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My Last Night in Tenerife

The last night of my holiday in Tenerife fulfils Claire's quest for DVP, and more...

It was my last Saturday of my holiday in Tenerife.  What a holiday! After a year of no sex, I’d shagged two gorgeous women, both married, one to a good friend, and had a great nipple and large breast experience with Maria. And I was still lined up for a DP session with my hosts, Dave and Claire.  And their next-door neighbours, Ken and the delicious Karen, wanted a repeat of sloppy pussy eating. Bummer of a holiday!

But, after my abject failure at providing DVP to Claire, with Dave’s willing assistance, the night before, I was beginning to doubt myself.  All the sex a man could want and a todger that... well, it didn’t rise to the occasion last night.

Dave lost no time in reminding me of my commitment to fulfil Claire's fantasy to have two cocks in her pussy at the same time as the day progressed.  It was important to him as if we succeeded in pleasuring Claire that way she would let have breeding rights with the gorgeous Annabel.  Annabel’s lady, Sue, wanted her bred naturally so the lady couple could have a child, or seven, in Dave’s commentary.  

I felt very unsure.  Dave and Claire were probably my oldest friends.  It had surprised me on my first night when Claire, accompanied by her friend Maria, had given me a splendid threesome.  Dave seemed none the wiser about all this.  Then Claire reprised her visit with a delightful blowjob before she left for La Gomera, followed up by a ‘sloppy seconds’ visit to my room on her return.  You go a year with only your hand then pussy comes from all directions.

Tonight, however, I was to earn my stay by joining in a double vaginal penetration session with Claire. She wanted it, she had fixated on the idea.  I thought about my cock deep in her rather splendid pussy, but at the same time, it would be squashed against Dave’s. It was not a wholly positive thought.  At least Ken and Karen were into one at a time, even if Ken did like to suck my cum out of her the moment I finished.

All day long Claire kept winking at me.  Just after lunch she slipped up next to me and said, “I now understand about last night. Sorry, I did get it at the time.”  She gave me a peck on the cheek and a pull on the cock.  Around three, Dave announced the plans for the evening.  We were in for a quiet meal in, salmon and a salad, then, well nothing was said, but the implication was that we would stay at the villa and get our ‘session’ underway.

It was after four when the whine of a Mercedes diesel engine announced a taxi was thrashing up the hill, stopping outside the villa.  It had struck me as odd that Tenerife taxi drivers try to convince you that they are getting you there as fast as humanly possible by driving in a low gear when all they did was waste their own diesel.  Just after the taxi screeched away, the front door chimed and Claire went to answer it.  She returned with Maria.  They were in an animated conversation with Maria’s hands conducting an unseen orchestra.

The two women continued in a mix of Spanish and English for a few moments after which Claire updated the two of us.

“Maria has walked out on Roberto,” she started, “he’s called her a tramp and said she’s shagging just about everyone. So, she’s told him to stuff it, basically.  She’ll stay here for a few days.”

Maria nodded to confirm she agreed with Claire’s version of events.  My mind wandered away.  Maria was wearing overtight jeans and a tight red top, cut so it gave a splendid view of her large, round breasts.  My mind was very quickly back to last Saturday night when those breasts were repeatedly pushed into my face and I’d sucked greedily on her large, chewable nipples. 

Then it struck me!  What will Maria’s arrival do to our threesome plans?  Cancel them? Become a foursome?  Last Saturday I’d found out that Claire and Maria had had threesomes with men before me, but, from talking with Dave, it was apparent he was unaware of this.  He told me he had no proof that Claire played away by herself, let alone with assistance from Maria.

Dave was dispatched to get more salmon out of the freezer leaving me with the two ladies.  As soon as he was out of earshot, Maria purred, “Did you enjoy yourself last Saturday?”  As she said it she brushed her hands over her rounded breasts.

“Roberto may have a point!” put in Claire. “You can be such a slut sometimes.”

“You taught me!” responded Maria.  I was glad to see it was all being said in good humour.

“I had a fine time, thank you!”  I replied with a big grin, hoping it may be repeated tonight.

Dave returned, bringing that conversation to an end.  As we chatted about more general things I thought what a strange four people we were.  There were two threesomes in four people.  Claire, Maria and I had romped away very happily last Saturday, something that Dave was unaware of.  Then there was Claire, Dave and I who had at least tried to romp away in the early hours and were planning to do it properly later.  I had to wonder if Maria was aware of Claire’s longing for DP. 

The heat of the afternoon was really setting in and it was going to be shade or pool.  Claire persuaded us all it should be the pool, then shade for a drink.  I got up and headed towards the villa to go get my swimming shorts.

“Where are you going?” asked Claire.

“Get my shorts,” I replied.


As she spoke her T-shirt went over her head leaving her bare breasts jiggling for a moment.  Her cut-off denims followed, leaving her naked.  Maria had followed suit, but kept her small thong on, her ample, but not oversized arse, making the string at the back completely disappear.  Dave followed Claire’s lead and all three were in the pool by the time I had my shirt off.

“Get ‘em off! Get ‘em off!” sang Claire and Dave at me. 

My shorts and undies went down my legs and I slapped my way to the pool to join them.  We tossed a beach ball around, progressing from ‘friendly’ throws to trying to make it splash water into the face of the receiver.  Maria seemed to get into the game more than the rest of us.  She was quite short, so when she jumped to catch the ball, her breasts splashed back into the water, something she seemed delighted with, giving a little scream each time.  

The ball games subsided. Claire sat on the side of the pool and Dave nestled his head between her thighs, face pointing outwards, but still very obviously pressing back against her pussy.  She grinned and giggled and would occasionally hold his head in her hands and rub it against herself.  That left Maria and me.  She moved close, very close so that my arms and parts of my body repeatedly brushed against her, nearly always against her breasts or nipples.  This lady really did get pleasure from those magnificent breasts.

We retired from the pool to the terrace.  I sat on a sun lounger to dry off in the sun.

Claire walked across with a bottle of sun cream. "Remember how far south you are," she stated, a little sternly. "You are just north of the tropics.  You need sun cream on if you sit in the sun, especially on those milk-white bits!"  Her gaze went to my groin.  I wasn't sure if this was just a general concern for my welfare or that she didn’t want me crying off later on due to a sunburned cock.

I obeyed and spread the cream over my arms, body, and legs.  Claire hovered nearby.

“All over!” she said even more sternly.

She watched with interest as I gave my cock and balls a rub with the cream.  ‘Did she just lick her lips?’ I thought.  Just then Claire’s phone chirped.  She picked it up from the table and answered.

"Hi, Sue."  She listened for a while.

“Of course, it’s OK. Join us to eat, nothing fancy. See you soon, bye.”

Claire then said to me, “Sue and Annabel are coming over, get some more salmon out, please Dave.”

Now I was confused but then thought that Sue and Annabel may be Claire’s way of neutralising Maria in our plans for later.

Sue and Annabel arrived, walking hand in hand onto the terrace.  I had recognised how attractive Annabel was at the dinner last Saturday, but, as she was in a relationship with Sue, had not really looked at her.  I did now.  Slender, with long black hair, she had a model’s figure.  I felt like she could wear anything and would still be gorgeous.  

Today she was wearing a dress that was cut like a front buttoned coat, complete with lapels.  Made from fuchsia silk, it was tailored at the waist and had a slight flare towards the hem.  The two top and the bottom buttons were undone.  A pair of pink, open-toed shoes with kitten heels finished off the look.  I guessed it had cost Sue a couple of grand.

Helloes said, Annabel moved a sun lounger by the pool, unbuttoned the rest of the coat-dress to reveal a carefully suntanned body, clad in only the briefest of thongs.  She settled onto the lounger, face up, and Sue applied sun cream all over her while she just lay back with eyes closed.  It occurred to me being in the nude with such temptation was not the best way to be discreet.  I was going to need more sun cream somewhere very soon.  I moved to one of a pair of chairs under a sunshade.

Dave brought out drinks, including an orange juice for Annabel.  As he served me a beer, Sue came and took the chair next me.  Unlike the rest of us, she had remained clothed in pale blue trousers and a white top.  She settled in the chair without so much as a glance down at my crotch.

“She is beautiful, isn’t she?” she asked and, as the reclining Annabel was the centre of our view, I assumed that was who she was referring to.  I hesitated, not because I disagreed, but because some partners don’t like other people lusting after the love of their life.

“It’s OK, I know men find her attractive.  They are, of course, wasting their time.”

“She is,” I replied, having overcome my reserve, “Very beautiful.”

“Do you fancy her?”  Another pause as I searched for the right answer.

“What man wouldn’t,” I said. ‘What diplomacy,’ I thought, surprised at my skills of turning the thought of ‘I’d fuck the arse off her anytime,' into those words so quickly.

“You may not be aware, but I knew Gill.  Back in England.”  Gill, as in my ex-wife.

“I wasn’t until recently.”

“Are you still in touch?”

“Not spoken since the divorce. I have no idea where she is, or what she is doing.”

“She always spoke highly of you.”  We looked at each other. “A great husband.  Nicest man she had ever met.  Intelligent. And good in bed.  Just a shame Gill was not able to have children.” 

I was a little taken aback.

“You two are obviously very close,” I said.  It wasn’t every day that Gill would have discussed such things.

“Were.  I haven’t spoken to Gill for around six months.”

“Care to share what happened?”

"Annabel.  Gill met Annabel at a friend's house and there was chemistry until she met me."

The thought that if I’d handled Gill’s Sapphic issues differently I might have enjoyed several threesomes with her and Annabel ran through my mind.

“I want her bred.”  I all but choked on my sip of beer.  This conversation was so wrong in so many ways.  “She wants to as well, but it has to be natural.”  I still could not add to this conversation.

“We chose Dave and he tells me that’s OK with Claire.  I must thank her later.”   I thought about counselling that that would not be a very good idea just yet, but let it pass.  I presumed Sue knew about Annabel’s Tuesday night visit.

"In business, I always like to avoid single supply situations," Sue continued. "It's your last night here, isn't it?"

“Er, yes. Yes, it is.”

"In that case, there is no time to be subtle.  Annabel was strongly attracted to you last Saturday.  Not in a loving way, just in a lustful way.”

I found a new depth of speechless.  Sue fixed me with her gaze.

“Will you have sex with her tonight?  She’s ovulating.”

I found an even deeper speechless.  Sue waited.  Many a time in the past I had said to people ‘When someone offers you what you want, don’t say things like if it’s not too much trouble, or I couldn’t, just say yes, please.’

It was as though someone said it for me. “I’d be delighted.”

“Good, I’ll arrange it,” said Sue as she stood and then strolled away.

What had I just done!  Had I not learned from Friday night? What was I going to say to Dave? ‘Sorry mate, can’t go through with DPing Claire because I’ve got to bareback Annabel’.  Shit and fan on collision course. Again.  I gave my new brains an involuntary squeeze.  

Dave had gone off to the kitchen to prepare the meal, so I joined the others.  As I walked towards them, I realised I was walking towards four women with my cock in full view, gently swaying with each step.  Well, I've started so I'll finish.  I took a seat and only then realised Annabel lay full length in front of me, toes not a chair's width from me.  Claire gave me a wicked look.

"I hope that sausage is not overdone!" she said.

Maria giggled and smoothed imaginary sun cream on her breast.  Annabel raised her head, shielded her eyes from the sun with her hand and looked straight at me.  Well, not me, as in my face, her eyes never looked up that far.  I couldn’t resist.

“I’ll just check,” I said and took my cock in my hand, turning to one side then the other. “Looks OK, what do you think of that bit?” I was looking straight at Claire.  She stepped closer and bent down. 

“You mean there!” she said and poked her nail into my flaccid shaft.


“Sorry,” she replied. “You always need to poke a sausage to see if it’s cooked!”  Her finger stayed where it was and even wiggled a bit.   Maria's giggles increased and she strained to get a better view.  Annabel remained propped up on one elbow.

"No juice running out, so I guess it's not sunburned."

“Hey Rex, give me hand!” Dave called from the kitchen.  I got up and Claire stood back.

"The Marigolds are under the sink.  Well you don't want to touch that thing do you!” smirked Claire. 

She gave me a crack on the buttock as I walked off to see what Dave wanted.  Maria’s giggle turned into a snort. I found him in the kitchen, wearing only a kitchen apron with a picture of a very curvy lady on the front.

“What can I do?”

“Nothing in here.  Just that I told Sue it was all squared away with Claire, or Tuesday wouldn’t have happened.  Can you help keeping Sue and Claire apart or if they start to talk go and join in?”

“Yeah, OK, will do,” I said, glad that was all after my talk with Sue. 

I went back to the ladies.  I was quite getting into this nudity in front of four ladies, even if one couldn’t care less.  Annabel had got off the sun lounger and taken the chair I had been seated in.  I thought about sitting on her knee but just refrained.  It was a sign that the combination of drinks and nudity were getting me in a strange mood.  Then horror struck, Sue was leaning down talking to Claire!  There was an empty chair next to them so I went straight to it.

I just caught the last sentence and Claire said, “No problems Sue, just use the downstairs room.”  She switched to me. “That was quick, you must have good hands.”

“He has!” giggled Maria and drew some strange looks from the group.  I think the circumstances and drinks were getting to her too.  Of course, if she was taken ‘tired' that would clear the way for Claire's voyage of discovery.  I sat next to Claire hoping she may give an insight to her conversation with Sue.  As she was calm, I guessed it hadn't been the 'thank you' Sue had mentioned earlier.

It wasn't much longer when Dave appeared with a tray of plates and cutlery and left them on the terrace table.  Sue laid the table, Claire got cushions for the chairs, by which time Dave returned with hot salmon, new potatoes, and a rocket salad.  He returned with two open bottles of chilled, white Rioja.

My newfound flirtation with naturism continued as we all sat at the table as we were.  It was a little surreal, a bit like Alice in Wonderland.  A naked woman, two naked men, two bare-breasted ladies in only thongs and Sue fully dressed, eating a meal in the evening sunshine, chatting just as they would at any dinner party.  Well almost.  As people began to finish the salmon, Claire, who was sitting at the end of the table to my right, started to touch me, on the thigh at first but soon moving on. 

Maria, who was sitting on my left, quickly realised what was happening and gave me smiles and a grin, but her eyes were focused on the action below the table.  I was trying to keep composed by involving Sue and Annabel, who were seated opposite me, in polite conversation.  Then something warm and human touched my knee, withdrew and then pushed past my knees and in between my thighs.  A quick check under the tablecloth told me it was a foot, Annabel's foot.  She smiled at me as Sue took the conversation on. If she stretched her leg further, Claire would be stroking Annabel's toes and not my stiffening shaft.

I brought my knees together, stopping any further progress of the foot.  Fortunately, Dave came to my rescue, suggesting we return to the chairs and he would bring out some ice cream.  We moved back.  I was clearly not hanging as Claire's handwork had got the blood moving.  Maria gave me a cheeky pinch on the buttock.  I aimed for the terrace sofa, sitting in the middle, Claire quickly joined me, Maria went to sit the other side of me but almost sat on Annabel, who had slipped into the seat while Maria was turning around.  Annabel was all but leaning against me.  The conversation was getting risqué, with lots of double meanings and giggling.

When Dave handed around the ice cream he gave me a puzzled look and nodded to indicate that Annabel was the subject of his concern.  I shrugged and started into my bowl.  The first spoonful went wrong and a large lump of ice cream dropped onto my chest and then rolled and slithered down my body coming to rest on the base of my shaft.  It was quite a thrill.  Annabel surprised me by collecting some of left behind cream off my chest with her finger, but the speed of Maria's arrival rocked the sofa.  I had been sitting with my legs slightly apart but now she literally busted them apart and slurped the ice cream off the base of my cock, coming back for the remains with a lick that captured the last run on my balls.

“While you’re down there…” I said recovering from my surprise. 

Claire and Dave were shrieking in laughter.  Maria looked up at me and, while I watched, her lips closed on the end of my cock.

“Just a moment,” said Claire and Maria lifted herself up, releasing my cock and resting her magnificent breasts on my thighs.  Claire accurately dropped another dollop of melting ice cream on the end of my knob.

“Thank you!” said Maria and engulfed me again. 

I looked around.  Dave was perched on the arm next to Claire, Annabel was now kneeling on the seat facing me, her small, but suckable, tits at my eye level.   Sue was sitting opposite all this.  I expected her to be not impressed, but she was smiling.  Maria’s efforts had me up quickly and she shifted higher again, squeezing her breasts around my shaft.  Claire delivered the rest of my ice cream by tipping the bowl over my cock and Maria’s breasts. The lubrication and cold added to the sensation and I had to get my act together quickly to avoid a premature event.

Maria moved again, this time forcing one knee between Claire and myself and the other into the space where Annabel was kneeling.  She then lifted herself up and held my head between her breasts.  There were shrieks of laughter, including Annabel.  I think I even heard a giggle from Sue.  When I was released, I gasped for air then looked around.  Claire was kneeling facing me and Dave was behind her.  She was moving very slightly up and down so I suspected Dave was getting things prepared for later.  His hands were cupped around Claire’s tits and as I watched he changed his grip to squeeze her nipples out towards me.

“Give these a try,” he said.  So, I did, watching Claire’s eyes close as I sucked her nipple into my mouth.  Maria broke the spell we had all fallen into.

“I need a pee,” she told us all and headed inside.  

Sue left her chair and joined us at the sofa, giving Annabel a full on the mouth kiss.  Annabel undid the waist of Sue’s trousers and when I glanced back from a second round of Claire’s breasts, the trousers had slid down and she was stepping out of them.  Claire’s hand found my cock, which had relaxed a bit and it welcomed the squeeze and rub she greeted it with.  

After a few strokes, I was back to my best and Claire led Dave and me into the lounge.  As I looked back Annabel was now full length on the sofa, with a ‘bottomless’ Sue kneeling over her face.  As much as I wanted to watch that, Claire was attracting my attention with some very firm strokes.  Dave was on the sofa and Claire straddled him, still facing me and keeping her hold on my cock.  Using her other hand, she held Dave’s cock still and lowered onto him.  I knelt, inside Dave’s legs, Claire’s were spread as wide as she could.

She pulled me closer.

“Come on, push into my cunt,” she gasped, rubbing the end of my cock against her pussy lips, pussy lips that were already spread around Dave’s cock.  I tried but there was no way.   She lifted off Dave’s cock, putting her feet on his knees to raise her body.  I had to stand now.

“Get it in there, get it covered in juice,” she said in a wanton voice, pulling me into position.  I slid into her.  Inside she was hot, very wet, and clenched onto me when I was halfway in.

“Push in, hard.”

I did, my cock telling me it was more than happy with this. 

“Fuck my cunt.”  Her shoulders were pushing back hard, squashing Dave’s face against the sofa back.

I gave her three or four hard thrusts and she relaxed her squeeze.   She lowered herself, forcing my cock to flick out of her, then guided the tip of Dave’s cock into her open cunt.


Her hand was on me again, pulling me towards her open cunt. 

“Push hard.”

This time my cock pushed into her. With the end of Dave’s cock already in there, it was the tightest pussy entrance I’d ever known, until suddenly the resistance eased and I ran all the way in.

“Dave!” she screamed. 

It was the oddest of feelings.  As Dave pushed in, very slowly but insistently, three sensations, one after the other, ran along my shaft like a wave.  First was the feeling of the inside of Claire’s pussy lifting off the underside of my cock, followed by Dave’s cock rubbing against mine and finally, for the part of my shaft where we side-by-side in her, an incredible tightness, a pressure like I’d never experienced inside a pussy.

We were both right in.  Claire’s face showed she was losing it, her eyes went wider and wider.  She started to say ‘Fuck’ but, although her mouth remained open, the sound died away.  Dave started sliding in and out, repeating those sensations on the in and out stroke and much faster.  Claire’s cunt flooded with juice, she was gasping, unable to form a word. 

Her stomach convulsed, her legs began to shudder and she uttered some form of swallowed scream.  And she didn't stop, her body was wracked by waves of shudders, her arms dropped by her side.  Dave was now slamming in and out then suddenly grunted and stopped.  I felt a hot flood run along my cock.  Looking at Claire, she had either passed out or lost control of her neck and eyes.

I pulled out, still fully stiff and covered in juice and spunk.  The release of pressure made my cock swell and throb.  Dave’s cock dropped out of her pussy and a dribble of his cum followed it, pooling onto the leather sofa.  He bundled Claire off him, lying her in a foetal position, facing the back of the sofa.  Having done that, he seemed incapable of moving further. 

My cock was aching, it felt like my balls would explode with the pressure.  I had to grip my shaft to ease the ache.  I left the lounge and went onto the terrace.  Sue was sat back in a corner of the sofa, with Annabel licking between her legs.   Annabel’s shapely arse was raised, pointing straight at me.

“That sounded fun,” said Sue softly. “Come and join us.”

I moved next to the sofa.

“This whole evening seemed to get very erotic, very quickly.”

“It did,” I replied, standing still stroking and squeezing my aching cock.

“Looks like you’re ready,” Sue said, gently pulling Annabel up by the shoulders until they were face-to-face.

They kissed.

“Are you ready?” she asked Annabel in a whisper.

“Oh yes,” was the quiet reply.  Sue nodded to me.  I got onto the sofa. It was a lovely arse.  Rounded, firm buttocks, waxed pussy lips, plump and ready, a hint of inner lip showing.  I ran the tip of my cock along her slit and felt her warmth and wetness.  They kissed again, Sue keeping her eyes open, looking at me.  She gave me a slight nod. 

I pushed in.  Annabel’s back arched, but she continued to kiss, her arms went around Sue’s neck as she pushed back onto me.  I kept telling myself to go slow and gentle, but I was so wound up I did just the opposite.  She was very hot inside, silky and tight.

My hands were around her small waist, slapping noises ringing out as each in-thrust brought her buttocks and my body together. 

“Squeeze onto him baby, squeeze onto him for us,” Sue whispered, pecking kisses on Annabel’s lips and nose. 

There was a sudden change somewhere deep inside me, around my cock and balls.  Almost immediately, I burst.  I just felt a little shudder inside Annabel as the first spurt of spunk pumped into her.

“Keep it in there!” commanded Sue.

It just would not stop, wave after wave ran up my shaft, time after time my balls clenched.  God, the relief felt amazing.  I finally dropped back onto my ankles and then moved into a sitting position, knees wide apart as my balls were beyond sensitive and were hanging like they each weighed a tonne.  Sue and Annabel were in a close embrace. 

I felt elated and guilty.  Annabel was now sitting between Sue’s legs, facing towards me.  Sue’s hand was on her pussy as if holding my spunk in, giving it the best chance to do what they both wanted it to do.           

I took a stroll.  The lights had come on in the pool, giving the water a shimmering, crystal look.  I held my nose and dropped in backwards, letting myself drift back up to the surface.  It cleared my mind.  Why the guilt when all I had done was what everybody wanted.


On Sunday morning, I lay in for a while until I could hear voices and movement downstairs.  I showered and made an appearance.  It felt odd to be there with clothes on.  My head was a riot of sexual images.   Claire greeted me with a hug and kiss, whispering ‘thank you' close to my ear.  Sue and Annabel had slipped away last night, and Maria had been found this morning asleep on the downstairs loo.  Dave smiled and winked at me, I could see that his mind was already thinking of sex with Annabel.  I wasn't going to tell him. Not even when we said goodbye outside the airport.

What a set of holiday memories to take home!   Hasta Luego.


Thanks for taking time to read my erotic story.  This is the last in my ‘Holiday in Tenerife’ series so you may want to go back and read the others if you haven’t done so already.  If you’ve enjoyed this please let me know by leaving a comment.  Thanks, Rex


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