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By the time tom got home from the office, it was late in the evening and not his usual time to get home, but pulling on the drive he found his mother in laws car there. Anna was in her early 50s, fairly attractive lady with brunette hair, and always dressed nicely with make-up and smelling good of perfume. Even though he got on well with anna, she always seamed to poke her nose into there business, which was one thing tom hated about her. After getting in the house he found anna in the kitchen, wearing her robe so knew she was staying over the night, but there was no sign of his wife. “you made it home then, thought you had got lost on the way home.” “I had a lot more paperwork, than usual so got it out the way, so where is sue.” “iv given her the log cabin, for a few days that’s what she wanted to talk to you about, but you were to busy to talk.” “she knows I carnt take calls at work, but she insists in calling.” “well she wont be expecting you, that’s why im staying for a few days, to make sure you get things you need.” “not being funny, but what could I need from you, that I carnt do myself.” “well sex for one thing, you carnt do yourself.” “I don’t think I should be talking to you about sex, you’re my mother in law, how would sue feel about this.” “well if she hadnt left you without sex, then you wouldn’t have had a good time with mrs king your boss, or should I say pat.” “how in gods name do you know about that, it only happened today.” “we go back years together, and knew she was gagging for it, so I teamed you both up.” “but why anna, don’t you think iv got enough problems, without you adding to them.” “don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy taking an older woman, as she told me different.” “I carnt beleve you did this, if sue ever finds out that will be the end of us.” getting up from where she sat, she moved to him and placed her hand on his shoulder. “you worry to much tom, I should be the one being worried.” “why cause you set me up, with my boss.” “No cause under this robe, im naked as the day I was born.” it was a shock to hear she was naked, but there again he had caught her in her bra a few times, so knew she had a great body but this was his mother in law.

With the strong smell of her perfume, and the thought of her being naked under her robe, was already having an effect on him so he eased from her grip. But as he did anna let out a gasp, when she saw his bulge in his trousers. “looks like someone has come alive, no wonder pat wants more of you.” “well I don’t have anyone else, so she might as well have all the fun.” moving to him anna smiled then placed her hand on his bulge, and began to fondle his swelling cock. “well with the feel of this, you wont last till tomorrow good job im here.” after rubbing his cock up and down in his pants, anna slipped the zip down then reached inside and found his tool. “mm this feels perfect, good enough to slip in my mouth don’t you think.” before he could answer her, she had his cock out his pants, and was on her knees kissing the head of his cock all over, then took him inside her mouth.

All he could do was watch as she sucked him off, Her head began to slowly bob up and down, taking him in and out of her while he groaned with pleasure. Then she took him out her mouth, and grinned up at him. “does this turn you on, watching me suck your cock.” “oh god yer, carry on I want to cum.” anna didn’t need asking again and took him back in her mouth, and began to suck with a furious hunger. But with her sucking so hard and strong, all of a sudden tom felt his cum rise up his shaft, so he pulled from her mouth and began pumping off. Anna got the idea where he wanted to cum, and slipped her tongue out to catch his load, and that’s when he unloaded in her mouth. Load after load shot from him and filled her mouth, but when he was done cumming anna opened her mouth and showed him his cum, then swallowed every drop of his cum. “mm that was some load you shot, iv never had so much fill my mouth.” pulling her up from her knees, he looked her in the eyes and smiled, before giving her arse a feel. “theres more where that came from, that was just the beginning. Leading her by the hand to the lounge, he had her lie on the sofa with her robe open, and getting between her legs began squeezing her naked breasts. While he kneaded her big breasts with his hands, annas hands grasped his head and pulled him closer to her tits, but instead of sucking her nipples her went lower. All of a sudden he was faced with her bare naked pussy, so moved closer and began licking her pussy, bathing her lips, her clit, and her bald mound with his greedy tongue. After getting her pussy so wet with his mouth and tongue, he slipped a finger inside her then another causing anna to moan, then began to rock her hips faster as he fingered her trying to make her climax. Tom knew he was doing a good job on her, as looking at her he saw her eyes were glazed over, and knew soon she would be climaxing flooding he juices out her pussy. “oh god tom, im gonna cum, make me cum now.” pushing his fingers in and out at speed, she began moving about on the sofa then let out an almighty moan, as she climaxed. Finaly anna relaxed on the sofa gasping loudly, so he sat up and with his cock level with her now wet pussy, began rubbing the head up and down her slit then eased into her. It was a total suprise to anna, who let out a gasp then moved with each thrust he pushed into her, and soon he was fucking his mother in laws pussy.

They had been fucking slow for some time, so tom decided to give it to her hard and began slamming his cock into her, but as he did he felt annas nail dig into his arse cheeks, which drove him deeper into her. “oh god tom, you feel so big, your close arnt you.” tom couldn’t answer her as he was concentrating on fucking her, so let out a moan while still driving his cock into her. “mm that’s it fuck me hard, cum in my pussy let me feel you cum.” less than 2 seconds after anna said this to him, his cock began swelling in her pussy, so with a final thrust forward he pulled out and cum on her body. Rope after rope of cum landed on her full breasts, but when he emptied the remaining cum from his cock, anna quickly sat up so he rubbed the head over her lips. Not contented with just feeling his cock on her lips, anna quickly opened her mouth and taking him inside, sucked the last out before getting to her feet. Wiping the cum from the corner of her mouth, she turned just as he sat down on the sofa, and smiled when she saw he hadnt gone soft. “my daughter is such a fool leaving you, but at least your not going without sex.” “well I could go another session, if your up for it.” “lets just cool of, iv not had sex in a long time im sore.” tom watched as she rubbed her pussy up and down, but eventually pulled back on her robe.

From that day sex was on the cards a lot, but anna moved back to her own home but it didn’t stop him visiting her, when he could and weekends they spent mostly in bed. But one morning they got more than they bargained for, when the bedroom door came open and in walked her daughter..

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