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My partner's mom loved it

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Her divorced 59 year old mother would stay over quite often
About 25 years ago I was seeing a lovely woman in a long relationship. Her divorced 59 y.o. mother would stay over quite often, we got on ok but not great, she had been divorced for 3 years, the bedrooms were adjacent and from time to time she would say something which could only mean that she could hear us when We were fucking. She was pretty with a nice body and I’d often thought that it would really be something to lie between her legs, it would be like fucking an older version of Pat.

Pat had said that she didn't have many male friends so we thought that she probably hadn't had sex for a long time. I told Pat it was a shame because she was a very sexy woman, do you think so, yes, she is like you.

This particular week Pat had to go out of town for her job, I wasn't looking forward to 5 days with her mother, Pat had asked her to stay the week .The first night we had our meal and she was very friendly and we then watched TV before going to bed. It was very quiet as I pulled myself off, I wondered if she could hear me groaning as I shot my load.

I went to the office next day, she said she would have dinner ready when I got in. She did, she looked fabulous, see through, tight fitting blouse, bra clearly visible and a pair of tight jeans. You look wonderful I said, you wear jeans very well, she had long legs and small tight backside, you should wear them more often, you look like Pat, heavier she said, not so you would notice I said, thank you she responded, obviously pleased. I would have been about 34, so Pats mom was about 25 years older.

I went and showered , she was opening a bottle of wine as I sat down, we ate & finished the wine, that was good, thank you, your welcome she said, this wasn't the mom of old , normally she can be a bit touchy and off hand, sometimes think she is a bit of a dragon. I liked her like this.

We switched the TV on, some guy was laying on the actress pretending to fuck her, could see her tits and her legs were open but couldn't see much, it was only about 60 secs. but interesting to see her reactions, it didn't phase her at all which surprised me, as I said she had always seemed a bit aloof, as though sex was something to be endured rather than enjoyed.

I said that some of the sex scenes on TV are laughable as they pull sheets over themselves before having sex, I’ve never done that in my life, Pat would wonder what I was doing if I covered our bodies, so much for realism. She said that they had restrictions I suppose, I suppose, she was relaxed about it so I asked, have you ever seen a porn film. No she said, I’ve wondered about them since my divorce when I thought about sex but I wouldn't have the nerve to buy or rent one.

They can be exciting seeing someone actually getting fucked, no story of course, but who needs a story in a porn film. Pat & I have some, we sometimes watch them before we get naked and have sex, you both seem to enjoy it , I’ve listened to you both, can't help it, it's quiet at night, I was surprised again that she was ok about talking about me fucking her daughter. Hell I said, did you hear me last night, yes I did you made a lot of noise, sorry, it's alright , doesn't bother me. Again surprise that she just took it in her stride, I wondered why this side of her had been hidden. You really surprised me, I don't think I’ve heard you use the word sex, do you miss it, yes I do, I enjoyed it.

You haven't spoken to Pat about this because we have wondered if you missed it, you don't see any guys now, it's difficult at my age I think, shouldn't be, your a lovely woman. She was surprised I thought .I didn't think you liked me all that much. It wasn't that I didn't like you but I do or did find it difficult to talk to you.

It's late and I’m tired, I’m for bed. Right and we went to our rooms. I went to work as usual next day. We went to a small restaurant that night, she had on a black dress which just covered her knees and showed her fine body off too perfection, her belly was still quite flat, the surprising bit was that it fitted almost up to her neck, no sign of breasts at all. But she looked good, she got looks from all the men as we walked by.

The meal was good and we split a bottle of wine before heading home, where another was opened, we turned the TV on, again , not much on, I got a video and put it in the player, she asked what is it, just wait I said, it came on, the first thing she saw was a girl on her knees with a dick in her mouth up to his balls, it was just all out fucking. Pat's mom watched for a while before saying that it left nothing to the imagination, no, do you like, it doesn't bother me, I can see how you and Pat watching it would get you going, some guy was unloading cum over a girls belly, she then took a 10" dick, thrust into her sloppy cunt and got a hard fucking, he pulled out and unloaded over her belly as well, she was covered in cum, Pats mom watched in silence.

Another guy got his dick up her and pulled out and gave her belly a load, thick cum everywhere, a guy fucked her mouth, he finished himself off with just the head on her lips so you could see his cum spurt out into her open mouth till it was full, then another guy did the same, she swallowed his dick, cum running down her chin as he fucked her cum filled mouth, he rested his dick on her lips, and shot a load into her open mouth, filling it with cream, she swallowed and it was gone, then a girl went down on her and licked her clean swallowing the lot while some guy fucked her from the back. I was now hard as hell, Pats moms legs had been moving.

She said I don't think I could swallow all that, I wonder how much they get paid.

What do you think, never seen anything like it before, exciting, can we watch the rest, yes, I’m just going to change, I left her as a girl was swallowing a big deck’s picked up the 'phone and talked to Pat, I said you will not believe this but your mother is watching a porn film, is she ok or drunk, she s fine not even slightly drunk, completely different side to her, amazing.

She hasn't had sex for 7 years by the way, since 4 years before the divorce. She told you that, yes , she's great. She is like a different person, she even told me that she missed sex badly. What would you say if I told you that she is so turned on and relaxed that I could probably have sex with her if I tried. Is she really longing for it, I think so, she told me she listens to us fucking and she also heard me pulling myself off. Doesn’t sound like mom, I know, she even told me that she thought I didn't like her. It’s like she has said to hell with it and decided to show her other side. Pat was quiet, if she is willing and wants it, it's ok with me, but be careful don't hurt her, ok , and of course I will not hurt her, I mean, take it easy with her, I’d like to be there to see it though. If it happens there will be a next time I think, let me speak to her, ok.

I called Barbara and left them talking, they were still talking as I sat down, I had a robe on, nothing under it.

B came back, in a see through robe, I could see her bra and panties, she sat and sipped her wine, her legs parted as she became excited, are you ok , I’m fine. Pat wanted to know if I was ok, she seemed concerned because I’ve never really talked about sex before, she knows I’m ok and still in control, did she say anything else.

She said that you were amazed and loved being able to talk like this with me and how sexy you thought I was, right I said, how do you feel about that, I like it, she also said that if I wanted to have sex with you, it was ok with her, do you I asked, my dick throbbing, yes I’d like it before I dry up, I put my arm round her shoulder, I was very hard, I turned her head to me, she looked into my eyes, I kissed her, I want you badly I said.

I took her robe off, her bra and panties, she stood in front of me, naked, looking great, if a little embarrassed, I slipped off my robe and she looked at my hard dick, not 10", but a good 8", it's been a long time since I’ve seen a man with a hard on, your a lot bigger than my ex.

I pulled her to me , kissed her , her mouth opened and she responded, my dick hard against her belly, her tits, big, about 38, very firm for someone aged59, pressed into my chest. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom placed her on the bed and opened her legs wide, stood back and looked at my partners mom, naked, slight swell on her belly, pussy hairs neatly trimmed, her legs open, looking good enough to fuck all night, her pussy was already wet, I said you look fantastic, thanks, I think I’m a lot heavier than Pat, it doesn't show , your breasts are big and firm, belly still flat, wonderful, look good enough to eat.

I lay beside her , ran my hands over her body, she shivered at first before relaxing as I sucked her nipples and played with her wet pussy easing 2 fingers inside her, I licked her clit as I gave her my fingers, she started groaning, that feels good, its been so long and she moaned as her juice covered my fingers, I got 4 fingers in her easily as I felt her tits, she just lay back and enjoyed it, her cunt was very wet as I sucked hard on her nipples , she thrust her tits at me.

Barbara said, I want to feel your dick inside me, it looks so big, give it to me. I kneeled between her legs, I rubbed some of her cum over my dick and gave it a few pulls as she looked at me, I put the head into her wet pussy before I gave her all I had in a firm push, she gasped as my balls hit her ass , I kept it in her and just wriggled against her , I could feel the pelvic bones against hers as her breathing got heavy and she groaned as I lay on her, 8" of hard dick deep inside her. Are you ok I asked, oh yes, I loved that , really can feel it as my walls opened up for you, feels so good.

I spread her arms out wide and lay on her , my mouth sucking her tongue as I started to fuck her, I gave about 20 strokes and she shook violently as she came again, I looked at her , my dick inside her surprisingly tight pussy and asked if she like that, her hands found my ass and pulled me into her cunt as she replied, oh yes, I’d forgotten how it felt to have a hard dick inside me, fuck me now, let me feel you enter me, still couldn't grasp that I was fucking a woman I’d thought might not like sex and she was telling me to fuck her, I started moving, hit her with slow full strokes, she moaned & groaned under me, lifting her hips as I slid easily into her as she relaxed , her tits bounced as I started giving her sweet cunt deep full strokes and she came again, screaming as she did, oh god , it feels so good having you between my legs and your so big I love being able to feel your dick as you enter me , I’ve really missed this, give me more please. Her hands clasping my ass to her.

I got on my back and lay back as she lowered herself slowly onto my dick, savouring it as she impaled herself on my dick and started bouncing up and down on my dick, I watched as it went into her cunt, her juice running from her as her cunt opened up to accept me, reaching up I squeezed her big nipples, I pulled her to me by her nipples and stuck my tongue into her mouth and sucked her tongue as I squeezed her tits , I got her on her knees and bent her over the bed and spread her thighs, I drove my throbbing dick into her cunt from the back and fucked her hard, her ass felt good as I buried throbbing flesh up her cunt, she was groaning & really working hard in thrusting back on my dick.

She closed her legs a bit, she was very tight on my dick now and I almost shot my load so I pulled out and lay on my back, she kissed me and her head moved down my body and I felt the warmth of her mouth around my hard dick as she sucked me, her head bobbed as she took most of my dick, feels good I said, I could cum now I said, I’d like you to cum inside me.

She lay on her back, she opened her legs for me revealing her wet cunt, loving the fact & not quite believing that she could excite me, she pulled back the lips of her pussy revealing a wet pinkness, suck me , please, eat me, I buried my head between her legs, she put them on my shoulders and I licked her hard clit before getting my tongue inside her pussy, I opened my mouth and covered her sweet smelling cunt completely and sucked hard while rubbing her clit, she gasped and her juices flowed as her body was shaking.

I stood up, she gripped the back of the bed, her breasts firm, nipples hard and big, she opened her legs wide as I looked at her, I stroked my dick as she waited for me, I said you look sensational, what a body, what a juicy, warm pussy. Her hips moved as I put the big head of my dick in her cunt, she smiled at me as I held it there, she wriggled wanting me to drive all 8" into her, I suddenly buried it up her in a quick thrust and she shuddered as it hit her, now she said fuck me and cum in me, I want to feel you shoot cum into me, I fucked her, she wrapped her legs round me, her hands found my ass and pulled me into her as I drove up her warm pussy, we were sweaty and gasping, I put a pillow under her ass, which lifted her cunt a bit, I held her hips as I stiffened and pulled her into me as came in 3-4 big spurts and gave Barbara a full load.

I fucked her till I was dry and pulled out, she kissed me and actually thanked me, thank you I said, that was wonderful, still hard to believe that we have fucked each other. I said, I wish Pat could have been here to see you on your back naked with your legs open with your lovely pussy and me standing looking at you with a hard on, that would have been very exciting she said.

We showered and fucked again in the night and the rest of the week. She was still a little concerned about Pat but she was fine about it and was only sorry she couldn't have watched her mom getting laid, she did watch a few days later, so exciting as I lay between Barbara’s legs , in her up to my balls with her daughter watching and vice, versa of course. But that’s another story.
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