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New Gym Buddy

Meeting a mature woman at the gym leads to fun in the showers
I have been going to the gym for a few months now generally following the same routine. This has meant I have seen a lot of people in there at the same time as me on a number of occasions. Often leading to chatting and getting to know many of them as we work out.

One particular member of the gym always catches my eye and I try and make the effort to talk to her as often as I can.

She is much older than me (late 30s-early 40s, I am 22), but she has the most sensational figure. Easily C-D cup breasts, but the most impressive part of her body is her ass, often being flaunted around in tight fitting yoga type pants that just show it off perfectly.

This has left me with an awkward boner to hide on numerous occasions if I am exercising behind her!

We seem to have a lot in common with conversation flowing comfortably as we work out if we are on an exercise machine next to each other or simply taking a quick rest.

Her name is Sarah, and she is blonde with deep green eyes that I often get lost in as I talk to her. I often think to myself that she may be flirting with me during conversations, but I have been scared about attempting to act upon this in case I am wrong. Worried about potentially making it awkward to be in the gym with her.

Many nights have been spent alone fantasizing about being with her, caressing her full breasts before bending her over and fucking her from behind while looking down at that perfect ass.....

This all came to a head a couple of weeks ago when she had begun to flirt more openly and I had been flirting back. We had both just finished our workouts and were heading out of the gym towards our respective changing rooms when she beckoned me to follow her into the ladies changing room!

I didn’t need asking twice! I was in the changing room after her like a shot.

She turned to me as I came through the door and began to kiss me, and it was the most intense and passionate kiss I had ever received. My shorts tented instantly as my hands roamed over her slim toned body, immediately reaching around and squeezing her firm and oh so perfect ass.

She broke away from me and looked down at the tent in my shorts before saying, "looks like someone needs to cool off!"and with that she turned toward the showers, stripping as she went.

First her small vest, followed by her bra revealing the most amazing set of tits I had ever seen, surprisingly still incredibly pert considering her age, her nipples already hard and jutting straight out. This was followed by the yoga pants which at the same time revealed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear! A small landing strip of pubic hair ledto her pussy which was already glistening in anticipation, her lips wonderfully pink and puffy.

With a quick wink and a hop into the shower she turned and said, "well, aren’t you going to join me?"

That was all I needed to hear!

My shirt and shorts were off within seconds, my cock already at full mast springing out from its confinement and pointing straight towards Sarah.

She giggled at me rushing as I ran into the shower, I immediately grabbed her by the waist pulling her towards me and began to kiss her as the hot water began to cascade over our bodies. My cock pressed firmly up against her stomach as I moved down and began kissing and fondling her breasts. I began to suck and nibble on her nipples causing a moan to escape from her lips begging me not to stop.

As I kept sucking on her nipples I slid my hand towards her pussy, two fingers gliding over her already moist slit. Both fingers quickly disappeared inside, causing her to moan louder as I pushed her against the wall of the shower, she arched her back whilst continuing to moan with pleasure.

This was all the encouragement I needed, I sank to my knees and began to furiously lick her engorged clitoris as my fingers continued to pump in and out of her pussy.

Her breathing was quickly becoming heavier and her moans louder. I tried to ask her to try and keep quiet but she just grabbed me by the head forcing me back to her pussy begging me not to stop as she was so close.

I returned to her pussy, furiously lashing at her clit as I continued to finger her. I slowly moved a finger to the entrance of her anus. As I pressed my finger to her anus it slipped inside with surprising ease, but seemed to have the desired effect, tipping her over the edge as a strong orgasm flushed through her body her hands running through my hair as I continued to work her pussy and anus in tandem.

As her orgasm subsided she pulled me back up towards her gently kissing me, her hands roamed towards my crotch, gripping my still rock hard cock that was awkwardly poking her in the stomach.

She said, "now it’s my turn to take care of you!" and with that she spun me around and pushed me against the wall before sinking to her knees and grabbing my cock.

She looked straight into my eyes as she slowly licking up the underside of my cock, before reaching the throbbing purple head. She promptly took the whole of my cock deep down her thrown swirling her tongue round as she did so, this quickly began to send me over the edge and I knew I wasn’t going to last long!

Sarah continued to suck furiously on my cock whilst groping my balls. She quickly removed my cock from her mouth and began pumping my shaft with her hand as she moved her mouth towards my balls. Taking each ball into her mouth one at a time sucking beautifully and causing me to audibly groan in the shower.

As she took my cock back into her mouth and continued the most perfect blowjob I have ever received she began to reach around to my ass whilst still looking directly into my eyes. She pressed a finger to my anus causing me to tense quickly, before relaxing allowing her to slip a finger into my ass, this drove me over the edge as I felt my seed rise.

I warned her that I was going to cum but this did nothing to slow her down, she hungrily continued to suck on my cock as she quickened her pace still pumping a finger in my ass.

With a loud groan and a grunt I came right down her throat producing bucketfuls of cum, this began to seep from her lips. As she released my cock, it continued to unload, spurting straight down her chin and over her perfect tits, with a huge satisfied grin on both mine and her face she stood up again. Before, to my surprise swiftly kicking me out of the shower!

With a giggle she said, "that was great, maybe we should do that again sometime!" with a smile and a wink she turned her back on me and continued her shower.

I quickly put on my clothes still soaked from the shower and proceeded to sneak out of the ladies changing room.

I can’t wait to see where this leads......

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