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My Toy Boy Experience

My Toy Boy Experience

The first part of this story is in Mature. “I seek a Toy Boy...” This is Part 2.

My Sex Life is Restored.

I decided to use the services of a toy boy to reintroduce myself to a sex life again, whilst at a golf tournament a couple of years ago following the death of my husband. I realised what I had enjoyed with him had not died with him, and I needed my sex drive to be rekindled. I had attended a massage clinic to prepare myself for the experience and Lucy the masseuse arranged for me to meet a man that would provide me with the services I desired.

The sun finally set and I was too nervous to eat anything for dinner. I was going to have sex with a man I have never met. I had chosen him from a naked photo and what I could see excited me and made him even more desirable.

I had decided that I would greet him dressed rather than in a gown or naked. Mike arrived right on time. I greeted him at the door and he was even better looking than his photo, even with clothes on. He had a small briefcase with him.

“Come in,” I asked.

When he came in he introduced himself.

“Please sit down and make yourself comfortable,” I suggested.

“Hi, I am Mike, I believe you have already met my wife Jan? She mentioned she met you yesterday.”

I hesitated.

“Will you excuse me. I am a little overawed. I have never done this before with a stranger and to know he is married and to have met his wife is somewhat overwhelming.” I stammered.

“Have no fear. We are both very accustomed to having a relationship like this. We accept the life we lead and we are both more than happy with the lifestyle.” His smile alone was disarming. Mike was attempting to put me at ease.

“If there are any questions do not hesitate to ask. If you wish me to stop at any time, say so. I will understand. Some women realise they can’t go through with it after we begin, some even stop before it starts,” He said.

I had one question.

“How long is the appointment for? I don’t want to be rushed. I need to take my time, and also I am doing this with a man I have never met and I may need some time to adjust to it, and to be sure I am doing the right thing?” I asked.

“You can take as long a time as you like. The first two hours are included in the fee and any extra time is charged by the hour. If you feel what is happening is a bit too much for you to handle, or for any other reason just say so. Many women have the desire, but get cold feet even before the action begins. I won't mind. It has happened before. ”

This was reassuring.

I breathed a little easier. I had no problems with the cost. I just didn’t want to be rushed and find it was over before it started, so to speak. This had been a big decision for me. I did not want any regrets afterwards.

“I can understand that you may be having feelings of apprehension similar to the first time you had sex but I can assure you it will be far more satisfying and nowhere near as traumatic." Mike continued. "Jan my wife, and Lucy are extremely good friends, as I am with Lucy’s husband. We have often been booked for group parties and entertain a number of men and women at the same event. We all enjoy sex with another man or his wife openly. We don’t do college parties, brides nights or hens parties. They can get a bit extreme for us. Our speciality is mature women.”

I was pleased that they didn’t get mixed up with younger women. Golfers are probably more lucrative as well, as he isn’t cheap.

“It is an unusual lifestyle but for us very satisfying and lucrative. Lucy and Jan are extremely selective as to who they offer our services to. They control the entire business. So far we have never had a problem.”

I was beginning to relax with his every word. Nothing was hurried or anxious. I soon realised he was used to married women like me doing it for the first time, with a stranger.

Obviously, he was in no hurry and we chatted which allowed me to relax even more. He was charming and polite. He went on.

“The only thing Lucy has a little bit of concern about is when a client wants to employ Jan or herself to show his son how to behave with a woman and guide him through a sexual relationship for his first time. Neither Lucy or Jan will accept a boy under seventeen or eighteen. They discuss it with each boy alone to confirm he is mature enough to understand what is going to happen before it does. Sixteen is legal and even then they ensure they are mature enough to understand that it is the women they need to please, not themselves."

Mike concluded, "They have to realise they are going to have sex with a woman ten years older than them and not some inexperienced sixteen-year-old girl in the back seat of a car. They also need to understand they must respect the girl they will eventually seduce.” 

“I would never have imagined that happening. I know of no boy who was coached when I was a teenager.” I told him.

“With girls, it is not as often, but it happens. We will accept girls at sixteen, as they are more likely to be enticed into having sex often for their first time by a boy and suffer the consequences. We want them to realise what happens and be able to take control of the situation if necessary. We always require parental consent, but it is usually the parents who arrange it. Most girls are already on birth control and we insist on condoms if they aren’t.” He said.

“Are they that young?” I asked as I was a little taken back.

“I have had at least five or six girls enjoying what their parents believe is their first event. On occasions, it isn’t, as we have found. We never tell the parents as we only discuss it with the girls. That is something I rather enjoy with them as they are usually more than accommodating, willing to learn, and often want to show us what they already know. The girls are far more sexually advanced than the boys.” He concluded.

By now I was feeling far more comfortable and relaxed. He was open and friendly. He just wasn’t a stud out to fuck me. I had been impressed by Lucy and Jan now I was also confident I was in good hands with Mike.

“Thank you for your explanations. I feel far more relaxed now. Should we begin?” I asked.

He stood up and asked me should he undress me, or would I like to undress...

I asked him to undress me as I wanted to gain as much as I could from the experience. He then suggested that after I was naked I might like to undress him.

I agreed.

He then came to me and I was a little surprised when he took me in his arms and kissed me politely, on both cheeks. I responded and kissed him on the lips. It had been years since I kissed a man passionately. I immediately began to feel I was now on the way to being seduced and I was going to enjoy it.

As we kissed he expertly undid buttons and removed my blouse and unclipped my bra and then gently removed one then the other. I was now topless and beginning to feel I was enjoying things.

“You have very nice breasts,” Mike said

He took each one in his hands and fondled them and kissed each nipple. I shivered with delight.

“They are a little firmer than many women I have done similar things with,” He said smiling.

“You mean… for my age.” I added.

He ignored the statement and undid the zip at the side of my skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor. I had deliberately chosen a skirt as I didn’t want a dress pulled over my head. I had considered being naked beneath a dress but thought that was a bit too common.

He stood back and admired my lace bikini bottoms and bare breasts.

“Now I know you are a classy lady. We are going to have a most enjoyable evening. Lucy told me you were a bit above the average.”

I had already removed my shoes. He squatted down and slipped his fingers into the elastic waistband on each hip and gently lowered my pants. As his head passed my newly manicured pubic patch, he kissed me gently there which sent a shiver of delight through my entire body. My nipples got harder if that were possible.

I was now completely nude and he stood back seemingly admiring my body and smiling.

“I think I am going to enjoy what is to follow if what I see is any indication. You are really something.” He said.

“Now where would you like to start?” He asked.

“I think the same way you undressed me,” I said.

I went to him and I undid the buttons of his shirt looking into his dark brown eyes the whole time.This really gave me goosebumps as he is gorgeous. I knew I was in good hands. I didn’t remove his shirt as he still had it tucked into his trousers. Then I undid his belt and zip. His pants fell to his ankles. I removed his shirt and he slipped off his moccasins and stepped out of his pants. He was standing there in his underpants and I was surprised his penis was not hard.

I did as he had done and slipped his underpants down and as my face passed his penis I did as I had done with my husband at times. I took his cock into my mouth. I could not help myself. I just sucked the head of it if for a moment and it immediately began to get firm. I let it slip out of my mouth.

I then stood up, looked at him as he had looked at me he said as he smiled at me, “Now I am sure I am going to enjoy every moment of our association, much the same as you enjoyed it with Lucy.”

There was no hint of over-familiarity or crudeness in his tone.

As I stood there, I watched as his cock firm up and rise to its perfect length of what I considered to be around seven inches. It was very thick, far thicker than David my husband. It had a slight curve up and to the left and he was circumcised. His pubic hair had been removed completely. His cock and balls were outstanding. I expect Lucy or his wife had done it for him.

“Shall you make the first move, or shall I?” he asked.

I didn’t answer. I took both his hands and pulled him to me as I sat on the edge of the bed. His cock was just a little lower and I bent forward and took his cock into my mouth as I had done for my husband on many occasions. I got down on my knees to be more comfortable and took his penis straight into my mouth again.

“Do you like me to hold your head or not?” He asked.

“I don’t mind, I gather you are prepared to cum at least twice with me?” I asked.

“I believe I can fulfil all your requirements without any problems.” He replied.

I then went to work on his beautiful cock and the feeling of having it my mouth was just so delightful. I proceeded to give him a good head job as my husband called it. He had his way of getting me to give him pleasure so I just started to do it the same way with Mike.

He did put his hands on my head gently and it felt lovely. Then he ran his fingers through my hair and then fondled my ears gently, which really felt erotic. He knew how to really turn a woman on.

I proceeded to rim the head of it then, suck and run my lips along the length of his cock taking it into my mouth as far as it was comfortable for me. I was incapable of deep throating him as I had been with my husband. I stroked it occasionally as I also fondled his balls in his soft hairless scrotum. It felt wonderful in my mouth and hands. He had big balls I could see and they hung low between his legs similar to a bull.

I was feeling like a twenty-year-old again as I was when I married David. Sex to us both back then was very amateurish and lacked any real experiences other than a quick backseat fuck. For the first few months of our marriage, we tried to learn from books. I was now far more comfortable with this man and I had obviously learned much with my time with David.

I only wish we had met Lucy and Mike before I was married to David. The first year of our life together would have been far different.

I continued to suck on his cock and it soon began to feel like when I was performing this for David only better. It began to feel like I doing something naughty again and it felt great. It was an amazing sensation feeling his big cock filling my mouth and sensation of his silky skin rubbing against my lips. His cock head was bigger than David's and it felt great having it to suck on.

After a while, I had settled down to some heavy sucking.

“When I cum do you want it in your mouth or for me to take it out?” he asked.

I told him in a garbled way.

“I want to swallow.”

He lasted another minute, then said.

“Get ready.”

I had his cock firmly in my mouth sucking it hard. I was holding both cheeks of his ass with my hands. The whole experience felt awesome. I was now waiting to take his warm cum from him and taste the nectar from his extremely tasty cock. Then I felt his body shake a little and his legs shudder. Then this strong spurt of semen on the back of my throat.

I nearly gagged but managed to swallow that lot before he had refilled my mouth. I was in heaven as he continued to spurt his warm wonderful semen into my mouth. He filled my mouth with far more than David ever did. I was loving it. I softly murmured with the sensation I had often adored when David’s cum filled my mouth.

I managed to swallow it all down and not disgrace myself. The last few dribbles I was able to keep in my mouth. I swirled it around my mouth and enjoyed the lovely feel of his thick syrupy salty and tasty cum on my tongue and then swallowed it all. I felt so proud of myself. I had completed the first stage of rekindling my sex life with a man. I really wanted to be with him now. I was relaxed and enjoying every moment. I could feel my pussy getting wetter.

Lucy had already shown me how good it was to be with another woman. Now I knew why her business was as successful as it was, with men like Mike keeping women like me happy too.

I let his firm cock slip from my mouth. I took it in my hand and milked and licked the eye of it to ensure all his cum had been ejaculated. His cock felt wonderful in my hand as it still had the firmness and feel of a man that I had adored for years. Mike was not David but the pleasure I had enjoyed with him was every bit as good, if not better after so many years of abstinence. The taste of his cum was very similar to David’s. I had no complaints so far.

“You are very capable. You can do that far better than some of your friends,” Mike told me.

I assumed he was referring to some of my golfing friends who had also availed themselves of his services, evidently.

“That’s a compliment coming from you. We haven’t gone the whole way yet,” I commented.

“Give me a few minutes and we can test that ability as well. If you are as good at that as you were a minute or so ago you will be a natural.”

I excused myself and went to the bathroom and rinsed my mouth. I wanted to kiss him and I didn’t know if he appreciated getting the taste his own cum back off my tongue.

When I got back he was lying in the bed stroking his firm cock again.

“Can I help?” I asked.

“I think it might be ready for you. How do you want to start?” Mike asked.

“I am in your hands, tonight I want to be treated as you would treat any woman like me and wanting to be satisfied in every way,” I said softly.

“Then I suggest we begin with a nice missionary. I can see your face and enjoy the pleasure with you. After that, we can decide which of a number of experiences we can share. Most of the women I am engaged by have their own agenda – mainly its just one service and they are happy with that. I think you are well aware the costings are based on the servicing. I can see from the way you are approaching this you want the full treatment.”

“The cost is not a concern, I want to enjoy an evening of lust with a man that can maintain it for as long as I can enjoy it,” I explained.

“Then I am your man. Get yourself up here and let's start with a good old-fashioned fuck. How would you describe it with your husband if he were me?” Mike asked.

“We hardly used words. He or I would make a move and the other would respond and then we would do whatever we had in our mind. The only time I wanted to be ‘fucked’ as you put it was when I was feeling like a slut and I would suck and fuck him as a tart would,” I replied.

“And are you a tart tonight? You do not appear to anything like a tart to me. What we have done so far is as I would be with Lucy or Jan.”

“No, I am not a tart, but I have never done this before with a man other than my husband since we married. I suppose I should feel like one. I would have imagined it would feel somewhat degrading, but after what happened with Lucy and so far with you, I find I am not regretting a thing and I hope it continues.”

As I spoke I positioned myself on the bed ready for him.

He positioned himself between my legs, took my ankles in his hands and gently lifted them up and parted them to completely expose my newly manicured vagina.

“Obviously Lucy’s work, I can see. She is the only woman I know that can do that shape perfectly.”

I was expecting him to do as David had done so often and just to slip his penis into me and began to make love. Instead, he held my legs apart, looked down at me and said.

“You have a beautiful body. I love the look of your breasts and the way they sit on your chest. No fried eggs there. They could have been enhanced like some I have seen, but I can tell from the feel and appearance that they are the originals. I can tell we are going to enjoy this. I haven’t seen a smile on a woman's face as welcoming as yours since I met Lucy. Some of your friends just seem to want it to happen and seem happy when it’s over with.”

I was beginning to well up with emotion. He was being the perfect gentleman and lover. My breasts had always been something I was proud of and not ashamed to bare when it was possible to be topless. David always claimed they were the best he had ever seen.

Then Mike did something I was not expecting. He put my legs onto his shoulders and then wrapped his arms around my thighs, then put his head between my legs and licked my vagina from the bottom to the top. His tongue parted my lips and licked me firmly and with a touch, I had never experienced in my life. I sat upright with the shock and surprise.

I evidently surprised him as well.

“Sorry, I should have warned you about starting like this,” Mike said, looking up at me but not shifting his head.

“I have never ever had that done to me before. That is the first time in my life anybody has done that to me!”I exclaimed.

“Not even your husband?” He enquired.

“No. I had sucked his cock often but he had never done that to me. He would finger me but never used his mouth to give me sex that way.”

“ Have you ever done a sixty-nine?” Mike enquired.

“I am not aware of that. Please explain. I have overheard some of the women use the term very quietly. I always believed it was after a particularly good round of golf.”

Mike laughed.

“Well, I will explain when I have finished. I can assure you it has nothing to do with golf.”

I lay back and spread my legs wide for him. Mike repositioned himself to begin again. I had butterflies in my tummy. I was almost shivering with fear or excitement. I was not sure of what was going to happen. I was forty-six years old and about to do something I had never done in my life before. I felt his breath on my pussy lips and became tense with fear and trepidation. Then his tongue touched my lips as he used his fingers to open my lips and expose my vulval vestibule. Then his tongue once again licked the length of my exposed vulva.

“Oh my god, Oh my god! “ I exclaimed.

My whole body shivered with pleasure. I was having a sensation I had never experienced in my life before. I was not sure if I should react in some way or not. I quickly decided to let Mike have his way in the way he wished. I was not going to complain. This was something I was not expecting and it was completely new to me. Everything was now centred upon my vagina. It was the centre of my universe at that moment.

Mike continued to lick and found my clitoris and licked the sheath.

Never in my life had I ever experienced anything so erotic, so wonderful and so enjoyable. Why David and I had never done it, now surprised me. I wanted to clamp Mike's head between my thighs and he must have realised from my lack of experience that this might happen. As I tensed up he held my legs wide with his arms. The way in which he had positioned his arms and hands showed he had a lot of experience.

“Just relax and enjoy it,” he said.

I did and just let my body release all the pent-up fear and emotion. I just lay back and shivered like a bowl of jelly and let him have his way with me, in a way I had never experienced before.

I have never enjoyed anything like what he was doing to me. I could feel how he had exposed everything and was gently licking and kissing the pink moist flesh that he had revealed. I could feel moisture beginning to form inside me and flow down. As it did, he was licking it up.

I could feel the firmness of his tongue slipping into me and his lips gently sucking on my labia. My nipples hardened and my entire body was alive with sexual excitement and arousal. I squeezed the cheeks of my ass together involuntarily as he massaged my vulva with his tongue and then inserted two fingers into me.

The way he had inserted them allowed him to curl his fingers and massage my G spot as Lucy had done the night before. That was something David did and did well when he had masturbated me during our foreplay. The tension I had previously had all but dissipated.

I was now relaxed and enjoying being treated as a woman, in a way I had never been treated before. 'How many of my friends and associates enjoy this?' I wondered. 'Surely I can't be the only woman alive who has never had this done before? It is so erotic and the pleasure so beautiful.'

Mike had worked on me for at least five minutes and we never said a word. I had occasionally let out a soft sigh as his tongue licked my clitoris. This was absolute bliss. I had my legs as far apart as I could. This allowed him unrestricted access to that part of me that was giving me so much pleasure. The pleasure I had never enjoyed as much in my life before.

Then he used his fingers and squeezed the sheath of my clitoris and my little nub popped out. Then he licked it. The roughness of his tongue and the tenderness of my clit made me jump and I couldn’t help myself I began to squirm as he added more pressure. He lost the connection. Then I felt his lips go over my sheath and suck the nub of my clit out and again rub it with his tongue.

I came; so fast I had no control over it. I began to buck about on the bed and lifted my ass high off the bed sheets.

I screamed, “Oh, David. I love you - love you - love you!”

I had believed it was my deceased husband doing to me what we had never done together. It was my toy boy Michael who was providing me with the most amazing sensation I had ever had sexually. Not with his cock but his tongue and mouth. I never believed I could ever enjoy anything like this in my life.

I closed my eyes and lay back on the bed. The pleasure of my orgasm was strong and centred exactly on my clitoris and my vagina. It was a unique sensation, one I wished would never end. I probably came at least twice or three times. I was completely out of this world. I was enjoying a sensation I had never ever enjoyed in my forty-six years. I felt like I was on a cloud.

Mike continued to perform his wonderful oral performance. My body began to tense up again now as I was experiencing a sort of spasm in my tummy as my orgasm had never seemed to ease. I squirmed and bucked and lifted my ass off the bed again forcing his mouth hard into my vagina that was now in a constant spasm, I continued to cum uncontrollably.

My legs were shaking, however, the way he had them captured in his arms meant he was controlling me. As hard as I was trying to shake his face off my vagina the more pleasure it continued to give me. I had grabbed both nipples with my fingers and squeezing them so hard I finally realised that I was hurting them.

I had to ask him to stop, I was shivering like a jelly all over. Then I began to come down off the most amazing orgasm I had ever had in my life, or should I say multiple orgasms as I don’t know how many I had, but it felt like one continuous spasm of sexual delight.

The sensation was easing and Mike had removed his mouth from my vagina. My heart was racing and I was gasping for breath my breasts were wobbling on my chest. Nothing had ever given me so much pleasure and satisfaction in my life. Mike was no toy boy but a real man capable of making any woman happy.

Mike got up and stood beside the bed. I could see his cock erect and stand out and up proudly before him. He was aroused and probably waiting for me to recover. The head of his penis was moist with pre-cum.

I was aware of his need so in between gulps of breath I managed to say.

“Oh, Mike that was amazing, now I want that to do what I have missed so much in the past year. I am more than ready for you.”

Mike replied, “I can wait, this won't go away for ages.”

I took his cock in my hand and pulled him toward me. I licked the head of his cock and removed his pre-cum. It wasn’t as tasty as his real cum but never the less I enjoyed the drop or two he had available.

I was surprised that for most of the time we had been together, once his cock got hard it stayed hard.

“That cock of yours is amazing. Does it ever go down?” I asked.

“It's not my cock that is amazing. It is you women who desire it so much. You are the amazing ones. I love my job and you make it so much better for me. I have taken a Viagra so it will be hard for at least two hours, maybe longer.”

“Well, then let's not waste it. I think I could take it now. My pussy has recovered somewhat from that most amazing experience. Never before have I enjoyed anything as much as I enjoyed that. I would be happy to have done nothing else with you, but I want to make the most of my first time with another man.”

“Who is David?” Mike asked.

“My husband, he died two years ago. Why?” I asked.

“You called his name when you were cumming,” Mike responded

I felt so embarrassed.

“I am sorry. I had never enjoyed anything like what you and I did together. David had never done anything like that with me. I have never had oral sex before tonight.”

“Was he the first man you had sex with?” he asked.

“No, but he was the best man ever to make love to me. I had sex with a couple of college boys but they were quick backseat affairs, if you know what I mean. Boys came well before the girl did then, so it really wasn’t much fun. I always wondered why I did it with them afterwards.”

“When you are ready we can get to see if I am any better than David.”

With that, I positioned myself on the bed in order for him to finally have normal sex with me. This was going to be the culmination of my first toy boy experience. I had never realised what fun and pleasure this would be. Now, I know what some of my golfing friends have been enjoying for years, even some who still had husbands, it seems.

I watched him and his cock bob about as he approached the bed. I have never seen such a beautiful cock. It is as long as David’s was, but twice as thick and the head of it was much larger. The fact he had no hair around it made it more prominent. I had already enjoyed the pleasure of that in my mouth.

Now, my other orifice was to be treated as well if not better with hopefully a similar result. I have always enjoyed the feeling, hearing and watching David cum inside me. Now I was to have a man who was no stranger to women do the same.

Without a word, Mike positioned himself between my legs and held my ankles and spread them wide and lifted them back. My breasts also spread apart and lay on each side. I felt them firm a little and my nipples harden. I must have looked like a real whore. I could still feel a slight tingle in my labia after such a wonderful experience it had just enjoyed. I could not wait to feel him go into me.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Never more so,” I admitted.

He didn’t need to hold his cock, it was hard and straight and my pussy was wide open from his earlier pleasuring. His cock just slid into me as I was so wet from my previous experience. Even so, I could feel the head of it pressing against my labia as it went into me and the thickness of it penetrate me and slide in and up into my tummy. It touched my cervix but I didn’t flinch.

I had enjoyed having a cock do this so many times when David and I made love. It should not have been anything but a normal experience, however, Mike’s cock was thicker and even though I had been fucking for twenty-six years or more I could feel it going in and filling a void that was so desperate to be filled.

It was perhaps the feeling of his much larger head and thicker cock spreading me wider than I had been spread before. It was as if I was having my first fuck as the sensation was virtually new to me with Mikes cock being so thick. I sighed with the pleasure his cock and his body were giving me and he was now leaning well over me.

I could not help myself. “Mike, will you kiss me…. kiss me please?” I was begging to be kissed by him. I had loved David and we had kissed a lot as we made love. I was reliving some wonderful moments.

He didn’t reply he had just lowered himself to me, kissed my neck and then my lips and the feeling of his tongue parting my lips as we kissed was amazing. I had to consciously control the urge to cum right then. I closed my eyes and thought of David. It was Mike's body that was pressed against mine and his cock filling me with pleasure.

I was enjoying it as much as I did with David or even more so. I could feel the warmth and weight of him and the hardness of his cock working wonders inside me. David and I had made love thousands of times but this was one fuck I was never going to forget.

Now I felt what I was doing with Mike was just as emotional and enjoyable but I could not tell him I loved him. I was, however, loving what he was doing to me but realised he was being paid for it. It could not be love really, but it was lovely.

He kissed me for a minute and I was consumed by his embrace. Then he lifted his body up with his strong arms and began to fuck me, as I needed to be fucked.

The sensation of his cock making long slow and deep thrusts was just wonderful. I could feel the entire length of his cock deep inside me. I could also feel his balls rubbing against my perineum almost around to my ass hole. The feeling of the tightness of the ring of my vagina stretched and clamped around his cock was something I could not believe after twenty years of fucking. I was still relatively tight.

I had not been stretched this far before and I could not believe that the feeling of my cunt and the tightness of it around his cock could be this good after so many years of fucking. The thickness of his cock added to the pleasure I had never experienced until now. I could not do anything but lay there and let him pleasure my body in ways even David could not achieve. I was being fucked by an expert and fucked so beautifully I wanted to kiss him again. This time I believed he was enjoying the pleasure of my body.

I looked down and over my breasts and could see his cock slipping in and out of my manicured vagina. The sight of it alone was erotic. It was his turn to enjoy himself. I closed my eyes and felt his lips come down to mine. He had read my thoughts. We kissed as he fucked me. This time I could not control my urges and I came. Not strongly, but the sensation rippled through my body and he recognised it. I had cum more times already than I had ever cum with David in one night.

“Enjoy that, did you?” he asked.

I just nodded. I was in a state of bliss.

“Would you like me to stop now?” He asked.

“Never,” Was my reply and he continued to fuck me. He had not cum and that was another sensation I really wanted to experience. A man filling me with his semen again.

I had never enjoyed being fucked like this in my life. He was amazing and I could understand why so many women used him for their personal pleasure. Jan was a lucky woman to be able to have him whenever she desired him.

I lay there enjoying every moment. We fucked for at least ten minutes or more longer and I was beginning to feel the sensation between my legs even more now. I adjusted my position beneath him.

“Are you getting tired or uncomfortable?” He asked.

“No, it is just a little unusual for me to be doing this for so long. David always came in less than five minutes. I am enjoying this for longer than I think I have ever made love before. I don’t mind. Just keep going for as long as you like.” I replied.

“Let me know when you want to cum again.” Mike said.”I can last for ages but I can also bring it on when I want to as well.”

“Let's do it then. I am getting a little sore.”

Mike then began to really increase the pace of his thrusts and began to fuck me hard and fast. The slapping sounds of our naked bodies meeting with force filled the room. My legs were in the air and flopping about. I loosely wrapped them around his waist to allow him to lift and thrust as hard as he could. After about two or three minutes of having his wonderful fucking machine working hard and fast inside me, I was ready to cum again. I couldn’t last any longer.

“I am going to cum. Fuck me. Oh, fuck me hard… hard... harder… please!” I screamed out.

Mike heard me but said nothing as I don’t think he could do me any harder. He was obviously concentrating on getting himself off. Then he looked down and smiled at me and he let forth with a grunt and a jerk. His cock jerked inside me or whatever a man does when he ejaculates.

He grunted three or four more times with each jerk as he ejaculated. Each stroke was now getting slower. I could feel his semen filling me and the sensation of his cock inside me changed. This was an amazing sensation feeling his semen inside me and his cock slipping and sliding inside me.

He soon filled me with cum and his cock was now being lubricated by the mixture of our two bodies had made during our lovemaking. His cock now slid easily within me and his thrusts had slowed to almost a standstill. I looked into his eyes as I had done when David was cumming into me. I could see the deep brown pools of delight in them. He was happy too.

I then concentrated on the feeling inside me and the change in the sensation as he filled me with his sperm. That wonderful tasty liquid that I had devoured earlier poured directly out of his cock and filled my other orifice that was made for the liquid of life. I had not realised how much I had missed that for two years.

Now I was enjoying life in a way I had missed more than I realised. Mike stopped moving his cock inside me and he just lay there on top of me breathing almost as heavily as I was. It was obvious to me he had enjoyed himself as well. I could still feel the firmness and length of his cock still hard, and bathed in the liquid he had made in his testicles and deposited inside me.

My heart beat still pumped strongly through my body. Something it had not done for two years. From now on, it would need to adjust to regular periods of exertion as it had just endured. His cock inside me had not diminished and maintained his very firm erection, possibly due to the viagra he had taken prior to fucking me. The knowledge that he had satisfied not only himself but me as well, was wonderful. We had fucked as lovers can only fuck.

We just lay together not saying a word. I was overwhelmed by the experience I was still enjoying. After a couple more minutes of just resting and laying together still connected by his penis, he stirred and began to pump me with his cock again. Neither of us spoke. I was astounded he still had the strength to do it. I was not going to complain. This was the most wonderful day of my life.

I took no longer than a couple of minutes to feel the approach of another climax. My clitoris was so sensitive I could feel the imminent climax almost immediately.

Then I gave a yelp and jerked, and I was cumming again.

This time my clitoris was extremely sensitive. My vagina had never been constantly engaged in the variety of ways of sexual pleasure for as long as this ever before. I was enjoying sexual pleasure, unlike anything I had ever achieved for as long as this ever, in any conceivable way.

My entire body jerked four or five times I shook from head to toe. My tits bounced as the spasms of sensual pleasure wracked my body. Every nerve in my body had reacted to the stimulation, unlike anything I had ever endured previously. My head was spinning with sensual delight. It was as if I was having a fit.

By now the skin of my clit should have been rubbed bare it as it felt so sensitive and my whole body jerked far more violently than I could ever remember. I was cumming again like I had never cum before. This man was amazing. God knows how many times I had cum just in this fuck alone and I could not control or help it, nor enjoy it any more than I had. I could have cried with the emotion of it all.

I think Mike was a bit concerned about my reaction and asked if I was alright.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, keep it in there, please. Please don’t take it out!” I pleaded almost crying with the overwhelming pleasure of what seemed to be a never-ending orgasm.

Mike slowed his thrusting down but continued to fuck me, long, slow, deep thrusts and didn’t stop thrusting until he saw me collapse back onto the bed, lathered in sweat and now gasping for breath. I was done.

My heart was racing and I had to take short sharp breaths. I could feel the blood pulsing through the veins of my neck and temple. I felt for my nipples and rubbed them between two fingers. My whole body was again tingling with the amazing sensation and erotic pleasure Mike had once more given me. My tummy had the most intriguing sensations inside it and making me feel like I had done something amazing.

I knew from this moment on I would be coming back to play golf at this course at least once a month, if not for golf, then for Lucy's special massages and Mikes devoted attention. I could afford Lucy’s special treatment and to be fucked by Mike or another of her studs. They were not toy boys but full on fucking machines. Maybe I could see Jan and Sam next time. I had decided this was only the beginning of something I was going to enjoy regularly with one or all of them.

We were still joined together by his hard cock inside me. Then without a word, he began to fuck me again. I lay there and let him take his pleasure of my body.

Mike came again, less physically this time but I could feel my cunt filled to the brim with his cum. After he finished fucking me and rolled off me, he lay beside me. I had been filled to overflowing with his cum. It was leaking out all over the sheets. We lay together for over five minutes, saying nothing, but just holding hands as I recovered from something amazing. I felt that he actually had enjoyed himself with me rather than just providing a service. I did not want to comment and break the silence.

After we recovered we both showered and remained naked. I produced a bottle of champagne I had bought to celebrate my experience alone, after so long and with a man I had never met. This was something to celebrate and he was agreeable to joining me. Sharing it with him, I felt was quite appropriate.

“I don’t normally socialise with the clients afterwards.I am making an exception for you. I have not been with a woman that has enjoyed this as much as I have with you, except with Jan and Lucy. You would fit in well.”

I replied, “I would never have believed I could do what I have done with you and Lucy before this week. Now I will be making regular visits to play golf and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh as well. Jan told me Sam is not bad either,” I added.

“We all enjoy a threesome, so that will be a bit of variety for you. I am sure you will enjoy that as much as you and I have enjoyed doing what we have done. It's a long while since I have enjoyed being with a client as much as I have with you. Often its all over and done in less than an hour and mainly just a good rumble between the sheets. Some of your friends are easily satisfied. Maybe they have a husband at home and just want a younger man or a bit of variety,” Mike said as we chatted.

“I will be ringing Lucy to make an appointment with one or other of you so I know who I will be getting next time,” I told him.

“Try Jan and Sam. I am sure they will be just as satisfying in a slightly different way that we did. Sam does great doggy,” Mike said.

I looked at him and smiled.

I knew what that was, as I had done that with David often. I definitely was coming back.

“I will be giving you a rave report. They will be more than happy to share everything with you. I actually enjoyed myself tonight. Lucy will be happy to have another regular client as well,” Mike added.

After we finished the drink Mike dressed. I remained naked.

I had no hesitation in asking what he was going to charge me. I would have been happy to pay a million dollars for that if I had a million.

“I will do a special deal for you,” he said. Then he calculated the cost according to the services he provided.

“I will throw in the third hour for free as I enjoyed that extra time myself.”

He wasn’t cheap, but I got all that I paid for and a bit more it seems. I was more than happy with everything. His credit card authorisation machine was in the bag he bought. I also noticed a couple of lady toys in there as well. I hadn’t needed them.

I kissed him goodbye, standing unashamedly naked in the doorway until he entered the lift.

I looked in the mirror at my now well-fucked body and bright red nipples and I was still quite flushed around my vagina. After tonight, I was lucky to have any skin left on it. I relived the memories of what Mike and I had done together over the previous three hours. My new pubic hair treatment had worked wonders.

'You are nothing but a whore,' I said to myself. 'That was amazing.' And I smiled. I was so happy.

I was proud of myself and what I had done. I had begun a new life and whilst I enjoyed playing golf with little white balls they were not the only set of balls I would be playing with in future.

I would be making some discreet enquiries now, to see who of my golf playing partners may give something away as to who used the toy boys. Mike had given me more than any toy could possibly give me – he was a real man giving a real woman a real fuck in every way.

I had cum and enjoyed more orgasms that I could count. I was now going to lead a whole new life. I had found a new joy to fulfil in what had been a barren sex life for two years.

David could now rest in peace, I had now found Lucy and her entourage to replace him. What I had enjoyed tonight I would continue to pursue, and forever remind me of the wonderful times David and I had shared in a slightly milder but similar way together.

My toyboy or better still, my stud experience, had been an unqualified success. What I had imagined would be a gamble on a good experience with a young toy boy became a wonderful sexual experience between a man and a woman that I would have never imagined. Lucy and Mike had shown me the way to sexual gratification in a way I would never have thought of.

I had enjoyed a sexual experience in my life I never believed possible.

I was more than happy and I would be back for more... and more.

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