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Old Alaskan Widow

At 33 years of age I met a 62 year old widow.
I was 33 years old at the time. I had a friend who had a service for dating. One night she called and needed a favor. She only had women in her stable and had been contacted by a 62 year old widow for some company. I had never done anything like that, but it was a Friday night about 10:00PM and I was home with nothing to do but watch the tube. I told her I'd call the woman.

I phoned the widow. She told me her husband had passed away over a year ago and she hadn't had sex since. "I'm horny and want a man inside of me. I need to be fucked!" she told me. 
I was shocked how she just got right to the point. It turned me on. Then she told me she was on a fixed income and could not afford me. I was so turned on by that time, there was no way I wasn't going to visit her. I told her I'd be at her place after I showered, about midnight. I then called my friend and told her the deal had soured.

The cab pulled up to the woman's apartment building and it was a cold, clear Alaskan night with a full moon. The blanket of snow covering the ground glowed with a bluish tint. I found her door and knocked. I heard her ask, "Who is it?" I told her it was I, the man who had called her. She said, "Just a minute." Then several seconds later I heard her voice, further away say, "Come in."

It was dark inside the apartment as I opened the door. It was a basement unit and there was a long flight of stairs leading down into the apartment. It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust as I entered and closed the door behind me. There was a dim light at the bottom, coming from a room to the right. I hadn't seen her yet and was a bit nervous as to what I was about to see. Was she old and fat? Was she ugly? If so, would I still be turned on? Would I be able to preform?

As I reached the bottom, I saw her standing in the living room clothed in a black, full length, silk night gown. She was about 5 feet tall and petite in build. I towered over her at 6 feet, three inches. I was 190 pounds then. She was not unattractive. She had short grey hair and large glasses that accentuated her blue eyes. She looked all of her 62 years. In her right hand was a cocktail and in her left a lit cigarette. She looked me up and down as she took a drag off of her smoke. Then she took a sip of her drink before she spoke.

"You don't want an old, wrinkled woman like me," she said.

I kept looking at her as I removed my coat. I laid it on the end of her sofa and stepped close to her. I didn't say a word as I took her in my arms. I pulled her body up against mine. As I leaned in to kiss her, I could smell the whisky on her breath. Then I pressed my mouth against hers. She tasted of cigarette and whisky. I loved the flavor on my tongue. As we kissed, I took the whisky glass from her hand and dropped it onto her coffee table. She pulled away from me long enough to set her cigarette into the ashtray. Then she was back in my arms kissing me hard.

I noticed the only light in the apartment was coming from a small lamp on an end table next to a red reclining chair. Keeping my mouth pressed to hers, I swooped her up in my arms and carried her across the room and laid her down in the chair. I then pushed it back in a reclining position and laid my body atop hers as we continued kissing. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and she responded in kind and our tongues began dancing with one another. My cock grew hard in my pants.

I then began kissing her face. Gently planting my lips on her cheeks, her forehead, her closed eyelids. Then I kissed her neck. I kissed my way up to her ear and kissed and licked it, sticking the tip of my tongue inside and all around it.

My hands were now on her small waist and I began kissing my way south. Down across her chest and over her silk covered, small breasts. My tongue felt her nipple grow hard beneath the material of her nightie. I began sucking on it, making the cloth wet with my saliva. Then I kissed down across her flat stomach to the valley between her legs. I kissed where I knew her pussy was hidden. She opened her legs for me.

I reached down, grabbed the hem of gown and pulled it up as I ducked my head underneath it. I gazed upon her thin hair-covered womanhood. I kissed her milky white thighs, kissing up and around her mound between her legs. Then I began lightly kissing her honey pot. My tongue joined in and the tip of it ran up and down the length of her slit. I felt her body quiver as I did so. She was anxious for what was to come next.

I then parted her love lips with my tongue and shoved it inside of her. I heard her gasp as I began licking her. She tasted wonderful and I began feasting upon her. Her hands held my head as I licked and sucked on her. I found her hard, plump clit and began licking and flicking it with my tongue. She moaned softly as I praised her with my mouth.

Here I was, with a woman 29 years older than myself. A total stranger who I have only spoken a few words to and we were getting to know each other in the most intimate way. I was so hot for her now and had to be inside of her. I reached down with my hand and fumbled to unbutton and unzip my Levis, releasing my hard, throbbing manhood from its cloth prison.

My pants fell down around my ankles as I raised up from my knees. I pushed her gown up beneath her small breasts, exposing her pussy. Positioned above her, looking into her blue eyes, I took my cock in my right hand and guided it between her spread legs. Like I did with my tongue, I began rubbing the tip of my cock up and down her slit. Then I slowly pressed into her wet hole. Lowly shoving myself deep within her. Giving her all of my seven and a half inch cock.

I pumped her slowly, watching her there beneath me as I slowly fucked her, wanting to savor every stroke I was giving this old, hungry woman. I then leaned in and took her mouth with mine and she gave her mouth to me willingly. She began kissing me wildly and her hands took hold of my naked buttocks as we fucked.

Not wanting to end this so soon, I knew I had to pull away before I became too excited. I slowly pulled out of her and rose to my feet. She lay in the chair a few minutes breathing heavily as I removed my boots, socks, pants, and shirt, littering her living room with my discarded clothes.

I sat on a foot stool and found my pack of Camels and lit a cigarette. She got up out of the chair and sat on the carpet between my legs. She then began kissing the tip of my cock. As I took drags off my smoke, my free hand began rubbing her head. Then I felt her tongue licking my staff. Then the warm, wet feel of her mouth taking me inside. I watched as she bobbed her head up and down while she pleasured me. "Oh yes," I exhaled with my smoke. 

Again, I had to stop her before I exploded. I bent close and whispered, "Take me to your bed."

She took my hand and led me into the dark room. Above her bed was a rectangle window at ground level. The light of the full moon lit her bed. She pushed me down backwards onto the bed. My legs bent and my feet still on the floor. She stood between my legs looking down at me and my erect penis. She crossed her arms, grabbed hold of her gown and pulled it up over her head and tossed it away.

I now saw her fully naked. I loved the sight of this petite old woman with small saggy breasts. She then climbed up on the bed on her knees and straddled over me, she slid down on my cock. Remaining upright, she began riding me. Bouncing up and down as she took charge and was fucking me. Her sagging breast flopped as she rode me. I leaned up and I grabbed her ass cheeks with my hands and my mouth caught her breast and I sucked as we fucked.

"Do you like to fuck?" she asked. Without waiting for an answer, she continued, "I love to fuck!"

Okay, it was time to give her all I had. I wanted to give her the best fuck of her life. I placed my hand on the small of her back. Pressing her against me and shoving my cock hard up inside of her, I swiveled and spun her around without exiting, onto her back. Her legs went up in the air, I was holding myself over her with outstretched arms as I really began fucking her. I watched her beneath me, tossing her head from side to side in the moon light as I rammed my cock hard in and out of her. I rotated my hips as I would thrust into her.

She wrapped her thin legs around my waist to keep me in her saddle. Then she began to moan again. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh," she gasped as I fucked her faster. "Oh yes! Oh God, YES!" she shouted as her body trembled and she released her pent up cum. Totally excited by this, I pulled out of her, went down between her quivering thighs and began licking her hot cum from her sweet pussy.

After I had licked her clean, I came up and fell exhausted onto the bed, taking her in my arms. She started to cry as we laid together. I asked why and she said that she wanted us to cum together. I told her it might take a few times for that to occur.

"You mean you'd see me again?" she asked.

"If you'd like," I answered.

When we awoke the next morning we had each other for breakfast. Then about twice a week for over a year, she'd call, "I'm horny!" I'd go to her. I loved pleasing her. Near the end I moved in with her for a few months. She would invite her girlfriends over to show me off to them. That excited me so that every time a guest came, we fucked wildly afterwards. It was taboo. And we loved it!

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