Net Gains (2)

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Husband films his wife being fucked
The clip we wrote about in Net Gains (1) was largely a mystery: we knew nothing of the couple engaged in a very erotic encounter, nor of the person filming. We just enjoyed it for what it was for 11 minutes and 14 seconds. It still turns us on today. But now we can recommend a much longer clip (32 minutes) and this time we know just about everything.

First, we must introduce our friends Gary and Ros, a couple with whom we have shared some satisfactory evenings. In some ways we are very different. Whereas we are very cautious and selective before meeting others, they accept almost every opportunity. They say they get some disasters, a lot of average fucks, and a few that are worth developing. And, says Gary, even an average fuck is still a fuck.

Their big advantage is their business. They are party planners. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, a reunion - give them a budget and they will organise the best deal available.

It was towards the end of one party that a guest who said his name was Colin asked to have a quiet word with Gary in private. This wasn’t exactly a surprise. From time to time they were asked if they could do “something special.” That invariably meant sex. Sometimes the request was just for a stripper, more often it was for a couple to put on a show. Usually a man and a woman, sometimes two women. Colin, however, had a different proposal.

He said that he and his wife had been married for almost twenty years and, though their sex life had been good, it had grown stale. They talked about it and he suggested watching some porn. She wasn’t keen but said she would agree if they could watch together. That did the trick in a manner he couldn’t have predicted.

During their marriage she had been totally faithful. Now she decided she wanted to try another man. Not only that, she wanted Colin to film it and put it on the internet. Could he cope with that? At first he was very doubtful but the more he thought about it the more excited he became.

Gary asked if he was sure. It was such a dramatic change might not one or other of them get cold feet at the last minute? Colin assured him they had talked it through and were ready to go. Suppose someone they know sees it? “So what? If they are browsing there they are like us. Might even give us a ring and arrange to meet,” he says, only half joking.

“Come and meet Terry,” he urged, as the party began to break up.

Terry was a not unattractive woman with chestnut hair and a full generous mouth. Gary registered cleavage that suggested good tits. They shook hands as Colin said, “This is Gary, the organiser. I’ve been telling him about our idea?”

Her smile gave nothing away. “I hope you haven’t said too much,” she said.

“I’ve just asked him if he knows someone who might suit. That’s all.”

“And do you?” Terry asked.

“As it happens,” Gary said, “you are looking at him.”

“You mean - “

“I mean Colin has told me what you want. If you like what you see, I think I can guarantee satisfaction.”

And that’s how the deal was done, and that’s how some complicated weeks later they made this film. There was nothing in it for Ros and as the plan was for a hotel room in Coventry, Gary drove up on his own. Colin had brought two video cameras. One was set up on a tripod, while he operated the other. The film has been edited from the two tapes. No one would mistake it for a professional production but it is quite well lit and the sound is mostly clear.

It starts with Gary and Terry standing awkwardly a few feet apart in the hotel bedroom. Colin is heard to say, “Both cameras seem to be working OK, but try to remember that the tripod is only covering the bed so I need the action there. Other than that, off you go.”

Surprisingly, perhaps, Terry takes the initiative. She steps forward, puts her arms round Gary’s neck and kisses him. The camera zooms in a little too fast but we can see her tongue is in Gary’s mouth. They break apart. Colin’s voice: “Can you undress her for me?”

Terry is wearing a dark cocktail dress. She turns her back for Gary to open the zip and let the dress fall to the floor. “I hope you like this,” she says. “Most men are supposed to aren’t they?”

When she turns to face the camera she is seen to be wearing black lingerie - bra, suspender belt, knickers and stockings. “Perfect,” says Gary. “What next?”

Colin: “You need to strip off yourself. Then go behind her and work on her tits. Get the bra off.”

Gary obliges, reaching round to cup the rounded globes, as large as he had imagined they would be. Terry appears to push back so that her arse is pressed against Gary’s cock. There are several minutes of feeling and fondling. The nipples are dark and hard. Colin gets Gary to tease them with thumb and finger when the camera is in close. When it zooms out again, Terry has her head thrown back on Gary’s shoulder. Her eyes are closed and she is breathing deeply. The camera pans down to show her right hand inside her knickers, moving suggestively.

When it is time for the next phase with Gary and Terry moving on to the bed we get the first shot from the tripod camera. In the background, Colin moves in. He is naked, holding the camera in one hand and stroking his cock with the other. Everything is clearly in good working order.

Gary sits, propping himself against a pillow on the bed head. Terry lies across his lap. She has kicked off her high heels. We cut to Colin’s camera as he says, “That was good with the tits. Now play with her arse. That always gets her going.”

“Knickers off?” Gary asks.

“No, not yet. If you’re like me, you will enjoy feeling her through them.”

Clearly, Gary does. And so, too, does Terry. She makes encouraging noises as he pushes the fabric into the crack and then between her legs. “Is it good for you?” she asks. “Because I could give you some help.”

The tripod shot then shows them rearranging themselves, Gary still sitting but Terry now crouched over his groin. Back to the main camera as Terry starts to massage Gary’s cock. From half erect it soon stiffens, the knob ready and waiting. Terry opens her mouth and starts to lick and suck. Colin zooms in. “That’s great, Terry. I told you you could do it. Just be ready to back off when Gary tells you. We’re not there yet. Not by a long way.”

The moment comes when Gary lays a hand gently on the back of Terry’s head. She understands and releases a straining member. Colin’s voice: “Time to return the compliment, Gary. Knickers off first, please.”

The tripod camera shows Colin bringing his cock up to standard while Terry lies back and opens her legs, Her cunt is free of pubic hair, the lips puffy with desire. Gary kneels and lowers his head.

There is a brief insert from the tripod camera while Colin moves in close for shots of Gary licking his wife’s clitoris. His tongue moves in sensual strokes over the tight pink bud. Terry pushes her arse up off the bed to meet his mouth. Colin’s voice: “Fingers, too. She likes that.”

Garry pushes two fingers between the swollen lips with telling ease. She is very wet. He moves them in and out, slowly at first, then faster while his tongue stimulates the sensitive nub. Skillfully reading his partner’s responses, Gary takes her almost to the crest of the wave, eases her back, then repeats the routine. Eventually, Terry cries out, “Make me come - now.”

Colin: “Do it for her. It won’t make any difference - she’ll keep going as long as you can.”

Some combination of tongue and fingers that the camera cannot capture does the trick. Terry convulses for several seconds, then spreads her legs with an unmistakable invitation. Colin’s voice reinforces it: “Now fuck. Give her everything she wants. Just go for it”

And so they do, Colin choreographing, calling for frequent changes of position: missionary, doggy, Terry on top, Gary half kneeling and driving down into her, and all the time using subtle variations of angle and force of thrust. Colin and Terry have made it clear they want this to be the fuck of a lifetime and Gary intends to deliver. His stamina and confident control never seem in doubt, even as the body underneath him squirms to orgasm, relaxes momentarily and then responds once more.

Most of this is captured by Colin in close-up. When Terry is on top we see close-ups of her swaying sweating tits, followed by a pan down to a cunt being driven on to a rock-hard cock. Fingers join in and and there is another abandoned cry as the tremors spread from her clitoris and through her body.

What we are seeing here is not a woman being used by a lust-filled man for his unthinking satisfaction, this is two people of matching needs straining every sinew to give and take in a way perhaps they have never fucked before.

From time to time there are edited passages from the tripod camera. In these Colin can be seen to have laid aside his own camera to enjoy masturbating while Gary fucks his wife.

It is one of these shots that captures the build-up to the finale. Gary has pulled his cock out of a swollen cunt and both men are kneeling over Terry stroking their cocks. Colin makes sure he is first, spurting cum over his wife’s tits before backing off to resume close work with his camera. “Open wide,” we hear him call.

Terry is prepared for this and opens her mouth as Gary pushes his cock towards it. His control has been so supreme it takes some vigorous stroking, the distended knob emerging from his fist time and time again until a great pearly stream gushes into her throat.

Yet there is more. We see Terry swallow, then the camera pans down to the cunt lips where fingers are already searching for the centre of her sexual being. She strokes slowly, then more quickly, then fast and hard, her breathing loud, sobs of frustration as she scrabbles for relief. It arrives with a huge body-shivering sigh and it is over.

True to their intention, Colin and Terry upload the edited version for anyone to see. It can be found, with a bit of diligence, under Fuck My Wife. It is a category with many entries but none better than this.