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New In-home Nurse

Shy and demure girl get's turned on by client and wants to do something about it all
The young lady is coy and quite introverted. She was called in to do one of her first jobs as an In-home nurse. “Yes mam” she told the supervising nurse through a phone call as she nodded her head. “Yes mam, I understand” this 26 year old quiet and quite bashful long haired but curvaceous girl added. “I can be there in about thirty minutes.”

“That’s great. You know where the address is” the supervisor said. Olivia said she did. “That’s great. And listen up” she went on to tell Olivia. “This man is only around, I don’t know, but he’s only around 35 or 36, okay? So watch your p’s and q’s missy.”

Olivia was beginning her first full time job. She was afraid of course. She also was excited and unsure of herself too. When she arrived, there was another in-home nurse assisting the man but that woman was scheduled to leave. The next shift involved Olivia. She was scheduled to fill in.

She rang the door bell. The much older nurse answered. In a brusque tone of voice she answered to door. “Oh you’re my replacement are you? Well come on in. He’s waiting. Let me show you around. Let me introduce you to him” this almost 60 years old and rough looking woman said in her scruff sounding voice.

They walked down the hallway. “Lance ohhhhhh Lance” the older nurse called out. “Got someone I need you to meet.” They walked in and the old nurse added “She’ll be taking over for me today.” Lance smiled and nodded his head. “This is” but the old nurse had to stop a minute and ask the young nurse’s name. “What did you say your name is honey?”

Olivia, as quiet as she was said “Olivia mam.”

“Well you heard it, Lance. This is Olivia. You two get to know each other. I’ll see you later.”

The old nurse walked out and Lance smiled at Olivia. As shy and reserved as Olivia was she had a hard time smiling back. He then asked in a quiet voice “How are you?” She said she was fine. “That’s good” he said a bit more loudly. “Have you been doing this a long time?”

Olivia said no that she hadn’t been nursing in her silent sounding voice.

“You don’t sound as if you enjoy this” he went on to say.

Quietly she told him “Oh I do, sir.”

He looked at her, wondering and then he said “You sound as if you’re a little shy. You sound as if you’re a little quiet or something like that.”

She shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know” she told him and shrugged them again. “I guess I’ve been told I am” she said in that demure tone of hers as he smiled and looked her over. Then she went on and asked “Is there anything you need sir or anything you want?”

He was smiling again. “Only to get up on my feet and go about my business as I once did but as you can see I’ve got these two broken legs” he said.

She nodded and something came to mind. “Uhhh sir, how is it that you clean up? How are you uhhh getting bathed and all?” she asked in her silent like voice.

“Well Nurse Ratchet, as I like to call her, would simply undress me, and sponge me down and then simply dry me off.” He said it like it was nothing. “That’s all. For what its worth she’d even help me get dressed too. I’m assuming you’ll be doing that too?”

Olivia didn’t say anything right away but she then asked “Uhhhhhh, do you still need that to be done today too, sir?”

He watched her, closely, and then said “First off, if you want us to get along Olivia, my name is Lance okay? Can you call me that? I hate being called ‘sir.’ I’m not into any formal stuff and never have been” and that was when he started looking her body over. “You know something” he added. “I don’t usually say this but you’re quite cute.”

Upon hearing him say it she started blushing. No one had ever called her cute before but after hearing him tell her she was, she felt a little different and put on the spot, especially seeing as she was so reserved and shy and quiet as she was.

“You don’t say much do you?” he asked and smiled modestly.

She hesitated but said “No sir, I mean Lance sir.”

He looked at her and studied her eyes. He smiled again while studying them. He liked her long straight brown hair as well and said “Do me a favor can you?”

“Yes sir, I mean Lance sir. Anything you want” she told him.

He smiled again as he nodded and then said “Can you pull your hair back behind your head for a moment?”

“Pardon me sir? I mean Lance, sir” she said.

As he nodded and smiled, he told her “I just wanted to see something. That’s all.”

So she did as asked and pulled her hair back so he could look at the definitions of her face and cheek bones. He truly loved how she looked. It showed a lot of quality or so he thought it did. Her face had a lot of sharpness to her cheeks. Her face lit up once she did.

“Wow Olivia” he said dramatically. “Your whole face just changed. I mean your whole face just lit up when you did that. Did you know that?”

She almost started blushing but for one of the very first times in her life, she appeared to smile a little. She loved what he said and replied with “Thank you sir, I mean Lance sir.”

He turned over so that he could open the drawer to his nightstand and then he said “Here, use this to keep it pulled back. Show off your face, okay?”

She did as she was told. She didn’t seem to know any better and seeing as she was on the job for the very first time, and it was her first full time job, it was a transformation for her. She pulled her hair back. He loved it. His eyes seemed to light up once she did it too. He studied her and enjoyed it too.

He told her how much more attractive she looked and added “You’re a hell of a lot better looking then old Nurse Ratchet. That’s for damn sure.”

Yes, she blushed, but she felt a hundred percent better once she heard it and smiled too.

It was later on in the day.

“I’ll be seeing you in the morning” he told her.

She walked out. He picked up the phone and called her company. He told them he wanted her as his In-home nurse instead. They complied. There was no more Nurse Ratchet.

Yes, they complied with his request and Olivia was notified also. She showed up, early, the very next day, and the day went as well as could be expected. But, she now knew she was required to wash his body, his whole body too. She was not sure she could do that.

“Here” he told her “I’ll do it” and he took the sponge and washcloth from her and began washing his own private parts as well as his ass and then he dried himself off as best he could. “But you’ll have to help me get dressed?”

She tried as best she could but this part was hard. She did not feel comfortable, at all, seeing the man’s private parts at all. No, she didn’t. Unfortunately she had to see small glimpses of his balls and bits and parts of his cock as well. That made her feel very uncomfortable but she put it out of her mind knowing it was all apart of the job.

“Are you alright?” he asked finally

“Oh uh yes sir. I mean Lance, sir. I’m alright. I’m fine I guess” she answered.

He smiled knowing that she had seen his privates. He was kind of touched by it all and kind of knew how she felt upon seeing them too but he did not say a word. The worst part was about to come or at least parts of the worst part were coming.

“Lance sir” she said “uhhh I think you need some groceries” she told him.

She asked it was specifically that he wanted, if she could get them for him. He told her but there was a problem. She never drove. She always took the bus. She always took a bus and so he told her to take his car.

“Your car sir?” she exclaimed. “Ohhhhhhh no sir, I couldn’t” but he insisted.

She took his car and got back safely. She carried in a shitload of stuff. Everything worked out well. But once it was all put away, she came in carrying a large glass of something he’d asked for. He smiled from ear to ear.

She had, in her hand, a large glass of orange juice and toast, and he was delighted. However, that’s when her first accident occurred.

For whatever reason, as she carried it across the threshold, she tripped on the carpet. It spilled all over the place, and seeing as she was right up against the bed, the tall glass of orange juice spilled up and down the front of his clothes. She freaked out. It also spilled out over the bedsheets. It was a mess. He knew it and she did too.

She stood there shocked and dumbfounded as she looked at the mess she made.

“I’m sorry. I am soooo, soooo sorry sir. I am so very sorry” and as she said it she practically broke down into tears. Out of nowhere, she ran out of the room. As quickly as she ran out she ran back with a bucket and rags and sponges and began cleaning it all up.

She took off his shirt. She took off his shorts. He had on those tight white underwear. She stopped and “had” to stare at them. He watched her as she stared. They were also wet. He did not care but he did know she cared and he felt terrible about it too. She was embarrassed and something had to be done, right away.

Now, seeing as the bedsheets were also soaked as well, she had to get him out off bed and into his wheelchair. Seeing as he was in his soaked underwear, she swiftly slid him out of bed using all her might and strength. It was hard but she plopped him down into it and got the sheets off the bed. She then changed the bed as she watched her, smiling. She put the blankets back on and almost everything was okay.

However, she knew she had to get him back into bed. That much she knew for sure and she also knew it was going to be a bitch. She also knew she had to help him change his soaking wet underwear. She went to the dresser and grabbed a pair. She felt embarrassed about it too but seeing that she was his nurse she knew she had to do it, for his sake. She was nervous. She was anxious. With her eyes half closed, she pulled the wet ones off as he smiled at her and watched her do it. Finally, she got them all the way off but looked away from his cock.

Now, the hard part was coming. She had to slide them up over his cock but without looking at his cock whatsoever.

She slipped them, slowly, over his feet as he watched her. Good job, she told herself but she did not feel comfy about this at all. She slid them, gradually, up his lower legs and then as she tried not looking over his knees. However, now she had to do the important part. She had to look. She had to see it fully she told herself as she started moving the underwear closer and closer to his groin. She slid them up and into place. She had have seen his loins. She had to at this point as he sat and rose up off the wheelchair using his hands and arms to do it. She had to have seen that long lean cock of his as it lay in place.

“Uhhhhhh sir?” she said without really looking “when I say uhhh ready can you uh raise your bottom?” She asked him quietly. She was nervous as hell too. He smiled and said yes and lifted his body up. She saw it and stopped briefly as she caught a glimpse of his cock but she maintained it all and finally said “Thank you, sir.”

Once she said it, she stared at the outline of it beneath his underwear. He smiled as he watched her look at the outline of his cock. Was life good, he asked himself as she stood in place staring at the outline. In his opinion it was. He watched her eyes. He watched her movements too. He paid attention to everything as she adjusted his underwear.

“That didn’t bother you too much did it?” he asked.

The question caught her off guard.

“Oh uh no sir, uh not at all sir” she told him.

But she told herself that he has a very big penis. That’s for sure.

Now, the second problem was about to occur.

It was time to lift his body into his bed. Seeing as he was much bigger then her she didn’t think she could do it. He was a lot bigger and she knew he was much taller too and she knew this was going to be a pain in the ass. She was sure she couldn’t do it but she would try as hard as she could while she held him up. She lifted him up, with his help of course, and once they were over the wheelchair she’d lift him into his bed.

He smiled as she lifted him up. She didn’t do it all that well. She held on to him as he raised himself up but he told her “Don’t worry, it’ll all be okay.”

It wasn’t okay. He accidentally fell backward onto his bed. She quickly came crashing down too. She crashed on top of him. All of a sudden, he felt something. It was soft too. It was not her head. That’s for sure. She felt it too. Nope, it wasn’t his head. She knew it also. It couldn’t have been his head either. She was seeing something white as in the bedsheets.

So where was he at, she asked herself.

Her breasts were laying there, in the middle of his open mouth, and there he was “feeling” them using his lips and mouth and he was possibly enjoying the moment too. He was practically swallowing her bosoms as they smashed down into his open mouth as she lay motionless on top of him like she was. His mouth could feel the material which covered her boobs as she moved in place.

All of a sudden, she figured it out. She felt it. She felt his lips moving about her tits even though he wasn’t doing it on purpose. Personally he knew what they were and he smiled as she lay over him once he realized what they were.

“Are you alright, sir?” she said as she lay over his body.

He garbled it but said “Uh yeah.” She lifted her body up and away from him and saw the smile on his face as he added “I’m fine, perfectly fine Olivia.”

She slid off him and saw his smile. She wondered why he was smiling actually but then she realized why he was smiling and she also had to smile. She had to admit none of it was professional but it did feel nice having a guy’s mouth on her boobs, kind of. She had to admit that feeling his mouth rumbling around her bobs felt really nice.

Yep, the client, this man, mouthed her tits and for the first time ever she enjoyed it too.

They stared as each smiled at the other. Then he said “That was weird wasn’t it?”

She found she was nodding and had to agree. A good looking guy like you doing what you did to me? Uhhh yeah, I liked that and I liked that a lot in fact. So finally, out of nowhere, she did it. She nodded her head in approval and even smiled and without feeling embarrassed about it at all.

“Sounds like you kind of liked that too” he added.

However, as soon as he said that, she felt rather embarrassed, and all of a sudden this new In-home nurse blushed some. Her eyes turned away. She looked down as if she knew she should not be feeling that way at all.

It led him to wondering. “Is something wrong Olivia?” he asked.

“Ohhh uh no sir, not at all uh sir” she said as she worked at sounding professional.

“Are you sure about that?” he asked smiling right at her. “Because if you didn’t like it, let me tell you this. I did.” And once he said it, he looked right at her again. “I know I did a lot” and he paused a moment. “Let me tell you something. It’s only because I think you have a really nice set of breasts, Olivia. And let me also say I say I think they are a very comforting set too.”

Upon hearing the compliment, she turned a brighter shade of red then ever. Nobody and especially a man had ever said anything like that before in her life to her. She couldn’t believe it. As they lay side by side it felt rather comfortable too. As a matter of fact as they lay side by side she saw his smile as he smiled into her eyes. She wanted to reach out and touch him. She wanted to reach out and do something rather romantic like but she didn’t. She didn’t know what to do. Should she get up and get out of his bed or should she simply lay there and enjoy the moment. That was all she thought about and regardless of what she thought it felt comfortable either way just being there in his bed with him.

“Do you know how pretty you are?” he said, gently.

Ohhh holy god, what is he saying she asked herself. She turned a brighter shade of red at that point. She didn’t know what to do or what to think. She couldn’t even say thank you she was so shocked by his words. Still, she looked at him as if he was someone she hadn’t ever met before in her life. She knew she liked the guy but what should she do she asked herself. Then she found the words.

“Thank you” she told him in her subdued tone of voice. “That’s nice of you to say. And, sir, I mean Lance. If you don’t mind me saying so and I’m sure you’ve heard this too but you’re a nice looking guy too.”

That didn’t matter. Yes, he knew it and yes, he’d heard it a number of times also but there was something special and unique about her he hadn’t ever known in a woman before. So he said it anyway.

“Have you ever been in love with a man before Olivia?”

“Uhhh, no not really” she said and then she got curious as hell. “Why do you ask?”

“I just find you to be a very special woman. That’s all.”

“Like how, sir or I mean Lance.”

As the two lay side by side on his bed together he smiled at her. Neither moved as they lay together but he reached out. He ran a finger tenderly down her cheekbone. “I mean I really find you to be a special sort of woman, that’s all.”

She turned that same bright shade of red again and hence she looked away from him. Once he saw her do that, he leaned in. Once he leaned into her, when she wasn’t looking, he kissed her smack dab on her lips. It surprised her endlessly and she quickly pulled away. She was shocked and stunned by the action. Ohhhhhh it felt nice alright but she was not expecting a client of all people to do anything like that before. No, she was not.

She looked at him and he was smiling a squirrely like smile. She saw his eyes. They appeared playful. He looked into hers and knew exactly what he wanted but he knew she had no idea at all.

“When I get out of these casts” he started to say “I know what I’d like.” She asked that was and he told her. “I’d like to make love with you. That is if you will have me.”

Again, surprised by his “offer” she turned another bright shade of red. She was “mortified” in a manner of speaking and although having sex with that good looking fellow sounded wonderful to her, she being the kind of person she was, she wasn’t so comfortable with all of it, at first.

She stuttered her words but stopped and started again. “I don’t know, sir. I just don’t know about that at all. I mean we don’t know each other.” She stuttered again but finally got the words out and added “I just met you like yesterday. I don’t know what to think. Don’t get me wrong uhhh Lance. You are a great looking guy and all but me, I’m not sure I’m that kind of girl.”

“I’d go real, real slow” he told her in a very quiet voice.

She looked at him. He looked at her. She thought about it all as he smiled at her. He had this twinkle in his eyes too. She loved the twinkle and then said “Can I think about it?”

“Take all the time you want Olivia” he replied, smiling.

She thought about the offer all afternoon and at night too. Their relationship started becoming a little more personal and seeing as it did, she’d come each morning at the very crack of dawn and she wanted to lay down in bed with him. She wished she could remove her clothing but she was on the job. She knew that. However she knew she wanted him to touch her all over and she’d touch him too. But all they’d do is hold hands and kiss each other on the lips.

A week passed by. His casts were coming off. She drove him. He got them off. He was to walk with crutches for another week and no strenuous activity the doctor said. In the doctors office he asked his doctor about having sex. The doctor, a female doctor, had this to say as she smiled and teased him.

“No, I’m sorry Lance but I’m a married woman. It’s nice that you offered.” Then she added “Maybe in a year or two I’ll reconsider the offer.” He laughed knowing the 44 year old female doctor was teasing and then she added that he could have subdued sex. “Just do it all very slowly even if the passion’s there. I do know how that can be” she told him.

“I’m free as a bird” he told Olivia. “Anything you want you are free to have.”

She wasn’t sure about that, about what he’d told her, but somewhere in the back of her mind she felt good about it all for some reason. At least that’s what she was telling herself as they drove back to his house.

“Want to go to lunch?” he asked.

She said not today. He said he understood he said but she felt so much better about it all. She seemed to feel a lot better all of a sudden so later that night, once she left, she made a decision to do something she would never have done in her life. Olivia went and did some shopping. This was shopping of an unusual kind though.

She rode the bus into town. She got off it near the nursing store. Once there, she smiled and told herself to get a tad “exotic.” By being exotic, she told herself, she wanted to appear much sexier then usual when around him. It all was a lot different seeing as she never did this before in her life. She looked and picked some out. She tried them on and did it.

She set the articles of clothing aside because each one, which was doing what she intended, showed off her physique in a manner which said one thing. “I guess I am hot! I can be one sexy girl, can’t I?” she said, finally smiling at her image in the store mirror.

Once she was home, she tried them all on again. Yes, they did announce that she was a hot and sexy young woman. Worn the way they were meant to be worn, her body seemed to swerve down and around her figure. She was easily impressed. Each uniform easily showed off her figure the way it was intended. She put on a few finishing touches and she adored herself for the very first time as she unbuttoned the top buttons on a dress. Her cleavage looked and felt “ramped” up. The outfits easily announced her arrival. That’s for sure and Olivia could not be happier either.

She could not wait until the next day to “show” herself off.

As she turned again in front of her mirror she said “Mmmmmm, I want you Lance. Ohhh I want all of you. I know I do!”

The next day arrived and she was up and already ready. In and out of the shower, she put on that dress. She loved it as she undid those top two buttons. Her cleavage said “hello.” For the first time ever, she smiled even before greeting anybody. And her cleavage said hello back to her. For the very first time ever, she began feeling something odd. Was that a twinge of arousal running through her body? She never felt that before in her life.

“Good morning, Lance” she said to her image as she smiled.

She buttoned it up all the way and left, hopping on the bus and heading to Lance’s house. Once she got off, she promptly unbuttoned it appropriately. “I’m coming” she said aloud to nobody. She felt great that morning.

She entered his house and called out to him. The overnight nurse walked out and saw her in her uniform. She looked at Olivia with an odd, unusual stare. “Is something wrong? Olivia asked as she suddenly realized why the older woman was glancing at her in the manner she was.

The older nurse shook her head and lowered it also. As she walked away she told Olivia that the client was about to take a shower. The older night nurse then left.

Olivia called out to Lance. He was in the bathroom and he was ready to take his first shower.

He called out to her. “Down here in the bathroom.”

In her dress, she made any necessary adjustments. She wanted to be sure she looked hot. She made sure she looked sexier then ever. She walked towards the bathroom and turned the corner and as she did she was smiling. He looked at her. As he did, his eyes clearly opened wide. He saw her in that dress she’d bought.

And he immediately noticed her cleavage too. “Holy crap” he told her as his eyes grew bigger then usual. “Where did you” but he stopped talking while looking her over. The dress was doing a number on her body. The dress was doing a number on his hormones too. She knew it and he did too and he said so also. “Holy fucking shit Olivia! Do you have any idea how” and then he stopped a moment as she stood before him smiling wide. “Do you really realize how sexy you look?”

Smiling and standing before him she asked “Do you really mean that?” she asked. She was excited but her tone of voice was still a soft spoken one. Her eyes dropped down. She looked him over. She smiled and said “You don’t look so bad yourself if I might say so.”

He liked her outfit. He smiled as he looked at all the stirring features it showed off and it wasn’t only her cleavage which announced itself. Ohhhhhh, there was so much more as well. That nurse’s dress allowed him to “visit” with his eyes, her shapely sized breasts as a whole and also her flattering hips too.

They found themselves stepping towards one another. Out of nowhere, she found herself holding onto his body. He held her too as they stared into one another’s eyes. She held on to his body much longer then he expected but it still felt good nonetheless. Her hands were pulling his body closer. She adored how he felt. His muscular back seemed soft and it was right then and there that she knew it. She wanted him.

“Were you uhhh going to take a shower?” she asked. Then she said it. “Alone?”

“Ohhhhhh nooooo, uh uhhh, not without you I wasn’t” he replied as she held him with her soft hands. He smiled ear to ear. “Now that you’re here, I mean looking like that and all, ohhhhhh gosh no” he went on to say as she shook his head, but smiled.

He felt “privileged.” He stood over her seeing as he was taller and he looked deep into her cleavage. It looked and “felt” wonderful in his opinion. She felt fantastic too and he smiled as a result of it all.

As he stood there he added “There isn’t any way I’d do a shower all by myself. I have to uh have company in there so that I don’t fall of course. You know what I mean, don’t you? Can you do that for me?”

The smile which lit up her face was easily too telling. Olivia was more then happy to assist and as she smiled she stepped closer. His eyes were focused on her cleavage and tits. His eyes had spotlighted her overabundant looking cleavage.

In her quiet sounding voice she asked “So do you like what I have on today?”

Without any delay he said “Oh hell yes Olivia. I could die, right now, and go to heaven a happy man I think.”

Looking at him, at that moment, she was more then ready to kiss him, but they didn’t. Instead she told him “I’ll wear these kinds of outfits, for you, all the time okay?”

“Oh god yeah, now let’s you and I get naked alright. Let’s get in that shower.”

He pulled off his underwear. She watched as it occurred. Her eyes had grown big of course as she watched the unfolding of it all. He was more then happy he took them off. Then, as she stood naked, he helped her undo her dress. He was more then happy to undress her too.

His eyes blinked a number of times and he said “Wow, look at you. Look at your figure Olivia. I mean wow” he started saying as he looked at the size of her boobs, her slender belly, her hips, and even her nice looking legs. “You’re a hot girl! I mean a really hot looking girl too!”

Before anything else happened, before either went any further she knew she wanted one thing and one thing only. “Kiss me” she told him. “I’ve soooo wanted to kiss you as if I’m in love with you.”

And so he did it. Both stood naked other then her panties and he pulled her in and he kissed her as if in love and he held her closely as he kissed her for a long while too.

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