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Nashilee Raat

I fucked Sonali Bhabhi in car

Hi readers! I am submitting another erotic story to entertain you all. I   am going to share my experiences with a married desperate woman who   was hungry to get a suitable cock inside her pussy. Let?s enjoy this one   to get relaxed sexually.   

When I reached Bangalore, it was difficult for me to get a suitable   job. I thought it would be better to join a small domestic farm rather   than searching an MNC. Luckily I got employed as a computer operator in a   small scale industry. The owner was very good person with an excellent   personality. As I had no relatives in Bangalore, I preferred to be his   paying guest. I moved to his place with my bag and baggage. I stayed at   his guestroom. When I was there I knew that he has decent wife. Her   name was Sonali. Though she was slim she was bonny to look at.

Whenever I   used to come to room, I always ran to her and started to gossip with   her. Within a short while I made friendship with her. I usually got a   lot of time to pass with her. She always used to dress in tight tops and   equally tight trousers. But when she used to come in front of me in   sleeveless sari with a nice figure and fantastic boobs from side view, I   got doubly horny. I wished to fuck such a beautiful Marathi married lady   of 24 ages. She was simply ignorable for any man of any age. She   maintained good physique and decent looks. She was fair, tall with nice firm   breasts and round ass. I had fantasizes about Sonali Bhabhi. She was a   gifted with a nice figure and fantastic boobs. When she used to come   in front of me in tight jeans and tops, I used to read the small bulgy   stomach and navel, the hairless sweet smelling armpit, the big shapely   boobs and sexy brassiere. Moreover I imagined the soft hairs in the   lower belly.

I gradually came to know that her husband belonged to a   wealthy family but he was not interested in sex since he was a closet gay.   The couple was in good terms for long interval. They quarreled with each   other at night daily, even in my presence. I thought to avail the   opportunity to enjoy her.    On night while I was returning to home, I heard them shouting at each   other. I listened to them carefully. I heard Sonali bhabhi scolding her   husband, ?You are a jinx for me. My life is completely jeopardized   because of you, your ignorance. I am not going to tolerate you anymore in   my life. I can?t live with you under the same roof. You don?t think   about me, my requirements. You are busy with your own business. I am going   to my mother?s this night.? Then she came out with her suitcase and   placed it in the dickey of Ferrari. She pushed her to the backseat of the   car and closed the door. She rang me over mobile and asked me to drive   the car up to her mother?s. I changed my dress and reached to the car.   I found her not correctly dressed. Perhaps she was not aware of that.   And I could get a glimpse of her assets.

I ignited in the engine drove   the car to the highway. I adjusted the mirror to get a slant view of   her.     I was driving the car at a speed of 60 kmph. My competitors were only   those heavy vehicles that overtook me along the highway. I could hardly   found any pedestrian passing by me. And inside the car, there was a   beautiful lady I have to drop safely. But I became wicked and there was a   change in my character. I supposed the night to be suitable to fuck   her. There was none, not even her husband to safeguard her virginity. She   was all alone in the car besides me. It was a full moon night and the   moon was at its full beam. I made a naughty plan to fuck
her alongside   the road. Two hours had already passed. It was now 12-00 p.m. and there   was nothing going on the highway except our car. I decided to bang her   that night. After covering a distance, I pulled over the car to some   deserted spot from the road and stopped behind a couple of banyan trees.   I turned off the engine and immediately moved back and decided to make   my move.

I watched open-mouthed her breasts literally popping through a   red lacy brassiere. I wished to swallow the up. After sometime I   stretched out my right hand and whirled it around her exposed boobs. She   suddenly got up and shouted out, ?who is it?? I replied daringly, ?It is   me, Ravi.? She tided up herself and scolded me, ?Ravi, you mean! How   dare you touch me? Don?t you know hot to behave with a married woman? You   are a paid servant. Don?t cross your limit. And why you stopped the car   alongside the highway?? I boldly replied,?yes! I am a servant. But I   am man and you are a woman right now. My conscience doesn?t allow me to   insult your beauty. I want to love you in this lonely night. Give the   chance to fulfill your long awaited desires and satisfy your sexual   appetite.? And I put my hands over her breasts. She threw them away and   asked me with a shivering voice, ?How do you think of a woman who already   belongs to someone else?? I said, ?it is really fun for me to pass   nights with others? wives as they are experienced in bedroom games.? She   tried to escape but the doors were already locked. She had no other   option but to surrender.    I opened the door and joined her on the backseat. She requested me to   leave her for god?s shake. But when I grabbed her plump, round breasts   and pressed tightly over her tops, she could get the idea that she was   going to be fucked in the car in the lonely night. She shouted for help;   but her voices could not reach out. It got mixed with the air within   the car as I had already locked the doors and closed the window panes   also.  I was really hot and my temperature was soaring high. I captured her   and grabbed her firmly putting my arms around her back. I forcibly made   her lay on the backseat and in no time I was on top of her with my mouth   pressing against her. My legs were busy mingling with those of her.   She was trying to shout and push me away with her hands. But she failed.   Her sounds were muffled in her mouth itself. I rolled over her. I   kissed her forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, earlobes, nostrils. I also kissed her   neckline, the cleavage, the armpit etc. I continued it for over 20   minutes and her face was wet with my saliva.

She could hardly offer any   resistances to throw me aside. I continued kissing her passionately with   my hot lips until she was ready to be fucked and her breathing got   quickened and deeper. My tongue was invading her mouth and "Mmmppphhhh"; it   was very exciting for me. She took interest in me. When we looked at   each other, she realized the lust in my eyes for her. She was getting   hotter gradually and was moaning like ohhhhhh.. aaaaaaaaa.. I was getting   excited and moving my hands on her breasts over her tops. I was   pressing them tight and flat. The top 2 buttons of her tops had already been   undone during this course. I could view the bra and swells of her   breasts and were able to drive any man crazy. I kissed those parts as they   were irresistible for me. I moved my hand to the back of her head and   released her hairs from the rubber band. She looked like a sex goddess.   My legs were ragging her legs. I lowered my eyes to her boobs and got a   long view of her cleavage. I pushed my head between her big mounds and   rubbed my nose against her cleavage, licked it along her neck. She   gasped out ?Nooooooooooo .................. oooooooohhhhhhhhh!?    

I knew I was getting control over her slowly and nicely. I was pressing   my mouth against her and my hands on her boobs. She knew I was so   strong that she would never be able to free herself from my powerful grip.   I slid her tops off her shoulder. I peered at her thin red lace of semi   transparent bra with the imprint of her hard nipple protruding through   it. I covered her breasts with my hands, now on the outside of my bra.   I found the hook in the front. My hands moved to it. I was going to   unfasten her bra!!! "NO, Ravi, NO......PLEASE don't .......   Noooooooooooooooooo.....", she yelled out and urged me to kiss her and pound her   breasts. I clutched and squeezed her breasts for several minutes. It   really felt phenomenal! She was breathing even deeper now. I was successful   turning her on. She told me to wait for a minute and opened her tops   all the way down and slipped her hands out of it. In a minute my hungry   mouth was pressing against her cherry red lips and my hands were   kneading her breasts with brutality that she didn?t know till her bra was   ripped off her body in a moment and I started twisting her nipples. I put   my palms over her entire breasts and made large slow clockwise motions,   moving it with my hand as exactly as I had seen in blue films. I   flattened them gently and then pulled her nipples again. Oh, it was really a   nice experience, particularly when I pulled her nipples! She shrieked   out Oooohhhh.. oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Uhhhh...... and told   me,?Raviii!! You are great in turning me on. I was waiting for such type love.   Love me honey, love me as long as you can! Let me enjoy the pleasure out   of pain.? I moved my right hand down to her waist and then even lower.   My fingers slid beneath the waistband of her panties.

I was molesting   her at will as my fingers slid up into her. She began trembling all over   and her breaths got deeper. My hand slipped into her panties and   paused at downy pubic mound and every once in a while I tickled her pussy   lips. My fingers touched her puffy outer lips
and very lightly examined   their shape and texture. My fingers were slowly exploring her lips. I   realized her getting wet! She moved her hips in different directions   trying to get her genitals away from my hand. Her voice was almost a   whisper and she could only grunt like.?Noooooooooooooo? Ummm? Uuhh.. OOO..   UUU..? My fingers slid between her lips and found her tingling clit, very   gently massaged it while my mouth was engaged sucking her tits and the   other hand pinching her brown nipples. When I very slowly moved my   fingers in and and and out.... Involuntarily, she   spread her legs wider and rotated her hips forward and backward in rhythm   with my finger. I moved down and to her smooth thighs and licked it. I   moved my tongue on all over her legs from toe.     Now it was not possible for me to fondle her anymore. She ordered me to   get inside of her immediately. I started twisting her nipples while   fumbling with my clothes. Her body looked like a sculpture when I peeled   her clothes off. My uncut erect black cock was almost 8? in length and   as thick as her wrist. Her pussy got wet just looking at my cock. She   told me that it was not possible for her to bear a long, thick cock   inside her as she was a virgin till now and had never been fucked by her   husband since her marriage. I told her that I would easily make way   through her pussy and would go inside her, deep inside her. She pulled her   trousers down and then her lacy red panties too. Her cunt was smooth   shaven and now it was glistening with her juices. We had difficulty in   settling on the small backseat since her legs were quite long. But I   forced her on her back and doubled her elongated legs so that they fitted.   Then I mounted atop her and started to kiss her mouth again. She bit my   earlobes with joy and told me to enter my black thick penis inside her   wet cunt. When I rammed my shaft with mushroom head inside, she  screamed as if she was being knifed. I slapped her and told her to be a quite;   I pressed my hands on her boobs continuously. She was a submissive   maid to the regains of a bull like me. She put two fingers on either side   of her pussy and was pulling it apart, trying to take me in. She   submitted her body to me and started to enjoy the way my thick cock was   ramming inside her pussy mercilessly. She cried in pain and dug her nails in   my back. I bit her lips quite hard and twisted her nipples. My balls   now as hard as almost my cock were repeatedly slapping against her round   ass cheeks. She was raising herself to meet my thrust and enjoying it.   My hands were brutal on her breasts and her nipples felt sore by being   constantly kneaded and twisted. Sonali bhabhi was moaning aaaawww,   aaaawww, aaaaah, aaaammmaaa... Oooohh, aaaaaiiii, aaaaahhh,   rrrraaaaaajjjj, aaaahhhh, slow. Our car was vibrating with our body?s violent   coupling.

After a few minutes I raised her left leg on my shoulder and started   pumping her while sitting on knees. She was grabbing the car handle to   control and moaning. She didn?t know whether she wanted to scream,   moan, cuss, or thank the Lord. She pulled me down on her again since she   enjoyed the feel of my hard dark sweaty body rubbing against her fair   skin and plump breasts. We went on for some 20 minutes during which she   came 3/4 times. After wards I wanted to all out at the last moment but   she did not allow it. Her cunt was hungry for a man's juices. At last I   cummed inside her with a loud scream ahahahahaha... and as it got   pushed against womb Sonali bhabhi really screamed ?aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh   Raviii!? Pleasure ran through her whole body.    I was exhausted; but she still wanted more. As I was pulling out my   cock, we peered at each others? private parts. She told me she wanted to   suck my long black cock. I sat leaning against one side of the car and I   placed one of my legs stretched along the seat ant the other was   touching the floor. Sonali knelt down on the floor and took my cock in her   hands and fondled it. In no time, my huge monstrous cock stood out   straight pointing at Sonali bhabhi. The first thing bhabhi said is ?Oh my   God! It?s so big?. I said, ?Don?t worry! Nothing will happen, you will   enjoy it?. Then what followed was the most surprising thing to me which I   never expected to happen. Bhabhi closed her eyes and I ran my hand   through her hair and cupped the back of her head and pushed my huge cock   against her lips, I heard bhabhi say, ?mmm... Mmm... Mmm.... No please   mmmm..? And then with one firm push I could see her open her mouth and   my huge tool enter her mouth. It was great and I let away a loud moan   and kept my cock in her mouth. I could hear voices of mmmm....mmm... It   was wonderful to see her lovely lips warped against my monster cock. I   could feel the head of my cock push against the back of her throat. I   guided her face to my huge balls. She took each of them in her mouth for   about a minute and then I again put my cock near her mouth. She eagerly   wrapped her fingers around it and began to pump slowly with her hand.   She enjoyed its swollen mushroom shaped head, its long hard shaft, and   the tuft of rough hair at its base. Then she rose up to the seat and   lay on her stomach. She made her hands busy sliding up and down on my   hard rod. Taking my massive cock in her hands, she moved it to her mouth,   opened her lips and slide them over my swollen purple head and began   sucking it like a Popsicle. She relished the moisture on its tip. She   savored the musk of my shaft. She sucked hard the rim of my hot rod.  

Meanwhile I was running my hands over slippery back and round hips. I could   touch the curvy area of her butts. I then leaned forward and showered   kisses on her back ad hips. I stretched out my middle finger and   inserted into her asshole. She grunted like anything and let out a moan aaaah,   aaaah!!! I dragged her toes, held it both hands and kissed her feet,   bit her fingers one by one. Cupping my balls in her hand, she squeezed   them gently as she licked down my long shaft and then lick each fuzzy   ball, one at a time. She took a ball into her mouth and sucked it. All   the time her hands were massaging my firm butt. She placed my dick in her   mouth again and sucked as hard as she could. "Oooohhhhh?, I yelled   out. She was literally screaming saying ouch.. its paining no... when I   put my hand around her bare waist and fingered her pussy and asshole   simultaneously. Finally I Cummed and s shot my load down her throat which   further intoxicated her.    Again I tilt her and came over her. I placed my face very close to her   pussy. I tickled it with the tip of tongue and she wriggled her body   out of ecstasy. I opened her pussy by holding the two lips with my thumb.   I licked from bottom to top several times along the pink path. I   pinched the clit. My tongue is moving deeper and deeper. She was moaning   like ohhhhhh. Haaaaaaaaa... And she was pressing my head towards her   pussy. I was licking the pussy like fucking it with small jerks on clitoris.   I could feel the aroma of her pussy out of wetness. After some time   she pulled out some cum from her pussy. I ate it and cleaned totally. She   could not able withstand me for long time. She said that she wanted to   suck my dick again. But I didn't want to leave her pussy as it was so   tasty and amazing. So, we decided to go for 69 positions. She was on   me. She was sucking my dick while I am enjoying by licking her pussy from   down. My face was in between her heavy thighs. After some time she   come to normal position and inserted my dick into her pussy and started   riding on me.

Meanwhile I was caressing her big mounds that were swinging   with rhythm synchronizing her speed. It was wonderful sight to see   when she was ridding on me. I put arms around her waist firmly and   co-operated her. She was pushing her hips to and fro along my rod. Her round   shaped breasts were bouncing up and down simultaneously. Her boobs were   getting rubbed against my chest and face as she was ridding. She was   moaning like ohhhh? ahahaha? uumm.. sshhh.. iisshh.. One of hands was   pressing my balls. At times, I clutched her breasts and squeezed so hard   that they got reddened. She enjoyed a lot while fucking me in active   position. I was also enjoyed lot. After some time I released my cum into   her hot pussy. The whole car was reverberating with our noises, moans. I   finally reached my climax and a stream of hot sperms flew down into   her vagina. Both of us got tired and she remained flat on me for more   than 15 minutes. Then she wanted to pee. I accompanied her outside as she   could hardly walk. When she pissed, I watched the semen I had left   inside coming out her vaginal hole. Then we went back to the car and rested   for a little while in each others? arms.    As usual, I requested her to try out her asshole. She suddenly stared   et me and immediately replied,?No! No! It is too big to enter. It would   hurt me. It would tear apart my ass cheeks.? I kissed on her forehead,   ran my finger in her hairs and told, ?No Sonali! Nothing would go   wrong! You would get the real pleasure. I assure you I will fuck manly.? And   she agreed to me with a naughty smile. Then I moved to his ass and   started caressing. I crushed her ass and bubs. I mauled her ass at my   best. I licked the valley of the ass like a dog. I further tickled her   asshole with my tongue. I slid it in and out. She was masturbating my long   shaft with her soft palms. I was grabbing those butts hard and whirled   my lips around. When my rod got stiffened, I lowered one of the window   panes.

I positioned her in such a way that her hips remained inside the   car and the rest of her
body, i.e, including her waist upwards   remained out side. She had been positioned like a bitch. Now she sniffed the   cold breeze blowing outside the car where as she was red-hot to be   fucked. I positioned my shaft at her tight tiny asshole with the foreskin   pulled back and put my arms firmly around her waist. She was holding the   edge of the pane. I slowly pushed my dick inside with pressure and her   groining rose like ooo.. ooooo.. ooooooo.. ooooooooo.. as I was getting   completely inside. I said not to worry and I started pulling my cock   out slowly and pushing back in. I increased my pace and started doing it   faster with accelerated momentum, and bhabhi was moaning aaaawww,   aaaawww, aaaaah, aaaammmaaa... Oooohh, aaaaaiiii, aaaaahhh,   rrrraaaaaavvviii, aaaahhhh, sloww, please Fuck mmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, mmmmmmmmmmmm, I   love you aaahh, and I was hammering her damn hard and her ass cheeks   were damn red, but my cock also was shiny. I pulled it all the way till   only the head was in and then push the whole 8 inches inside. She was   crying and moaning. The car got fulfilled with the tinkling sounds of   her bangles and ornaments. She was crying out like aaaaaaaah aaaaahhhhh,   aaaaaaahhhh mmmmm raviiiiiiii under the open sky. There was hardly   anyone to listen to those painful cries except me. She was really   encouraging me to bang her asshole though tears came out of her blue eyes.

I   continued banging her for 20 minutes and cum inside her asshole. She   licked the rest of the cum which was dripping from my cock when I pulled   out. She cleaned with her tongue.     Now she was happy and told me to return home. She cancelled her visit   to her mothers?. We dressed ourselves neatly as if nothing had happened   I was not able to drive. So she drove the car back to her place and was   playing with my shaft like the gear all the way long putting her hand   inside my jeans. When we reached home it was 5 0?clock in the morning.   Her husband could realize what had happened. The next morning she   offered me a steaming glass of milk with cashew to drink. She told me that   she had been revitalized with my scum. I could notice her toiter and   walk bowlegged. Thereafter I used to enjoy each other when we got time. We   even used to sneak to the yard and I fucked her under the open sky.     

Anyway! That was a wonderful and memorable night in my life. Both of us   enjoyed ourselves to the extreme. Do write to me your comments. I am   available at .

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