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Nurse Practitioner Makes House Calls

Disclaimer: this is purely fictional
Shortly after my Nurse Practitioner, Sherry, gave me her triple treatment the first time I saw her in my doctor's office, one of the ladies at the front desk called me and said that Sherry desired to come to my home on a house call to further treat me. I was astonished because doctors and others in the medical field haven't made house calls for many years now.

But knowing full well what Sherry had in mind, I told the lady who called me that Sherry was welcome to come to my home and treat me any time it was convenient with her.

The caller then said that Sherry wanted to know if it was convenient with me for Sherry to make her first house call the next day. Attempting to not seem eager, I said, "That's fine with me. What time should I expect her to arrive?”

The lady replied, saying that Sherry had told her that the earlier the better because she thought the treatment Sherry had in mind for me might take several hours at the least.

I told the lady calling me that I keep odd hours and that I'm an early riser (no pun intended) so any time after 3AM was good with me. I heard some muffled voices when apparently the caller consulted with Sherry. The lady came back on the phone and asked if 4AM was OK with me. I said (as I began to feel my cock getting hard) that time was good for me, so the appointment for Sherry to make her first house call with me was made.

Being aroused by the thought of Sherry being here early the next morning, I had to wank my dick and shoot ropes of cum before I could settle down and relax. That was fun. It was so much fun and so pleasurable that I jacked off a couple of more times before going to bed that night and enjoying some REALLY wet dreams.

In case you haven't guessed, I'm a horny guy.

The next morning at exactly 3:59AM a car pulled into my driveway and my security light came on to illuminate it. It looked like a sleek Porsche of some sort.

When the auto came to a stop, the driver side door opened and I saw Sherry get out carrying a bag.

Sherry wore a tight-fitting t-shirt that prominently displayed her perky breasts and her hard nipples through the materiel. Below her waist she wore a loose fitting pair of short shorts. She appeared to be ready for action wearing clothing that could be removed swiftly and with little effort.

I licked my lips and my cock began to rise as I walked outside to welcome her. Sherry hugged me and gave me a friendly kiss on my cheek and said that it was wonderful to see me again, but that the bulge in my shorts indicated that I was in dire need of more of her tender treatments as soon as possible.

I agreed, and took her hand and guided her inside my house.

Sherry looked around and complimented me on the way the interior of my house looked. I thanked her.

At that time we were in the breakfast room area. Sherry said, “I don’t think this table or these chairs are the best place for me to give you a treatment. A bed would work much better.” I told her there were three beds in three bedrooms. One bed was regular size, another was queen size, and the one in my bedroom was king size.

Sherry said that the king size bed would be best, so I put my arm around her waist and guided her to my bedroom.

She looked around and seemed pleased with our surroundings. Sherry said, “Having an adjoining shower is terrific because we may have to use it in the course of my treatment.”

My cock was making a huge tent in my shorts which Sherry had been gazing at with lust in her eyes. No longer able to restrain herself, she pushed my shorts down around my ankles, grasped my raging, throbbing, pre-cum leaking tool, and said that I looked like I was prepared to be treated.

I detected a damp spot in the crotch of her shorts and it seemed that her nipples were becoming harder and straining against the cloth that restrained her breasts, so I suggested to Sherry that she might be more comfortable, as would I, if we both removed all of our clothing.

Sherry said, “You’re a very perceptive patient and a fast learner. Let’s get naked.”

No sooner had she spoken than we were both totally nude.

Damn!!!! Sherry has a perfect unblemished body from head to toe. Her curves are all in the right places, her nipples seem to be begging to be sucked and her shaven and now dripping pussy is utterly inviting itself to be fucked.

There may be more to cum later, so stay tuned

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