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My Step Mom's Story

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Sex With Step Mother Is Very Lustful and Enjoyable
My Step Mom's Story

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My Name is Hameed (not real name). I am 20 years old but my height is small and I look like 14 year old but I m handsome too. I live in Clifton area of Karachi . This is my first experience and is a true story, This incident of mine happened 1 year back with my 25 year old step grandmother (Nasreen). Let me describe her. In my eyes she is the sexiest and most gorgeous women of this world. Her body is smooth like silk. Her body is white from face to toes. And her nipples and Vagina are red in color watched her daily from a small window in bathroom. I masturbate daily on her name.  


Her body size is 38,30,34. Her ass is very beautiful. From first day of her marriage with my grandpa I became mad for her. She is very frank with me from first day but not talked to me on topics of sex but always watched me with lusty eyes. I saw her many times watching boys with lusty eyes. My Grandmother died 2 years before second marriage of grandfather. My grandfather married her for only housejobs, not for sex because he cant do sex any longer because he is 58 now. And u people know a Pakistani man of 58 can't do sex. We live in a apartment. My grandpa house is on top floor and ours is on third floor. Me, my mother and my mamuu(mothers brother) and my grandma went to our relatives marriage to our village. There we boys slept in another room and ladies slept in another room. One night at 1'am when marriage ceremony finished. All peoples slept and then light went off. I went to ladies room and slept near to my mother, When I saw the other side there my grandma was sleeping.  


I became very hot when I watched her, and I went near to her and my heart was beating at full speed. I placed my hand on her big silky boob and touched her face, she was fast asleep. I placed my leg on her body, at that time I am afraid too, I kissed her neck very slowly then I started moving with cloths on. And to my surprise my movement and my 8" cock waked her up. She pretended to be sleep. In two minutes I came in my clothes and, When I was cumin she opened her eyes and tried to say something but I grabbed her mouth. And said her to be quiet, When I left my hand from her mouth she game a giggle and kissed my lips. Her this action made me mad and I grabbed her on my arms. She body was very warm and soft. It was my first time In life that I became so close to a lady or touched a lady bcoz, before this I was a virgin She stood up and called me to the other room where no one goes to sleep and only use that room as a store room. She went to that room and I also went after her. I locked the door from inside and at that movement my tool became in full size of her beautiful body. and light came bcoz I grabbed her and sucked her lips.  


She also started sucking. She removed my shirt and I started removing her Kameez. Her body was very white and soft. I saw her full sized boobs peeping from her net bra. I unhooked her bra and what I saw was the most beautiful boobs of the world. I became out of control and started kissing her boobs and sucking her big pink erect nipples. She started moaning I squeezed her boobs and nipples and took my mouth on her lips. She folded her arms on my body and whispered in my ear" Please Fuck me". Now, her boobs are touching my chest and we both slept on carpet. She slowly took her hand on my pants and unzipped my pant. I always took my underwear off when I go to sleep. So when I took my pant off she grabbed my 8" cock in her hands and started playing with it. I said her to take it in mouth. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked it like a lollypop. I came in 6 minutes and she spilled all the sperm on the carpet and some of it fell on her rock hard boobs.   I noticed that she was tired to serve me more. It was my second time when I came.  


And my cock became in normal position. I said to her, "Now its ur turn to be served. I opened her shalwar and what I saw was her clean shaved wet pink pussy. I took my mouth on her pussy and started kissing her love hole. Then I grabbed her pink pussy lip with my teeth and lift it up. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning and enjoying every moment. I inserted my tongue in her pussy. It was sour in taste filled with some kind of liquid and was smelling very erotic. As I was inserting my tongue she was moaning with beautiful sounds like aahhhhh,aahhhh.uuffff.hhaaaah.I started licking her pussy like a dog which I saw in a English hardcore movie. I inserted my one finger in her asshole and my mouth was in her pussy. She shouted"I m cuming,ahh fast,fast". I was so afraid I said her not to shout she said Ok then She came in my mouth,I was so aroused I cant believe that how I dranked all her love juice.


She was very tired and is perspired like me. My cock again became hard bcoz of her sexy loud voices. After 10 minutes I said to her to be ready for a nice fuck of her life. Then I saw a shine in her eyes. I licked her pussy once more to make it wet and asked her to suck my cock. She sucked my cock like a hell and made it wet. Then she laid down on the carpet and I placed my cock on her pussy lips. her pussy lips are pink in color and are very beautiful and soft. She gave out a small moan as my cock touched her pussy lips. I insert my cock head in her pussy and she moaned a louder. Her pussy was tight but is lubricated by her cum. I insert my quarter to her pussy as she moaned like hell. I said her to be quiet. I kissed her lips and took hold hold of her lips and pushed whole my cock in her.


She tried to get free but I took hold of her and pumped about 10 pushes one after other and now she was in normal position. When I lift my mouth from her mouth She said "U killed me by ur pushes now please fuck me it was my first time ur grandfather had not ever fucked me". I then started pushing my cock in her pussy and I was enjoying it.I think she was enjoying more then me at that time. She started moaning and saying words like"Ahhh,ohhhh,Ahhhhhaaa,Uffff". I started pumping harder and harder and laid on her and started sucking her erected pink nipples. We both came after few minutes. She came five minutes before me. Then we both laid on the carpet. We both were very tired. After five minutes she said I want to go but I grabbed her and said "Please don't go I want to do one more time. She said ok. Then I started licking her pussy which was not in full form. Then saw it was opening slowly and is now in need of my rod. My young granma was moaning like a hell. Then I said her to make my tool ready, She started sucking my tool like a hell and then her breasts became harder and my penis became like a iron rod. I laid on the carpet and said her to sit on my penis. I insert my penis in her pussy. We were in a position that I was lying and she was sitting on my penis facing my side.


Then I touched and squeezed her breasts and pink nipples as she was going up and down on my penis. Then this time We both came after 15 minutes and were very tired. I cleaned her thighs by licking her love juices flowing and she licked and ate up sperms flowing from my thighs. We both took a shower then went to sleep .That Night I tried to fuck her ass but she didn't permit me to do this. But at my second time I fucked her tight ass like a hell. We both whenever get time we fuck for 2 to 3 hours. We usually fuck after a week or so when I went to sleep at my granpa house. In my second story I ll tell u all that how I fucked my 2aunties(2Khala's). Any girl or aunty from Karachi ,age 14 to 50 can contact.I ll try my my best to satisfy her. and make a good relationship.
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