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Farmer gets young lady to show boobs and he shows cock and cums
As the woman sat on her porch rocker, she thought back to a particular day. Was it 1951 or possibly 1952? She couldn’t remember all that well but what she did recall was the day and the moment he did what he did.

Her best friend and her were about to turn 20 years old. They had the same date of birth too. She smiled once she started to recall the events of that day. While slowly rocking on the porch rocker one day, she relaxed and sat back.

Her and her friend Elaine seemed inseparable, almost. In truth, they were but as spring rolled around that year and eventually summer, she soon found Elaine was still there for her less and less. Not this day however she remembered.

“You can’t go?” whined Mary Ellen.

Elaine said no she couldn’t. She had chores to do. They’d take her all day. So Mary Ellen had decided to go alone. She went and got “dressed” up for some reason and why she really didn’t know. She put on her bathing suit, a full length off white and somewhat ratty skirt, and donned an elder somewhat ugly blouse. She set off, walking to the pond all by herself. Swimming at this nice sized pond out on the neighbor’s farm was always lots of fun. Mr. Griegenheimer always let everyone swim in it and today wasn’t any different.

She’d always told herself that he wasn’t that old. He was always sweet and always said hi to her and Elaine. As she thought about it Mary Ellen never saw his wife much but it appeared her that his wife was older then him, and for that matter much, much beefier then him too. Or so she thought the woman was. Seeing as he was always friendly and always saying hi as he worked the fields they always waved and called out to him.

And that one particular day wasn’t any different. He was always swinging by the pond it seemed. He was always saying hi to most that had come out and swam there. He’d stop by every so often and have friendly chats with most the kids she thought. That’s why they all liked him a lot.

Seeing as he always let them swim in his pond she cut through the corn field to get there. However, this day was different. Mary Ellen didn’t know it yet but she would. Having decided to go it alone, she ran without grabbing a towel as she went swimming all alone.

She saw him. It was Mr. Griegenheimer. When she did she was by the banks of the pond and just about to walk into it. When she saw him he saw her and smiled and waved hello. When he saw her he slowed down his tractor.

For a moment, something began to dawn on her. She wasn’t sure about it but thought about it for a moment. It was the first time she’d thought the thought actually. He looks kind of handsome. His eyes seemed friendlier. His whole face seemed much younger then they ever did. For some reason, and she wasn’t sure why, he suddenly looked more attractive to her although he was a bit older it didn’t seem to matter at all.

No, he wasn’t dressed any different. He wore the usual clothing. Wearing his farmer jeans, the ones with suspenders over the shoulders of course, and that plaid shirt too he seemed a typical sweet nice guy. Regardless, she continued to smile and wave and him and he did the same back to her. Finally, she turned to walk into the pond but stopped.

She didn’t go in right away. Why, because she didn’t hear the tractor roaring off.

In fact, it didn’t drive away at all. He sat there on the tractor as it idled. That had her wondering why. He was looking at the skies and watching the clouds. He looked back at her as if he was going to say something to her. In truth, yes he was watching the clouds to the west. There was a storm brewing and it was coming their way. It was coming soon.

There she stood. A beautiful young figure with breasts, hips, and everything else too. To him, she looked so darn pretty and so darn cute as well. Her youthful full bosomed figure drew his attention too. She was lithe. She was without question a very adorable young woman with a maturing physique which was drawing his attention, swiftly.

As she stood facing away from him he sat on the tractor developing an affinity for her body. He so wanted to be closer to her but that was unspeakable, wasn’t it? Still he was looking at her and he was still smiling and wondering. Yes, he was.

For whatever reason, and only he knew why he’d begun thinking many improper and nasty, naughty thoughts. He’s a married man, a grown man too, but still he started letting whatever thunder rustle up thoughts of indecency in his head. In truth, maybe he was a bad, bad man, but he was the kindest and sweetest man she knew outside of her own dad.

Still rocking on her rocking chair on her porch, she let out a tiny smile as she thought that she never realized it but a man his age and stature, should never have been thinking any of those thoughts. She smiled again as she recalled it all. That’s what she believed as she rocked on her rocking chair that early evening.

That’s when she had turned her head. She grew curious. Huh, she thought. Why’s he still there? Why’s he still looking my way? Hmmm, that’s weird. It doesn’t make any sense she finally told herself. As she was thinking thought about it all, he finally put his tractor into gear. That’s when she assumed he was moving along.

No, he hadn’t done that. In truth he’d turned the tractor around and headed towards her. However, she went one and walked in anyway not seeing him come towards her. She swam around a little. In the meantime he pulled up next to the pond shutting off the tractor. Then Mr. Griegenheimer got off the tractor and sauntered over towards her while about to address her with an earnest smile.

While Mary Ellen thought back to that very day, the now 77 year old woman rocked some more as she recalled it all. She smiled while remembering the events which led to the all heartfelt moments.

As she did, she almost began to feel those fulfilling events once again. Alright, she’s old. It’s now 2011, she told herself as she smiled. So what if I’m 77 years old? She smiled some more telling herself that life was good. He was sweet. He was a gentle, gentle, and an adorable man she recalled. Life went on. I’ll always remember this. Yes I will.

And yes, but this one filled her with joy nothing could ever top.

“Good morning Mary Ellen.” he said.

She stopped, turned around, and smiled. She said hello as she stood up to talk to him. Greeting him while stepping out of the pond he saw how adorable she really was. With that body and those full set of bosoms staring back at him how couldn’t he be happy to see her swimming in his pond? He smiled, politely, and before she realized it his eyes were roaming her maturing and growing figure.

“Enjoying the water today are you?” he went on to ask.

“Oh yes sir, very much so, sir.” she told him. “Thank you very much, sir.” she added.

“Mary Ellen Mary Ellen,” he said, repeating himself in a nicely toned voice. “We have known each other since you were a little kid. Now, I don’t consider myself” and he made a point of emphasizing the next couple words “that old and let me say this also. You Mary Ellen sure are looking like the beautiful young woman I’ve always thought you were.” He had floated his open hands down over her figure but without touching it either as he went on to add “What I am trying to say is please and I mean please call me Gregor, alright my dear? Will you please? Please call me Gregor?”

“Uh oh yes sir, I mean Gregor,” she said but as if in was improper to do so.

“No nooooo” he went on to say. “I see you. I see you and Elaine out here. I see two absolutely beautiful young ladies out here, swimming, and you two have grown up. You alone are both respectful and thankful as well” and he continued to smile as he spoke to her. “I love having you out here. I love knowing and seeing someone, especially you and Elaine can come over, and truly enjoy yourselves.” Then he paused and turned around.

“However, I should warn you. There is a mighty storm brewing. It is on its way and it is coming very quickly. I suggest we find cover and we find it soon, alright. Put on your clothes and jump on the tractor. I can drive us to the barn over and around then bend. Go on now” he went on to say. “It is imperative you get out and we go, alright dear?”

She looked out to the west and up to the sky. It was dark and grey and it did look as if it was coming much sooner then anyone expected. She knew about the small barn. She and Elaine had gone into it a couple of times. She had no problems so with that he jumped on and told her to jump on too, but stand right in front of her so that she wouldn’t fall off it.

“Hold on, alright? I want to put on my regular clothes. I’m going into the corn over here and changing” she told him. She went in and she was already half dry by this point and changed into her regular clothes. She came out with only her clothing on. No brassiere and no underwear, she felt odd not having them on, but when he saw her it did not matter. He thought how darn pretty the young lady looked even in her regular clothes.

“The dirt road is rather bumpy. There are lots of ruts and even holes it it. So don’t be shaken up if you feel like you’re going to be thrown off. I’ll catch you, alright? Don’t worry if you feel like you’re going to be thrown off” he went on to say.

“Okay” she told him. She climbed up and stood in front of the steering wheel as his knees barely touched above her buttocks as he started up the tractor.

Still on her rocking chair, she felt the breeze twirling. Mary Ellen looked around the area. Not a soul in sight she thought as the coming moments were about to happen. While she rocked on the rocking chair she closed her eyes. Now the memories flooded into her mind. She told herself she sure wished he was still around nowadays. However, he was married, and he had his own obligations. Still that day was one fun, fun day she thought as she rocked.

“”Now watch out” he said. “Careful of these coming holes and ruts, alright?”

She had no idea what he really meant as the ride to the barn was truly a bumpy and discomforting ride. Her feet lost their footing where she stood once they got moving along. She was falling to her left. She was falling to her right.

Suddenly they hit a big bump and she practically fell overboard. This time, she’d fallen onto his left arm. He was there. He was ready. He’d caught her as she fell.

Yes, he’d hit it that large hole in the road. She’d fallen hard to the left. He caught her with his left arm and also his hand too. He held on to her as his hand reached out and grabbed hold of her chest. Yes, her chest.

And when he did, she felt it. Something, was it his hand, had taken hold of her boob. It had grabbed it. It had actually but gently squeezed it too, but wait. Something wasn’t right. She didn’t scream. She didn’t turn around either. When his hand and arms grabbed hold of her and when his hand took hold of her pulsating bosom, she let it alone. She allowed his hand to hold it. And she allowed it to take hold of it for a moment or two longer then usual.

“Are you alright?” he said as she still held on to her maturing tit.

“Uhhh umm yes” she said. “I think so” while feeling the gentle hold of her breast.

Finally he let go of it. She wished he would do that again. Ohhh wow, she thought. That felt, and she stopped to think how it felt. Touch it again. Do that again, would you?

They’d hit the last one, a big one too, and it happened almost the same way. Again he grabbed hold of her, and again he swiftly ran his hand over her breast, but quickly squeezed it letting it go right afterward.

“Umm Gregor?” she said. He answered her. “Did you just touch my chest?” she said.

He immediately felt bad. However it was his intent, all along to try doing what he’d done. He didn’t reply right away and when he did he lied. “Did I do something which bothered you? What do you mean by this?”

Initially she was quiet but went on to say shortly after “Umm I am not sure. When we hit that large hole, that big bump in the rode, and when I almost fell of the tractor you uhhh caught me. You caught me with your arm and your uhhh hand also.” She paused a moment before she said anything further as she thought through it all. “But when you caught me as I started to fall well it felt as if I was grabbed and well I don’t know.”

A moment of silence developed. He waited to see what she would say. She remained silent as she thought how it did feel nice. It felt very, very nice in fact. Mary Ellen still could feel that sensation of his hand on her breast. She could feel his hand as it held her and more to the point as it held her bosom as he squeezed it tenderly. He couldn’t see her but Mary Ellen practically smiled at the feeling and the emotion she was getting from the experience of what occurred on the tractor.

“Anyway, it was my impression Gregor that my bosom was first touched and then, I don’t know, but I felt that maybe it was squeezed” she went on to say.

He smiled. No, she didn’t see him smile. It was not a large smile but he smiled at the feeling he had as he recalled grabbing hold of the soft and gentle round but plush boob. He shook his head as he thought to himself. He then said to himself how beautiful it felt and immediately wanted to compliment the young lady.

“I am so sorry if I did that to you” he told her. “It was not my intention” he lied.

I wish you would do that again. It did feel really good to me, she told herself. I loved it to be honest. For you to hold me, hold my body closely, for you to embrace my bosoms, and for you to hold and rub my bosoms as well would be so soooo wonderful. That would feel soooo nice. Ohhhhhhh so wonderful indeed, she reminded herself. Then as she looked at the rain, lightening and while she and Gregor listened to the thunder as well, she smiled wishing he’d take her hand and pull her into him.

Finally after a few more moments of no speaking to each other she finally said something to him. “Gregor I did not mind when that happened.”

He stood looking straight ahead. He didn’t turn to look at her sideways. He didn’t move a muscle. He simply stared out at the rain and clouds and watched and listened. The rain along with the thunder was peaceful and almost romantic in its own way.

She loved it and he liked it too. He instantly wondered about what she’d just said, that she didn’t mind it at all what had went on as they came up the road.

What if I tried doing it again, he asked himself. Would she stop me? Does she want to be felt again on her bosoms? I’d like to do that. I would. She is soooo pretty and such a sweet and fine young woman. Ohhhhhh she is a sweet and very pretty young lady that yes, I would do it again.

Go on, Gregor do it again he told himself. Go on and do it again.

Reach over, Gregor. Feel me again. I don’t think I will stop it from happening. No I don’t think I will. Ohhhhhh go on, reach over and feel my bosoms. I want you too. Go on Gregor, touch them. Touch them both. I want to feel your hands on my breasts, Gregor.

And then as she was wishing him to do it, he surprised her out of nowhere. He turned towards her, which surprised her, and smiled as he looked into her eyes. It startled her but she shook her head and looked at him.

“Mary Ellen” he said, “may I ask you a favor?”

“Pardon me, Gregor?” she said and he asked if he could have her do a favor. “And what is that Gregor?”

“I wish” and his eyes lowered as he began to pause. He looked back at her. She saw his eyes as they quietly looked at her chest. “I wish to touch and feel your bosoms, again.”

She stared at him, happy that he had asked. She did not smile. She behaved indifferent to his request. However, the request had thrilled her. She wanted to say yes, terribly. She was soon burning up all over inside. She wanted in fact to rip off her blouse, although she wore nothing underneath, and let him do as he pleased. Yes oh yes ohhhhhh yes Gregor feel them. Just feel my bosoms. Make me soooo pleased Gregor.

“Okay” she told him in a unexciting, mundane tone of voice. “You may feel them.”

He slowly reached out as he looked deeply into her eyes. His hand came closer and closer and as it did his eyes looked at her bosoms. As the hand came closer, Mary Ellen’s eyes closed as she awaited the hand to touch, feel, and eventually put pressure on her breast.

Her eyes closed right away. A finger had touched part of her boon. Hr shoulders and back initially stiffened. She took a deep breath of air as his finger then touched down on her bosom. She so wanted so much more. That is when she told herself to say something.

Mary Ellen, rocking in her chair on the porch, definitely recalled these parts as even her breathing mounted and attack on her body. These coming moments, for which she had recalled a number of times over the years, had always been the best moments of her one day with this lovely sweet neighbor of hers.

“Mmmmmm ahhhhh,” said Mary Ellen as if reinforcing his behavior.

“What, what?” he exclaimed. Right away he pulled his hand off her beautiful young boob, her wonderfully soft but loveable bosom.

It was thrilling to her to feel his finger on her bosom. Though she wasn’t smiling her body had erupted with glorious possessions of residency by highly induced hormonal aliens she was not familiar with as of yet. The heat she felt for the very first time swelled within her thighs as his finger felt her bosom. Immediately following that, this heat surged up into her vagina. Once this occurred, this heat warped up into her stomach and into her bosoms causing her to want things she never ever considered in her life.

Mary Ellen stopped rocking as she began thinking about the intensity of the following events of that day decades ago. She was all smiled now too.

“Oh nothing sir except please touch it again” and with that she simply reached down, grabbed hold of his wrist, and forced his hand to feel her bosom. But now she wanted this hand to really truly feel it full throttle she believed. “Ahhhhh yes just like that Gregor” she went on to say as she closed her eyes.

He felt one and then the other. She wanted so much more. She wanted this man, this older man to feel her real flesh, and her real bosoms. She wanted him to see them and hold them and god knows what else she told herself.

He felt them and rubbed her bosoms and although her top was on still she could feel the beauty of his hands as they roamed around her luscious young boobs. Her knees were crumbling. She wanted to sit or lie down even. She wanted him to pet her. She wanted these lovely hands to rub and massage her. She wasn’t sure about it all but she felt she wanted her shirt undone as they lay in the hay in the barn.

“Gregor I,” and then she stopped. “I want to,” and she stopped speaking again. She looked into his eyes and finally felt she had to say it. “I want to remove my blouse. I dearly wish for you to feel my bosoms without my blouse on.”

His eyes grew big at her words. His heart beat faster as he swiftly thought about those words. To see these nubile bosoms, to see her white young breasts meant everything to him also, and to be able to be allowed to feel them and only god knows what else was to put it mildly, terrific.

She stood up. She’d gotten up out of the rocker and without her walker even. Mary Ellen, for a few minutes of her aging life felt alive again as the climax was about to erupt into a wave which even she knew she couldn’t control. She paced as she relived these moments in her mind. She smiled brightly as the coming moments of this event suddenly relived themselves in her memory and nothing else. She was able to pace from one end of the porch to the other.

And no one was there to see this event whatsoever.

She undid her buttons and his heart beat faster and faster and even faster. He could not wait. He wanted to see their beauty badly. She watched him as it her blouse opened up. He saw parts of her breast laid within the folds of her blouse. Touches of the outer breaches appeared from within the edges of her blouse.

Gregor had to feel their beauty. He simply just had to do that, he told himself. That beautiful soft and lush softness controlled all thoughts as he stared hard at the slight appearance of the rounding curves of her breast laying just inside her blouse. He grew terribly horny as he saw her body unfold before his very eyes.

She was, putting it mildly, gorgeous as ever. She looked into his eyes and smiled. “Here Gregor I want you to feel these” and with that Mary Ellen pulled her blouse open.

She waited. His eyes grew as big as an elephants. His eyes stared directly into their pleasurable unfolding delights. He did not raise a hand. He only gazed upon their beauty as if he did touch them they might just break. She needed this so much but he wasn’t so sure at this moment.

“Gregor, you not care to feel my bosoms?” she asked.

She scooted closer and said it again. It broke his “concentration” on her bosoms. Oh yes, he wanted them, but his desires may have been confined to more then this. He simply stared and this led to something he wasn’t expecting.

She reached out and took his hand, laying it inside her blouse, and on the breast itself. His eyes seemed to grow even larger. His penis started to feel as if it was now tingling. His legs tightened more and more as eyes closed and his head slowly fell back a little at the sensations he was now having.

A tingling almost stinging series of sensations blew throughout his body. Coursing through it as he felt her bosoms, he moaned. She wasn’t quite sure why but he hadn’t pulled his hand off her boob. He simply rubbed it lightly and although he loved it, he respected it nonetheless.

Her bosom, to Gregor, felt magnificent. He continued caressing it all over. He was in seventh heaven and would tell her too eventually. As great as it felt to him he finally did what he’d wanted to do. As he became more relaxed with his situation, Gregor squeezed her boob, gently.

“Ohhhhhhh” she said, softly. “Do that again, will you please?”

He opened his eyes and found her almost ready to lean back herself and let him have his way with her bosoms. He felt the other in the same manner as he did the first one, exciting her to no end.

She felt back on her hands. Her blouse opened up. He saw it open up and leaned into it this becoming more proud of himself and with that Gregor leaned into her body. He kissed it for the very first time. That surprised her to no end. A man kisses a woman’s breasts? A man kisses a woman’s breast she asked herself as he went and kissed the other one next.

“Ohhhhhh Gregor ohhh Gregor” she called out as if feeling she was in a state of some kind of superb activity. “Please oh please do that again” and so he did it a number of times.

And then out of no where she did something wild and crazy. He never expected it at all.

She pulled up and leaned in to him, explosively and then she kissed his lips as if kissing a boyfriend for the very first time. It was impulsive but it all felt right. It all felt great. It all felt arousing to her as anything could feel. She hugged him. She kissed him. She moved closer and hugged him lustfully too.

He was horny. He was hard. He wished for her to know this too.

“Mary Ellen?” he said. “Uhhh have you ever seen a...” and then he halted himself. “Have you ever seen a man’s privates before?”

That question surprised her but no she hadn’t. With large and as wide as his were earlier, she told him, shaking her head no, that she hadn’t.

“Would you care to see one?” he asked.

“Gregor are you sure about doing this?” she said. In truth she was quite interested in it. She and Elaine had talked about that a number of times when alone.

He nodded and then said yes, quietly as if almost unsure that it was the right thing to do, but eventually he said yes. When he did, she let off a tiny little sign she was deeply interested in seeing his now erect penis as well.

So with that he said “Mary Ellen, if this is what you want, if you are sure of this then lay your hand down here. Feel me down here, between my legs here.”

And so she did. Her eyes exploded with amazing wonder at the monstrous size of his cock. She could not believe a man’s penis was so thick and so hard and always that erect too. He pressed her hand down on it.

He went rigid all over his body as he hand lie firmly over his raging erection. His eyes even closed as her hand, held by his hand, felt its power, its glorious redeeming power. He opened his eyes and smiled, taking a deep breath to enjoy the experience these two were having at this point.

“Would you like to see it?” he asked.

“Oh uh Gregor are you sure?” she said.

“I am sure” he told her as the battle with its intensity grew and grew. “I am quite sure of this if you are.”

“I am. I am, I think” she told him.

He lowered the straps to his farmer jeans. He untucked his shirt while she looked and waited. He pushed the jeans off his body somewhat. He pushed down his underwear. There it was. It popped up, erect and as thick as thick and as aroused as a man’s cock could ever be.

“These my dear, when these are like they are, when they are as large and as hard and as erect as this one is meaning its highly aroused right now because of you can be put into a woman’s vagina. These are what are used, often, to give a woman a baby. No, we are not here to make a baby, but only here to enjoy the fruits of life, to play with instruments god has given us. See, I’d sure love to play with your other instrument today too.”

She stared at it as she listened and grew horny as ever as she gazed upon its almighty beauty before her. “Touch it with your fingers, will you?” he asked.

She looked at him. She looked at it. She looked at him again. He nodded and took her hand, placing it over his hard erect penis. He couldn’t wait. She didn’t hold back but she did hesitate a little as her hand came closer and closer to touching his penis.

He felt the hand touch it. She took hold of it as he wished. She soon cupped it too. He told her to stroke it, which she did. Slowly he became so enraged that he exploded. Cum shot out of his penis at a rate and an amount she could not believe. It shot out all over the place. He came and came and he came. It even surprised him somewhat. But it all felt extremely wonderful to say the very least.

“Ohhhhhhh wow Gregor is that what happens when a man, you know, makes a baby?” she said as she looked between him and his cock. She fingered it some more as it slowly went limp. He told her yes. “Does this happen to women?” she asked.

“Many things happen to women” he said. She asked what. “I am not sure. Me and the missus do not hardly ever have sexual relations. So doing this today with you is a blessing. I wish to make you excited. I wish to make you have orgasm as well. I have heard of a man putting his tongue down inside a woman’s vagina if you would like to try this.”

She said yes and with that soon lifted up her skirt with no underwear on beneath it. She took his hand. Her vagina, already wet from all the excitement, was all ready for him to put his mouth down in it. He licked her and gave her an instant orgasm. She was screaming “bloody murder” as he did it. She came and she soon came a second time.

His mouth, tongue, and even his face were wet having filled them with her beautiful juices which she released as he ate her out. They collapsed as it rained and thundered on. He held her half naked body as they watched the remaining rain come down. She lay smiling and feeling his “loving” hold around her breasts and body.

That day was a wonderful day. She experienced “feelings” and sensations a young woman her age doesn’t hardly ever experience at that young an age.

Mary Ellen was so hyped up by this point that when the mailman came instead of struggling to climb down off the porch she used the railing and walked down, slowly, to retrieve the mail all on her own. This is something she never does at all, hardly. It’s always too big a task and so only because of that memory, she returned and waited as her daughter in law showed up. She fell asleep, waiting.

An hour later, Sheila showed up. She checked the mailbox but it was empty. Mary Ellen, woke up, and heard her Sheila walking up from the mailbox. She asked Mary Ellen if the mailman had ever come.

“Oh, yes dear. I went out and got it. Here” she handed the mail to Sheila.

That’s odd, thought Sheila. She can’t walk that far. She sat down across from Mary Ellen. “You went all the way out there and without your walker even to get the mail?”

Mary Ellen smiled, "Yes, I did."

“Have I ever told you about the time when I was a 20 year old girl?”


“Have a moment. I’d love to tell you this story.”

"Sure." Sheila said.

“Do you remember when you were 18?”

"Yes, I remember fondly." Sheila smiled.

“Remember when all the men, young and old even, looked at your wonderful figure?”

Sheila said yes and with that, Mary Ellen went on to tell her story of her and Gregor in the barn.

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