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My Paper Babe

My Paper Babe isn't a cut-out that I wank my willy over
My body clock is out of whack and I keep odd hours, going to bed before the chickens go to roost and getting up around 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning.

This means that I’m up and about when my newspaper is delivered around 4 o’clock.

For around ten years, it has been delivered by a lady named Mary, whom I call my “Paper Babe”.

Mary is just a good old country girl in her forties. If I saw the headlights of her vehicle coming toward my house, I’d go outside to meet her, get my paper, and perhaps chat for a moment. She was usual friendly, and jolly, unless she had a headache or was having problems at her daytime job.

Over time, I learned that Mary and her husband were having problems because, according to her, he had turned into a real asshole. They had two children, a son and a younger daughter. At times, several years ago, the children would be asleep in the back seat of her vehicle when she came by.

Eventually, Mary’s husband left to stay with a girlfriend, and Mary filed for, and received, a divorce. Then the jerk wanted to come back to Mary, but she wouldn’t allow him to live with her and the children. He still harassed her and sometimes rode with her while she delivered papers. Later he stopped doing that and Mary seemed happier and more at ease.

I began flirting with my Paper Babe in the mornings, hoping to make her feel better about herself. She seemed to appreciate that. Eventually, I began to give her a kiss, telling her that she was “my drive-by lover”. At first, she didn’t respond well to my kisses, but eventually she did. We exchanged some sweet sugar then as the kisses became longer. It took a while for our kisses to reach the passionate stage with our tongues dancing with one another. All was well.

Then Mary found a boyfriend and she told me she didn’t feel right kissing me while dating him. I told her that I understood, and for a while we didn’t kiss. We just chatted. But when she told me that things didn’t work out for her with that guy we began kissing again. This went on for maybe two or three years.

During all of this time, I had never gotten a chance to see what she looked like, other than her face illuminated by the lights on her dashboard, because it was always still dark when she came by. I knew she had a pleasant voice, wore glasses, had a lovely face, sweet lips, and a tantalizing tongue.

I wondered how her body looked. Was she fat or slim? Was she tall or short? Did she have nice boobs?

I yearned to learn about those things.

Mary had given all of her customers a card with her cell phone number on it so they could call her if they didn’t get their paper.

The day before my last birthday, I called her and left a message saying that I had a special request to make of her the next morning.

When I saw her headlights coming down the street, I went outside to meet her. When she stopped at my driveway she said that she had gotten my message and wondered what my request would be.

I told her that it was my birthday, and for her present to me, I wanted to ride with her as she delivered papers along the rest of her route, and that I would help her.

Mary seemed hesitant at first, but then she said that she thought that was a nice gesture on my part and for me to hop in.

She had to move a stack of newspapers out of the passenger side of the front seat in order for me to sit there beside her.

When that was done and I got in and sat beside her, Mary leaned over and we kissed as usual. Then she put one hand on my thigh and said, “I want you to enjoy your birthday.”

I said, “Hon, if you move your hand a bit higher we will be on our way to celebrating my birthday in style.”

She squeezed my thigh and then moved her hand up to my crotch and began to gently and tenderly massage my cock through my clothing.

This continued for some time, with Mary driving with her left hand on the steering wheel and her right hand on my rapidly hardening rod while both of us threw papers out onto driveways or put them in the paper tubes attached to customers’ mailboxes.

Damnation!!!!! I had never been this hot and horny before.

When my pussy-pricker got really rigid and began to throb, Mary suggested that it, and I, might feel better if I unzipped my pants and gave my prick a bit of freedom.

I told her that great minds think alike and then not only unzipped my fly, but I opened my belt and the top button above the fly of my trousers and let my dick spring free.

When Mary saw it she immediately grasped my pussy-pleaser, gasped, and almost shouted, “Damn!!!!! I want that!!!!!”

I said, “Babe, you’ve got it in your hand now. Do you want it somewhere else?”

She said, “Oh Gawd yesssssssss. I want it in my mouth and in my pussy. I want to suck that thing until you shoot your load down my throat and I swallow it. Then I want to suck it to get it stiff as a poker again and then mount it and ride it like a cowgirl gone wild.”

I said, “Babe, that all sounds great to me, but shouldn’t we wait at least until we get all of your papers delivered?”

She said, “I don’t want to wait, but I guess I have to because this is my job. WHAT A BUMMER!”

She continued to grasp my hot rod until we had delivered all of the papers, then we went back to my house where we celebrated my birthday.

May I have many more!

Now tell me, dear reader, do you think this was a true story, or a fictional one?

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