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Norton Towers - Chapter 5

Mrs Wright needs help getting her husband hard – parts 1 and 2

Part 1

Being employed at Norton House general factotum, handyman (fucking helping hand), and my life took on an entirely new meaning and taught me that life really does begin at sixty. Everything was discreet and the tenants very nice and pleasant.

One would think they were just ordinary middle class oldies. But the truth was that they all loved sex in every way – literally. It was fantastic.

Mr and Mrs Wright were (on the outside) a normal old couple. Sylvia was a very buxom sixty-eight and dressed to impress. I noticed that on occasions she wore very tight leggings that highlighted an extremely fat arse and camel toe – so a clue to the inner goings on there. He was around 68 I would guess. However, he also liked wearing tight trousers and was not a bit concerned that his (seemingly large) cock was outlined for all to see. They were both young in outlook and it came as a surprise when I had a call from Carolyn asking if I could see them on Friday to help them “get it up” as Sylvia was getting very sexually frustrated- missing getting fucked for the last three months. What a lovely problem to help them solve. But it was intriguing

Friday at three Sylvia opened the door and directed me to the living room.

‘Robert, it is so good of you to see if you can help Charlie and me. Let me explain the problem. We have always had a very close and satisfactory sex life but for the last three months he just has not been able to get an erection. No matter what I do – nothing works. What do you think you can do – apart from taking his place that is’

‘Well, that is plain speaking Sylvia. May I ask a few questions to get some background? I noticed that Charlie likes to wear tight trousers (and I would guess no underwear) which shows off his cock to very good effect. And you, I can see make a very big effort to show your very big cunt camel toe to everyone – including me. It’s not that I disapprove – far from it; I enjoy looking every time I see you both. But does that have bearing on the problem.’

‘You are very astute Robert and quite right. We both enjoy showing our wears and it started years ago when we wanted to attract other men to join us in our bed. But as we are now old there are no takers – not even here in Norton Towers.’

Ruling out that Sylvia was not a lesbian, I surmised that Charlie was either very aroused through his slightly bisexual side or liked to watch Sylvia getting fucked. So I asked her straight. She went very red and was obviously embarrassed.

I don’t know how to put this Robert, Charlie gets very turned on talking to other men we meet, about what they would like to do with me. He is slightly bisexual but with no penetration either end. And to be honest, I get very hot and randy from their comments listening to them and amusing myself at the same time.

‘So Sylvia it seems the way out of your difficulty would be for me to become Charlie’s best mate and a fuck buddy to the two of you. I’m very up for it if you are?’

‘I know I am asking a lot of you Robert but it would be lovely if Charlie can get a really raging hard on again and screw me – in every way possible. But I promise we will always ask you to get fully involved. Gwen told me about your interests.

So, with agreement, I arranged with Sylvia to say to Charlie that she had invited me for tea tomorrow on the pretext that we had not been formally introduced since I started as handyman. I really do like it when refined elderly ladies talk dirty and admit they really enjoy sex.


So there I was Saturday afternoon, having a pleasant cup of tea and cake with Charlie and Sylvia. No guessing as where they wanted to conversation to go – their clothes and body language said it all. Charlie sat next to me and on the opposite sofa Sylvia was wearing a flared skirt that I swear was a good three inches above her knees and resting on her lovely plum thighs and showing a hint of stocking top. Through her blouse she was proudly showing off her impressive tits encased in very strong bra.

I don’t know where he got them but Charlie was wearing chinos but made from a very fine material that with his legs wide open and touching my knee more than showed off his package.

After the normal introductions I asked Charlie what his interests were.

‘My only interest these days is looking at Sylvia putting on show for me, Robert. And I am a disappointment that even with my blue pills I cannot give her what she wants. No matter how much I try, my libido is gone.

‘Can you think of any reasons for that?’ I asked, as I gently put my hand on his knee and winked at Sylvia. ‘Sylvia is very sexy mature lady. I bet that like me, you love your women with lots of hair down there. Sylvia, are you hairy?’

‘Well Robert, let me show you.’ Teasingly pulling up her skirt, gently leaning back she opened her fat thighs, back openly displaying a lovely silver hairy cunt through her sheer gusset less girdle. ‘Charlie loves my hairy snatch so much that I haven’t bothered to shave for over ten years- and surprisingly it is lovely and fluffy.”

‘Sylvia, you will embarrass Robert. Are you embarrassed Robert?'

‘Far from it, Charlie, I get really turned on by hairy minges especially ones like Sylvia’s here. She also has gorgeous fat labia. That much hair also keeps her love juices in place- It really gets me going – feel how excited I am’ as I gently pulled his hand into my crotch. ‘Go on Charlie; have good feel.' He smiled as he grabbed hold of my semi hard dick.

Sylvia was beaming and said, ‘Don’t be shy Charlie, asks Robert to help you out and see how things go.’

With Charlie actively getting me harder, Charlie said, ‘This is like the old days, Robert, but Sylvia, ‘you have to play as well to help us all have a good time. Robert, in our little perverted sexual world, Sylvia and I get hot by trying old and new things. So go ahead, ask me and her to do anything – she has your undivided attention.'

This is all my fantasies coming true – and I didn’t want to disappointed. All this verbal foreplay had got Sylvia to the point caressing her fanny.

Taking things in hand, I instructed Charlie to take off his trousers and I did the same. Dropping them he proudly showed me a limp five inches but extremely thick cock against my now dribbling rigid seven. With our hands encompassing each other’s tackle, Charlie said, ‘What attracts to you Sylvia, Robert – don’t miss out any detail, I want to hear every dirty thought.'

‘Well Charlie, she is really my dream senior fuck, but to better tell you, Sylvia will have to get that skirt and blouse off.’ As she did as I instructed, I could feel Charlie’s cock slowly by gradually get harder. Not much but signs I was doing my job and enjoying it.

‘First, look at lovely figure those lovely tits’ at which she gently removed her bra and those lovely globes flopped down. But the real delight for me is her lovely fat hairy cunt – and off came the girdle and stockings. She was not joking, her salt and pepper curly pubic hair went right up her stomach and all around her crotch and upper thighs. ‘Wouldn’t you love to fuck that with me Charlie.”

‘I would really love that as well,’ replied Sylvia. Spreading her fat thighs she inserted two fingers and opened her cunt hole. It was massive. ‘Charlie knows how that over the years his really fat cock has stretched my muff so I can easily take anything. Wow that got us going. His cock sprang up, the veins pumping blood to boost 7inches up to at least 9- and it was really thick. Just as I hoped it would be. ‘Look Robert, you’ve done it, my darling Charlie is really nice and hard, so why don’t we enjoy ourselves and wank together’ and let our first of many cum loads flow free.

Stripping off completely, Charlie laid back. With precum now well and truly flowing, our hands gently slid easily over each other’s dick. Sylvia was bug eyed as she watched us and started playing with her (what was now) extended clit.

It was very erotic. Charlie and I were getting harder and harder as we rubbed each other. His fat meat was really impressive and he had a great technique with me too. So it was no wonder that Sylvia could see we were not far off. With hand still frigging her hole, she walked over in front of us knelt down and opened her mouth. We couldn’t last and exploded our nuts all over her. Mouth, face and dripping down her chin, she let out a howl as she came as well.

Part 2

To further find out how kinky this couple were and to test see if she could take two of us I arranged to call back a few days later. Now, I am no prude, I love mutual winking but I am not a great fan of feeling other guys cock when fucking a woman – young or old. What I do like is a double penetration – cunt and ass at the same time. And as Charlie had asked me what I wanted them to do, I did.

But the day before the visit, Charlie, called. ‘Robert, I know this will sound weird, but a couple of hours before you come to see us, could you drink a couple of pints of whatever so your bladder is feeling really full up- you know the stage when you want a piss. It would really please and give us great pleasure and me a raging hard on. I promise you should really get a kick out of what we do as well.

Sylvia explained it all. ‘Over the years, some of our gentlemen partners, introduced us to interesting, and I must say very satisfying sex fetishes.’ What he really loved was for me and Charlie to drink a couple of pints of anything really – water, tea, beer - anything a few hours before he came to visit. Like Charlie asked you. I hope you are full’. I was told her I really did want a pee.

‘That’s good, have you ever heard of squirting, Robert?’

‘I read about it and seen it on porn videos but, no, never experienced it.’

‘Well, let me explain the mechanics, so to speak. When we want to pee and get aroused, men get what I call a piss proud and women’s bladders press on their uterus stimulating sexual urges.' With that she held my hand and led me to their bedroom.

There on the bed was a naked Charlie showing his semi hard piss proud dick. ‘And this,’ he said, ‘is before we get started. Let’s look at yours Robert.’ Sylvia, help him undress.’

Now stark naked, her luscious tits, sitting on top of fully swelled belly, Sylvia quickly undressed me and fondled my dick.

‘Well, we just love it, hey Charlie.’ It was strange and nice, My piss proud looked good, ‘Now, Robert, the great thing about piss proud cocks is that I get so much more and longer stimulation and you can go on enjoying me for longer. But we can’t cum until we have a piss. We combine those facts to have a great time.'

Lying down with legs wide open next to Charlie, she patted the mattress and I started to gobble those downy tits and finger fuck her massive hairy cunt.

‘Oh that’s nice, look Charlie; my nipples are getting really big.’ And they were too, like big cherries.

Wanting more action Charlie said’ Okay honey really spread those fat thighs and lift up your knees. Sylvia duly did so, allowing Charlie to climb over and stick his massive knob into her. Now, he wasn’t exactly hard, but he was fucking her with my three fingers in her. Her clit was engorged.

‘Yes, Yes, I can feel it’ Are you both ready? Charlie, make me come.' I could see him straining and then a stream of piss gushed out of her hole and at the same time, she let rip with a torrent of it over my hand.

After seeing that I really wanted to piss, and let go all over them. As soon as I was empty, I had a stiffy and it needed satisfying. I told Charlie to get off and asked Sylvia to turn over on her knees. That hair of hers went right up and over her arse crack. It was glorious.

‘Right Sylvia, you might like piss sex, but right now, I am going to fuck your arse.’

‘Oh Robert, please do, Charlie’s cock is too big for me there but he will give you extra stimulation.’

Pushing my dick into her puckered arse hole, I felt a finger on my own and Charlie pressed his finger in and rubbed away. It was great. As I spurted it all into her fat hairy arse she again pissed herself.

With a big grin, Sylvia turned around and said, ‘Well, what do think of that?’

To be honest, piss play like that can be fun and it helped them.

The End

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