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Nurse Practitioner Makes House Calls - Part 3

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional
My Nurse Practitioner Sherry had been treating me for several hours.

To put things bluntly, we had been fucking like wild beasts in heat and both of us were gratified, satisfied, and nearly exhausted.

Almost swimming in a mixture or her sweet glory hole juice, my cum, and our sweat, we lay cuddled up intertwined with one another attempting to breathe but still softly and tenderly fondling one another.

We were jolted out of our euphoric state by the sound of an automobile horn coming from my driveway.

Sherry rolled away from me to look at the illuminated face of the clock on my bedside table which provided the only light in the room other than light from a “Lover’s Moon” beaming through my windows.

She sat upright saying, “Babe, I have been so involved with your treatment that I didn’t realize it is time for the young lady I’m training to be here, but it is. We must go greet her and invite her in to join us.”

We crawled out of bed and went, naked as the day we were born, to meet her trainee and have her join us.

When we got to my carport the young lady standing beside her car giggled a bit when she saw us and said, “I see you two have been enjoying yourselves. I hope I’m not too late to join the fun”.

Sherry said, “Yes we have, Hon, but I’m eager for you to join me in treating my patent. I call him Babe but he told me you may call him anything you want to,” The young trainee, after seeing my body and my once again rigid erection, said that to her, I looked like an “Italian Stallion”.

I was a bit embarrassed, yet pleased in a way by her remark even though I’m not of Italian descent. I took it as some sort of compliment.

The three of us went inside and then back to my bedroom where Sherry formally introduced me to her trainee whose name was Marilyn who spoke up saying, “Yes my name is Marilyn, but you may just call me “Mare” as most of my friends do.

Once we arrived in my bedroom, Sherry said that Marilyn should disrobe and be nude with us in order for them to give me the best treatment possible.

Sherry winked at me.

I winked at Sherry.

Sherry winked at Marilyn.

“Mare” winked at both of us.

Marilyn, seemed to be a bit eager remove all of her clothing, which she did, and then she stood there in all of her glory like the most beautiful Greek Goddess anyone could imagine. In their flesh, Sherry and Marilyn looked like identical delectable twins

My nuts were not quite parched, but they were damned HOT and were beginning to ache, and my dick was throbbing uncontrollably while pre-cum was covering my cock and balls and beginning to run down the inside of my thighs. Sherry and Marilyn both saw it and licked their lips.

Sherry told Marilyn that she had checked earlier to determine if I was physically fit for a treatment by both of them, and then said that the three of us should get on my king size bed and start the procedure.

We got on my bed with me between Sherry and Marilyn like a hunk of meat in a sandwich.

Marilyn turned toward Sherry and asked what she should do to help in my treatment.

Sherry replied, “Before we start Babe’s treatment you and I should get primed by treating one another, don’t you think?”

Marilyn said, “Yes, I think that would be nice. I’ve missed being with you and sharing our bodies with one another. I wonder if the Italian Stallion would mind if I moved over him and got next to you for at least a few minutes.”

I said, “Ladies, do whatever you feel like doing. I’ll just lie here and watch the two of you until you’re primed and ready to give me my treatment.”

Marilyn crawled over me, kissing my cock on the way, put her arms around Sherry and gave her a deep, deep throat kiss to which Sherry passionately responded.

Sherry tweaked Marilyn’s nipples and then began to suck on first the left one and then the right one while Marilyn moaned in pleasure and placed her hand over Sherry’s magnificent mound while I was jacking off.

To be continued…..have patience dear readers

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