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Nurse Practitioner

My first and possibly last attempt to write fictional erotica
Having gone to his office a few days earlier to have blood drawn for testing, I went to my primary care physician’s office for my semi-annual checkup appointment.

After checking in at the desk, and waiting for much longer than I would have liked to, my name was called and I was taken to a room where I was weighed, my blood pressure was taken and recorded, and I was asked what medications I was taking. You know the routine.

Then I was taken to another room and told that the doctor would be with me in a few minutes.

Those few minutes, as usual, turned into many minutes.

I busied myself by looking through a few outdated magazines that were there.

Eventually there was a “tap-tap-tap” on the closed door and then a lady walked in. She introduced herself as Sherry, and said that she was a Nurse Practitioner, and that because my doctor was on vacation she would be taking care of me on this visit if I had no objection.

This lady was rather tall, slim, fit, and attractive. Rather than wearing the usual clothing one might expect of a medical professional she had on regular clothing one might wear anywhere. Her pale green blouse was rather low cut and loose fitting, exposing her lovely cleavage. I could tell that she wore no bra because the outline of her firm nipples could easily be seen through the fabric. Her darker green skirt was rather short, coming to only about 4 inches above her knees.

I had no objection, so the session began with her studying my medical records and then beginning to ask questions and examine me.

She said that according to my records I had a history of high blood pressure and low “good” cholesterol and a bit high “bad” cholesterol. She asked me if that was correct. I said that it was.

Sherry told me that the report of results of the lab tests on my blood indicated that my blood pressure, cholesterol, and several other things were all good.

Then she asked me if I had any other problems that she might be able to take care of.

I told her that I had some sort of rash on my left leg and that the lower part of that leg and my foot were swollen, but that the rash didn’t itch or hurt. She said she wanted to examine my leg if that was OK with me. I told her that for her to see all of it I would have to remove my pants if that was OK with her. Sherry said, “No problem”.

So I took off my pants and the sock and shoe from my left foot.

Sherry came over to where I was seated and leaned forward to look closely at my leg and foot. When she did the loose fit of her blouse allowed me to have a great close-up view of her perfect perky round firm breasts. I licked my lips and nearly drooled at the sight.

Sherry moved closer and began to examine my leg and foot. She grasped my foot and asked if that caused any pain. I said it didn’t. Then she grasped me around the ankle, squeezed it a bit, and asked her question again. My response was the same. Then she went higher….onto my lower thigh, and repeated her question and I again said there was no pain. Then her hands went around my upper thigh with one of her hands flicking gently through my boxers against my balls as she did.

THAT got the attention of my already half erect cock which responded as one might expect. It began to twitch, enlarge, and become hard and fully erect. I was a bit embarrassed. Sherry seemed to not notice immediately but soon said, “There seems to be a reaction to my touching you up here taking place. Let me try working from a different angle”.

She changed the position of her hands with one of her fingers ending up applying pressure inside my rectum against my prostate gland. My dick throbbed more and began to excrete pre-cum through the material of my boxers.

When she saw that, Sherry calmly and professionally said, “You seem to have developed a new problem that I would enjoy taking care of for you”.

Playing a game with her, I asked my Nurse Practitioner Sherry how she might be able to take care of my new problem.

Ever the professional, Sherry said, “In any one of 3 ways. I could fuck you, I could suck your raging pussy-pleaser, or I could just jack you off……but before I do any of those I should lock the door to this room.

I told her to lock the door and then choose which of those 3 methods of treatment she would enjoy the most, because my pleasure is always derived from giving pleasure to my partner.

She buzzed the front desk and told them to advise patients that due to an emergency she wouldn’t be available for any more patients for the rest of the day.

Sherry locked the door and then turned to me and, with a lusty gleam in her eyes, said, “I want all 3. You are paying to be here but I get to make the decisions. I love fucking, I adore the taste of a stud’s cum when I swallow it, and I enjoy jacking off hot cocks while my partner jills me into heavenly bliss”.

I enjoyed a triple treatment that day and was charged for only one visit.

I hope my doctor stays on vacation.

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