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My Friday Night in Tenerife

I resolve how to deal with the two indecent proposals made to me, well sort of!

My evening at Ken and Karen’s BBQ was rushing by and before the end of it I needed to resolve the conundrum that offers from Dave and Ken had caused me. Ken wanted me to have sex with his much younger wife, Karen because he liked to eat her pussy straight after she'd fucked another man. Dave, on the other hand, had asked me to double up his wife, Claire. DP was, apparently, something Claire had fixated on recently and they thought I was the ideal candidate for their first experience. Dave and Claire were friends from back in the UK. They’d moved to Tenerife about a year ago, in fact just as my divorce from my wife of many years, Gill, was finalised. Both offers had been made at the BBQ with a sell by date of tonight.

I thought about asking them for two, overlapping threesomes. No, there was a lack of chemistry between the two couples, despite them being friends and neighbours and both couples being into sexual experimentation. Maybe something about Dave didn’t work for Karen or some other combination, whatever, it wasn’t there and so that was not an option.

Could I do both? Well, last Saturday I did with about three hours in between. But that was after a year of only self-administered sex and I certainly had a lot of encouragement! And I had on Tuesday night when I stayed with Karen while Ken was away, but then it was about six hours between shags and Karen could be very persuasive when she wanted a stiff cock. So, it was possible with enough hours in between but how do I hold off one offer while I enjoy the other?

Problems, problems and this is supposed to be my holiday. Still, a nice problem to have. I could just turn one down, and that would have to be Ken and Karen as I’d only known them days and I was staying with Dave and Claire. But that means turning Karen away. Blonde, slender, tanned, and a very tasty pussy so I’d found out. The wine wasn’t helping.

If I looked at Dave or Ken they winked back. At Karen or Claire and I got a wicked grin.


I was pulled out of deep thought.

“Which one do you want?”

I nearly panicked, had they been talking about the two offers while I was tuned out?

“Er, sorry, just lost in thought….”

"More red or some cava? It’s not rocket science!” explained Karen. She stood and came over to where I was sitting. Bending down, she said, “I think this holiday is proving a bit of a trial for you, Rex." With her back to the others, her face was one big, naughty grin and she winked heavily. She stayed bent down just that little too long, giving me a reminder of her perfect tits.

"I'll go with cava!" I said a little too loudly. There, I can make decisions. And I decided. Bolstered by the wine and feeling invincible, I choose to try and do both! Well, when both are equally enticing what's a man supposed to do? I needed a quiet word with Dave to say ‘OK, but later, after some recovery time. I needed to pull the same ‘lads helping lads’ trick he had done on me earlier in the week to get me to go out while he ‘entertained a friend’ and got me to agree not to mention it to Claire.

While on another topping up run, I saw Dave just coming out of the bathroom and beckoned him over into the deserted lounge.

“Dave, er, bit of an issue….” Dave looked very concerned.

“Claire’ll be very upset if you won’t. She feels you’re the one to do this with us. Feels safe with you.” There was a lot of concern in his voice.

“No that’s not the issue. I’m willing to give that a go. It’s just….”

“Don’t say condoms, Claire wants bare….” I gestured him to a stop.

“It’s just that I’m on a promise with Karen, tonight.”

He stared at me. I couldn’t read his feelings. Then that grin appeared.

“You lucky fucker! I’ve tried ever since we got here, but no go. She told me one old man in her life was enough.” After a moment he added, “Just need to think what to say to Claire?”

It came to me in a flash. “I’ll make up something about helping Ken move the BBQ and you go home. Entertain her, and I’ll be back later saying we had another drink. You’ll still need to give me a bit of time….”

“Entertain her?”

“Give her one?” He smiled.

Our plan made we started to execute it. Dave soon had Claire ready to go. When I mentioned loudly that I’d be along in a while as I was helping Ken with the BBQ, both Ken and Claire looked surprised. Luckily Ken got on board and we started to pull and push the BBQ around as Dave and Claire walked off. As a last little jest, Dave pulled Claire's skirt up, showing us all her bare bum again. I started to wonder which side I would get.

As soon as the front door was closed Karen put her arms around me from behind. One started at the string on my shorts and the other was straight on my cock. Ken looked on and grinned.

"I said last Saturday, this is your lucky day!” said Ken. He unwrapped Karen’s arms and gestured for me to take a seat on the sofa in their lounge. They stood in front of me, both facing me, Ken standing behind Karen. Ken undid the waistband of Karen's skirt and it fell to the floor. I now had a close-up view of her superb, waxed pussy again. Ken was offering me his younger wife’s body.

“Er, I’m kinda new to this,” I said without taking my eyes of those lips. “How do you two make this work?” New thoughts had entered my mind in the last few minutes of what would Ken be doing while Karen and I got down and dirty.

Karen answered while her left hand reached behind her and found Ken’s crutch. “It’s a little up to you but Ken likes to watch, close up, but don’t worry he won’t touch you. You and I can do what we please, in whatever positions we please as long as you blow your load into me.”

Simple, just like a physics exam, was the strange thought that came to my mind. Ken lifted her top off and she was naked not half a metre in front of me. My fingers found her pussy and started to play. Karen thrilled on my fingers like she had done on Tuesday evening. And Wednesday morning. Ken’s white slacks were down around his ankles.

Karen took a step forward and pulled the legs of my shorts. I raised my ass and they were off. As they were swimming style shorts I hadn’t got anything on underneath. She knelt and her hands and mouth got to work on me. I was delighted to feel my stiffness grow quickly. Ken pushed the footstool up next to Karen. Well, I had been told he likes to get an ‘up close’ view.

“She’s good, isn’t she?” Ken asked.

I didn’t feel it necessary to answer as my cock was fully erect and Karen was pulling her lips off the head with a popping sound. She climbed up me, taking a little bite on each nipple, then presenting her pert tits for me to return the favour. Her hand was gripping around my shaft, wiping my head in between her lips.

“Wet enough for you?” she growled.

Before I could answer she lowered herself onto my cock, slowly and appreciatory. Ken was all but lying across the stool to get the view he wanted. With me pushed right in, Karen circled her hips making my cock twist around inside her pussy, rubbing my stiffness against the folds inside her. It felt good and strangely Ken being there, and I mean right there, didn’t figure in my thoughts at all. I was fully consumed by Karen, her wicked smile, her tits in sucking distance and her cunt wrapped around my cock.

“Tell me when I’m getting to you. I want a doggy finish.” She growled. I nodded in reply as I seemed to be breathing in a lot more than out. She started to ride me which meant Ken could sit back up and still see her lips consuming my cock on each down stroke.

"I bet you've been dreaming about that pussy since Wednesday morning," said Ken. The little part of my brain that was not filled with Karen realised he knew about our night together. I shot him a glance to try and judge his mood but Karen just pushed a tit into my face. I took the nipple and her arm went around my head, holding me onto her rising and falling nipple.

“That was one of the ‘things’ I had to do. Tell Ken I was going to fuck you all night! And see if he could get on the late flight back to join us.” She was getting faster and harder and words were getting gasped rather than spoken.

“If only I could have got a flight back, I’d been there to enjoy it too,” said Ken obviously distracted by his wife’s body now vigorously riding me. I felt it was time to give her clit a little attention. When my finger made contact, it was already hard, pushed out from the cover of her lips. I need to adjust to the riding action, but once I had I felt her body tense, her face start to look sweetly pained. The down thrusts became crash downs until suddenly she stopped and trembled. The tremble became a spasm and Karen shuddered in orgasm.

Ken stood behind her and she leaned back against him. His hands smoothed her hair and massaged her shoulders. It was a very loving scene and her eyes remained closed while her pussy still randomly contracted on my cock.

“Now you need to make him cum,” he whispered in her ear. “Then it’s my turn….”

Karen dismounted me, knelt on the sofa with her cute butt towards me. I joined her, my sap was certainly rising and my cock needed to get back into that hot, wet and willing pussy. I entered her again and she pushed back hard. Each time I moved back she followed until I was right at one end of the sofa. When Ken lay face up on the sofa, his head towards me just under her tits, I realised this was a very practiced threesome. How many cocks had been in the pussy that I was balls deep right then? I didn’t care. She let me start to roger her. She was loose and open to start and I slid in and out freely. As I upped the pace the squeeze began. My thrusts increased in strength, slapping against her ass. Now, instead of pushing me backward, she was allowing herself to be edged along the sofa as I pounded into her. She clenched her pussy, almost making me stop but she was so wet it just forced me to slow and push harder. In the doggy position she had asked for, we edged forward until Ken had a ringside view of my cock ramming into Karen’s dripping wet pussy. It was literally just beyond the end of his nose.

“God! Fuck, you’re….” I didn’t finish the sentence but I did finish. Her hand reached around, holding me in her as my cock pulsed and spunk poured into her.

When I opened my eyes and looked down and saw Ken’s eyes were looking up at me from beyond her pussy and my balls. I hadn’t noticed before but he had beady eyes. I collapsed back, coming out of her in a single move. A dribble oozed out and fell towards Ken. I closed my eyes again and did see what happened to it.

Karen sat up, literally sitting on his face and slurping and sucking sounds came from under her. It may have been a minute or more before Ken lifted her off him, gasping for breath. His face glistened with a mixture of my cum and Karen’s pussy juice. Having regained his breath a huge grin spread across his face and he did an exaggerated wipe around his mouth with his tongue. Karen turned around to face me and lowered her pussy onto his waiting face again. She smiled at me with a slight wince as Ken hit the right spot.

"Suck my nipples, hard!" Now it was a snarl more than a growl. I obeyed and she shuddered again. Over her shoulder, I saw Ken's stiff cock fountain into the air.

As I walked back to Dave and Claire’s I was drained, in every sense of the word. Fucking Karen had been incredible, but having Ken there made me uneasy. Seeing his face down below, beyond her pussy and my balls, gave me a little shiver. But then I thought all three of us had cum within moments of each other so where is the harm? We’re all adults, we all wanted to do it, Ken and Karen keen to do it again before I leave. I just wasn’t so sure. Then I thought about what lay ahead and started to doubt my decision to accept both proposals.


I let myself in. There was no one downstairs and the doors to the terrace were closed. I went upstairs and as I made the landing Claire was standing in their bedroom doorway, naked with hair more than a bit tussled.

"Come here, you naughty boy!” She beckoned me to her with a finger. “I hope you’ve got Ken’s BBQ where he wants it now.…”

I tried to read her. Was this real anger, annoyance at my behaviour? Was my second proposal dead now? To be honest I wouldn't have been devastated if it was.

"I hope you’ve got some stamina left for me.” Her hand found my cock through my shorts and gave it a firm squeeze. I obviously was not off the hook. She pulled me into their room by my cock. Dave was lying, naked, on the bed. On the righthand wall, a flat-screen TV was showing porn, a group sex scene.

My shirt went over my head and my shorts were dispatched to my ankles.

"This is your side," Claire said pointing to the side of the bed nearest me. I got on and laid back. Claire climbed over me and settled between us, face up and looking towards the TV. Dave's hand went onto her pussy.

“Have a feel,” he said to me. Claire took my hand and placed on her pussy. I noticed there were shiny patches on her thighs and her pussy was wet, a sticky wet.

“He entertained me,” said Claire, mocking my earlier conversation with Dave. He had obviously told her everything about the evening.

“It’s the best preparation for DVP so I’m told,” put in Dave in a matter of fact way. “Gets things lubed up and relaxed.” Should I leave? If I didn’t then I needed to concentrate. The evening’s drinks were wearing off now but I was far from certain I’d rise to the occasion. Then Claire took my cock in one hand and Dave’s in the other.

“Let’s see if you boys are ready!” Claire’s hand actions had been very successful last Saturday but now they were doing nothing. My non-return valve was still open. She was having a little more luck with Dave. I tried to follow the porn to get some incentive. The feel of her pussy reminded me of Wednesday night’s sloppy seconds and that got a bit more reaction. I delved between her lips and worked her clit with a circling motion that got an immediate ‘uhmmm’ reaction. Dave’s finger slipped inside her, rather roughly I thought but I guess he knew what he was doing.

He obviously did, as Claire’s body stiffened, her hand left my cock and pushed my hand down harder, sweeping it side to side violently. Her eyes closed, head rolled back and she gave the unmistakable groan that goes with a hard-fought orgasm.

It was a few moments before her hand was reapplied and I did feel more optimistic.

“Have you washed this since...,” she asked, holding my cock low down and slapping it from side to side.

“Of course.”

"Good as I've never been into pussy." With that, she snuggled down onto my stomach and I felt her mouth suck the head of my cock. Promising! The two women on the TV didn't have Claire's issues and were avidly sixty-nining each other. The combination of mouth, hand and girl-on-girl action was showing promise but I did feel I just needed a little more time.

“I think Dave needs a bit of this,” I suggested. Claire looked at me. “I really do think a little more rest will do the trick.”

Claire shrugged and reversed her position. Dave reacted much more quickly and was soon stiffening in her mouth. I thought about cosying up to Claire’s arse, which had worked well on Wednesday night but it still wasn’t there. Claire was now slapping Dave’s stiff shaft against his stomach so I was the only lightweight in the room.

Claire turned her attention to me, hand and mouth first, kneeling to one side, arse in the air. Dave took the opportunity and pushed into her. Her head bobbed up and down quickly and I was rising. Dave was getting very vigorous and the three of us were finding it hard to stay in position. I'm not sure how it happened but suddenly Claire was face up on top of Dave, both of them head towards the TV.

"Come here," said Claire urgently and I made my way in between their thighs. She grabbed my cock and pulled me towards her pussy. She lifted off Dave and told me to take a dip. I did, and few more, covering my cock in the slippery mixture inside her pussy. She then lowered her body putting the head of Dave’s cock just inside her. As I looked down at her, spread wide open, waiting for me, I just about balanced the thought that my cock would be inside the sloppy cunt I’d just enjoyed being in with the thought it would also be sliding along Dave’s cock. Squashed side by side with Dave’s cock.

“Push in,” she ordered me. I tried but, rather than going in, it flicked away.

“Try! Push really hard!” I had another go. Now her hand was holding me, directing me between her lips and over the top of Dave’s cock. I looked away. No! There it was on the TV. A man taking a woman doggy style, and another man underneath them with his face right below her pussy, so close the other guy’s balls brushed his forehead. A slop of cum streamed out. Ken’s beady eyes filled my mind and my fragile hard-on when down like a punctured balloon.


It was a strange night. Dave and Claire carried on without me and in the early hours, Claire had masturbated with a vibrator and a dildo, nearly shaking me off the bed. I had tried to explain my issues but it was lost on a couple having a very hard shag.

In the morning, one by one, we drifted to the bathroom, dressed and, with very few words spoken, ended up on the terrace with a croissant and coffee. Claire’s phone buzzed and she left us.

“You’re not off the hook,” said Dave. He sounded a bit serious.

“Sorry Dave, not as young as I used to be.” I decided to explore the things I didn’t understand about their relationship.

“Dave, I’m a bit confused about you two.”

“It’s complicated,” he replied with a little laugh.

“So Claire has this fascination with DP?”

“You can say that again. She’s desperate to try it. And you are the prime target. That’s the reason we invited you here.”

“And you’re OK with the DP, and me being the other man?”


“Why do you have to set it all up? She could just go off and do it.”

“It’s part of a deal. I set it up, and I get to….”

“Get to what Dave?”

He looked at his coffee and stirred it again.


"Remember Annabel, at the dinner party?" I nodded, designer-dressed, long black hair, very sexy, and Sue’s woman.

“Sue wants her to have a baby, to make their relationship complete. And, er, she wants me to be the father. Oh and she wants it all done naturally.”

After a pause, he started again. “Sue wanted me to tell Claire about it but I just couldn’t, so in the end, she talked to Claire. Made it sound like a sperm donation. We had an interesting chat! I’ve played away quite a bit since we moved here and I’m sure Claire knows or at least suspects that. I’m pretty sure she does too, and that’s were this DP thing has come from."

He paused and sipped his coffee.

“She came back with a deal. I get the DP sorted for her and I can become Annabel’s stud, but can’t start until the DP is done at least once. Hence the secrecy needed last Tuesday. I’ve already started.”

“This sounds like a lot of trouble for a shag. Annabel is gorgeous. Yes, I would, but....”

“Sue wants a big family. It’s an ongoing job. And it would give me the child that Claire wouldn’t.”

That made a bit more sense.

"I need to get this sorted quickly. I sacked my secretary a few weeks ago and she is threatening to tell Claire all about my ‘adventures’. If she does then I doubt if I’ll get to service Annabel and will still have to get her DP sorted.”

I thought about saying I could give you all the evidence you need about Claire but my mind quickly moved on to the Wednesday night when Claire was just about to leave my room and Dave set off downstairs. He had obviously assumed she was in the en-suite and gone downstairs to use the loo. There had been a toilet flush downstairs.

“Bit of a mess.”

“So, are you OK for tonight?”

(Author’s Note: This story follows on from ‘My First Week in Tenerife’.)

Thank you for taking time to read my erotic story. If you liked it please let me know with a comment here or using the messaging service on Lush. I also have a number of other stories here so please take a look! Thanks, Rex

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