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My Spanish next door neighboor

A widow had been 6 years without sexual intecourse until she suddenly met... a monster penis!!

Hi there. I’m honest to say it’s not been easy for a woman, to tell you my stories and share experiences all together, mainly if the story teller is not a young girl, rather a mature like I am. I still have my doubts and objections.

I’m in my 40’s now, a Latin mature, and it would be my fate to become a widow 6 years ago, having to raise two teen ager daughters by myself. I am on my own, independent, neither major economic problem, nor financially embarrassed.

I hadn’t realized how time goes by too quickly, since years ago, engaged in raising my kids. I should confess I’ve been all alone during these years, only devoted to my family since my widowhood.  Men have always courted me though. I think I’m a fortunate or privileged woman who never has been careless or negligent, or casual about my physical appearance,    a reason for envy in my girlfriends.

Yet I’d get blushed and ashamed when trying to describe myself: slim, my breasts aren’t my strong point, rather small tits, well shaped though. I have long slender legs, though well built, as if turned in a lathe.  Nevertheless, my real strong point lies in my hips, along with some gorgeous firm asscheeks and ass.

I don’t wish to make boring narrative here, so I’m getting to the point: Ignacio, a Spanish too,  is a neighbor who lives in the same apartment building, 5 flats apart and I often would run into him in the elevator when returning from work, and have small chat. I learned he was married, tall, an old man with bald spot; small beard, guy with an astonishing vitality.

He had been too gentle on a certain day we met in the supermarket, offering to give me a ride back home, while I wore a short skirt –it was summer- and a top, leaving my shoulders uncovered; wasn’t wearing bra. On noticing his nervousness, I began to wonder what would be a cause for this, so glanced at his pants to see a bulge poking out  perceptible  under the fabric. This wasn’t an inconvenient -didn’t bother me- and grinned thinking about men’s strange behavior when seeing a beautiful woman. I looked out of the window, directing my glance towards the landscape to ignore the problem, and at last could discern I was the problem here: my exposed thighs, due to a skirt that had been raised too much, showing my goodness and assets.

As we got off the car, heading to our building, this gentleman escorted me to my flat, while carrying my packages. Since my kids were gone for the week end, I showed him in; he made himself comfortable in the sofa while I fetched some drinks.  It’s been a customary to sit comfortable in my sofa with legs bent down, so I did the same stuff here at the farthest side of couch. Again, Ignacio’s big bulge showed up in his thighs, sprawled, lounged in the sofa, a little embarrassed. Although I was not intending to arouse him, the skirt remained raised, not giving in one centimeter as I pulled it down for it to cover my thighs.

What had triggered this the most was my action to get up and fetch more ice cubes, but had to bend over to collect the ice. This guy approached to me from behind, I wasn’t scared by this attitude, thus didn’t reject him. I glanced at him flirting, instead. He held my hands saying:
“Oh, Andrea.”

My guest wasn’t reciprocated at all by my arms as trying to draw me towards him and kiss me, embracing me. Those hands had stopped over at my hips before they would come down to rest on my asscheeks. I said:

“Oh, Ignacio, stop, please. Sorry.”

Ignacio was now an embarrassed guy; he wasn’t man of the hour!! Sat down again, I lodged to his side and said:

“You may understand me, but… I didn’t mean to humiliate you, but it is not easy stuff for adults sometimes.”

While intending to calm him down, he came near me again, perhaps longing for another kiss. I didn’t resist and my utterance stopped, like failing. Finally gave in to half open my lips, closed eyes to feel a delicious male kiss. I said:

“Oh, come on Ignacio, beat it!!”

 As I felt the finger contact in my abdomen, he made me step back, only in search of my breasts, sliding hands under the blouse, kept going up.  He raised my skirt, and caress turned into soft stroking. After feeling my nipples licked by his tongue, my body reacted at once; could I have gotten horny, by my already hard nipples, revealing I had lacked masculine company for years now; my breathing had given me away. His hands began to run along my legs around the skirt exterior, then under the skirt, searching and gripping softly through the panty. I thought:

“Oh, I should refuse to accept this now, or gonna get banged soon by his dick!”

Obliging me to half open the legs, I felt him into my vulva, already wet for the stroking and passionate touching.  My breathing turned more agitated and sexually aroused as I was now, my heart beats were faster, my breathing still quickening as my trembling hands looked desperately into his thighs.  I felt various muscles all over my body tightened. He worked on my vulvae while I laid a hand on his hard on, massaging a dick. I think he saw my breast enlarged somewhat with my nipples standing out and areolas noticeable engorged. He said:

“Oh, you’re flush red on your face, Monica, and your clit is swelling slightly now. Means you’re ready, ma’am.”

My thong was pulled aside by a skilful hand, and I shook wholly as the clit was touched.  A vigorous erection followed after he took off the pant and, at noticing such huge virility in a man, I almost hurled myself over the dick, to feel and touch it, sitting in the sofa. I stripped off my clothes but the panty. If it hadn’t been by my modesty and shyness, which would prevent me from taking off my panty, I had gone for the gold.

We were now sitting in the sofa stroking each other with my lover’s dick firmly gripped, clutched, feeling it wet and sticky but, on talking about secretions, one was occurring inside and at the opening of my vagina.  I allowed Ignacio to slide down my yellow thong slowly to my thighs and see me naked, spread my legs wide myself. He said after licking my vulva momentarily:

“Oh, my God. What is this?!!! Are these cunt lips? Oh, not quite standard.”

This comment made me blush, for I’m conscious about my vulva being too meaty, so I’m always embarrassed by this. His soft licking and skill to retain and keep the clit with his lips made me get to a conclusion: this guy was the perfect cunt-lapper. I was in paradisiacal euphoria, dying for his cock, but concentrated on the way he managed my ugly cunt with big soft pulls on my labia which was now flattened and opened.  I felt my vagina lengthen and widening internally like changing what was potential space into more of an actual space for the monster cock to fit.  I moaned aloud, teasing my nipples myself.

“Oh, oh yes, oh, yesssss!!”

My anxiety plus the man’s experience made me cum. Nobody had ever eaten my pussy like that, just lying down on the couch to enjoy.
 “This clit is really engorged” he said while I felt warmth in my genital area.

Far from hurrying up, and with great coolness, the guy kissed my foot then up to the legs, pubis hair, and abdomen until finally getting to my breasts, followed by a French kiss: I returned love by hugging him; my hand stroking the lover’s hairy chest.   As an erect penis showed before me, seeing a full erection  once the man stood up, I was able to comprehend what was the point here, yet  scared by the monster cock spectacle. I thought to myself:

”Oh, my god! How could I deal with this? I can’t possible enjoy such big masculinity into my cunt!!”
I gave it a try, still sitting on the sofa, first by taking the engorged cock to my mouth where its head was imprisoned between my lips, the venous shaft stroked by my hands, and then shifting to run along Ignacio’s robust and vigorous legs.

I was now as turned on as Ignacio, so got on my feet at once, and we went up the stairs to get to my bedroom, where I lied down on my bed.  I said:

“Oh, come on, I’m wide spread for you now. Take me,” seeing a cock head about to pop up.
The guy’s legs moved to sit astride. That’s why I had my legs arched waiting for something.  I raised my hips so my cunt would invite this cock to penetrate her; then a little bit more and I said aloud:

“Come on, think I can’t deal with you, and confront this?”

The wet vagina was slowly penetrated, at the same time widening progressively adjusting like a glove wrapping the marvelous dick.  The man said: “You just hold on. No need to rush. I’m sliding in now.”

I exhaled a moan out of my half open mouth, but finally he was wholly within me. This had made my body vibrate, shake. Ignacio didn’t take advantage of his wonderful endowment, a gentleman here, and a tender divine movement began in and out, off a pussy along its full length.

A perfect dance had begun out of my hips swaying; widened and wet by now; the dripping cunt was inundated by this whitish liquid, making a sound like bubbles: “flop, flop.”

A massive, solid, firm body on me, and strong arms to support himself, banging I a confused woman, going astray and turning my head sideways trying to quench my moans into the pillows, sometimes half opened my eyes and mouth.

This was celestial, superb. So many years since I last had sensed such electrifying vibrations to run my whole body.  Moans turned into screams by now, heard around the bedroom, like a teenager would enjoy it. The man liked this, perhaps, for he started quicker movements and pushed to make his penis reach to the deep end.   Ignacio whispered, murmuring something, perhaps my name, with clenched teeth each time he give a new stroke into me:

“Oh, God, oh, this is marvelous, fuck!!”

He made me change into a new sex position in a second: doggy style.  My veteran asscheeks were now grabbed by his hands drawing me toward him while I felt his manhood go in and out. His strokes were now stronger; I was like mad feeling this sensation and finally cummed twice, with a very enjoyable release of built-up tension and energy.  Again I felt my heart beating faster and my breathing had gotten quicker and heavier. I felt my pelvic muscles contract too.

He kept drawing me towards him with his strong hands, so would attack harder. Looking at me with clenched teeth, the man finally cummed. I only had got orgasm through masturbation alone but I was experiencing a real one now. This position with him on top seemed to work and made my orgasm more explosive.

I told him I wanted on top, so I sat on him astride and began to move like a possessed, while reached my breasts to stroke them myself.  I was riding, bouncing up and down, bouncy bouncy; he lowered his hands to my asscheeks and part them  as if trying to spread, broaden my cunt and the monster rod would find more room into me. This also aided in my movement up and down grinding his cock.

We continued like this he on top of me, kissing, though finally stopped. After a while I started to move my hips softly to feel a still erect penis and I enjoyed the last minute.  Strange as it might seem, this long penis hadn’t hurt me at all during this sex intercourse, and didn’t hit my cervix either, but I should recognize  it had stretched me too much, or the length of his massive penis wouldn’t go into my vagina.

I again was a woman fulfilled, feeling a satisfied body, like a teenager. I think I’ll ask him to take me again.
                                                                      THE END


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