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My Spanish girl friend wrote this story

Professor is the hottest sluttiest teacher

She fucked many guys before, but never a guy with a insane cock like this! She does her best to take it as deep as possible and gets a cum shower!

Hello, everybody: first thing first, I wish to congratulate and praise these site administrators for the wonderful work here.  I like to keep  in touch with young people in the web, and today, I’m telling you how I began to get better within this environment, as well as having fantasy, castles in the sky, with these young people, until the whole thing suddenly turned into realism.
My name is Monica, a 44 yo. mature; I’m a Spanish from Argentina; a divorced, mother of a 25 yo. daughter.  I divorced more than 6 years ago. What do I do for a living? I’m a college professor in Argentina; I teach in the local campus,  at the same locality where I live.  I think  I’m still  a magnet for males, a showy and gaudy lady who would spend hours working out at gyms, using beauty creams to keep my body in good shape, and by means of beauty creams  I eliminate fat in my belly and waist. What has improved my body a lot is the way I dress up for fashion, for I believe this is   important.   At the same time, I welcome criticism, doing things my way.

This story I’m about to tell, happened, I reckon, 4 years ago. I had already turned to 40, while the student who courted me was 19yo.  I already had spent two years without sex since I got divorced, getting only occupied  in my own duties, away from anything troubling me, say, problems trying not to venture or messing with anyone else here. I still have prejudices, in what is related to young people, and wish to be with some, though   - love affair-  but never got to anything serious. 

Let’s suppose this invented name, of a special, particular undergraduate.   I’ll refer to him as “X” in this story. He used to stare at me both in the class and out of the classroom. He was, like I said, special, odd, and perhaps looked more concentrated in my body than anything else.   He was always frozen, like a paralyzed guy, when staring at me;  was one of those who  approached teachers to ask question so he had a chance to watch my low neck; would sit in the first row of school desk to have me close to him and consider my legs better.  I’ve even caught this student peering  under my desk to examine my thighs,  then would comment about this  as I turned  my back to him writing in the white board.

This student was an ordinary, common person, brown eyes, average height, average weight; a curious bystander who only liked to stay after the class only to ask me questions regarding the subject we had just considered during the class, or he chose to make up an inquiry and took a chance to praise my handwriting, even my car model, while walking with me to the parking lot. 

It all began as college staff of teachers made available an electronic mail for students  to make consultations in the web, thus were able to take notes. On one occasion, I got an e-mail from an insane guy, a faked e-mail address with a strange, wild nickname, in which he declared my classes were wonderfully laid out, superb and brilliant; apart from the fact they were well explained,  with a sweet voice. He wished me to be his sweet heart, stressing what most called this guy’s attention: the way I dressed, pointing out at my high heels I always wore, and also my magnificent make up.

I quickly tracked down the nickname, so I’d be able to find out who was the sender.  Of course, as I had suspected, it came from college student Mr. “X” and I laughed out loud, for I imagine this was funny.  I wondered what other details this guy would mention if he had the chance on future messages in the web. Of course he had failed to mention my other goodies in his meticulous message, though!! I took for granted he had fallen in love with me.

He proposed to date me in his next mail, and the rendezvous came quickly,  as we had settled:  close to a hotel. I was too horny and hot on that day. I recalled only I had had small dicks in the town where I used to live in China, so I wanted to turn into a cock hungry slut; would move to the USA to get fucked by big wiener.  But this would be no longer necessary, as you’ll see.

While he kept on saying this stuff about my bubble ass, and such thing like I resemble a gorgeous whore, such comments made me even more turned on, so much that I immediately began to dig into my purse to get money and pay for the hotel room. I’d teach this guy how to fuck a man properly.

Once inside the room, we began to kiss, hug passionately. My student Mr. “X” was not a virgin,   I could guess. I stripped off his clothes, slid down his pants, along with the boxers, and… out of the sudden, that enormous piece of meat popped up!!

I didn’t believe my eyes watching what I had in front of me, beginning to make a close scrutiny, inspection of the cock. Time since I didn’t see a cock, after I had divorced my husband, and began to feel like a  cute virgin finally fucking my first penis!

What I was staring at, contemplating, was this huge piece of meat, rock hard. Probably a monster cock?  Oh, how in hell would this guy jam it in me?

I cautiously grabbed it, touching it with prudence and reserve, as I was already wet for so much playing with this rod: I gently kissed the bulbous head, and suddenly felt as a huge cum spurt jet into my Andes skirt, leaving  a big stain –smudge. He began to apologize and  was really embarrassed, so I had to calm him down. I’d wash the spot away myself.

I stripped off in a less than a minute and Mr. “X” student stood there petrified when seeing this scene, a vista of me naked, looking the other way to dissimulate. I think he didn’t have a chance to see when I quickly approached his dick to do a blowjob. I was there on my knees, to the bed edge and had begun to eat and savor, taste and smell his hard on, ten minutes sucking, doing a deep throat, starting from his twin buddies, the balls, then to the engorged head, each more becoming swelled and reddish, like glowing.


I looked at him in the eye while he talked dirty to me, so I got even more turned on. Suddenly, I hurled him on the bed, grabbed his penis to place a condom on it –this was already handy on the table-   and slid his cock into my vagina. I began to scream, howl, and moan wildly due to a lot of pain I felt -time without sex,  the largest one I had ever seen yet,  was not used to such large penis.  I lay on my back and gripped my heels to keep balance, riding him for a little more than 8 minutes.  He suddenly grabbed me by the waist and hurled me  to one side of the bed,  to position me in a different way: 

“Ok, you slutty, get on your 4’s now; stop screaming like that or the hotel personnel is gonna throw us out of this place".
I had no sooner obeyed his orders, getting on my 4’s, than he had positioned behind me and put his marvelous cock  into my pussy, but sliding it strongly,  pounding me while pulling my hair. He sometimes spanked me. 
We were like this for 10 minutes more until he suddenly stopped and slid his cock out of my cunt. He removed the condom off his penis not uttering a word, drawing my head towards his penis. As soon as he felt my breath on his manhood, a big cum shot washed my face, hair and mouth.  I barely had the time to catch the second spurt, until he was totally spent.

We dressed up hurriedly, I paid for the hotel room and out we were after we checked out. I dropped him off 5 blocks away from home.  We’d meet again and I would have the chance to fuck monsters like this, which meant another incident off my existence.

                                                                 THE END


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