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Next to you

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I wakened as light drifted thru the window. Holding your naked body, you looked so beautiful as your chest rose and fell with each breath. The sunshine kissed and reflected from your hair and face. Such wonder, such beauty, I tried to lay still and not disturb you. This morning though, I had such an urge for you and my ''morning wood'' was so erect and ready.

You grinned and snuggled closer, knowing what I was thinking and how I was feeling. Our hands moved on one another, our kisses smothered one another. It was almost a continuation of the night before of intense love making.

As you pressed against me in bed, your nipples hardened, pressing against my chest. My cock now had precum on the tip which oozed onto your thigh, pressing tight against it.

Words were not spoken, our eyes, our smiles, our kisses communicated everything. Kisses were long and passionate, pausing only to gaze deeply into each others eyes. Our tongues entwined then pulled apart. Gently I kissed your chest and breasts.

Your nipple felt so good as I sucked it. The feeling of your hands holding me so firmly to your breast made it all the more pleasurable. The soft moan you made as I sucked and my hands slid lower made me want you more than I ever had me.

The moans became louder as my balls slammed your ass on each stroke. You met each stroke by raising your hips, plunging your pelvis toward me as if you wanted more.

Almost in perfect unison, you had a strong violent orgasm as my cock emptied streams of my seed deep in your body. Wave after wave of my seed filled you. Our arms pulled us so close, neither of us wanted this to end.

Rolling beside you, I pulled you again into my arms. Kissing your forehead and cheek I whispered, ''I love you beautiful darling, lay in my arms and drift back to sleep.''

Again your chest rose and fell in slumber, the sun now showing the redness in your face and chest from the wonder we both just experienced.

Thinking about our day ahead together, I decided to slip from the bed and begin the coffee and breakfast so you could enjoy it in bed. Then, maybe, a shower together?

Slipping from the bed I started the coffee and had the toast in when I heard you call me. ''Come back to bed lover''. was all I heard.

Grinning impishly you played with me, mounting me you slid my hard cock inside you as you sat on me facing me. Sitting hard enough on me so my cock was deep inside you you also restricted me so I could not move within in.

Laying on my back, cock pinned inside you I could only watch as you placed your hand on your clit and began to masturbate furiously using my cock as the toy within you. Your breasts swung before me but just high enough my mouth and lips could not reach them. Try as I might I could not suck or taste you as they swung in time to your hand on your clit.

Without warning you screamed and your body convulse wildly as you brought yourself to a strong orgasm. Your juices flowed down my shaft as you came repeatedly. As the pulsation stopped you again grinned and I felt your mouth on my cock cleaning and sucking your own nectar from my shaft.

More and more of my cock was sucked deep into your wanting mouth. Just a few stokes and it was I screaming as I again emptied myself, this time into your throat. With the beautiful smile I love you kissed me.

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