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Naughty Old Man

Not the usual job at the senior home.

I had turned sixteen and it was suggested by my father that I do something to give back to the community. It was decided for me that I should volunteer at the local retirement home.

It started out just talking to the residents or walking with them. As I got to know some of them, I'd help them with meals and play games, usually gin rummy.

One such resident was a veteran marine. He was strong and steadfast and you could tell he was once extremely handsome. He was a sweet old man of eighty-three and he still had that naughty twinkle in his eye. He was also a bit of a flirt and I instantly liked him. He would make naughty insinuations and laugh with a cackle.

He made me excited to go to work and I would spend increasingly more time with him than anyone else. I could see a change in him too, he seemed to smile a lot more and his skin seemed to shine too.


It was a sunny day in summer and father told me to go to the retirement home for an unscheduled shift. Harry, my marine friend, had fallen down and he had asked for me specifically. When I arrived, one of the nurses told me to go directly to his room.

I went to his room and knocked on the door. I heard him yell out, so I went in. To my shock, he was laying in his bed completely naked with his hand on the most impressive penis I had ever seen in my young years. He smiled at me.

"Janey, lock the door and come here."

I did as I was told, the excitement building up in me. I was not a virgin, but I had only been with one boy, who wasn't that good anyway.

He patted the bed next to him and I sat down next to him. I was wearing a cute mini dress and his hand slid up my skirt.

"Janey, have you ever been with a man before?"

I shook my head.

"Would you like me to teach you things? I have been thinking about you all night and I so want to play with you."

I smiled. He did look so handsome and his cock looked so good throbbing away in front of me. I did want to lick it so bad. For the moment I just reached over and gently started to stroke the tip of his penis. He seemed to push his head back on his pillow and groaned slowly. I sat up and cuddled up to him as I stroked him.

He pulled me on top of him and pulled my head towards his. He kissed me softly as his hands traced my back and rested on my ass. He kissed like no boy had ever kissed me. He was soft and attentive and I felt so comfortable on top of him. I knew I was going to let him have sex with me. In fact, I wanted him to.

I sat up on his lap and pulled my dress up over my head. I could feel his old man cock getting even harder on my butt as I clasped my bra and took it off. I lay back on top of him, my soft 34B breasts pressing against his chest. We kissed once more, this time it was more passionate. His tongue slid deep into my mouth and I willingly sucked it.

There was something really hot about making out with an older man. I felt safe in his arms and knew I would gladly do anything he would ever want. It didn't take too long for him to make a request.

"Janey, have you ever sucked a cock? I would love you to suck my cock and then I'll make love to you."

I laughed and gave him a peck on the lips. I climbed off his lap and turned around. I bent forward, planting kisses up and down his shaft. I felt his hand cup my ass as I took his hard cock into my mouth. It was the first cock I had ever sucked and he seemed to like it. He told me what to do as I sucked him, and I followed his instruction to the letter.

After a minute he told me to take off my panties and sit on his face as I continue sucking him off. I could feel his mouth on my tight, teen pussy as I sucked him. I felt his tongue slide inside me as I lay on top of him in sixty-nine. We sucked on each other noisily and I could feel his hands on my ass, gently squeezing it.

I climbed off his face and sat on his lap, facing him. I guided his massive cock into my tight, teen pussy. His cock was so big that I could feel him stretching me out. He wrapped his arms around my waist as he started to slide in and out of me. It felt so good that my body started to shake almost right away. It was like my body had a mind of its own and I could feel myself racing towards my orgasm.

He held me tight as his cock slid in and out of me from underneath. With each thrust, I groaned and he grunted.

With skill, he sat up on the edge of the bed. I was still impaled on his cock and knew what he wanted. He was an old man and couldn't do all the work. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leant in to kiss him as I gently bounced on his lap. It felt so good and soon I felt another orgasm ripple through my body.

His hands roamed my back and my ass, caressing and touching me. I could feel his body shake and his breathing get heavier and more laboured. I kissed him passionately as I bounced a bit more. I could see his eyes glaze over and he gave one final grunt. His hot cream flooded my pussy and it seemed to push me over the edge for another orgasm of my own.

He lay back on the bed, breathing heavily. I lay flat on top of him, cuddling and holding him. He held me close and it wasn't long before he fell asleep.

I quietly climbed off him and put him in bed properly. I covered him with his bedsheets and then went to clean myself up. I went home in a great mood and could not wait to fuck Harry again.


Over the next six months, I had sex with Harry almost once a week. He taught me loads about love, sex and I figured out that he was quite a kinky old man. I even let him fuck me in the ass a few times.

Unfortunately, recently Harry passed away due to complications with pneumonia. It turns out he wrote a will where I got everything. The clause was I only get my inheritance from him when I turn eighteen.

I miss him dearly, my naughty old man.

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