My First Time With An Older Woman

By jox

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Paying my rent to to my 50-something landlady, I deposited a little more than my rent money!
When I returned from Viet Nam in the early 70's, the company I was working for prior to my Army service, sent me to one of its' subsidiaries in Arkansas. While I was there I rented a mobile home from a widow that was located about a 100 yards from her main residence. She was a fairly attractive woman in her middle 50's, but, being only 25 at the time, my interest in her was limited to making small talk when I stopped by to pay my rent. After being there several months, I made my normal stop at the beginning of a month to give her the monthly rent. It was particularly hot that day and she asked if I would like to stop in for a cool glass of lemonade. She got the lemonade and we sat down in her living room. After several minutes of talking about the weather and my job, she asked me how my social life was going. I told her it was pretty much non-existent. She said hers was too. Her husband had passed away several years ago and, although she occasionally went out, it always turned out to be disappointing. Finishing my lemonade, I started to get up to leave when she suddenly blurted out, "James, I really like sex". Some what startled by her remark, I sat back down and the only thing I could think of to say was " I really like sex too". As we looked at each other, I felt a familiar stirring in my pants. She got up from her chair and came over to the couch where I was sitting. Kneeling with her legs outside of mine, she leaned down and our lips met in a very tender kiss. Pulling back slightly, she said "Would you like to have sex with me"? My cock suddenly throbbed and I knew she could feel it. A slight smile came over face. "Does that mean yes"? I smiled back and answered her question by pulling her forward to me. Our tongues met as she ground her pussy into my now aching cock. Sliding back to the floor she started to rub the bulge in my pants. "Aren't you awfully confined in there"? "Take it out" I replied. Her eyes never left mine as she unzipped my pants and removed my cock from its restraints. "God, I love young cock. You're so hard. Doesn't that feel better"? Still staring into my eyes, she stroked my shaft as I groaned in appreciation. Releasing my cock, she rose to her feet and, slowly, unbuttoned her blouse. After letting it fall to the floor, she unzipped her slacks and pushed them down over her hips and thighs and stepped out of them. The anticipation of seeing a naked woman for the first time in several months was clearly evident on my face and I sensed that she was getting as turned on as I was. My cock bounced wildly as she removed her bra and panties revealing a perfect set of slightly sagging tits with long nipples and a hair covered pussy that I could see was dripping with anticipation Lying back on the carpet, her fingers started rubbing her tits and tweaking her nipples. "I need you, James. Fuck me, baby. I want that big, hard cock. Fuck me now, and later you can have me anyway you want me". As I watched this woman writhing on the carpet, her words were driving me crazy with lust. I got down between her legs and buried my cock in her cunt in a single thrust. She was so wet with desire that I had no trouble stroking in and out of her sweet pussy. She was matching my pent-up desires thrust for thrust. "Ooooh God, that feels soooo good. Feels soooooo good! Fuck me, baby. Fuck my pussy. Fuck it!", she wailed. And fuck it I did. For 10 minutes I slammed my cock in and out of her love hole. Her screams of ecstasy driving me faster and faster. Finally, my cum began it's inevitable journey. As my balls tightened, my cockhead erupted, firing wad after wad of white cream into her cunt. I could feel her pussy walls tighten around my shaft as the last of my cum oozed into her channel. We laid there on the carpet in each others arms for a few minutes, savoring what had just happened. We both knew there was a lot more to come. Remember that "anyway you want me". But that's another story.