New In-home Nurse PT2

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New nurse and client get to really know one another and this turns out to be fantastic for her
She was too emotionally excited for words as she stood before his naked body and saw him proceed. Smiling at her, he took her almost naked physique, in his arms, and pulled her closer and closer to him. He began kissing her. She felt it almost instantly as he did.

Passion filled her up and as it did it felt like as if she had a horrible leak in her body. Why, because he took hold of her nicely shaped figured and he pulled her closer to him as they kissed.

She was against him, tightly, as they kissed more ardently, and as they kissed, as his tongue entered her mouth, she felt his arms going around her. It was then that she felt the most extraordinary thing.

She felt his hands slide down inside her panties. Her whole body tightened up. At every possibly point on her, as he reached around her and took hold of her ass, she felt herself tightening up like never before. His hands reached down and clasped her ass cheeks and she never once in her life new of anyone ever doing anything like this before.

Oh god, she thought as his hands grabbed hold of them. Oh my lord, oh my god she thought once he took hold of them. That’s when he squeezed her ass so firmly that she allowed herself to think it. Do anything and I mean anything you want too me.

And he did. He grabbed that ass and he squeezed those ass cheeks so lusciously and so passionately that his fingers slid up inside her ass’ cheeks. He pulled her to him. Her naked fleshy body and her breasts felt like a volunteering captive. She wanted him to want her like this and he was doing just that. He was taking charge of her and in doing so she was allowing her body to be sexually imprisoned, so to speak.

Those fingers, while holding her ass cheeks prisoners, so to speak, had aroused her more and more and more. She felt heightened by this like never before as his fingers dug into her ass and pulled her firmly against him as they sought out more and more feverish wild kissing. Life was so good and it was good for the very first time in her life.

Olivia felt as if she was in love with Lance. He still had his hands on her ass cheeks and she wished she could give him her enlightened soul as well. Her passion was spewing out all over as their lips madly raced all over the place and as his hands squeezed her inside her ass’ cheeks.

She was murmuring endlessly as she felt that devoted enthusiasm within her flowing all over the place. Her body felt as if it was entangled in a multitude of positive and uplifting emotions which she never wanted to end, ever.

More then anything, her heart filled with a wondrous desire as he confidently grabbed her soft and shapely ass cheeks holding them and squeezing them steadfastly with his hands. Lance and Olivia loved what was happening at this point as he had hold of her ass and brazenly squeezed her cheeks while they kissed and he passionately pulled her naked flesh into his naked body more and more and more.

He let her down. She wished he hadn’t but she knew she loved it nonetheless. Regardless, Olivia couldn’t believe any of it had occurred and knew she loved it anyway. Despite all that, one thing remained, and that was that her hormones were raging. She needed to do something about that, she told herself, but what was the question.

She loved how it all felt knowing he held her ass as they kissed. Her boobs were pressed hard against him earlier and she’d do that in a heartbeat if she could. Her nipples were now hard. He should’ve seen that shouldn’t he and seeing as they had she recalled mumbling something ardently under her breath earlier. She knew she shouldn’t have but she did anyway and Olivia wanted it all to happen again. She wanted to jump on him again and wrap her legs around him so they could kiss madly again.

“Oh god” he yammered now that he was in more pain. “I can’t do it like that. No oh god no” he stammered. He noticed what she was about to do and went on to tell her “No Olivia, I can’t. I can’t do that. I’d love to but I’m” and he stopped and went on to tell her “I’m in a lot of pain right now.” Everything settled down after that as they stood in the bathroom. He could see she loved being held by her ass cheeks but he told her “Oh yeah baby, I’d love that too but I can’t do that, hold you like that. Uhhh let’s do this. Let’s go to my bedroom instead.”

She let go of him and did as he suggested. Once she did that they both smiled. Right away, she kissed him on the cheek. He took her hand and went to his bedroom. She followed his wonderful shapely body, admiring it as they walked. As they slowly headed that way, she had to say it. “Gosh, do you know how great a body you have? Do you know that?”

He smiled and said “You do too.”

“I do?” she said “Really, I do?”

“Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah, I mean that too” he told her.

“Lay down on the bed and let me show you” he went on to say, smiling.

She did as she was told. He “dove” in, kind of and kissed her body all over and where it was possible. He’d licked and sucked her in corners of it that she never thought possible and for her, for this to happen it was forever a dream come true. Olivia, for the very first time in her life, felt as if she was in heaven while his lips and his tongue moved about her body as if she was in a dream.

He rolled her over, onto her back. He finally pulled off her panties as well. Now laying on her tummy she heard him say “Mmmmmm god, this ass of yours Olivia is, well it is one amazing looking ass. Did you know that?” And with that she felt him kiss her sweet silky like ass. No, she didn’t say a word but she heard him add “It is you know.” That’s when he jumped into it all.

She felt his lips on her bare ass cheeks. He was kissing and licking them, in her opinion, delightfully as ever. Regardless that he was doing it, she laid quietly, and cried out vigorously as he did it. She adored his lips on her ass as they kissed and licked them almost simultaneously.

Then she felt him do something else and this felt erotic as hell too. He began sucking on her ass as though it was a priceless gem of some sort. Regardless, she let it all happen and in doing so it aroused her more and more.

She let it out. “Oh god, ohhhhhh my, oh my fuck Lance” she screamed. “Ohhhhhhh my fucking god, that feels soooo fucking great! What are you doing? Whatever it is it feels awesome” she cried out more loudly then ever. After she said it, her body started to bulge a little and then it started rustling around as if she was deeply and truly enjoying it all.

“You like it do you?” he asked.

“Yeah” she added as her voice seemed to calm down again. “I love it all.”

He smiled but something had happened. Seeing as he just got his cast off and he was on his knees as he licked, kissed, and sucked on her ass as well as everywhere else he was in pain. Something had happened. He thought he knew what it was but he did not want to tell her seeing as they were beginning to have way too much fun.

“Ouch” he accidentally said. “Ohhh oooooohh owww” he tried saying as quietly as possible.

“What?” she asked, suddenly. “What is it?” as she pulled away and saw the sour look on his face. “Are you alright? What’s wrong? Oh god what’s wrong?”

“I think” but he stopped talking. His face showed it all. “I’m not sure but I think I broke my leg again” he told her.

“What?” she said as she pulled her naked, silky body away from him. She tried pulling him flat on his back. He still looked soooo damn hot, in her opinion and she knew she didn’t want to give up this one chance to enjoy the moment. “Okay, here” she told him and went on and added “lay down.” She pulled his naked body as she ogled the dangling lean cock while telling herself that the cock was all she wanted and she wanted it badly. However, she did feel bad for him and said “Ohhhhhh you poor baby, you poor guy.”

She tried to relax him. He was starting to feel a little better but he knew he had broken his leg again and as a result he wasn’t able to move much. “I need crutches I think” he told her. Still he was happy nonetheless and his eyes floated down over her body. He watched her pleasingly and repeated himself saying “Did you hear me?”

“Uh what was that?” she said.

“I think I broke my leg again. I can’t really move it at all” he said again.

She felt terrible knowing it was her fault that it happened and said “Oh my god, what should I do? What should I do?”

He calmly, as he smiled, said “You know what to do. And he told her by saying “This is what you have to do. First things first” he said and he lowered his hand. He grabbed hold of hers and then said “See this?” he told her gently. “As you know this is my cock. It’s here for you and it needs something and it needs it badly Olivia.”

She looked at it. She stared at the soft dangling piece of manhood and then looked at him, curiously.

“Take it” he told her. “Hold it in your hand.”

“Huh, do what?” she said. “Hold it in my hand?” she said.

He nodded and smiled into her eyes and then he said “Yep, take hold of it in your hand.” He held her hand in his and smiled, warmly. “Just do it, alright?”

She seemed a little afraid, at first. She looked at his cock and then back at his eyes. “You want me to do that?” She paused and then said “Really do that, honestly?”

He nodded and smiled again and then he said “Yep, that’s what I want.”

Gradually, she reached in. She took hold of his cock, slowly, in the palm of her hand. He watched as she started with her fingers and slowly took hold of it in her hand. He asked how it felt and she replied “Uhhhhhh, I don’t know, good I guess” she said.

“I’m assuming it’s weird, right?” he said.

In her soft spoken tone of voice and as she nodded she said “Yeah, it’s a little uhhh weird I guess. I don’t know” and shrugged her shoulders.

“Well seeing as we don’t have to go to the hospital, right now, you can do something special for me.”

She asked what it was.

“Slowly I’d love you to, and I’ll repay you in every way possible too, but I want you to stroke my cock. You can do it. I know you can. Do it so it feels really, really good okay?” And then he added “Ohhh and there will be a lot more to repaying you later on.”

She looked at him. She looked at his cock, which was being held by his hand, and she looked back at him. He was smiling and enjoying it all. He told her to slowly stroke it. She did as told. He watched but his eyes slowly closed as she stroked his cock.

Then she asked “How’s that?”

“Mmmmmm oooooohh, now that feels incredible” he told her, smiling.

She stroked it some more, doing it slowly. She quickly began loving it too. As she did it, she saw him “grow” and become more erect. As she did it she saw it get harder and firmer and more exciting as it happened. She was overly impressed. He was getting harder, and unbeknownst to her, he was becoming hornier too.

“God that is soooo fucking good” he said. “You’re doing great. Ohhhhhhh fuck wow.”

“It’s that good, really?” she said.

He smiled and nodded and said yes it was. All of a sudden, as she leaned over it while jacking him off, it happened. He exploded. His cum shot up all over the place as it came to rest all over the palm of her hand and wrist and his body too as both watched.

To her, it was impressive, but she loved it seeing as she’d never done anything like this before in her life. Here she sat, jacking him off, and watching his cum shoot up and out as if a volcano. For her, this was amazing. On top of that, add to his great looking body, and she was apart of it too. She felt special and she wanted soooo much more now. But she did not know what to do with all this cum all over her hands.

“Lick it all off” he said. “I mean swallow it down. A lot of girls do that” he told her.

And so she did. For whatever reason, she seemed to enjoy doing it.

“Wow, now that was good, and I mean really, really good” he told her.

She was soooo proud of herself that she laid down beside him and instantly started playing with it again. She smiled and said “Thank you. I really liked doing that for you.” She smiled, softly as she laid up against him and fiddled around with his limp cock.

He knew he needed that leg ex-rayed and so they cleaned up. The ambulance came and took him to the hospital. Once there, they x-rayed and reset it and he was transported back home. However, he could walk on crutches now and as soon as she was back, and unbeknownst her, he made new plans.

“Come here” he told her, softly. “I need something and I need it badly.”

She asked what he wanted.

“I’ll show you” he said.

He laid down. As they lay, in the bed together, once he got back home, he did it. He slid his hands down underneath her dress. She felt it. His hands were feeling her underwear. It She grew wildly excited but let it all happen. He rubbed her underwear.

“Do you like how this feels?” he said.

She smiled and tensed up but started blushing now beginning to feel it all. This was unusual for sure but she wanted the experience. She knew that. His fingers rolled up inside her panties. She tensed up even more. Then she felt it. His fingers were at the cusps of her pussy’s lips.

Quietly she uttered “Oh my god!”

He watched her closely. Her eyes, as his fingers played inside her panties, lifted up her dress some more. He watched as the surprise and anticipation grew on her face. She grew jittery. Her body tightened up and she was frantically trying to maintain the excitement of it all now. His fingers were now playing around more and more in and around her pussy.

“Oh” she cried out. Ohhh, oh my god” she uttered, emotionally. Ohhhhhh Lance oh Lance” she said even more loudly. She was growing more and more physically excited. “Oh god yes Lance yes” she murmured. “Oh fuck yes, yes ohhh fuck yes ohhhhhh” she kept on saying as his fingers dug deeper inside her pussy. “Ohhhhhhh fuck yes! Oh my fucking yes, yes ohhhhhh my fucking yes!”

He was smiling seeing as she was getting more pleasure out of it all and while he was smiling he watched her closely. “Want me to do something else like this?” he said and she nodded vigorously. “Hold on then.”

He undid her tight dress. He knew she looked fabulous in it but so did her body. He went for her panties right away and pulled them off. She was soooo anxious as she waited to see what was about to happen. But he couldn’t do what he wanted without her help.

He told her what he needed.

“You want me to do that? You want me to kneel over you so that my uhhh pussy over your mouth, really?” she asked.

So that’s what she did. Everything was off. She knelt upright, over his mouth, and now that she was she felt it for the very first time. His tongue was up there. She felt it toying around in her pussy’s lips and for the very first time in her life, Olivia was enjoying it immensely.

Before she knew it, he was up inside her cunt. His tongue was tantalizing her to the max. This sexual occurrence had taken her to new heights, so to speak. She had never been in a situation like this before but she was not going to stop now. No way was she going to stop. This was way, way too good.

Out of nowhere she yelled out “Oh fucking god Lance! Oh my fucking god yes! Fuck yes oh fucking god yes” she kept on crying out as he got her wetter and wetter and hornier and hornier. “Oh god I soooo want to fuck you, have sex with you but, but, but I don’t know if we can do that” she screamed out, frantically.

Quietly he came back with “We can do that.” His voice was as soft and gentle as ever. He had to take off his clothes but that was a formality.

She did as told and both were entirely naked, totally ready too. With that, before he even had a chance to do what he was going to do, she was licking and kissing all over his chest and upper body and that included his limp cock too.

“Wow, god I’m getting really horny now” he told her. “Keep doing that and we’ll be having some great sex and in no time flat.”

So that was what she did.

It turned out great. Her kissing and even caressing his body along with his desire too got them ready and so turned on. She set up on top of him. She took the now hard cock and slowly placed it between her thighs. Once she felt its position she knew it was right. That’s when she did it and so she did it.

She pushed it up inside her. “Ohhhhhh my lord” she screamed out right away and her eyes fell into the back of her head. The physical and emotional excitement was beyond her realm of comprehension. She had never experienced anything like this before and Olivia soon lost control of herself as she naturally wanted him to stay up there and do her forever.

Oh fucking god yes, she told herself. His cock is up inside my pussy. I love it. For the very first time in my life a real man’s cock is inside me, she told herself. It makes me feel incredibly awesome. This is soooo incredibly sensuous too.

Then, out of nowhere, she naturally pushed herself up but she fell down his shaft. She did it again and she did it again. Inexplicably she did it repeatedly but quickly grew to love the feelings she was having as she did it over and over and over. Olivia got wetter and wetter as well.

By this point she was oozing and she was doing so easily, enjoying every last moment of it too. She’d had one orgasm and then another and then a third one and she was having the time of her life as she sat atop of her boss and fucking wildly as her tits danced and bounced all over the place.

She didn’t care about anything anymore as though, for her, this was a whole new world to her and he was the gatekeeper and also the door to her newfound joys she’d discovered.

Life for Olivia was amazing. Doing it with this guy was incredibly awesome to her. She knew she’d easily do it again and again with him. She knew it for sure. For the time being, fucking him, like she was was the only thing on her mind.

She was becoming a wildcat of sorts as they fucked. As her tits jumped and thrashed around, wildly, so did her hair. She felt as though she was in another world throughout it all. Her face showed total enjoyment. As far as he was concerned that was all that mattered and all that counted as watched her, joyfully, rush up and then slide down, repeatedly on his body.

No, he hadn’t cum but that did not matter. It was her time, her chance, and though she was wiped out, she kept at it as she fucked him as if it were the end of the world. She was whipped and her hair was a mess, but did she care? Nope she did not care at all.

He’d given her life. Life was hers, she told herself somewhere along the line. Yes, her body felt like it had been ransacked, so to speak, but regardless, she loved it and she’d do it again and again and again.

She was beat. She couldn’t do it any more. He saw it and she finally dropped to his side. They were laying together now, in an intimate position, as he held her closely, and stroked her hair. She was more then satisfied. She wore a permanent smile. She was soooo thrilled about what she had just done and what it had accomplished.

And here she was, perched closely against his body, and adoring him of course and as she laid there she started doing it all again. She began playing his limp cock.

“This here” she started to say “your cock is soooo darn amazing. Did you know that?” she told him as she worked at catching her breath.

He smiled and said “Oh it’s okay but it was you who did all the work you know. I loved watching you do it too. Now you’re amazing! That’s for sure!”

After hearing that, she thought she was ready for round two of course, but instead she simply leaned into his body and kissed his lips. That was her style. To her, the kiss said it all. It was soft. It was gentle. It was loving.

“I could do that all night long with you” she told him and then added “not that the sex part of this wasn’t great. Ohhhhhhh that was a lot of fun” and then she giggled a while.

He pulled her even closer. “I was going to fire your company and hire you personally but I can’t. There are economic issues involved. You know that, right.”

“Well hire another nurse for the day and when I get off work I can come over, okay?”

He agreed to that. She kept her job but just with another client instead of him and so he got, for the time being, a new In-home nurse to take care of him. She was around Olivia’s age too. He wasn’t sure how old or young but once she got there they had to get to know each other a little bit.

“I’m sorry. What did you say your name is?” he asked. He wasn’t smiling either.

“Laura sir” she said.

Hmmm, she’s kind of pretty he told himself. “You’re kind of young, aren’t you?”

“Uhhh yes sir” and she looked down and away. Once she looked back at him she said “I’m 24, sir. If that’s a problem for you, you can call the company and” and then he cut her off.

“Ohhh no, it isn’t a problem Laura. I hope, no I think we’ll get a long real well, okay?”