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Older, Wiser, Dirtier!

A sexy tipsy older woman in your spare bed. Do you both go and tuck her in?

I was so deep inside you, my hand on your shoulder, pulling myself even deeper into your hot wet pussy. My other hand was touching and caressing you wherever I could reach. You were bending over the worktop in the kitchen of our holiday apartment after a mixture of Spanish sunshine and sangria had got us into this position.

I carried on fucking you slowly and deeply until I had the urge to pull your long, blonde hair tight and turn your head, so I could kiss you passionately. Your mouth wide open as I pushed my tongue in and run it around your lips and teeth while occasionally sucking your spit from your tongue. This was the hard hot sex, which we had both fantasized about during our midday drinking session at the pool bar!

I pulled my cock out of your soaking pussy, took your hand and led you to the bedroom, where I gently pushed you face down onto the bed with your gorgeous ass wriggling in the air. My animal instinct took over as I ripped your bikini bottoms off, pulled your bum cheeks apart and aimed a mouthful of spit from my mouth straight onto your exposed asshole. Your face buried on the bedspread, as you sensed me bending down between your legs. My breath tingling on your throbbing clit before you feel my tongue forcefully trace a line from your pussy, up and over your spit drenched anus, then back down again, but this time, pushing into your bum until it could go no further. My lips covered your anus while my tongue explored deep into your darkest most taboo place. You instinctively positioned your finger between your legs and eagerly played with your clit, before you felt my tongue being replaced with my slippery saliva covered finger. Your eyes shut as you rubbed your clit and felt my finger inside your tight wet ass.

I looked down and admired your gorgeous body and that ass!  What an ass! I gathered another mouthful of spit and let it drop straight onto your ass hole, then another onto the tip of my rock-hard cock. I positioned the tip of my hard cock at the entrance before slowly and gently easing it into your ass. You gasped and tried to relax as much as you could as you felt the head of my cock push into you. A few gently strokes were followed by more deep and powerful thrusts, and it wasn't long before you were taking the full length of my shaft inside your ass. I leaned forward and whispered in your ear, telling you how deep I was and how it felt to me.

"Oh God, how could this be any better?" I whispered.

"I wish you were fucking me like this while I was licking another woman's cunt!" you whispered back!

Wow! I didn't expect that! That was an instant turn on for me to hear you say those words, so much in fact, that as the reality of what you said hit me, and I began to picture it in my head, I lost control and my cock spasmed and I squirted my whole load of spunk deep into your ass. My arms went weak and I collapsed onto your back just as you reached yet another orgasm!

Several hours later we were sitting at the beach bar, sipping our drinks and listening to the entertainer sing sweet Caroline for the umpteenth time when I just had to ask.

"Did you really mean what you said earlier?" I said

"Yes, big time!" you replied, "I've always thought about it but never had the chance" You added.

I felt my cock twitch in my shorts before nearly doubling in size! My imagination going crazy as I started to look around the bar for suitable candidates but reality soon kicked back in as I thought about the difficulty of actually finding a willing lady to help make our fantasies come true.

We ordered some more sangria and embarked on another drink-fuelled evening before more amazing sex back at the apartment, but I just couldn't stop thinking of you kissing and licking another woman in front of me!

A few days passed, and we were in a bar in town when I looked up and saw someone I recognised from home. It was Jenny, a lady I knew from several years ago. She was a lovely down to earth woman who would do anything for anyone and just wanted a trouble free fun life. I wanted to say hello, but I felt a bit awkward because Jenny and I had a bit of history in the bedroom department! She was in her mid sixties but still oozed that sex appeal through her friendliness, openness and the classy glamourous sexy way that she always dressed. We had shared several nights in bed over the years, involving some really dirty acts which she always enjoyed.

You saw my reaction to spotting her and asked if I knew her. I explained to you that I did know her but didn't say anything more.

"Go say hello," you demanded. "Tell her to come over for a drink"

Nothing to lose, I thought to myself as I walked over and tapped her on her shoulder. She looked around and her mouth opened in shock before giving me a big hug and kissing me on the cheek several times! I asked who she was with, and she told me she was on holiday with her mate Sue, who didn't like staying out late. They were both just leaving the bar to get a taxi back to their hotel.

"Come and meet Sam and have a quick drink with us before you both go," I asked.

"I would love to," Jenny replied. "But Sue wants to go back for an early night," she added.

 Although her mate was quite insistent on leaving, they still both came over and said hello. You met both ladies and insisted that they stay for one drink at least. Jenny was up for it, but her mate offered her apologies, said she was very tired but told Jenny to stay.

Jenny asked Sue if she was sure and Sue said yes of course.

"We will look after her," you said, as you looked at me and smiled.

We ordered more drinks and set about having a great night in the bar, talking, laughing and putting the world to rights! I began to notice that there was an obvious sexual chemistry in the air and there were a lot of touchy-feely gestures going on between us all as we sat close together at the bar.

The drinks flowed, the time went quickly, and I started to consider that our joint fantasy might actually become a reality. We both looked at Jenny and she was quite drunk but struggling to stay awake!

"She can't get a cab on her own, let's take her back to our apartment, she can sleep in the spare room?" you said.

I obviously agreed and Jenny just smiled and nodded her approval, before we left the bar, holding onto each other before staggering the short distance back to our apartment entrance. I called the lift and as the doors opened, we all fell in and ended up against the wall laughing together.

I pushed the button for the sixteenth floor and we all held each other tight around our waists, just as you turned to me, kissed my cheek, and then my mouth. We got lost in the moment, kissing passionately and neither of us caring that Jenny was only inches away.

 As we kissed, I looked out the corner of my eye and saw Jenny looking intently at us with a big smile. I couldn't resist turning towards her to give her a little peck on her cheek, but to my surprise, you not only beat me to it, but you planted a big kiss directly onto her lips. Jenny had no hesitation in opening her mouth, allowing your wet tongue to play and tease with her tongue and shiny lipstick coated lips. I didn't know whether to just watch from inches away or to try and join in your sensual woman to woman kiss.

We stopped at the 16th floor far too quickly for my liking, as the doors opened and you and Jenny released each other. We all staggered the few steps to our apartment door, trying to not laugh or make any noise and waken our sleeping neighbours.

We opened the door into the tiled hallway and I pointed out the bathroom and spare bedroom to Jenny as we all walked through into the lounge. Jenny went back into the bathroom while we poured some drinks and had a hug while watching the twinkling lights of the Spanish resort we overlooked from high up.

Jenny came out of the bathroom and told us that she was really tired and drunk and was going straight to bed.

" Okay," you said. " But let's have a big cuddle first"

I wasn't going to miss out, so I walked over and the three of us had a big hug and kissed each other's cheeks. Suddenly I felt your tongue in my mouth, quickly followed by Jenny's tongue. I soaked up the moment, a lovely sexy three-way kiss before I pulled my head back to look at both of you. But as I did that, you carried on the wet passionate kiss with Jenny. I watched intently as you explored each other's mouths. It seemed to go on forever, and I watched while running my hands up and down both of your backs and down over your bums. Eventually, Jenny said she needed her bed as she felt so tired and drunk, which we all were by then!

We watched Jenny walk into her room but she didn't fully shut the door behind her. We carried on drinking and danced to some music for a while, kissing and fondling as we moved to the music. I desperately needed your body now, as you did mine, so I took your hand and led you along the hallway to the main bedroom.

We passed Jenny's room, only to see her lying there half asleep, fully clothed, still in her thin dress lying on top of the bed. You suggested tucking her in so we both walked into the room, and you leaned over to make her more comfortable. As you did so, I thought it fun to lift your dress up and over your waist. You giggled and put your head on the bed right next to Jenny's stocking clad legs, so I knelt behind you and began teasing your pussy and ass with my tongue. You relaxed, bending over the bottom of the bed, enjoying the things my tongue and fingers were doing to you. It was so exciting to be doing this while Jenny was just inches away.

I stood up, stepped out of my shorts and boxers and held your inviting ass. I pushed my hips forward and my cock slipped easily into your wet pussy. You sighed and began to play with your clit as I fucked you slowly and gently from behind.

I looked over your shoulder and saw Jenny open one eye, and slowly produce a lovely, sexy, and inviting grin. I was lost in the moment and just couldn't resist. I reached over and gently pulled Jenny's dress up and over her stocking tops until I uncovered her pussy and ass. She had sexy little panties on that sat over her suspenders.

 As I held her dress around her waist, Jenny turned onto her back. My cock was as hard as it's ever been, as I slowly fucked you while pulling your ass into my groin. I took your hand and placed it on Jenny's thigh and you began rubbing her silky nylon clad legs. I moved my fingers to her groin and eased her panties aside and slipped my finger inside her. I watched her face, as she smiled and licked her lips, so I guided your finger into her as well. Both our fingers dancing together deep inside Jenny’s pussy'

Things got even more exciting as you rest your head on her stocking tops. I carried on my rhythm, slowly shafting you from behind, before gently pushing your head towards her pussy. You didn't give any resistance, and within seconds you had your head positioned between Jenny's legs and your tongue inches away from her sweet moist cunt. You leaned forward for that extra inch and felt your tongue touch another woman's most intimate parts for the first time ever. You started licking slowly and gently, but it wasn't long before you were eagerly licking and sucking on Jenny's moist pussy lips and clit.

I looked down, watching your head between her legs, your tongue in and out of her now soaking wet pussy while I slowly fucked you from behind. The sight of that tipped me over the edge, I was past the point of no return. I was seconds away from emptying my seed inside your pussy, but had the chance to do something even more orgasmic!

I quickly pulled my cock out of you and straddled myself over your face as your tongue delved all over and inside Jenny's pussy. I felt the pressure in my cock vein build up to a crescendo as I held my cock tight and aimed it straight into your mouth and at Jenny's glistening soaking cunt.

I released my grip and watched as a massive continuous spurt of creamy spunk shot straight into your open mouth and over your tongue. It was quickly followed by another spurt that landed directly on Jenny's clit and dribbled down inside her hole. A few more spurts covered your cheek and dribbled down onto her pussy and down over her anus.

You buried your face in her pussy and licked and sucked the cocktail of my cum and Jenny's juice's back into your mouth. I watched as you ran your tongue down to Jenny's tight ass hole and took several long, sweeping licks, scooping up my cum that had dribbled down there.

I stood up, my knees just about regaining their strength after my massive orgasm when I looked up at Jenny's face. She was lying there, eyes shut tight, but she was licking her lips! She wanted more, much more!

My heart missed a beat as I turned to look at you, and I saw that Jenny now had both of her hands on your head and was pulling your face and tongue deep into her soaking wet pussy. Her legs had come up and opened even wider, and now she was pushing your face down her crack and making you lick her ass hole.

My cock was hardening again. We had just lived out our fantasy, but I have the feeling that Jenny is not going to let it stop here!


Part 2 to follow!


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