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My Mother's Hot Friend

My first ever story, a fantasy i've had for a long time...
They’d been at the races all day (My Mum & Her Friend), I’d been sat in the front room flicking between the mildly pornographic channels with women on phones talking to men all night, you wonder why they’re paying to phone someone and ask them to show a nipple, when there’s a whole queue of callers waiting to say the same thing. I just sat there watching them do everything but show that illustrious nipple!

I hadn’t seen my Mother or her Friend Karen leave this morning although they did have to leave early to make the train journey to Aintree (Liverpool), It was summer and had been a hot day, I’d been out in the garden with my girlfriend most of it, however, now she’d left and I had not bothered to change so the only thing I was wearing were ankle socks and shorts, I liked the look of my body and have never found myself embarrassed to flaunt it.

It must have been around 1 to 2am when they arrived home, totally drunk as I’d expected, but I didn’t mind. This gave me enough warning to change the channel and pull my shorts up before they came into the room at which point they must have thought I was daft. A grown lad of 17 watching loose women...

Anyway, there she was, I’d like to stay stood there like a goddess with long blonde hair, with a great smile. However, the only truth would be the blonde hair, she almost fell into the room and her face seemed to be struggling to stay awake, my mother just shouted that there was a spare room as my sister was away and stumbled up to bed, apparently, Karen had been complaining of being hungry so I started to make her some food, well I say that it was really a case of all the frozen food in the oven.

She stumbled into the kitchen about 15 minutes later seemingly having sucked in a 2nd wind and sat at the table. I’ll take this chance to describe her, Karen is aged around 29 has a child but has kept an amazing tanned figure, she has blonde hair, a beautiful face and the most amazing breasts, of which I have seen before when she was sunbathing in my garden. Large DD’s with very dark nipples but they are huge, I just wanted to suck on them as I stared from my window.
I was sat on the worktop evidently trying to show off the body I had, I was considering the chances of doing what I always wanted to do while she was drunk, but I felt it was wrong so I just stared at her as she had her head in her hands, the electric blue dress and high heels made her tanned legs look amazing and I could see her breasts just looking to escape that bra and jump onto the table, I was willing them on but they didn’t have the balls I guess.

I’d just knelt down to take the food out of the oven when I heard her crying, I thought she was drunk but her hands were just hiding the tears and not supporting her head, I walked over to see if she was ok.

“I’m fine, I’m sorry, it’s just... oh, no, it doesn’t matter... I’m being silly”

“You sure?” I asked.

There was no reply just a gentle nod as a tear dripped down her beautiful face.

She’d sat eating her fish fingers and some oven chips for awhile now, something seemed to be occupying her mind, as she was in a world of her own, then she turned to me and kissed me, full on, I had imagined this happening, not quite with the fishy taste but that thought soon shot from my mind when her hand stroked across my penis and started to pull away at my shorts, then nothing, she’d stopped, “What is it?” I asked, “Sorry, please don’t tell your mum, I’m sorry” she said, I promised not to and went to my room.

Shortly after she came up slowly, clearly struggling with the steps, and came into my room, I thought she knows where the spare room is she’s slept there before, but I pretended to be asleep, my still erect cock lying across my stomach with the covers down to my waist from wanking over what had just happened. I watched her through the seam of my eye lids as she walked over, slid her hand down into her pink panties and rubbed gently her dress riding up revealing her amazing legs, she climbed onto my bed from the bottom, slowly moving up until her mouth was above my cock, I felt it spasm and hit her chin, her face lit up, I was awake and I liked it, her hand took my cock and she swallowed the whole 6” of it gagging almost repeatedly taking it in, her eyes now watering again but for much better reasons!

I held her head down on my cock until she had to come up for air “Mmmmm”, she came off it innocently, crawled up to my face and said “I just wanted to say sorry properly after teasing you like that”, and with it she pulled her moist panties to the side (revealing the cleany shaven cunt that i'd often fantasised about seeing) as she slid down on my cock, and started to fuck me, much better than anyone before and defiantly in another class to my girlfriend. Her pussy slapped against my pubic bone, the moistness really making me hard, rock hard. Her tits bounced still trapped in that dress, I had to set them free and kiss them as I’d wanted to for so long, I pulled off her dress as she slowly grinded on my cock, I attempted to open the bra but I couldn’t it was weird, she pushed me back and I felt embarrassed but then she unclipped them from the front and they sprung out as she opened it revealing to huge bullet nipples I just had to have, immediately she pressing them into my face sufforcating me, but if I was ever to die this was how! I was in heaven I lifted her clean off the bed walked her to my desk where I write this story now, she knew what to do, pointing her arse up her legs still in those electric blue heels I slid it into her pink slit from behind and proceeded to fuck her senseless.

“Oh, yes, fuck me!”... “Ohhh Harder Please!”...

I was at it like a rabbit her tits bobbing wildly as I slipped a finger towards her arsehole, she jumped slightly in shock then moaned spat on her finger and provided enough lubrication to slide the finger in, it was a virgin arsehole I could tell by her reaction to what I was doing, she loved it though begging for deeper penetration, this is what i'd been wanting from my girlfriend for months! She was now pushing back on me her cunt tightend around my cock the moans of pleasure were loud, my mum surely could here, but fuck it, once in a life time stuff, I give it all I could, it was received well “Yessss, Oh fuck... I’m gunna... Oh oh yessssss” as I pressed my finger into her arse, with the most satisfied moan I have ever heard, I felt her pussy fill with moistness it was already wet but this was dripping down my cock and my leg! She climbed off and attempted to say something, “et.....” she couldn’t spit it out, but she got down on her knees and slurped on my wet cock, “mmm” wanking me franticly I exploded instantly all over her face and tits, she used her fingers to collect it and swallowed it bit by bit, and when she’d finished she found her clothes and walked to the open doorway, turned and with a wink walked down the hall, I still couldn’t fail but stand gawping at her figure moving down the well lit hallway... those heels just drove me wild with lust.

The next morning feeling them digging into my cock under the dining table was amazing, but that’s another story all together.

"This was my first story, please advise if you feel there's anything I have done wrong, the intro was long, but I tried to make it a little quirky, Thanks."

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