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My first week in Tenerife

My holiday in Tenerife continues in the same way it started!

After the unexpected, but highly pleasant events on the first night of my stay in Tenerife with Dave and Claire I was rather uncertain what was going to happen the day after. I had only briefly seen Dave and Claire on Sunday morning. All seemed to be fine with them and no mention or any other indication was made of Claire and Maria’s visit to my bedroom for what had been my first FFM threesome. Quite an event after nearly a year without sex. I had arranged to catch-up with some other friends holidaying on the Island on that Sunday and it turned into a rather boozy session. I returned in the early hours of Monday morning, very much the worse for wear and fell straight to sleep. If Claire had repeated her nocturnal wanderings she had failed to wake me.

I rose late on Monday and both Dave and Claire had gone about their business, leaving me to laze around the villa. Mid-afternoon I heard activity next door in Ken and Karen's villa. I had met them at the dinner party on Saturday and enjoyed Karen's later visit to my room immensely!  What a busy evening it had been! I tried to find a vantage point to see who was there but only just caught a glimpse of Karen’s long, slender legs swinging into her car and then she drove off. While I would have liked to talk to Karen, mainly to ensure there were no repercussions from our romp, my head was still telling me I should take things easy.

Monday evening was a quiet one, the three of us had a little BBQ and not too much wine. We all agreed an early night was the way forward. Having undressed I just lay on top of the bed and read more of my ebook, interspersed with the odd reflection on the evening’s conversation. As far as I could tell there hadn’t been any recognition of Claire’s visit to me all day. As I was just re-running my Saturday night surprises when the unmistakable sounds of love, or should I say vigorous sex, drifted in from across the landing. If Dave and Claire were both playing away then they were still playing at home. No problem, good they are still enjoying being together, getting the best of both worlds. After a final flurry of rhythmic bed creaking and some loud groaning, all fell silent and I feel asleep, eReader on my stomach.

I don’t know what had woken me. It was just becoming light when I saw my door handle turn and Claire looked into the room. Seeing my eyes were open she came in. She was wearing a blue, two-piece, business suit.

“Morning big boy,” she said in a hushed tone and with a beaming smile.

“Morning,” I responded in the same conspiratorial tone.

She sat in the bed next to me, her hand immediately connecting with my cock. I guess I’d had a before waking erection as it was enlarged but by no means stiff.

“I was going to come and see you last night but got distracted and didn’t think you’d like sloppy seconds.” She was now giving me a squeeze and a pull.

“I heard,” I replied, “Sounded fun. By the way, I wouldn't have said no.”

“That’s good to know. Dave’s still a good shag on a good day.”

“You’re looking ready for business,” I said, commenting on her dress.

“I am.” She moved further down the bed and lowered her lips onto my cock. It was well into stiffening by now and responded to her kiss with a little kick. She took me into her mouth.

“I was talking about the suit,” I just about managed to say before giving into a groan as her lips and tongue got to work on me.

She held me just outside her very red lips and said, "You've forgotten, haven't you? I'm off to La Gomera today, back Wednesday evening." The swollen end of my cock was licked then engulfed into her mouth again. It was true, she had told me on last Saturday that she was going away and it was also true I had forgotten.

She really got down to work, with her hand curled around the bottom of my shaft and her head bobbing on the rest of my cock, her lips tight on my shaft and helmet. My head went back with the sheer pleasure.

She broke off briefly. “Don’t hold out, my taxi will be here in twenty minutes and I’ll have to brush my teeth again.”

She redoubled her efforts and her other hand started to squeeze and jiggle my balls. If I had any intention of holding out I forgot it and, after a short spell of really vigorous hand work, I pumped into her warm, wet, welcoming mouth.

Claire made a sound that was mix of ‘mmmmm’ and ‘oh’, released my cock from her lips and dispensed the next two squirts of cum onto my stomach. She grinned at me and licked her lips.

“That should keep you going until I get back,” she purred then looked at her watch.

“God, I’ve got to hurry! I’ll use your bathroom.”

I heard my toothbrush purr and wondered what it would be like when I used it later. Claire reappeared, walked to the mirror by the door and applied a good wipe of lipstick. A little tug of the skirt and she gently opened the door, blew me a kiss and left. I looked down at my softening, but content cock, lying a little short of a good splash of spunk on my stomach. It was covered in red lipstick smudges. ‘Beautiful.’ I thought.

By the time I was up and about, Dave had left but he came back early afternoon. For such a long-standing friend, he seemed uneasy talking to me. He seemed to have something to say but we talked about nothing. I began to suspect it was about Claire and her visits to my room.

“Up to anything tonight?” he asked and it sounded like another diversion from what he really wanted to say.

“Nothing planned,” I replied, “Wondered if you fancied a few in the bar down the road?”

“Would do, but, ..”

“No probs,” I responded into his pause.

“Well, er, Rex, I, it's, it's that I have company tonight. It would be good if Claire didn't know if you take my drift. And if you could make yourself scarce, don't like to ask, but …"

He did look most uncomfortable.

A mass of thoughts passed through my mind. Claire had said they were both cool with each other playing away and that didn’t stack up with this little talk. Then I thought of Claire that very morning and did Dave know anything about it.

I’d been quiet too long. “Dave no problem! I’ll take myself off to the bar, few beers, probably have a bite to eat, then slip back in and go straight to my room. Not a problem at all.”

"Thanks, Rex!" He looked relieved. "And Claire….?"

“Not a word.” I patted him the shoulder and we both grinned.

Dave came back around six, leaving about seven to fetch his ‘friend’, so I took my cue to head to the bar. To get there I had to pass Ken and Karen’s villa. As I did Karen arrived home and called to me as she got out of her car. At least the friend isn’t Karen I thought, remembering that Ken was still away.

Karen looked great in tight white shorts, tanned legs and a loose-fitting top that immediately showed she had no bra on. She gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Where are you off?” she asked.

“Just giving my hosts some space for a few hours. I’m going to give the bar a once over.”

“Don’t expect too much!”

“Not so good?”

“Er, not really." She was holding my gaze and a lot of Saturday night rushed into my mind, but it didn't seem right to just assume she wanted to carry on from where we left off. ‘Did Ken enjoy his pie?' did not seem the right question to ask!

“Look I’ve got a few things to do, so why don’t you have drink or two, then come and see me, say, around eight-thirty and we’ll have a home delivery. Is that a deal?" 'A home delivery, like Ken had on Saturday,' I thought.

“Signed and sealed in my book!”

It took three beers to fill the time until I could head back to Karen's. The shorts and the top were still on and she led me through the villa onto their terrace. It was just starting to get dark and the terrace and pool lights were on. It all looked very tranquil. 

“It’s so warm tonight I thought we be more comfortable out here.”

“Fine by me.”

She had a bottle of wine open and handed me a glass. We raised our glasses and leaned very close to each other. I took the chance of giving her a kiss on the lips. She responded in spades. It was strange that we had fucked but not kissed until this moment. The kissing done, she put her hands on my waist and moved back a little.

“Most important thing is to get the food ordered! What do fancy?”

‘Hot pussy,’ I thought first. My mind had obsessed on sex since I got here.

“I’m easy, Chinese?”

“My fave, trust me to order?”

“Of course,” and she went inside to make the call.

“30 minutes,” she said returning. “Just time for a dip!”

“I haven’t ..”

“Have you forgotten? I’ve seen it all before,” she said giving me a stroke on the chin.

Her shorts were down and top was off before I’d got my shorts down. I enjoyed watching that cute arse sway to the pool edge and then she dropped herself in. I joined her and we bobbed around for a while and then got up close and personal. My hands just couldn’t keep off her body, her arse, and then my mouth was on her nipple. Her hand cupped my cock and balls and she started to work on me.

“Best not to get too carried away,” I suggested, “someone has to answer the door.”

“I’ll do it,” Claire answered, bobbing in the water and shifting her hold onto my stiffening shaft.

“I dare you to do it like you are!" I said as a throwaway.

“And if I do, what do I get?”

“A Chinese!” I responded, “And my best pussy pleasing tongue for as long as you like.”

“How do I know if that’s worth it? We seemed to skip over that bit on Saturday.[G23] ”

I picked her up and sat her on the side of the pool. Water streamed off her nice, firm tits, off her shapely legs and from her smooth, waxed pussy. I opened her knees and took in her smooth, full lips, the inner lips just making an appearance. I lowered myself, started with a kiss and followed with a gentle lapping that progressively pushed between her lips and I started to trick her clit. I’d been dreaming about doing this sort of thing, literally dreaming, for a whole year, now here it was, offered willingly by a pool on a warm night in Tenerife. I licked and sucked for England, and me!

“Ding Dong!”

Pulling my hair, Karen detached me from her pussy, took her legs out of the water and set off towards the door. I thought she may pick a towel off the table but no, she walked straight past and opened the door. It was a young guy and as the door opened he was holding the bag out in front of him at shoulder height. As he took in Karen’s naked form, blatantly displayed, his arm lowered in slow motion, his eyes widened and mouth opened. Karen took the bag, thanked him, saying ‘Gracias, senor’ and closed the door. ‘Now that is an exhibitionist!’ I thought.

“You had better not tire your tongue out eating these ribs. It has a lot of work to do later, and I mean a lot!”


On Wednesday morning I waited in Karen’s villa until I saw Dave’s car drive past. I couldn’t see his passenger very well but they looked to have long black hair. Karen had gone about an hour before to open her shop. Once back in Dave and Claire’s villa I got some breakfast and coffee and sat by the pool. Another sunny day and a mixture of thoughts. Last night had been quite a ride in every sense of the word. Karen was simply fantastic. The looks, the figure and a sexual appetite that seemed insatiable to me. Unlike my first session with her I had made her orgasm, first on my tongue and finger as she took her prize from the door opening dare, then more than once during the night as she rode me or I rode her. A year off sex sure makes you appreciate it when it is available.

But then there were other thoughts. Claire would be back tonight and her ‘parting shot’ with me said she intended to fulfill her statement of me having a busy week. I started to wonder how my involvement with Claire and Karen was going to work. And I almost forgot Maria may be in the picture as well. But was it really a problem. If you present your husband with a pussy full of cum he is going to have to know you've had sex with someone else and presumably he's happy about that. And Dave can hardly have a go at Claire. What I wasn't too sure about was what would happen if Claire knew I'd had sex with Karen and vice versa. Was I cheating on someone who was already cheating with me? I lazed and brooded the day away, easing my well-drained balls on every occasion I could.

Claire's taxi from the ferry arrived just after five and we were still on pleasantries like ‘How was your trip?’ when Dave arrived. Neither wanted to cook so I suggested I take them out. We taxied to the ‘Chicken Shack’, high above Adeje town and took a table on the terrace with a splendid view out across the Atlantic to the island Claire had just visited. It was Dave’s choice as he just loves their spicy rabbit dish. It was also alarmingly fair priced I thought later when picking up the bill.

Dave took a natural break and I saw Claire was looking over to La Gomera with a distant look in her eyes.

“Happy memories?” I teased.

"Very! A friend of Marco and Maria’s. Very Latino and a lot of stamina!” Claire responded with a broad grin. “If I hadn’t of had that all arranged some time ago I’d have suggested you come with me. See another island, have a shag or two.” That did cause all my thoughts of earlier in the day to come rushing back. Dave returned and ended that theme of conversation.

Claire was looking great. I knew she was only a few years younger than me but she’d pass for ten years younger any day. She had a great figure, curvy, but in the right way. Hair just right, and tonight wore a dress with a fitted top, presenting her nice tits very well and a short skirt that flared from her waist. That corset entered my mind, followed by the red lipstick.

On the way back Claire joined me in the back of the taxi. With the windows down it just wasn’t possible to hold a conversation. As we bounced down the road through Adeje town, Claire took my right hand and put it under the hem of her dress, high up her thigh. She eased her legs apart and gave me a ‘get on with it’ look. She had done ‘a Karen’. And she was wet already. I tried to look relaxed, leaning back into the leather seat while she moved into the corner of the seat, moving her pussy closer to me. I stroked. I parted her lips. Her clit was already hard and I felt her tense as I gave it a brisk, but gentle, side to side trick. Dave seemed to just stare through the windscreen but I’m sure the driver got the idea and adjusted his mirror a few times. As we got close to the villa I removed my hand, the fingers wet with Claire’s pussy juice.

“That will do until later,” she whispered as we waited for Dave to unlock the door.

We had another wine on the terrace to round off the evening. Claire sat next to Dave, opposite me, and treated me to a few pussy flashes as we chatted about this and that. I finished my wine and set off to bed. I was genuinely tired as Karen had not exactly let me have much sleep the night before. As I lay on the bed I wondered what was going to happen.

I heard Dave and Claire go to bed and soon it sounded like a replay of Monday night was underway. I switched the light out and dosed. Claire’s whispers woke me.

“Budge over,” she hissed. I did and she lay on the bed then turned her back to me. I lay on my side and she nestled her arse into me, getting her hand on my cock by reaching between her legs. 

“Hope you were being honest about sloppy seconds. He’s cum a lot, must have been saving it up from the night I was away.”

‘Don’t think so,’ I thought as I stiffened quickly. She was now holding the swollen end of my cock and rubbing her lips back and forth on my shaft. She was indeed very wet. An extra move and my cock was surrounded by a hot and silky sensation.

“I just love having different cocks in me,” Claire rasped, pushing back onto me and wiggling her hips.

I started to move in and out. The slurping sound was very loud. We both started to giggle and it was getting out of hand quickly. I slipped out and Claire moved up a little to get me back in. Once there she gripped onto me. God, she could squeeze, and there was a little, wet farting sound which brought back the giggles. I got to work with my right hand on her clit for the second time that night. She was very sensitive and shudders started within moments. I just carried on, slapping against her arse, her clenching onto me, her stomach convulsing and the slurping sounds filling the room. I came and came.

“That felt good,” she whispered, looking back over her shoulder. We lay still until I slipped out. Claire rolled off the bed.

“Sleep tight,” she said and went to the door. Just as she got there we both heard another door opening and footsteps going downstairs. Claire looked at me horrified and I looked back more horrified. As soon as the footsteps moved away she was through the door, leaving it ajar. I lay rigid, turning the light off so it did not show through the door. A toilet flushed downstairs and Dave came back up, went into their room and the door closed. I waited for the shouting but there was none, just silence.

Even though I woke early on Thursday, I didn't venture out of my room. To me, there was no way Dave had not realised Claire had left their room after they fucked. But why would he go downstairs to use the toilet when they had an en-suite?

I tried to make out the noises and movements but there were no clues, so I waited until two front door closures before I ventured out. It did feel odd to be in the villa of two of my oldest friends, who I was probably about to fall out with big time. I thought of fleeing to the airport, even going next door to Karen, but when I really thought about it I'd heard no shouting or arguing at all so maybe Dave and Claire were cool about each other's activities and had an ‘open' relationship. But why was Claire horrified when she heard Dave walking around? Perhaps Claire had got away with not being in their bed when Dave went downstairs? I decided to go out, down to the ‘Front’, stroll around a bit and have a lunch overlooking the Ocean.

By the time the taxi dropped me off both Dave and Claire were home. All seemed well. We made some casual chat, was I relaxing, did I fancy going out tonight, nothing untoward. If anything, Claire and Dave seemed a bit on the lovey side. I tried to catch her glance but she was not playing. I went for a comfort break and on my return caught a bit of their conversation. I’m sure I heard Claire say ‘No, you’ve got to ask him.’ It wasn’t an angry tone, more a ‘Will you get on with it’ tone. It all made me feel very uncomfortable so I faked a phone call and made an excuse to go out and meet my Sunday friends. Strangely, it was Dave that looked the most down at my announcement.

I didn’t meet friends, I did drink somewhat and watch a Brazilian dance troupe where all six girls could put their leg behind their head while standing in a row. I got back very late, past two a.m. and went straight to bed.


Friday morning I slept in so both my hosts had left by the time I emerged. Dave had left a note to tell me we were all invited to a BBQ with Ken and Karen that evening, starting about eight. I decided on some morning sunbathing and then a repeat of yesterday afternoon. While having a light lunch and watching the people on the beach I thought over my last year since my divorce from Gill. It had been her idea as she wanted to explore her Sapphic feelings and a husband seemed to be a hindrance. For many months I had felt unwanted and virtually cut myself off from social activities. Dave and Claire moving to Tenerife soon afterwards hadn't helped as they had stayed firmly in my camp through the divorce. After languishing in my self-pity I couldn't decide whether I wanted a new relationship, or to be a free spirit, maybe with a few FWB type arrangements. As I couldn't decide I ended up with nothing for a year, that is until Karen broke the drought on Saturday night.

I arrived back around six, freshened up and joined my hosts for a glass of wine. All three of us walked next door about eight, where Dave quickly took over cooking duties and the rest of us just sat, chatted and drank. It was a very much ‘serve yourself’ deal so I went into the kitchen to fill up my glass. Suddenly Ken was behind me.

He leaned close to my ear. “Nice pie, thank you very much!” he said. I almost dropped the glass then searched my short term memory to check what he said. I’d turned slightly and he chinked my glass with his. “It’d be nice if you’d do us that favour again. Tonight,” he said with a big wink of the eye before walking out of the kitchen door and back to the terrace.

We ate some splendid ribs and slices of fillet, baked potatoes and a great tomato and basil salad, all washed down with a lot of wine. We moved from the table and Karen joined me on one of the sofas. While the general conversation continued she said quietly, “Has Ken spoken to you?”

"Yes." Then I realised she may not be talking about the same topic so I added, "About pies?"

She grinned in return.

“Don’t rush off when we’re all done.”

We re-joined the general conversation which was turning a bit risqué, including Ken saying Karen never wore knickers. To prove his point he lifted her skirt and indeed she wasn’t. Claire laughed and said “What do you expect in this heat!” turned her back to us all, lifted her skirt and did a full, pussy flashing, moon, with a wiggle that brought back memories of Wednesday night for me. While everyone laughed Dave was suddenly sitting next to me. chinked glasses and he relaxed back into the sofa. Then he was whispering in my ear.

“Ever done DP?”

I looked at him.

“Well, I should say VDP as Claire’s not into the up your bum stuff.”

I have to say I didn’t have an answer ready for that one.

I leaned back and said, “Never done it,” hoping that would be the end.

“Claire’s really wound up to give it a try. Been pushing me to arrange it. So, we’re hoping you’ll join in when we get back tonight." He grinned and clinked my glass again, rose and walked across to talk to Karen. Claire blew me a big kiss.

I took a sip of wine, and then a big swig.

‘An embarrassment of riches,’ I thought.

But how was this going to work?


(Authors note: This story follows on from 'My first Night in Tenerife')

(Thanks for reading my erotic story.  If you've enjoyed it please let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me.  Thanks, Rex)



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