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office 1

Tommys my wife had done it again. She had a nasty habit of calling him at work on his desk phone preventing him from working. She knew while in his cubicle, no private calls were allowed, but she still persisted with he calls making him angry. “Everything ok, you sounded angry on the phone. “ Looking over his shoulder, he found it was pat, the departments office manager. “Just the wife bugging me again.” “So trouble at home then.” “Yes you could say that, but ill sort it eventually.” “Why don’t you come to my office, and we can chat more.” before he had the chance to say anything, pat was walking away from him, so after a few seconds he headed to the office. Knocking on the door and walking inside, he found pat bent over with her sweater gaped open at the neck, providing a great view of her mature cleavage. This wasn’t the first time he had looked down her top, but this time she caught him and stood up, then made her way to her desk and sat down. “So tell me how long it has been, you know with the wife.” “Excuse me.” “Let me put it another way, how long has it been since you got laid.” “I don’t know, perhaps a couple of months.” a big smile came on her face, then she got up and sat on the edge of her desk. “that’s nothing at all, its been 2 years since anyone invaded me, who wants to touch an old ladys breasts.” pushing her breasts out towards him, tom couldn’t help but stair at them then looked at her face and smiled, just as she slipped from her desk and moved to him. “I know you admire the females in the office, but would you touch my breasts.” With the time he had gone without sex, holding her big breasts in his hands would be a dream come true, but he just stood there glancing at her breasts. “You want to touch them, but your afraid cause im your boss, is that right tom.” “And the thought someone might find out.” moving up close to him she cut him off talking, by placing a finger to his mouth. “Everyone has gone; it’s just you and me.” Putting a gap between them, she undid her jacket and let him see her bust, then quickly slipped it to the floor. Tom was that fascinated by the size of them, that without thinking he cupped both her breasts. “Mm that’s it tom, give them a good feel.” he did as she asked and squeezed them, and then ran his thumbs over her erect nipples. Pat might have been in her 50s, but tom soon found out how she loved her tits, being felt and nipples stroked. After having them felt through her bra, pat reached behind her and unclipped her bra, and with a quick tug pulled the material from her jugs.

Now looking at her naked breasts and erect nipples, he pushed them together and jiggled them in his hands, before moving closer and licking each nipple in turn. Nothing could compare to what he was doing to this mature lady, but tom wanted a lot more than licking her nipples, so pushed he pushed his hand up her skirt and found she wore no knickers. Her pussy was soaking wet with her juices, so after rubbing up and down her slit, his finger soon found its way inside her. Feeling his fingers invade her pussy, felt as good as it had been a long time, so she opened her legs more and let him carry on. But all this did was give tom the green light, so pushing two fingers in and out of her a few times, then quickly pulled them free from her. “Shit tom you carnt stop like that, I was going to cum, push them back in me now.” “iv got something a lot better, than my fingers how about this.” pressing his hands against his trousers, he showed her his bulge then undid his trousers, and showing her his naked cock made her moan. “My god you’re so big, iv not seen one that big in a long time.” “Think you can take care of it, im dying to cum.” Before tom could finish, pat dropped to her knees and took hold of his cock, and began liking the head all over before taking him in her mouth. It wasn’t the place he was thinking of invading, but her mouth felt so good on his cock, that he began thrusting in and out causing her to gag. She might have been a good cock sucker, but feeling her tits brush against his legs caused him to get closer to shooting. pat felt his cock swell I her mouth, and not wanting him to cum so fast, gripped his cock tight stopping his cum from shooting his load. She didn’t give him chance to carm down, before she got t her feet and sitting on he desk raised her skirt, then eased her knickers aside. Tom couldn’t beleve how good she looked for an older woman, but didn’t waste time in viewing her body, so got between her legs and pushed them apart. Already tom saw she was oozing her juices from her pussy, so moving closer he spread her lips apart and drove his tongue inside, causing her to moan as he sucked her juices and nibbled on her clit. But after a while more juices flowed from her, so he pushed his face and tongue deeper, and sucked madly as more moans escaped her mouth. Pat soon exploded her first juices into his mouth, and not wanting to miss any juices his tongue lapped up every drop, but the more he lapped the more she climaxed flooding his mouth.

The old girl was now laid back on her desk, so getting to his feet he placed his cock to her opening, but as soon as pat felt him invade her she stopped him. “Not this way, take me doggy style.” he knew this was he could fuck her hard and deep, so as soon as she was resting on her desk, he guided his cock into her pussy. Her pussy was slick and warm, with the attention it had received before, he slipped into her fast and deep causing her to moan. After letting his cock soak in her juices for a while, he grabbed her by the hips and pulling her towards him, began to fuck her hard and deep. Never before had he been so turned on, but as the walls of her pussy gripped his cock, he knew it wouldn’t be long before he cum. But as much as he tried to hold back, the walls of her pussy seamed to be pulling his cum from him, so he thrusted a few more times and let loose then slumped onto her back.

Now totally drain of cum he eased out of her, but when pat turned and saw his big cock, she dropped her hand and cleaned there juices from it, then brought it to her mouth and licked it clean. “Youd best go now, it’s been a long day.” As soon as tom was dressed he looked at pat, who was sat in her seat with her skirt still round her waist. “You need some help, getting dressed I can stay longer.” “I don’t think that’s a good idea, come and see me in the morning.”

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