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Nora and Cal met on Lush and fell in love. Met in real life to do it again.
Noraj69 and Frogprince (Cal) had a series of chats one day not long ago. The result of those chats is this story. We hope you enjoy.

When I joined Lush it was with the intent to read and maybe dabble in a little writing. Little did I suspect what happened. I have met a lot of wonderful people who were serious writers who practiced the craft of erotic story telling in their own unique ways. I became one of those writers. I have enjoyed the ride.

I was a mid-level executive for a small steel company in northern California. I traveled a great deal all over the world looking at and evaluating different providers of the products we sold and distributed. The job used to be fun and exciting, but living from a suitcase, sleeping in a different bed every few days got very boring. I retired not long ago to devote more time to writing and reading.

That was where I met Nora. We happened to meet because I wrote a comment on one of her stories which she liked. Every story I have read here has a comment from me. It is the only praise and judgment we get as writers. The author took the time to put his/her talents on the page, the least I could do is put my feelings there too.

Nora and I chatted a lot after that first time. We flirted and cajoled. A few times we even had cyber sex. I was new to the scene and did not understand what it was. She guided me through it once and we have had some mind blowing times since.

The company I worked for called me back as a contractor to go occasionally to steel mills like my old job. I was happy to do it because being retired ‘sucks.’ I missed the road and the people. The trip they had planned for me was a weekend trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I had been there many times and was familiar with the city.

This time for me there was an added bonus. I could get to meet and spend time with a woman I had never met much less heard her voice live. We had exchanged information through lush but had also been communicating using external e-mail. We had exchanged photos of each other, written long poems and stories just for us. It was a budding love affair that was spawned and carried on the internet. We always talked about what we would do if we ever met. Now was our chance. I could not wait to login and connect with Nora and tell her the news.

I wrote her a lengthy PM that night detailing my plans for the trip. I wrote I wanted to spend some time with her. I wanted to meet her, to gaze in her eyes across a lovely table set for a special dinner. I knew of a newly opened Greek restaurant in Pittsburgh that was getting rave reviews. We both liked Greek food and I arranged the date for us.

After we exchanged PM’s I started to doubt. We hardly knew each other, was it the right thing, was she the right woman, did I really want to meet her. We had had virtual sex, exchanged provocative pictures, and wrote intimate poems and stories. I had to do it. We had to meet if nothing else to finally see the woman who captivated me.

Meanwhile in Pittsburgh Nora was going through the same mental gymnastics. Here in her own words was what Nora was thinking.

“I had come to know you as a kind and caring person through our conversations. We even cybered a few times mostly by voice and chat but there was that one really special night. It certainly put a smile on my face. But meeting you for the first time in real life had my nerves on edge, thoughts ran through my head, will he like me, will we find things to talk about, will he be as handsome as he looked in the pictures and on line.”

I decided ‘go for it’ I had nothing to lose and the world to gain. I packed a special outfit for our date, made my hotel, plane and car reservations and flew off to Pittsburgh. I was getting excited now. Every time I thought of Nora I felt a stirring in my loins. I had never felt that before. I seemed to have a heightened awareness of everything around me.

I landed on time, retrieved my luggage, got my car and checked into the hotel. It was early Saturday afternoon. The restaurant and my hotel were in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh. I liked staying here because it overlooked downtown and at night the lights gave rise to a bustling city. I stayed at the same hotel every time. The staff remembered me by name and knew what I enjoyed and went out of their way to make my stay superb. I asked Jose the bellman where I could buy some flowers.

He said to me, “No No Mr. Cal. I will personally get you the flowers you desire. Just tell me what you want and how many. They will arrive in your room shortly.”

I tried to argue but the hotel manager was very insistent that they would take care of everything. They even got me two bottles of a sweet Greek wine for my dinner date. I had picked a restaurant named ‘Mediterrano’ which was on Babcock Boulevard in North Hills. I had my flowers and my wine. All I had to do now was get ready.

I showered, shaved my face and genitals, brushed my teeth and combed my hair. I put on a pair of khaki casual slacks, a pale yellow shirt with a matching tie, and my navy blue blazer. It was casual but not over the top. I was comfortable.

I spent the day in a chaotic frenzy. First I went to the spa for a massage and wax. Then it was off to the salon for a haircut and style, as well as a manicure. I wanted to look my best tonight. It's a rare occasion to put this much work into looking good. I'm more into the natural look.

I put on my red lace bra, red lace panties and a red lace trimmed camisole. I had on thigh high black nylons. I so love the feel of nylon encasing my legs. Over this I wore my black sheath dress with three quarter length sleeves. Topping it off I wore a double strand of small white pearls. I had a black fringed shawl to compliment my outfit.

Our reservations were for eight o’clock and I wanted to arrive at Nora’s early to relax and get to know her a little before we went out. She also lived in North Hills not far from both places we were going. I drove to her place parked and walked briskly to her door flowers and wine in hand. I knocked on her door and this radiantly gorgeous woman answered. Her face beamed and I was awestruck. She invited me in took the flowers and the wine. Showed me where the bathroom was and escorted me to the living room where I sat on the couch. I opened the wine and poured two glasses. We sat a discreet distance apart sensing each other’s aura.

I heard a knock and my heart leapt into my throat, I took a deep breath to steady my nerves. When I got to the door I looked through the peep hole. What I saw took my breath away, crystal clear eyes with a twinkle in them. Oh my, he was even better looking in person I thought. I opened the door and with a big smile on my face I invited Cal in. He had brought me flowers and wine. This was a first for me. I've never been given flowers by a date. I put them in a vase and found the wine opener. As we sat and chatted, I was still nervous but Cal was starting to put me at ease.

We chatted for a bit and the tension of meeting dissipated rapidly. Soon we were waving and touching each other as old friends do when talking. We had made it over the initial hurdle. Now the race was on to dinner. I stood up, took her empty glass and put it on the counter in the kitchen. I returned to the living room and offered my hand to assist Nora up to put her shawl on to leave for dinner. As she stood I leaned down and kissed her softly on her moist tempting lips, she kissed back. We went to the car where I held her door and her hand as she sat down. I went around got in started the car and drove the short distance to the restaurant.

Mediterrano was a small intimate place that was opened last year. It prides itself on service and the quality of its dishes. It has an extensive menu and is unique in that if you wanted wine you brought it with you. They provided the glasses at no corkage fee. I had taken the liberty to order our total meal beforehand. I liked to pick out the meal and just have my date and I relax and enjoy to evening. Sometimes if I know the restaurant and its people as I do in San Francisco, I will let the staff pick and choose my meal. I have had many wonderful meals that way most not from the menu. I decided to gamble here and did the same and asked that the staff pick my meal.

The appetizers were DOLMADES (stuffed grape leaves) and TZATZIKI ( Yoghurt, garlic, dill, cucumber & mint spread, warm pita). For our main course we had HORIATIKI SALATA (house salad), ARNI STO FOURNO (roast leg of lamb), MOUSAKA (eggplant) and Lavraki (Sea Bass). For dessert we had BAKLAVA and KATAIFI. The meal was superb and the attention to detail was marvelous. As we were finishing up our dessert waiting for more coffee Nora reached across the table seeking my hand. I placed my hand in her entwining our fingers. I looked into her eyes and detected the tiny glint of a tear. With my napkin I reached up and dabbed it away. Nora looked down at the table and her shoulders hunched. She got up and quickly went to the ladies lounge. I had detected more tears flowing as she got up and turned. The maitre d’ came over asking if everything was all right. I assured him everything was superb. I asked for the check and he looked at me smiling.

He said to me, “Your meal is courtesy of the staff. It is rare we get a gentleman who trusts our judgment to pick his meal. Whenever you are back here in Pittsburgh you are welcome to dine with us as family. You will never pay for a meal here. Please bring your lady friend too.”

I stood up shook his hand and gave him a warm smile. Nora had returned and I held her seat for her as she sat back down. She was composed again and had refreshed her little makeup. She grabbed my hand and I focused all my attention on her.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening. This was the best first date, any date I have ever had. I don’t know what is planned for the rest of the night, but I am yours.” She said softly and seductively.

I replied, “The night is still young and we have all of Pittsburgh at our feet. Where would my lady like to go?”

Nora looked up into my eyes with an impish grin and replied, “I want you all to myself. I am feeling so wonderful and I don’t want to share you ever. Please take me home. I want to be alone with you.”

“Home it is then.”

I drove back to her place and we went into her apartment. I took off my jacket and loosened my tie, poured the remaining wine we had left behind earlier and sat on the couch. What happened after that was a total blur and I can only remember bits and pieces. Nora remembered vividly so the end of the story belonged to her.

We got back to my place. I invited you in telling you I didn't want the date to end. I've never felt like this before I just hoped that it lasted longer than this one night. We finished off the wine and started to kiss and cuddle.

I excused myself and slipped out of my dress, leaving my bra and panties and stockings on and the heels. After a few minutes I came back out to the doorway and asked you to come with me. You did nothing but looked at me at first, and then slowly you stood up and followed me. We entered my room and your eyes took in the queen size bed and the handmade decorations on the wall. But what really caught your attention was the silk rope and toys I had on my headboard.

I reached for you and unbuttoned your shirt, you offered no resistance. Your hands itched to touch me, but I looked up at you and shook my head. I slipped your shirt off and ran my hands down your chest teasing your nipples as I did. You shivered with excitement, letting out a low moan. I slid my hands down further gliding them lightly over your hardening cock and down your legs. I untied your shoes and undid your pants. I took my time knowing I had all night. I wanted this to be special for both of us.

Your member twitched in anticipation as I slipped your pants and boxers off. I looked up at your cock and took him into my hands and gently stroked him a few times. I felt you grow harder in my hands and knew I needed to taste you. I rubbed your cock over my face and bra covered tits before my mouth opened to take you inside. I flicked my tongue over your head teasing your little hole just before taking you as deep as I could. I bobbed up and down several times before coming up for air. I fondled your balls as I turned you slightly and pushed you down onto the bed.

I took you back into my mouth fondling your balls and slipping a finger in your ass. I started to fuck your ass in earnest while I blew you. I felt you tighten up and knew you were ready to cum. I took as much of your sweet and salty cum as I could. There was some dribbling down my chin as I slid up to kiss you. You licked it off and we kissed deeply as your hands roamed over my back and ass.

My hands reached for the silk rope and I quickly tied your hands to the headboard. With a little wicked grin I slithered down lower, kissing and nibbling your ear lobe and neck trailing kisses over your upper chest. Teasing your nipples with my tongue I sucked them in my mouth biting them slightly listening to you moan and feeling you squirm. I continued on this way for a while longer.

My very damp panties rubbed over your engorged cock. I stopped and looked at you and asked, “How many times can you get hard again tonight?”

You replied, “a few more times with the right persuasion.”

I smiled at this challenge and continued lower, taking your cock between my bra covered tits holding them close I wrapped your cock in them and started to move up and down. I licked your head as it came to the top. My hair hanging down tickled your legs. I stopped taking hold of you at the base. I wanted you to last a bit longer. I unclasped my bra and removed my panties in a slow strip tease leaving my stockings and heels on. I tossed my panties on your face.

Could you smell and taste what you had done to me? Your eyes were pleading with me as your breathing increased. I knew you wanted to taste me and feel my tight pussy wrapped around your hard 8 inch cock.

But I was not done yet. I wanted you to understand how much you had come to mean to me, how far I was willing to go to have your love even if it was only for a few days.

I slipped a pillow under your lower back and with one hand on your cock I took your balls into my mouth sucking and swirling them around. They were tight but soft slightly hairy and heavy with cum. I slipped my tongue lower hitting your tight puckered ass hole teasing it as I licked around it. With little resistance my tongue slipped in.

I heard you moan and say, “If you keep that up I won't last much longer.”

After a few more licks I stopped. I slid back up your body and took my panties back as I leaned my tits over your hungry mouth and positioned my pussy over your very eager cock. I slipped down taking your member all in one shot as your mouth bit and sucked my nipple into your mouth. I started to ride you with my need as great as yours, faster and deeper. I felt my orgasm beginning and your cock twitching inside me.

“Cal cum with me I want your cum inside of me as I flood your cock with my juices.”

A few more strokes and we both screamed out. I sat on your shrinking cock as I untied your hands and kissed you deeply. Your arms wrapped around me and I felt myself being rolled over. I smiled knowing I would have to pay for tying you up.

She was done having her way with me, now it was my turn. She was lying on her back looking over at me smiling. I got up on my knees towering over her. Her smile quickly faded not knowing what to expect. I knelt there for a couple of minutes letting her wonder if I was going to get up and leave or pounce back down and ravish her hungry body. I decided she had shown me what she liked; it was time to teach her what I could do.

My cock was growing again from looking at her voluptuous body lying there. I wanted to possess her again but on my terms. I knee walked to her feet and threw her legs wide open. I knee walked up to the junction of her woman hood. I saw our mixed juices leaking out of her and smiled. She was ready. I bent over her and kissed her lips hard forcing my tongue inside her mouth. Her hot breath came in pants now and her breasts heaved. As I kissed her and dueled with her tongue, my hands gruffly moved over her breasts. I was squeezing, pinching and pulling her breasts. She was moaning now and I was getting her turned on.

Her hips and pussy were pushing hard against my ever growing cock. They seemed to have a mind of their own. The more I kneaded her breasts the more she pushed. I removed my mouth from hers with a loud pop. I heard a fast intake of breath. Her breathing was a little labored. But she did not want to stop. She kept her hips grinding against me. I reared up on my knees and looked down again. She wasn’t smiling anymore but had a strong look of lust and wanton desire on her face. I knew she was ready.

I picked her up turned her over on all fours. Her ass and pussy were exposed to my desires now. I put two fingers inside her and got them coated with our mixed juices. I put my thumb on her button and rimmed it with the juices. She was moaning and groaning moving her ass against my thumb. I slipped my thumb in her ass and rolled it around. She grunted and followed my thumb with her hips.

I pulled my thumb out and positioned my hard cock at the button. Her ass yielded as I entered and it felt good and tight. She raised her hips to capture more of me in her nether regions. I slid all the way in to my hilt and she stopped holding me tight. I started to saw in and out of her at a rapid pace. She kept with every movement urging me further and further into her. I could feel my rush building so I slowed down. She started to whimper because the feeling went down.

I pulled my cock out of her ass and made her clamp her knees together. I spread her pussy lips slightly and rammed my cock deeply inside her. All that could be heard was a load sigh and a long loud moan of pleasure. As I plunged long and hard into her tightened pussy my fingers were plunging in and out of her willing ass. With the speed and ferocity of my thrusts her pending orgasm was mounting quickly. I could feel the rush building in my balls and timed it so that we exploded exactly at the same time.

We exploded, she screamed and I groaned as my cum and her juices mixed inside her throbbing hot pussy. Her ass was squeezing my fingers as her pussy throbbed and milked my cock for every precious drop.

I rolled off her and she laid down into me. We laid there for a while before speaking or moving. When we did move we were as if stuck together. We did not want to part from each other. It felt like we had been like this for a lifetime. It was so comfortable and soothing to us both. I kissed her forehead and all around her face. She was just soaking all this attention up languishing in the feelings.

I said, “Do you mind if I spend the night?”

She replied rapidly, “I want that very much. Don’t leave me!”

I wrapped my arms around her tightly and said, “I am not going to leave you for a while my love. You are stuck with me.”

She looked up at me with the largest smile and satisfied face I had ever seen. We had done it. We fell asleep in each other’s arms and drifted off together to dream of happy times. We woke up about mid morning hungry and sticky. We got up retrieved my clothes and laid them on the bed. We showered together and got dressed.

After an early lunch (after the night we had we needed our rest) we headed into the heart of downtown just walking hand in hand stealing the occasional kiss. Dusk has fallen and I lead us over to Mount Washington. From this vantage point we had a fantastic view of the city as all the lights were slowly turned on.

It was here that I told you that I was falling in love with you and that I wanted to be with you.

I looked down at her with a small smile of happiness and pleasure, cupped her face in my hands and looked deeply in her eyes and said, “Nora, from the first time when met and chatted I was falling in love with you. I just could not hope to be able to tell you in person until I begged for this trip. If things work out I may have to stay here for an extended period of time.”

With that we hugged tightly and kissed a long time as the sun set and lights came on street by street in Pittsburgh.