hot, tammy had the best portioned breast, while he had this slight bulge in his pants. We exchanged all the greetings that we all knew, in an aid to seem polite, as we all deep down had been satisfied by the sight of each other, an instantly wanted to start, focking and sucking. After arriving at their home, tammy had to leave for work, as she was a nurse, lucky for me she was working the night shift that weekend. So I showered and sat in front of the television, as I was still a little out of my element. While sitting on the couch, I heard this deep voice in my ear"how was your flight?" I turned to see Paul standing behind me, cigarette in hand and nude as a new born baby!! F..ine... I stumbled.. I stood as he came around to the front of the couch, for if I didnt I would be poked in my eye bye his erected cock!! As I stood he said"i think we have done enough talking over the net, the past couple of days" Instantly he started to unbutton my blouse, at the same time I can feel my pussy begining to slime.. He gently scooped up my boobs and started to suck on my nipples, at this time I started to stroke on his penis, as I really wanted to suck his well sculpted cock. As if to signal he read my mind, he sat on the couch, while i, went over hime upsided down on the couch,69. I gently yet firmly enveloped his cock between my lips and tounge, while I can feel him licking my pussy, I swalloed his penis, while stroking it with my tounge.. ummmm oh yeah bitch... I heard echoed from between my arse, I instantly started to wine on his face, as nothing turns me on more than a vocal man. Sucking his cock more and more while rubbing my pussy more and more on his wet face. I screamed uh.. ummm.uh!! Quickly I raised aallowing him to stand again. I placed myself in the doggie position on that carpet. and I started to rock back and forth on his hard cock slowly..forward and quickly back....slowly forward and quickly back, was the rythmn at th which we were going. He gently bent over and started rubbing my clit with his hand, at the same time he began to fock me, bringing his two hands to the begs of my bottom and sinking his nails in them, he screamed "i wanna cum... I cant hold it anymore, this is tighter and wetter than I have imagined" I started to play wwith the muscles of the walls insided my vargina, making them contract, before I knew it, all his lovely juices were running down my leg.. Quickly he turnt me over, lying on my back on the carpet, I rubbed my pussy and realised that there was still some sperm, so I guicly licked my hands sucking whatever little I can get while he was sucking me dry..... Oh ..ah yeah.. umm am coming..ah .oh,, mmmmmmmm.

An that was my first night in London. A quickie, but very satisfying
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